Tube Of The Resinated (Discontinued)

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Tube Of The Resinated (Discontinued) - Vinyl Record

by Cannabis Corpse

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Robotic Empire
Vinyl LP - Sealed
Grow-housing the traditional 'heavy' sounds cultivated by heroes of the ?90s Floridian death metal scene, Richmond, Virginia?s Cannabis Corpse brings that same sickening metal crunch back in an overt homage to Cannibal Corpse and the sacred green plant that?s fueled nearly 20 years of deviant metallic riffage and skull-smashing drumming. Their sophomore release, Tube of the Resinated, collects evil shredding and devilish melodies of ghoulish hunger, balanced out with steamrolling death metal grooves and set to an old-school battery of blasts and kick-work. Spidery bass lines and growling vocals relate ironic weed-laced tales of gore and murder (with a bit of heavy-handed humor), creating a reality that includes the existence of bloodthirsty bud monsters and mysterious death-dealing weed-cults.
1. Chronolith
2. Mummified in Bongwater
3. Disposal of the Baggy
4. Every Bud Smoken
5. Sentenced to Burn One
6. Addicted to Hash in a Tin
7. Fucked With Northern Lights
8. Experiment in Horticulture
9. Gallery of Stupid High

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