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VPI Turntable: VPI Classic, Scout, Nomad & Traveler Turntables

A high-end audio manufacturer founded thirty-five years ago by Harry and Sheila Weisfeld, VPI Industries Inc first produced the HW-16 record cleaning machine in 1981.  As a dedicated audiophile, Harry Weisfeld sought to unearth the sonic potential of his records that laid beneath a layer of dirt contaminants.  At the time, the only available record cleaning machine  was the Keith Monks Record Cleaner, and it was an expense the newly married husband could not justify. Left with limited options, Harry set out to create a record cleaning machine for his own use, thus the HW-16 was born!  Originally sold for less than 1/5th the price of the Keith Monks Cleaning Machine, Weisfeld's HW-16 was noisy but it did the trick. Soon after the success of the 16, the infamous DB-5 or "magic bricks" were introduced.

Wood-encases ferrous metal blocks the DB-5s were designed to absorb stray electromagnetic radiation from electronic components. >From there Weisfeld developed VPI manufacturing bases for both the Denon and JVC direct drive motors. As VPI Industries continued to experience much success the HW-19 turntable was introduced, quickly followed by the MK2, the MK3 and then the MK4. By 1985 Weisfeld had introduced It was the TNT Turntable and the PLC, or "power line conditioner".   As time went by, Weisfeld quickly became aware of the demand for a state-of-the-art turntable for something less than a state-of-the-staggering price. Inspired by this promise, VPI turntables rapidly replaced the competition, becoming the new industry standard for high-end performance at an affordable price.

After the unexpected death of their oldest son Jonathan in a horrible auto accident in 1995, Weisfeld once again took his passion for audio and introduces the  “JMW Memorial Tonearm” tonearm, a project that he and his son had been working on prior to his death. 

A percentage of every tonearm that is sold is put into the "Jonathan Weisfeld Memorial Fund" with the funds being used to further Arts and Music.

Dedicated to constantly creating new opportunities to catapult us into new business areas and manufacturing, VPI Industries increased sales with the introduction of the VPI Aries, the Scout, the Scoutmaster, the Classic 1, 2, 3, and 4, and the Classic Direct. The VPI Classic series has become some of the most popular additions to the VPI family.

SoundStageDirect is a certified and authorized dealer providing the largest variety of VPI Turntables. Already own a VPI Turntable? You’re in luck! Regardless of vintage all VPI turntables can be upgraded, and are eligible for our trade-in program.

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