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  • Greatest Hits So Far Greatest Hits So Far Quick View

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    Greatest Hits So Far

    Three-time GRAMMY winners and multi-platinum artists Zac Brown Band have become one of music's most heralded acts. The band's three platinum-selling albums, Uncaged, You Get What You Give, and The Foundation have together sold over six million copies and produced a historic series of eleven #1 hit singles.
    1. Chicken Fried
    2. Whatever It Is
    3. Toes
    4. Free
    5. Highway 20 Ride
    6. As She's Walking Away (feat. Alan Jackson)
    7. Colder Weather

    1. Knee Deep (feat. Jimmy Buffett)
    2. Keep Me In Mind
    3. No Hurry
    4. The Wind
    5. Jump Right In
    6. Goodbye In Her Eyes
    7. Sweet Annie

    Zac Brown Band
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  • Overseas Overseas Quick View

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    1. Relaxin' At Camarillo

    2. Chelsea Bridge

    3. Eclypso

    4. Beat's Up

    5. Skal Brothers

    6. Little Rock

    7. Verdandi

    8. Delarna

    9. Willow Weep For Me
    10. Verdandi (Alternate Take)

    Tommy Flanagan
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  • The Flatlands Are Your Friend The Flatlands Are Your Friend Quick View

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    The Flatlands Are Your Friend

    The Flatlands Are Your Friend is the sophomore LP from Philadelphia's Young Statues.
    The band's third release is their most intriguing one to date: from the album's opener
    "Natives" until the record stops, there is an alluring, haunting and hazy ambience that
    makes Flatlands sound as if it is an audible dream. The intense introspection found on
    the band's earlier releases is taken to new, darker places by vocalist/guitarist Carmen
    Cirignano, whose ability to lyrically navigate inner turmoil makes him one of the most
    captivating young songwriters in the modern indie scene. Mature and tighter than ever
    before, Young Statues show on The Flatlands Are Your Friend how flawlessly they can
    pilot new terrain on songs that make sadness something to sing along to.
    1. Natives
    2. Run the River Dry
    3. Don't Fight the Mirage
    4. Got the Knife
    5. No Shadow
    6. Flood
    7. Further Away
    8. Flatlands Pt. II
    9. Ain't A Bad Thing to Lose
    10. White Noise
    11. Strangers In A Dream
    Young Statues
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  • The Everly Brothers The Everly Brothers Quick View

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    The Everly Brothers


    180 Gram Vinyl LP

    Includes Bonus Tracks

    1. This Little Girl Of Mine
    2. Maybe Tomorrow
    3. Bye-Bye Love
    4. Brand New Heartache
    5. Keep A Knockin'
    6. Be Bop A-Lula
    7. All I Have To Do Is Dream*
    8. What Kind Of Girl Are You*
    9. Rip It Up
    10. I Wonder If I Care
    11. Wake Up Little Susie
    12. Leave My Woman Alone
    13. Should We Tell Him
    14. Hey Doll Baby
    15. Cathy's Clown*
    16. Claudette*

    *Bonus Tracks

    The Everly Brothers
    180 Gram Audiophile Virgin Vinyl LP - Sealed Buy Now
  • The Inner Mounting Flame (Speakers Corner) The Inner Mounting Flame (Speakers Corner) Quick View

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    The Inner Mounting Flame (Speakers Corner)

    The liner notes for The Inner Mounting Flame were written by the guru Sri Chinmoy - now that's a real sales point! The music too burns right from the very first note to the last as though it were licked by the flames of hell fire.

    The wealth of ideas, sheer vitality and supreme soloistic virtuosity of the five top-notch musicians from four different countries is absolutely first class. In addition there is their truly dreamlike interplay; one could say they were born and grew up with the same 'spirit'. Meeting Of The Spirit, The Dance Of Maya and You Know You Know are the highlights of this first Mahavishnu Orchestra.

    Aspiration - struggle, hope and desire - is seen as an inner mounting flame which takes man towards 'divine perfection'. Well, opinions differ of course. But what is certain is that this music from 1971 is still amazingly fresh and creative even 36 years later - and luckily it is available once again in the form of a vinyl disc.


    • John McLaughlin (guitar)

    • Jan Hammer (piano)

    • Jerry Goodman (violin)

    • Rick Laird (bass)

    • Billy Cobham (drums)

    Recording: August 1971 in New York City by Don Puluse

    Production: John McLaughlin

    About Speakers Corner

    At the beginning of the 90s, in the early days of audiophile vinyl re-releases, the situation was fairly straightforward. Companies such as DCC, Mobile Fidelity, Classic Records and, of course, Speakers Corner all maintained a mutual, unwritten ethical code: we would only use analogue tapes to manufacture records.

    During the course of the present vinyl hype, many others have jumped on the bandwagon in the hope of securing a corner of the market. Very often they are not so ethical and use every imaginable source to master from: CDs, LPs, digital files, MP3s - or employed existant tools from the 80s and 90s for manufacturing.

    A digital delay is gladly used when cutting a lacquer disc because tape machines with an analogue delay have become quite rare and are therefore expensive. When cutting the lacquer, the audio signal is delayed by one LP revolution against the signal, which controls the cutter head, and for this a digital delay is very often employed. Of course, the resultant sound signal is completely digital and thus only as good as this delay.

    We should like to emphasise that Speakers Corner Records on principle only uses the original master tape as the basis for the entirely analogue cutting of lacquer discs. In addition, the pressing tool is newly manufactured as a matter of principle. We have one digital recording in our catalogue (Alan Parsons / Eye In The Sky"), but even in this particular case we used the analogue tapes for cutting.

    We only employ existing tools for manufacturing if an improved result is not forthcoming, e.g. the title Elvis Is Back, which was mastered by Steve Hoffman and Kevin Gray, or several titles from our Philips Classics series, which in any case Willem Makkee cut from the original masters at the Emil Berliner Studios in the 90s. It goes without saying that we only used the mother and that new tools were made for our production.

    To put it in a nutshell: we can ensure you that our releases are free from any kind of digital effects - excluding the exception above - and that the lacquer discs are newly cut.

    1. Meeting of the Spirits
    2. Dawn
    3. Noonward Race, The
    4. A Lotus on Irish Streams
    5. Vital Transformation
    6. Dance of Maya, The
    7. You Know You Know
    8. Awakening
    Mahavishnu Orchestra
    180 Gram Audiophile Virgin Vinyl LP - Sealed Buy Now
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