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VPI Scout 1.1 Turntable by VPI Turntables

VPI Scout 1.1 Turntable
by VPI Turntables

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VPI Industries
Scout 1.1 - JMW Tonearm - Aluminium Platter
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Upgrade Plan

VPI Scout 1.1 VPI Scout 1.1 VPI Scout 1.1 VPI Scout 1.1
VPI Scout 1.1 VPI Scout 1.1 VPI Scout 1.1 VPI Scout 1.1 VPI Scout 1.1
VPI Scout 1.1 VPI Scout 1.1

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**All Cartridges Installed Free Of Charge**

The Re-Birth of the Scout!

Celebrating over 10 years in production! The Scout 1.1 is an upgrade from the previous version, featuring a new aluminum platter.

"Rather, this is a flat-out, unconditional, "Holy Mother of Crap, I can't believe how good this thing is" recommendation. It's hard to imagine another way of spending $****.** that will add this much to your system." - Art Dudley - Sterophile

The scout brought a soundstage that was far more precisely defined. Bass was tighter, with less mud and boom. Treble was more extended and detail retrieval was clearly superior. Music, which was very entertaining and listenable on the *******, simply sounded clear on the scout. Insert your favorite clich about veil removal and inky-black backgrounds, but thats what it sounded like. - Scott Hull TAS

The SCOUT has become the worlds best-reviewed turntable! The SCOUT is the lowest priced turntable in STEREOPHILE'S Class "B" and has attained high performance records worldwide.

The Scout 1.1 Turntable with a new version of the iconic 9 JMW Tonearm and new aluminum platter is a world standard at its $2,000 price.

Re-introducing the audio world to the best-selling VPI table of all time - better than the old one, better than it should be at this price! The Scout has become one of the world's best-reviewed turntable! The Scout 1.1 is so simple to set-up, you can have the table up and running in just minutes. The sound is fast and detailed, deep and wide with a natural midrange worthy of the world's finest cartridges.

The only difference between the 1.1 and 2 is the PLATTER

Scout 1.1 platter = 1 3/8 thick aluminum and oil bath bearing
Scout 2 platter = 2 thick aluminum and inverted bearing

Buy with confidence! 365 day upgrade plan included. Click here to learn more.

The Table:
1/8" thick MDF bonded to a 12 gauge steel plate.
Machined 1 3/8" thick 6061 aluminum platter.
Platter rotates on an oil bath bearing and fitted to shaft with a #2 Jacobs Taper for a concentric rigidly mounted coupling.
The bearing has a PEEK thrust disc and machined graphite impregnated brass bushings using a Thompson Engineering 60 Rockwell case hardened shaft.
600 RPM AC synchronous motor is contained in a separate steel housing and drives the platter with smooth, quiet operation.
Includes a platter and record damping mat.

The Arm:
New 9 JMW Scout Tonearm.
No friction unipivot bearing mounted on a solid stainless steel shaft.
VTA adjustable arm mount.
Removable arm-wands allows you to change cartridges in less than 30 seconds.
Precision adjustable counter weight allows you to get the most out of every cartridge you mount using its azimuth and tracking force adjustments.
Adjustable Anti-skate option.

Customer Reviews for VPI Scout 1.1 Turntable

VPI Scout 1.1 Turntable
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Featured positive reviews:

VPI Scout 1.1 Turntable
VPI Knows What They're Doing11/03/2014
By Jeff
First of all thanks to Seth from Soundstage Direct. He was an incredible resource as my sales consultant. Seth had to put up with my crazy indecision. But he didn't blow a gasket and guided me to getting the best turntable I've owned.

I've had a few different Technics, a Rega RP6 and a Pro-Ject RM 5.1 SE. The Scout 1.1 is a much better turntable without a doubt. The sound this table produces will have you tapping your toes and smiling.

If you are thinking of buying a Scout 1.1, just stop thinking and buy it. You will not regret it. And buy it from Soundstage Direct. This company aims to please and they hit the mark.
19" x 13" x 4"
"The thing that impressed me most about the Scout was its effervescent character. Perhaps its low mass and acrylic platter are responsible for the sense that it just wants to boogie. While the less expensive 'table doesn't convey a feeling of grandeur like the HR-X, which does a magnificent job of conveying hall space, I couldn't help feeling that the Scout might be nimbler than it big brother. The notes just popped out of it with no sense of delay."
- Jacob Heillbrunn, The Absolute Sound, June/July 2007, Issue 172

"What the Scout does show, however, it that, yes, more costly innovations are indeed filtering down to budget 'tables. The result is that audiophiles have more options than ever before. And without a doubt, the Scout is a fabulous one."
- Jacob Heillbrunn, The Absolute Sound, June/July 2007, Issue 172

"Rather, this is a flat-out, unconditional, "Holy Mother of Crap, I can't believe how good this thing is" recommendation. It's hard to imagine another way of spending $****.** that will add this much to your system."
- Art Dudley - Sterophile

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