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Glossary for New Vinyl Records

New Vinyl RecordsNEW VINYL RECORDS GLOSSARY has provided a glossary of frequently used terms that relate to our new vinyl records. This guide will help to ensure that you understand the features of the products that you are purchasing, and define what some of the most common terms mean in regard to our new vinyl records. Should you have any questions about our new vinyl records, please make sure to contact us directly.

New vinyl records and even used vinyl records are able to capture the purest quality of recorded music in its truest form. This is possible because the initial recording is captured on an analog source (usually tape) for the ultimate in High Fidelity sound; it is then pressed onto virgin vinyl. Analog recordings capture the bottom end (or bass) while adding sweetness to the high end (or treble) better than any digital recording ever could. Analog systems are still commonly used for recording before they are digitally transferred to CD. During a digital transfer, the sound is actually slightly altered when the final CDs are produced, unlike new vinyl records. The word “fidelity” means accuracy and faithfulness. High Fidelity sound is faithful to the original sound made by the artist, capturing maximum accuracy of what was intended for the listener to hear. New vinyl records capture those sounds perfectly for the ultimate High Fidelity listening experience!

New Vinyl Record180 GRAM AND 200 GRAM LP
These particular new vinyl records are produced with 180 and 200 grams of high definition premium grade virgin vinyl. This is a higher quality audiophile pressing than the typical vinyl record of 100-120 grams. These limited edition new vinyl records are manufactured with the hi-fi enthusiast in mind. A 180 and 200 gram LP is sometimes also referred to as an audiophile pressing; there is a higher bass response and even a warmer High Fidelity sound. 180 and 200 gram LPs or new vinyl records are typically manufactured in limited amounts and are considered collectables, commanding a higher price.

Typically, a vinyl reissue is a repressing of an original LP, usually extracted from the recording’s master-tapes. In some cases, reissues are remastered to lower surface noise and improve overall sonics. Reissues help preserve the music of an original recording, especially when original LPs become unavailable or can no longer be found. Reissues can be pressed on a variety of thickness from 150 gram to 200 gram and offer a great opportunity for new vinyl records collectors to own many classic recordings. Please click here to see how new vinyl records compare to compact discs.


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