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CI Audio VHP-2 Headphone Amplifier

by CI Audio

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CI Audio
VHP-2 Headphone Amplifier
VHP-2 Headphone Amplifier

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The VHP•2 improves over our VHP•1 with a new potentiometer, 2 oz. copper circuit board, silver solder construction and select upgraded internal components.

New and Improved

Our new VHP•2 is an improved version of our highly acclaimed VHP•1. Improvements include a new ALPS® Blue Velvet potentiometer, 2 oz. copper circuit board with silver solder construction, and a handful of upgraded internal components. As before, it is a versatile studio quality headphone amplifier for use with most any headphones.

Audio Circuit

Unlike most amplifiers, it uses a unique current-feedback circuit rather than opamps, and is optimized for a wide range of load impedances (30-700 ohms). This high bandwidth, extremely low noise design yields greater than 120 dB of dynamic range and exceeds the capabilities of the human ear, ensuring that nothing audible is lost due to the amplifier. Current-on-demand at the output enables the amplifier to respond quickly and linearly when necessary without risk of output distortion. When large amounts of output power are suddenly needed, the amplifier can respond extremely quickly without raising the noise floor of the system and degrading the signal-to-noise performance, and the high slew rate prevents odd order distortion.

Headphone Swiss Army Knife

Two gain settings, selectable by a convenient front panel switch, allow for quick and easy optimization for high or low-efficiency headphones. Other features include Short Circuit and Thermal protection, looped-through output jacks and external 14vAC power supply.

1 Year Parts & Labor Warranty

4.40″w x 2.65″h x 4.40″d

4 lbs

Gain: Low=6dB
Frequency Response: DC-100kHz +/- 0.25dBTHD<.003 (20hz-20kHz)
Dynamic Range>112dB
Channel Separation92dB (1k)
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