New Vinyl Records vs. Compact Discs

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New Vinyl Records vs. Compact Discs

Vinyl Records vs Compact Discs

New Vinyl RecordsNew vinyl records and even used vinyl records are still praised by audiophiles to this day because they reproduce a better sound from analog recordings when they are compared to compact discs. Some may argue that CDs are better because they are less likely to scratch or gather dust compared to new vinyl records; however, even if this is true, it all really depends on how well you care for your record collection - this is what really determines the amount of damage a new vinyl record receives. A major concern with compact discs is that they are perceived to distort sounds on the high end and not truly emulate the sounds created by the artist. If you want to hear the music as the artists have intended it to sound, new vinyl records are what you require.

Since the introduction of compact discs, improvements have been made to the quality of sound and technology, but audiophiles still have a strong preference to listen to their new vinyl records. Simply stated, new vinyl records provide an authenticity that is preferred over the computer age sound.

Many fans of music prefer the "warmer" sound that is created from new vinyl records, which some experts claim is a result of the signal compression and harmonic distortion. At Sound Stage Direct, we invite you to learn more about the distinct sound our new vinyl records can provide and see why so many fans can't live without music as it was intended to sound. Please click here to learn more about our company.


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