Aktimate Mini - Black (Discontinued)

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Aktimate Mini - Black (Discontinued)

by Aktimate Speakers

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Mini Speakers
Aktimate Mini Two-Way Speakers - Black
The AktiMate Minis are active stereo speakers - that is, they have an amplifier built into one of the speakers. You connect the left speaker to the right one with the supplied cable, connect the power lead to the mains, pop your iPod in the concealed dock on the top of the speaker - and that’s all you need to do. No stack of separates, no trailing iPod dock, no flashing mini-system console. Instead you have just a pair of 30 cm high hi-fi speakers in a white, red or black gloss finish in what can only be described as an impressively simple set-up.

The AktiMate Mini however is more than just a pair of speakers which accommodates an iPod. You can expand on its simplicity by using either of the two auxiliary inputs on the rear panel of the active speaker - one RCA phono pair and a stereo mini-jack. There is an RCA stereo pair for audio out which can be used for the addition of a sub-woofer or to daisy-chain pairs of AktiMates. A composite video output for iPod transfers images to a screen (suitable for early version iPods to generation 5 and Nano generation 2). Finally, there is a USB power socket to re-charge an MP3 player.

You operate the iPod by using a small remote control, although the active speaker also has a depressable knob at the bottom right for volume control and power on/off. The system leaps into life at great speed and your iPod will recall its exact song position. Your finger will have barely left the power button before the song re-starts. And if you have been previously listening at the high levels the AktiMate’s abilities encourage, they do not re-start with such aggression, but at a reasonable mid-level volume. One of the AktiMate’s greatest strength lies in its pedigree. Overseen by engineers from the iconic British hi-fi companies, Creek Audio and Epos, both the amplifier and loudspeaker drive units evolve directly from those companies.

The AktiMate Mini has been the recipient of many glowing reviews as well as a multitude of awards - those awards have been for Best iPod Dock, Best Lifestyle Product, Best Desktop Speaker and more.

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Size: 300 x 185 x 210 mm
Configuration: 2-Way active bookshelf speakers (1 active master speaker/1 passive slave speaker)
Power Output: 40 W @ 1 kHz into its own 4 Ohm speaker load
Woofer: 130 mm (5.25 inch) mid/bass with moulded polypropylene cone. Magnetically shielded.
Tweeter: 25 mm (1 inch) soft dome with neodymium magnet. Magnetically shielded
Frequency Response: 58 Hz - 28 kHz
Power Amplifier: Type Class A/B (built in) 40 watts per channel RMS
Nat-Semi LM4766 Overture
Burr-Brown PGA2311 digitally controlled analogue
volume control Transformer: 120W Toroidal power transformer
Inputs: 1 Pair Stereo RCA sockets
1 3.5 mm jack
iPod dock
Outputs: 1 pair RCA sockets (unfiltered) for connection to sub-woofer or to daisy-chain AktiMate speakers
Video output (suitable only for iPods to generation 5 / Nano generation 2)
Connections: USB for charging purposes only (iPod or MP3)
THD: <0.05%
Crosstalk: <50dB
Input Impedance: 4 Ohms
Passive speaker impedance: 10 kOhms unbalanced
Protection: Output current limiting
Thermal over- temperature
Power on/off transient protection
Replaceable external mains fuse
Mains Voltage: 240/120V 50/60 Hz
Weight: 12 Kgs packaged
Warranty: 12 months (original purchaser only) - Warranty valid in country of purchase
Right angles IEC power cord
Connecting speaker cable
3.5mm connection cable
iPod accessory pack - note this is a selection only
(The accessory which came with your iPod / iPhone fits into the AktiMate dock)..
4 mm banana plugs
IR remote control handset

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