Aktimate Micro - Black (Discontinued)

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Aktimate Micro - Black (Discontinued)

by Aktimate Speakers

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Micro Speakers
Aktimate Micro Two-Way Speakers - Black
As the name suggests, this is the smallest speaker in the range, but certainly not lacking in dynamics! Nor is it tiny - it measures 145 x 200 x 240 mm. Similar in design to its two larger siblings, it continues to feature the elegant concealed AktiMate dock in the top of the cabinet. This model has just two other inputs - a 3.5mm jack plus USB. Unlike the other two models, the USB connection in this speaker is designed for direct connection to a PC. A DAC has been incorporated which operates with the USB input. We have chosen to use a Class D amplifier in the active speaker which puts out a very healthy 40 Watts!

There are a few other notable areas of change. We see the AktiMate Micro as a serious hi-fi desktop speaker and for that reason we do not have any IR control. We also do not have a standby feature in this model - it is turned on and off from a switch on the rear panel. When on, a blue LED lights above the volume control on the right hand side at the front.

There is a matching control button on the left front which is an input selector. It is a three step switch moving from iPod to 3.5mm jack to USB. Out of the box the default position is iPod.

Both the woofer and tweeter are new designs. The tweeter is based on the new Epos Epic loudspeaker range and the Kevlar woofer has been cloned from the AktiMate Mini.

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145 x 200 x 240 mm - 5.7 x 7.87 x 9.45 ins
Configuration: 2-Way active bookshelf speakers (1 active master speaker/1 passive slave speaker)
Power Output: 40 W @ 1 kHz into its own 4 Ohm speaker load
Woofer: 100 mm (4 inch) mid/bass with Kevlar cone. Magnetically shielded.
Tweeter: 25 mm (1 inch) soft dome with neodymium magnet. Magnetically shielded
Frequency Response: Speaker 70 Hz - 25 kHz. Amplifier 20 Hz - 25 kHz.
Power Amplifier: Class D
DAC: (only USB input) TI PCM2704 16 bit 48 kHz
Inputs: 3.5 mm jack line in iPod dock
Connections: USB
Input Impedance: 10 K Ohm
Passive Speaker Impedance: 4 Ohms
Protection: Temperature - Short circuit on output - low and high voltage supply
Mains Voltage: Universal - 100 - 240V - 50-60 Hz
Warranty: 12 months (original purchaser only) - Warranty valid in country of purchase
Power cable
3.5mm jack cable
USB cable
Speaker cable
4 mm banana plugs (2 red/2 black)
Rubber feet

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