CI Audio D-200 MKII Class D Monoblock Amplifier (Pair)

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CI Audio D-200 MKII Class D Monoblock Amplifier (Pair)

by CI Audio

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CI Audio
D-200 MKII
D-200 MKII Class D Monoblock Amplifier (Pair)

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State-of-the-art technology combine with with old-world craftsmanship in the D•200 MKII to produce one of the world’s finest audio amplifiers.

Chassis Design

The monaural design is housed in a beautiful new machined aluminum chassis with heavy steel frame plate to support the massive power transformer. Non-magnetic stainless steel hardware and highest quality parts are used throughout. Adjustable 5-way binding posts are used for loudspeaker connection and can be configured for horizontal or vertical cable entry.

Power Management

Our SmoothStart™ and XDC•2 circuits control AC power, while our DC board supplies the various output voltages required by the audio circuit. Signal input is handled by panel-mounted jacks for both single-ended RCA and balanced XLR connections. Turn-on is accomplished by the front-panel mute/play button, or remote 12v trigger (when used with PLC•1 MKII or other makes with this function)

Audio Circuit

The audio circuit consists of an advanced full bridge UcD design for life-like music reproduction and offers unsurpassed performance, reliability, and efficiency. Due to the large heat-sink area and high efficiency, D•200 remains cool to the touch even at continuous high output levels. Protection from over-voltage and short-circuit conditions are provided.

5 Year Warranty

Enjoy peace of mind with our comprehensive 5 year warranty. Full service information is included in the product manual.

8.5″w x 4.0″h x 13.5″d

26 lbs (each)

Power Output: 200 watts @ 8 ohms/375 watts @ 4 ohms
Bandwidth: 50kHz
Frequency Response: 10Hz – 20kHz, +0dB/-0.5dB
Damping Factor: >1000
Input Impedance: 100k ohms
Gain: 32db or 26db

“Bass from the original D-200 was stunning; tight, fast, and extended. Yet the MkII offers more – both in quantity (extension and impact) and quality (bloom and pitch definition). They offer as much control, depth, punch, and visceral impact as ANY amps I’ve ever had in house…period. If you have dreams of extended, not etched, detailed, not bright, delicate, not muted, and articulate, not harsh, high frequency performance, these amps will make that dream come true, and then some. I was so very taken with the way they are able reconstruct delicate treble detail, yet render it with such engaging finesse as well as spatial and textural authority.” [Read More]
– Greg Weaver, Positive Feedback

“I am also most impressed with its no nonsense rendition of the human voice, male voices in particular can be an entrancing experience. The midrange may be analytical but it is no way a dry and emotionless presentation. The whole soundstage is airy with a wide spatial spread of instruments without the sound bunching up into a mess when it goes loud.’[Read More]
– SPL! Magazine

Click to read the D-200 MKII Manual.

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