Live In Gdansk (Discontinued)

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Live In Gdansk (Discontinued) - Vinyl Record

by David Gilmour

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Limited Edition LP Set - 5 LPs Sealed
US 5 LP pressing. David Gilmour Live in the Gdansk Shipyard with the Baltic Philharmonic Symphony Orchestra. This is the first solo live album from Pink Floyd?s singer / guitarist, and it captures the magic of his concert held in front of 50,000 people as the final performance of his critically acclaimed 2006 ?On An Island Tour.? It features the first ever recording of selected Pink Floyd classics performed with an orchestra. Produced by David Gilmour and Phil Manzanera. It is the first ever live recording with an orchestra of Pink Floyd?s ?High Hopes? and ?A Great Day For Freedom,? the latter performed here as a one off for this special Solidarity anniversary. Playing at this historic concert is Richard Wright - Pink Floyd?s keyboard player, Phil Manzanera, Roxy Music guitarist & coproducer of 'On An Island', Guy Pratt -bass player with Pink Floyd & Roxy Music Jon Carin -keyboards & longtime player with Pink Floyd, Steve Di Stanislao - drums, recently with Crosby and Nash, Dick Parry -saxophone and longtime Pink Floyd collaborator.

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LP 1

Side 1
1.Speak To Me (Live In Gdansk)
2.Breathe (Live In Gdansk)
3.Time (Live In Gdansk)
4.Breathe (Reprise) (Live In Gdansk)
5.Castellorizon (Live In Gdansk)
6.On An Island (Live In Gdansk)

Side 2
1.The Blue (Live In Gdansk)
2.Red Sky At Night (Live In Gdansk)
3.This Heaven (Live In Gdansk)

LP 2

Side 1
1.Then I Close My Eyes (Live In Gdansk)
2.Smile (Live In Gdansk)
3.Take A Breath (Live In Gdansk)

Side 2
1.A Pocketful Of Stones (Live In Gdansk)
2.Where We Start (Live In Gdansk)

LP 3

Side 1
1.Shine On You Crazy Diamond (Live In Gdansk)
2.Wots ..... Uh The Deal (Live In Gdansk)

Side 2
1.Astronomy Domine (Live In Gdansk)
2.Fat Old Sun (Live In Gdansk)
3.High Hopes (Live In Gdansk)

LP 4

Side 1
1.Echoes (Live In Gdansk)

Side 2
1.Wish You Were Here (Live In Gdansk)
2.A Great Day For Freedom (Live In Gdansk)
3.Comfortably Numb (Live In Gdansk)

LP 5

Side 2
1.Barn Jam 166 (January 2007)
2.Barn Jam 121 (January 2007)

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