Audeze LCD3 Earpads (Brown Lambskin Leather) (Discontinued)

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Audeze LCD3 Earpads (Brown Lambskin Leather) (Discontinued)

by Audeze Headphones

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Product Code:
LCD-3 Headband
Audeze LCD-3 Earpads - Brown Lambskin Leather
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Even the highest quality materials ultimately succumb to the loving wear and tear of everyday use. As such, Audeze offers hand-crafted leather and non-leather earpad replacements for our LCD line of planar magnetic headphones.

Lambskin Leather
We worked with our leather supplier for three years to find the perfect material for our headphone earpads. We finally found a luxurious, soft and supple black lambskin leather, and a slightly more expensive, lightly dyed and even more supple brown lambskin leather that were the perfect fit for our headphones. Both leathers are imported from a remote region in Italy.

Microsuede (Leather Free)
A number of you have told us you’d like an alternative to our leather products and we’ve responded by offering a leather-free microsuede (faux suede) option. The same care and diligence was applied to finding the perfect non-leather material fit for our headphones.

To ensure your headphones are comfortable even during long listening sessions we tried dozens of earpad foam material before choosing an open-cell polyurethane.

Our earpads aren’t just comfortable and luxurious, but they also isolate against noise with a tight seal that improves sound quality and helps supply our famous bass.

Sloped Earpads
Our earpads direct the planar magnetic drivers toward your ears for better imaging and an improved fit. Audeze tested dozens of earpad angles using our Neumann Head, a precision device used to measure headphone performance on a “dummy head,” before finding the ideal slope for great soundstaging and accurate frequency response.

Inspected by Hand
Our material experts carefully inspect each piece by hand so they can examine each and every detail. This ensures every earpad is free from scratches, blemishes, uneven stitches, dots, or deformation common in lesser earpads.

Easy to Install
You can remove your old earpads and install new ones in under five minutes. All you need is a flathead screwdriver and a sharp blade knife. Detailed instructions arrive with every pair of earpads, or you can view the instructions online.

Changing Earpads For LCD Headphones: How To Change Audeze Earpads
Italian lambskin leather or leather-free microsuede offers superior comfort and appearance
Easy to install: Pressure sensitive adhesive (PSA) rings attach earpads to earcups
Die-cut and precision hand-stretched materials for ultimate luxury and quality
All earpad materials are hypoallergenic and resistant to static electricity
Earpad slope guarantees a proper seal, fit, and acoustics
“[Audeze’s] leather earpads are about the thickest and plushest I've encountered.”
- Michael Berk, Sound & Vision

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