Lost Highway 10th Anniversary Box Set (Discontinued)

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Lost Highway 10th Anniversary Box Set (Discontinued) - Vinyl Record

by Various Artists

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Lost Highway
Colored Vinyl LP - 20 LPs Sealed
20 Albums on 28 LPs!

Limited to Only 250 Copies!

The Nashville-based label Lost Highway Records, which has earned widespread critical acclaim for creating some of the best releases in the modern era and for giving its artists creative freedom, celebrates its 10th Anniversary with a special vinyl box set. This limited edition set of only 250 copies features 20 of the label's releases on 28 clear vinyl LPs.

Lost Highway's 10th Anniversary Box Set includes: O Brother Where Art Thou? Soundtrack; Ryan Adams Gold; Hayes Carll KMAG YOYO (& other American Stories); Drive By Truckers Southern Rock Opera; Lucinda Williams Blessed; Black Joe Lewis Scandalous; Willie Nelson & Ray Price Run That By Me One More Time; Whiskeytown Pneumonia; Hank Williams Timeless; Johnny Cash American VI: Ain't No Grave; Elvis Costello The Delivery Man; Robert Earl Keen Gravitational Forces; Lucinda Williams West; Ryan Bingham Mescalito; Shelby Lynne Just A Little Lovin'; Willie Nelson Countryman; Hank Williams 20 Greatest Hits; Lost Highway 10th Anniversary Sampler; Donavon Frankenreiter Move By Yourself; and Honeyhoney Billy Jack.

O Brother Where Art Thou? Soundtrack
1. Po Lazarus - James Carter & the Prisoners
2. Big Rock Candy Mountain - Harry McClintock
3. You Are My Sunshine - Norman Blake
4. Down In The River To Pray - Alison Krauss
5. I Am A Man Of Constant Sorrow - The Soggy Bottom Boys
6. Hard Time Killing Floor Blues - Chris Thomas King
7. I Am a Man of Constant Sorrow - (Instrumental - Norman Blake)
8. Keep On The Sunny Side - The Whites
9. I'll Fly Away - Gillian Welch and Alison Krauss
10. Didn't Leave Nobody But The Baby - Gillian Welch, Alison Krauss and Emmylou Harris
1. In The Highways - Sarah, Hannah and Leah Peasall
2. I Am Weary (Let Me Rest) - The Cox Family
3. I Am A Man Of Constant Sorrow (Instrumental - John Hartford)
4. O Death - Ralph Stanley
5. In The Jailhouse Now - The Soggy Bottom Boys
6. I Am A Man Of Constant Sorrow (With Band) - The Soggy Bottom Boys
7. Indian War Whoop (Instrumental - John Hartford)
8. Lonesome Valley - The Fairfield Four
9. Angel Band - The Stanley Brothers

Ryan Adams Gold
1. New York, New York
2. Firecracker
3. Answering Bell
4. La Cienaga Just Smiled
5. The Rescue Blues
6. Somehow, Someday
7. When The Stars Go Blue
8. Nobody Girl
9. Sylvia Plath
10. Enemy Fire
11. Gonna Make You Love Me
1. Wild Flowers
2. Harder Now That It's Over
3. Touch, Feel & Lose
4. Tina Toledo's Street Walkin' Blues
5. Goodnight, Hollywood Blvd
6. Rosalie Come and Go
7. The Fools We Are As Men
8. Sweet Black Magic
9. The Bar Is a Beautiful Place
10. Cannonball Days

Hayes Carll KMAG YOYO (& other American Stories)
1. Stomp and Holler
2. Hard Out Here
3. Chances Are
4. Grand Parade
6. Another Like You
7. The Letter
8. Bye Bye Baby
9. The Lovin' Cup
10. Bottle In My Hand
11. Hide Me

Drive By Truckers Southern Rock Opera
1. Days Of Graduation
2. Ronnie and Neil
3. 72 (This Highway's Mean)
4. Dead, Drunk, And Naked
5. Guitar Man Upstairs
6. Birmingham
7. The Southern Thing
8. Three Great Alabama Icons
9. Wallace
10. Zip City
1. Let There Be Rock
2. Road Cases
3. Women Without Whiskey
4. Plastic Flowers On The Highway
5. Cassie's Brother
6. Life In The Factory
7. Shut Up And Get On The Plane
8. Greenville To Baton Rouge
9. Angels And Fuselage

Lucinda Williams Blessed
1. Buttercup
2. I Dont Know How Youre Livin
3. Copenhagen
4. Born To Be Loved
5. Seeing Black
6. Soldier's Song
LP 2
1. Blessed
2. Sweet Love
3. Ugly Truth
4. Convince Me
5. Awakening
6. Kiss Like Your Kiss (feat. Elvis Costello)

Black Joe Lewis Scandalous
1. Livin' In The Jungle
2. I'm Gonna Leave You
3. Booty City
4. Black Snake
5. Scandalous
6. Messin'
7. Mustang Ranch
8. You Been Lyin'
9. Ballad of Jimmy Tanks
10. Since I Met You Baby
11. Jesus Take My Hand

Willie Nelson & Ray Price Run That By Me One More Time
1. Deep Water
2. This Cold War With You
3. I'm So Ashamed
4. I've Just Destroyed the World I'm Living In
5. It Wouldn't Be the Same Without You
6. Home In San Antone
7. Something To Think About
8. Run That By Me One More Time
9. Soft Rain
10. I'll Keep On Lovin' You
11. I'm Still Not Over You

Whiskeytown Pneumonia
1. The Ballad of Carol Lynn
2. Don't Wanna Know Why
3. Jacksonville Skyline
4. Reasons To Lie
5. Don't Be Sad
6. Sit & Listen To the Rain
7. Under Your Breath
8. Mirror, Mirror
9. Paper Moon
10. What the Devil Wanted
1. Crazy About You
2. My Hometown
3. Easy Hearts
4. Bar Lights

Hank Williams Timeless (Various artists)
1. I Can't Get You Off My Mind (Bob Dylan)
2. Long Gone Lonesome Blues (Sheryl Crow)
3. I'm So Lonesome I Could Cry (Keb' Mo')
4. Your Cheatin' Heart (Beck)
5. Lost On the River (Emmylou Harris)
6. You're Gonna Change (Or I'm Gonna Leave) (Tom Petty)
7. You Win Again (Keith Richards)
8. Alone And Forsaken (Emmylou Harris)
9. I'm A Long Gone Daddy (Hank Williams, III)
10. Lovesick Blues (Ryan Adams)
11. Cold Cold Heart (Lucinda Williams)
12. I Dreamed About Mama Last Night (Johnny Cash)

Johnny Cash American VI: Ain't No Grave
1. Ain't No Grave
2. Redemption Day
3. For the Good Times
4. 1 Corinthians 15:55
5. Can't Help But Wonder Where I'm Bound
6. Satisfied Mind
7. I Don't Hurt Anymore
8. Cool Water
9. Last Night I Had the Strangest Dream
10. Aloha Oe

Elvis Costello The Delivery Man
1. Button My Lip
2. Country Darkness
3. There's A Story In Your Voice
4. Either Side of the Same Town
5. Bedlam
6. The Delivery Man
1. Monkey To Man
2. Nothing Clings Like Ivy
3. The Name of This Thing Is Not Love
4. Heart Shaped Bruise
5. She's Pulling Out the Pin
6. Needle Time
7 The Judgment
8 The Scarlet Tide
9. The Monkey

Robert Earl Keen Gravitational Forces
1. My Home Ain't In The Hall of Fame
2. Hello New Orleans
3. Wild Wind
4. Not A Drop Of Rain
5. I Still Miss Someone
6. Fallin' Out
7. High Plains Jamboree
8. Walkin' Cane
9. Goin' Nowhere Blues
10. Snowin' On Raton
11. Gravitational Forces
12. The Road Goes On Forever

Lucinda Williams West
1. Are You Alright?
2. Mama You Sweet
3. Learning How To Live
4. Fancy Funeral
5. Unsuffer Me
6 Everything Has Changed
7. Come On
1. Where Is My Love?
2. Rescue
3. What If
4. Wrap My Head Around That
5. Words
6. West

Ryan Bingham Mescalito
1. Southside of Heaven
2. The Other Side
3. Bread And Water
4. Don't Wait For Me
5. Boracho Station
6. Sunshine
7. Ghost of Travelin' Jones
8. Hard Times
LP 2
1. Dollar a Day
2. Take It Easy Mama
3. Long Way From Georgia
4. Ever Wonder Why
5. Sunrise
6. For What It's Worth

Shelby Lynne Just A Little Lovin'
1. Just A Little Lovin'
2. Anyone Who Had A Heart
3. You Don't Have To Say You Love Me
4. I Only Want To Be With You
5. The Look of Love
6. Breakfast in Bed
7. Willie and Laura Mae Jones
8. I Don't Want To Hear It Anymore
9. Pretend
10. How Can I Be Sure

Willie Nelson Countryman
1. Do You Mind Too Much If I Don't Understand
2. How Long Is Forever
3. I'm A Worried Man - featuring Toots Hibbert
4. The Harder They Come
5. Something To Think About
6. Sitting In Limbo
7. Darkness On The Face Of The Earth
8. One In A Row
9. I've Just Destroyed The World
10. You Left A Long, Long Time Ago
11. I Guess I've Come To Live Herev 12. Undo The Right

Hank Williams 20 Greatest Hits
1. Your Cheatin' Heart
2. Move It On Over
3. I'm So Lonesome I Could Cry
4. Ramblin' Man
5. My Heart Would Know
6. Kaw-Liga
7. Cold, Cold Heart
8. Lovesick Blues
9. Honky Tonk Blues (1952 single version)
10. Honky Tonkin' (1947 single version)
11. There'll Be No Teardrops Tonight
12. Jambalaya (On the Bayou)
13. Hey Good Lookin'
14. Window Shopping
15. I Can't Help It (If I'm Still In Love With You)
16. Half As Much
17. Why Don't You Love Me
18. You Win Again
19. Baby We're Really In Love
20. Take These Chains From My Heart

Lost Highway 10th Anniversary Sampler
1. I Am A Man of Constant Sorrow (Soggy Bottom Boys)
2. Are You Alright? (Lucinda Williams)
3. When the Stars Go Blue (Ryan Adams)
4. Lost Highway (Hank Williams)
5. In My Own Mind (Lyle Lovett)
6. Southside of Heaven (Ryan Bingham)
7. Another Like You (Hayes Carll)
8. Livin' In the Jungle (Black Joe Lewis & The Honeybears)
9. Cowboys Are Frequently Secretly Fond of Each Other (Willie Nelson)
10. I Gotta Go (Robert Earl Keen)

Donavon Frankenreiter Move By Yourself
1. Move By Yourself
2. The Way It Is
3. By Your Side
4. These Arms
5. Let It Go
6. Fool
7. Everytime
8. That's Too Bad (Byron Jam)
9. Girl Like You
10. All Around Us
11. Beautiful Day

Honeyhoney Billy Jack
1. Angel of Death
2. Glad I've Done What I Did
3. Ohio
4. Don't Know How
5. Turn That Finger Around
6. I Don't Mind
7. Old School Friends
8. Let's Get Wrecked
9. L.A. River
10. All On You
11. Thin Line

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