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13th Floor Elevators

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  • One Track Mind One Track Mind Quick View

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    One Track Mind

    Psychic Ills Fourth album, One Track Mind, features collaborations with and some production by Neil Michael Hagerty of Royal Trux / The Howling Hex and features artwork by former 13th Floor Elevators songwriter and artist Powell St.John. One Track Mind is perhaps the most straight-forward rock record the Ills have ever made.
    1. One More Time
    2. See You There
    3. Might Take A While
    4. Depot
    5. Tried To Find It
    6. FBI
    7. I Get By
    8. City Sun
    9. Western Metaphor
    10. Drop Out
    Psychic Ills
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  • Kings Verses Kings Verses Quick View

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    Kings Verses

    Our BeatRocket Fresno motherlode is about to yield a world class nugget: the Kings Verses. A 1966 fuzz-drenched combination of early Arthur Lee & Love and the 13th Floor Elevators with Roky lost in a Jimson Weed haze, the Kings Verses would soon play LA's Griffith and Elysian Park Love-Ins, but these never issued recordings find them massively raw and alive, and maybe a little angry at being stuck in Fresno again.
    1. Lights
    2. Ballad Of Lad Polo
    3. It's Not Right
    4. She Belonged To Me
    5. It's Love
    6. E. Sok Baxter
    7. A Million Faces
    8. Mind Rewind
    9. When You Loved Her
    10. You Can Be Me
    11. She Belonged To Me (Live)
    12. Lights (Live)
    Kings Verses
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  • Psychedelic Lollipop Psychedelic Lollipop Quick View

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    Psychedelic Lollipop

    The Blues Magoos launched their recording career with a major smash, hitting the Top Five with the brash garage-punk anthem (We Ain't Got) Nothin' Yet. That tune is just one of the multiple pleasures of Psychedelic Lollipop, notable as one of the first albums (along with the 13th Floor Elevators' debut) to use the word psychedelic in its title. The band balances swaggering proto-punk attitude, a Beatlesque pop sensibility and adventurous acid-pop experimentalism on such tunes as Gotta Get Away, One by One and Love Seems Doomed. And the Magoos' high-energy workouts on James Brown's I'll Go Crazy and John Loudermilk's Tobacco Road rank with the greatest versions of those much-covered garage-band standards.

    This 60s garage-psych nugget is now available from Sundazed on High Definition Vinyl, sourced from the original Mercury-label stereo masters, with the colorful original cover art meticulously reproduced.

    In their '60s heyday, the Blues Magoos were one of the first garage-punk bands to achieve mainstream success, and one of the first to embrace psychedelia. Early in their existence, the Bronx-bred quintet's high-energy live sets made them a popular attraction on the Greenwich Village club scene. Once they began making records, they quickly emerged as one of one of the earliest and most inventive exponents of the psychedelic sound. The band's 1966 debut album Psychedelic Lollipop and its 1967 followup Electric Comic Book, are two of that period's most beloved and enduring albums.

    1. (We Aint Got) Nothin Yet
    2. Love Seems Doomed
    3. Tobacco Road
    4. Queen of My Nights
    5. Ill Go Crazy
    6. Gotta Get Away
    7. Sometimes I Think About
    8. One by One
    9. Worried Life Blues
    10. Shes Coming Home
    Blues Magoos
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  • Land Land Quick View

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    Novella's formation was the result of an instant spark-guitarist Hollie Warren,
    guitarist Sophy Hollington, and bassist Suki Sou met through mutual friends in
    Brighton in 2010, where they quickly realized that they shared a common
    love for '60s counterculture and bands like Black Sabbath, the Brian Jonestown
    Massacre, and Pale Saints. The addition of drummer Iain Laws in 2011
    and keyboardist Isabel Spurgeon in 2014 solidified the group into a propulsive
    engine, capable of welding woozy, cosmic psychedelia to sustained
    squalls of flanged-out, far-out dream pop. Novella's debut album, Land, is a
    controlled blast of mainlined electricity, a tempest of relentless groove and
    crystalline vocals that is at once the vicious edge and the calm eye of the

    Recorded during one ice-cold week in January of 2014 by Jonas Verijnen
    (Moon Duo, Ballet School) and Joshua Third (The Horrors) in an abandoned
    clothing factory-turned-studio in Dalston, East London, Land perfectly absorbs
    the band's vast array of influences and transforms them into songs
    that Fact Magazine described as "equal parts effete jangle and ferocious
    riffage." Combining London gloom and cosmic escapism, Sou and Laws
    channel Can and the 13th Floor Elevators on the krautrock-inspired jams like
    "Follow" and "Something Must Change," while Warren and Hollington stomp
    their homemade flanger and phaser pedals to create dueling arcs of electric
    guitars. As the band churns and riffs, the girls' voices soar brilliantly, their
    glassy clarity recalling the Lynchian shoegaze of Lush or Stereolab. During
    quieter, more reflective songs like "Sentences" and "Younger Than Yesterday,"
    there are echoes of eerie psychedelia like Broadcast, evident in the myriad
    of flutes, synths, and Fender Electric XII guitars.

    On Land, Novella captures the wild spirit of creating something new from
    pieces of the past. They ward off the overcast London melancholy with
    evocative tales of weightless meandering, of drifting over the pavement of
    familiar streets while dreaming about exploring fantastical alien landscapes.
    These are the yarns of twenty-somethings in limbo, a collection of late night
    tales that more often end in avoided glances than locked eyes

    1. Follow
    2. Something Must Change
    3. Sentences
    4. Two Ships
    5. Land Gone
    6. Phrases
    7. Blue Swallows
    8. Younger Than Yesterday
    9. Again You Try Your Luck
    10. Skies Open
    Vinyl LP + 7 Vinyl Single - Sealed Buy Now
  • Bull Of The Woods (Out of Stock) Bull Of The Woods (Out of Stock) Quick View


    Bull Of The Woods (Out of Stock)

    Re-mastered edition of
    the band's 4th album plus the 'lost' third
    album, A Love That's Sound

    This 2LP set features the re-mastered stereo edition of the 13th Floor Elevators final release, 1968's 'Bull Of The Woods' plus the mono version of the Elevators' lost unfinished third album 'A Love That's Sound'.

    The recordings were re-mastered and remixed from the original tapes in 2007 by the original producer Walt Andrus and are presented on heavyweight vinyl in a gatefold sleeve.

    This album more than holds up against its predecessors: Sutherland's lovelorn songs inhabiting a bluesier cosmic sound reminiscent of The Grateful Dead, Moby Grape or Blue Cheer - for whom the Elevators were an undeniable inspiration.

    - Uncut

    The fearless trailblazers of psychedelia and one of the most kick-ass rock bands ever... For two or so years they burned with a flame so fierce that 40 years on they still remain an inspiration

    - Mojo

    LP1 - Bull Of The Woods (Stereo)
    1. Livin' On
    2. Barnyard Blues
    3. Till Then
    4. Never Another
    5. Rose & The Thorn
    6. Down By The River
    7. Scarlet & Gold
    8. Street Song
    9. Dr Doom
    10. With You
    11. May The Circle Remain Unbroken

    LP2 - A Love That's Sound (Mono)
    1. Wait For My Love
    2. It's You
    3. May The Circle Remain Unbroken
    4. Livin' On
    5. Never Another
    6. Dr Doom
    7. Someday My Love
    8. Sweet Surprise
    9. Moon Song

    13th Floor Elevators
    180 Gram Audiophile Virgin Vinyl LP - 2 LPs Sealed Temporarily out of stock
  • Live Evolution Lost (Out of Stock) Live Evolution Lost (Out of Stock) Quick View


    Live Evolution Lost (Out of Stock)

    Green, Blue, and Red Colored Vinyl Box Set

    Live Evolution Lost: The 13th Floor Elevators Live at the Houston Music Theatre is the first ever release of the complete performance of the band's legendary show from 18th February 1967.

    The trailblazing 13th Floor Elevators released the first "psychedelic" rock album in America, transforming culture throughout the 1960s and beyond. Formed in late 1965 in a small town in Texas by Electric Jug playing Tommy Hall, guitarist & vocalist Roky Erickson, guitarist Stacy Sutherland they were joined by bass player Benny Thurman, and drummer John Ike Walton; at a time where Baptist and Mormon preachers fought for the population's spiritual wellbeing, and Country & Western music filled the bars on a Saturday night. Out of these conflicting extremes, the Elevators were born and began making a name for themselves in the burgeoning music scene in Austin, Texas.

    Though Roky Erickson was the frontman, the group's sound and philosophy were created by the unpredictable & impulsive Tommy Hall. The Elevators followed their own spiritual cosmic route searching for a new path to enlightenment whilst all the while creating a reputation for excess. The band developed a sound that merged garage-punk and psychedelic experimentation. Their music, from the beginning, played and created under the influence of LSD, was raw, ambitious and hugely experimental with Sutherland's pioneering use of reverb and echo, and bluesy, acid-drenched guitar mixed with Tommy Hall's innovative electric jug 'psychedelic rock' was conceived.

    A three album edition, on green, blue and red heavyweight vinyl, which for the first time features the whole of the Elevators' historic gig on 18th February 1967 at the Houston Music Theatre. It catches the band with its classic line-up before the release of 'Easter Everywhere' and is the only known complete recording of an Elevators' gig, and the latest to survive. Mastered by Sonic Boom and put together by band expert Paul Drummond, it includes one reel unissued for over forty-five years.

    SIDE A
    1. (I've Got) Levitation
    2. Roller Coaster
    3. Fire Engine
    4. Reverberation (Doubt)

    SIDE B
    1. Don`t Fall Down
    2. Tried To Hide
    3. Splash 1
    4. You`re Gonna Miss Me
    5. Monkey Island

    SIDE C
    1. Kingdom Of Heaven
    2. She Lives (In A Time Of Her Own)
    3. Jam Intro
    4. Jam 1 - Roll Over Blue Suede Blues Jam

    SIDE D
    1. Jam 2 - Backwards Evolution Jam
    2. Jam 3 - Ed`s Esoteric Jazz Jam

    SIDE E
    1. Jam 4 - (It's All Over Now) Baby Blue Jam
    2. Jam 5 - She Lives Jam
    3. Jam 6

    SIDE F
    Screen Print

    13th Floor Elevators
    Colored Vinyl LP Box Set - 3 LPs Sealed Temporarily out of stock
  • Psychedelic Sounds Of (Out Of Stock) Psychedelic Sounds Of (Out Of Stock) Quick View


    Psychedelic Sounds Of (Out Of Stock)

    Re-mastered edition of
    the band's 4th album plus the 'lost' third
    album, A Love That's Sound

    A double heavyweight vinyl edition of the Elevators' incendiary debut album from 1966 featuring remastered mono and stereo mixes plus the band's intended running order. Previously only available as part of the awardwinning 'Music Of The Spheres' boxset, this is the first vinyl reissue from tape sources of the stereo edition for over three decades. LP1 is the mono edition and LP2 a remastered edition of the original stereo mix in the band's intended running order.

    As Mojo pronounced 'The fearless trailblazers of psychedelia and one of the most kick-ass rock bands ever... For two or so years they burned with a flame so fierce that 40 years on they still remain an inspiration'

    LP1 - Mono
    1. You`re Gonna Miss Me
    2. Roller Coaster
    3. Splash 1
    4. Reverberation (Doubt)
    5. Don`t Fall Down
    6. Fire Engine
    7. Thru The Rhythm
    8. You Don`t Know
    9. Kingdom Of Heaven
    10. Monkey Island
    11. Tried To Hide

    LP2 - Stereo
    1. You're Gonna Miss Me
    2. Roller Coaster
    3. Splash 1
    4. Reverberation (Doubt)
    5. Don`t Fall Down
    6. Fire Engine
    7. Thru The Rhythm
    8. You Don`t Know
    9. Kingdom Of Heaven
    10. Monkey Island
    12. Tried To Hide

    13th Floor Elevators
    180 Gram Audiophile Virgin Vinyl LP - 2 LPs Sealed Temporarily out of stock
  • Easter Everywhere (Colored) (Out Of Stock) Easter Everywhere (Colored) (Out Of Stock) Quick View


    Easter Everywhere (Colored) (Out Of Stock)

    The 13th Floor Elevators 1967 Masterpiece On 180 Gram Gold Vinyl For The First Time Ever

    Mastered on 180-gram audiophile-quality vinyl from masters mixed to stereo from the original 1967 Andrus Studios session multitracks by IA producer Ray Rush at Autumn Sound Studios during November 1976.

    The only 13th Floor Elevators LP to make the Billboard chart captures the group at their absolute peak. Released in November 1967, a year after their debut LP 'Psychedelic Sounds', the band, critics and fans alike consider 'Easter Everywhere' to be the Elevator's finest work.

    Produced by Lelan Rogers, the music is delivered with an informed power and intensity of knowing. Even the quieter tracks, 'Dust' and 'Had To Tell You' display a restrained beauty and purity of vision which perfectly counterbalance the intensity of 'Earthquake' and 'Slip Inside This House'.

    Genre-defining, pioneering, unique and utterly timeless, The 13th Floor Elevators continue to influence and inspire new generations of musicians.

    R.E.M, The Jesus And Mary Chain, Primal Scream, ZZ Top, Spacemen 3, Echo and the Bunnymen, Julian Cope and many more have covered their songs.

    1. Slip Inside This House
    2. Slide Machine
    3. She Lives In ( A Time Of Her Own)
    4. Nobody To Love
    5. Baby Blue
    6. Earthquake
    7. Dust
    8. I've Got Levitation
    9. I Had To Tell You
    10. Postures (Leave Your Body Behind)
    13th Floor Elevators
    180 Gram Audiophile Virgin Vinyl LP - Sealed Temporarily out of stock
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