Quadraspire Sunoko-Vent 2T (Bamboo)

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Quadraspire Sunoko-Vent 2T (Bamboo)

by Quadraspire

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Product Code:
Sunoko-Vent 2T
Quadraspire Sunoko-Vent 2T Shelf - Bamboo
Price is for individual shelf and includes either a foot and cap set, or a set of four columns

Columns are 1 1/4" thick and are available in lengths of 5.5”, 7”, 8.5”, 10”, and 12.8”

Columns are available in black or silver

Please email our audio advisor or call 1-877-929-8729 to customize your order.

Quadraspire goes further from strength to strength with the launch of the new Sunoko-Vent T that will revolutionize your system. The new SVT version is very different from the original although looks the same at a glance, our improved design dissipates vibration away from the electronics and through concave aluminium columns delivers a clearer, cleaner musical performance. Each Sunoko-Vent T shelf is 25mm (1”) thick and is made from real wood veneered mdf and can hold equipment up to 120 kilos (264lb) in weight whilst the slotted shelves keep mass low and provide maximum ventilation for the equipment.

The use of solid Bamboo, with its inherent dampening properties, in our high performance SVT and SV2T racks is a significant improvement over the wood veneer for heavier and larger sized components:
- The engineered slotted shelves reduce mass and help air ventilation
- Solid brass collars help dissipate vibration away from the electronics
- Solid concave aluminium columns

Bamboo Features:
Sound Performance:
Lauded by many in the manufacturing Industry as the "Material of the Future", Bamboo, with its high tensile strength and vibration suppressing qualities, is the material to use in Quadraspire hifi rack to further improve sound performance.

Natural Beauty:
The natural beauty of solid Bamboo lies in its awesome strength and intricate growth patterns and micro pore structure that can be seen in the shelf edge detail.

Sustainable Design:
Bamboo is the fastest growing plant on the planet and regular harvests where each year about 30% of the forest is harvested without reducing the size of the forest.

Carbon Neutral:
Bamboo is carbon neutral where its C02 Fixation (absorption) prior to harvesting is greater than the C02 emissions during the manufacturing and transportation.

Panda Friendly:
Quadraspire uses high Moso bamboo, supplied by Bamboo Surfaces, that has no leaf growth on the first 5 meters of the stem and is therefore not a source of food for the panda.

The Sunoko-Vent T is available in 2 sizes SVT and SV2T. The SVT is designed to hold standard sized hi-fi whilst the SV2T is double the width and can hold both hi-fi and AV components.
The Sunoko-Vent T is modular and comes with 32mm diameter aluminium columns available in 6 different heights – 100mm (4”); 140mm (5 1⁄2”); 180mm (7”); 216mm (8 1⁄2”); 256mm (10”) and 326mm (12 3⁄4”).
Each shelf is made from 25mm (1”) thick real wood veneered mdf.
Being real wood each shelf is unique in its natural beauty and therefore subject to variation in grain and color.
Weight capacity: 264lb (120kg)
“The Sunoko Vent enjoyed a worthwhile edge in terms of transparency and tonal separation... releasing more of the performance from the electronics, more of the performance from the artists.”
-Hifi+ (Quadraspire Sunoko-Vent T Issue 70 2010)

“Dynamically, you get a first rate performance, and production subtleties are a revelation.”
-What HiFi (Quadraspire Sunoko-Vent T November 2009)

"A clever solution to the twin problems of resonance and ventilation, the slotted shelves of the Sunoko-Vent T provide additional airflow to components that need them. And while reducing resonance from external sources, the main frame design allows equipment placed on it to shine. A good enough reason to be an award-winner."
-Hi-Fi Choice

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