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Rega Turntable: RP1, RP3, RP6, RP8 & RP10 Turntables

Like all great products with a great story, Rega’s 40-year history begins with a teenager not getting his own way. From humble beginnings comes Rega’s philosophy of reliable, high quality products that excel at faithful reproduction of music for sensible prices, and through decades of refinement emerge the Rega turntables that embody this goal.

At age 14, Roy Gandy wanted a record player; his mother wanted a television set. Since mom was paying, a television it was. Years later, as Roy finally got his hands on any and all record players he could, his passion for music took a natural turn to a deep interest in hi-fi systems. Witnessing the sound possible from a full system complete with turntable, cartridge, amplifier and speakers set Roy out to salvage and then modify his first hi-fi record deck.

In 1972, a magazine reviewed Roy’s modified Connoisseur deck as part of a series on readers’ systems. Since no one cared much about turntables at the time or even recognized their importance on the quality and purity of music, the reviewer couldn’t puzzle out why Roy’s system had such incredible sound. But Roy did, and it only further fueled his passion.

Over the next decade, Roy went from spending his free time installing hi-fi equipment, building speakers, and repairing and modifying turntables to his exact requirements until the hobby became his calling and Rega was born. As Rega’s development and release of better turntables continued, so did the in-house production of better tonearms, like the award-winning RB300, and finally the Bias and Elys cartridges in 1988. Rega turntables had come into their own.

Currently, the Rega turntable lineup includes the Rega RP1, Rega RP3, Rega RP6, Rega RP8, and Rega RP10, all built on the decades-long practice of better equipment, better sound, and better prices. With their minimalist designs and high-quality components, your vinyl has never looked or sounded better.

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Rega RP3


Rega RP6 Black - EXACT Cartridge


180 Gram Audiophile Virgin Vinyl LP Box Set - 18 LPs Sealed & Rega Queen Turntable


Rega RP1 Queen Turntable

$700.00 $649.00

Rega RP1 w/ Pre-Installed Performance Pack - Union Jack

Complete Analog Turntable System 2

Complete Analog Turntable System 2

Complete Analog Systems


Rega RP3 Cool Grey With Elys 2 | Rega Brio-R | Rega RX3 Speakers | 4TC Kimber Kable


Rega RP3 Titanium - No Cartridge


Rega RP3 White - No Cartridge


Rega RP3 Cool Grey - Elys 2 Cartridge


Rega RP3 Titanium - Elys 2 Cartridge


Rega RP3 White - Elys 2 Cartridge


Rega RP3 Cool Grey - Ortofon 2M Blue Cartridge


Rega RP3 Titanium - Ortofon 2M Blue Cartridge


Rega RP3 White - Ortofon 2M Blue Cartridge


RP1 Performance Pack


Rega RP1 Titanium w/ Pre-Installed Performance Pack


Reference Drive Belt Upgrade


DIN Cable


Rega RP6 Black - Ortofon 2M Bronze


Rega RP10 - No Cartridge


Rega RP10 - Apheta 2 Cartridge


Rega RP3 Cool Grey - No Cartridge


Rega 45 Adaptor


Rega Ear Headphone Amplifier

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