Lieder Pure Silver Cables - Half-Meter Stereo Pair (Discontinued)

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Lieder Pure Silver Cables - Half-Meter Stereo Pair (Discontinued)

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Lieder Pure Silver Interconnect Cables
You won't believe your ears when you try these interconnects! These pure silver, cryogenically treated interconnects come standard with RCA or XLR terminations.

With decades of cable and audio (development) experience behind them, Lieder cables provide an unparalleled listening experience. Finally, you can enjoy truly balanced transfer of sound frequencies from one component to the next in your hi-fi system.

All Lieder cables feature their Fractal Geometry of Cross Rotation Technology, which means you can enjoy audio cables that passes on the complete musical signal as neutral as possible, making them among the most transparent ever available.

Lieder uses a pure, oxygen-free silver conductor that is specifically produced to encourage a growth of a homogeneous, virtually void-free, crystal structure with a natural predominance of large crystals. Their years of experience in cable development has also led them to precisely select the exact geometry of the cable, size of strands, wire configuration, silver utilization, strand number and size, as well as mechanical characteristics and damping requirements to optimize the performance of each model of cable. All Lieder cables undergo 3 processes, one of them being Deep Cryogenic Treatment, as well as using two more specific processes to further optimize musical reproduction accuracy.

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