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Kimber Kable: Speaker Cables, Interconnects, Phono Cables, & PowerKord Cables

Kimber Kable is a child of the disco era. Ray Kimber, a lighting and sound technician in LA at the time, tackled the problem of RF interference from new, complex lighting systems installed alongside sound systems by counter-rotating sets of conductors to cancel the magnetic interaction effect. Not only did Ray’s braided wire concept reject the RF noise, but it allowed the system to sound different, even better than ever before.

Taking his discovery on the road, Ray demonstrated using modest systems how simply changing the speaker cables to his design greatly enhanced musical enjoyment. Ray’s continued to improve audio experience through speaker cables, testing various metals as conductors, assorted manufacturing protocols, assorted stranding sizes, different twist lengths and insulation, as well as methods for adhering insulation to cable, all building on his initial idea to continuously produce the best cables for an improve audio experience.

Kimber Kable manufactures an entire range of cables from effective, affordable models such as the classic 4PR speaker cables, the design that put Kimber solidly on the map and has kept it there ever since, to the heavy duty Bifocal cables, specifically designed as a solution for longer runs or more challenging loads.

Beyond speaker cables, pay attention to your power cords and digital cables–both have a huge impact on sound quality. Power cords are the foundation of overall system performance. Take the PK14 power cord: Current delivery is only part of the equation. Kimber uses neutral colored, virgin dielectric materials to ensure and maintain conductor purity. That coupled with Wattgate evolution series connectors combine to deliver a more robust and more reliable power cord to serve all your sources.

Beware of counterfeit Kimber Kable products.

Because of Kimber Kable’s success, and the clear advantage of its methods, crafty counterfeit cables have cropped up more and more. For example, keep an eye on Kimber’s 8AG and 4AG speaker cables--no longer manufactured, they’re highly suspect second-hand or from unauthorized dealers. Kimber Kable speaker cables and interconnects are produced here in their facility in Ogden, Utah, so anything shipping from overseas is also suspect. SoundStageDirect is an authorized Kimber Kable dealer, guaranteeing all Kimber Kable products are genuine.

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