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  • Ring Ring Ring Ring Quick View

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    Ring Ring

    Originally released in 1973 on Polar Records, Ring Ring is the debut album from the Swedish pop group ABBA. The album wasn't released worldwide initially but it was a big hit in the territories that it was released in, notably topping the charts in Belgium. The first song People Need Love was recorded in the spring of 1972, but it was only after the title track Ring Ring became a hit, that the four members decided to go on working together as a permanent group. Ring Ring (1973) is being released on LP as part of Universal's Back To Black vinyl campaign which also includes Waterloo (1974) ABBA (1975), Arrival (1976), The Album (1977), Voulez-Vous (1979), Super Trouper (1980) and The Visitors (1981).
    1. Ring Ring
    2. Another Town, Another Train
    3. Disillusion
    4. People Need Love
    5. I Saw It in the Mirror
    6. Nina, Pretty Ballerina
    7. Love Isn't Easy (But It Sure Is Hard Enough)
    8. Me and Bobby and Bobby's Brother
    9. He Is Your Brother
    10. Ring Ring (English Version)
    11. I Am Just a Girl
    12. Rock'n Roll Band
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  • Something's Going On Something's Going On Quick View

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    Something's Going On

    'Something's Going On' is the third solo album by Swedish singer Anni-Frid Lyngstad, one of the founding members of the Swedish pop group ABBA, & her first album recorded entirely in English. Produced by Phil Collins, the album featured a harder-edged & more rock-oriented sound than that of ABBA's music. The album was met with a positive reception by both critics & the public, with sales in excess of 1.5 million copies, making it the best-selling solo record of any of the ABBA members to date.
    1. Tell Me It's Over
    2. I See Red
    3. I Got Something
    4. Strangers
    5. To Turn The Stone
    6. I Know There's Something Going On
    7. Threnody
    8. Baby Don't You Cry No More
    9. The Way You Do
    10. You Know What I Mean
    11. Here We'll Stay
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  • Piano Piano Quick View

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    Benny Andersson of ABBA releases his new solo album on Deutsche Grammophon, Piano, now available on vinyl.
    Piano is an instrumental piano album featuring Andersson performing pieces from his entire career, including
    selections from ABBA, songs from his musicals (Chess, Kristina från Duvemåla) and contemporary solo works.
    LP 1
    1.I Let The Music Speak

    2.You And I
    4.Thank You For The Music
    5.Stockholm By Night
    2.The Day Before You Came
    3.Someone Else's Story

    LP 2
    1.I Wonder (Departure)
    2.Embassy Lament
    4.My Love, My Life
    5.Mountain Duet
    1.Flickornas Rum
    2.Efter Regnet
    4.En Skrift I Snön

    5.Happy New Year

    Benny Andersson
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  • ABBA The Album (Half-Speed Master) ABBA The Album (Half-Speed Master) Quick View

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    ABBA The Album (Half-Speed Master)

    First released in Scandinavia in December 1977, ABBA - The Album took the world by storm, hitting number one in countries such as Sweden, the UK and the Netherlands. It also entered the Top 15 in the US, becoming their highest-charting album in that country.

    Naturally, this being ABBA, the album also featured a number of major hit singles: 'The Name Of The Game,' 'Take A Chance On Me' and 'Eagle.' Both these hits and the album itself showed how ABBA tried to develop and challenge themselves, taking significant steps forward in terms of musical complexity, yet remaining catchy and compelling.

    In celebration of the album's original release four decades ago, Universal Music Group are releasing a half-speed mastered, 45rpm cut double-LP version of the original album. This rare and specialized technique transforms difficult to cut high-end frequencies into relatively easy to cut mid-range frequencies. The result is a cut with an excellent high-frequency response and very solid and stable stereo images. In short, half-speed mastering produced a master of the highest quality that enables the pressing plant to produce a superlative record.

    This reissue of ABBA - The Album will also feature new liner notes by noted ABBA historian Carl Magnus Palm, detailing the story behind the album.

    1. Eagle
    2. Take A Chance On Me

    3. One Man, One Woman
    4. The Name Of The Game

    5. Move On

    6. Hole In Your Soul

    7. Thank You For The Music

    8. I Wonder (Departure)

    9. I'm A Marionette
    Vinyl LP 45 RPM - 2 LPs Sealed Buy Now
  • Gold: Greatest Hits (Awaiting Repress) Gold: Greatest Hits (Awaiting Repress) Quick View

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    Gold: Greatest Hits (Awaiting Repress)

    Gold: Greatest Hits is a compilation album of recordings by Swedish pop group ABBA. It was released on 21 September 1992 through PolyGram, the first compilation to be released after the company had acquired Polar Music and thus the rights to the ABBA back catalogue. With sales in excess of 28 million copies, it is the best-selling ABBA album as well as one of the best-selling albums worldwide.
    1. Dancing Queen
    2. Knowing Me, Knowing You
    3. Take A Chance On Me
    4. Mamma Mia
    5. Lay All Your Love On Me
    6. Super Trouper
    7. I Have A Dream
    8. The Winner Takes It All
    9. Money, Money, Money
    10. S.O.S.
    11. Chiquitita
    12. Fernando
    13. Voulez Vous
    14. Gimme! Gimme! Gimme! (A Man After Midnight)
    15. Does Your Mother Know
    16. One Of Us
    17. The Name Of The Game
    18. Thank You For The Music
    19. Waterloo
    Vinyl LP - 2 LPs Sealed AWAITING REPRESS Buy Now
  • The Visitors The Visitors Quick View

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    The Visitors

    Originally released in November of 1981, The Visitors is the final studio album from the Swedish pop group ABBA. The major hit single on the album, One of Us also depicted the end of a love story, this time the divorce of Benny and Frida. The Visitors album was one of the first records to be recorded and mixed digitally, and was the first in history to be manufactured on the new CD format in 1982. The Visitors is being released on LP as part of Universal's Back To Black vinyl campaign which also includes Ring Ring (1973), Waterloo (1974) ABBA (1975), Arrival (1976), The Album (1977), Voulez-Vous (1979) and Super Trouper (1980).
    1. The Visitors (Crackin' Up)
    2. Head Over Heels
    3. When All Is Said And Done
    4. Soldiers
    5. I Let The Music Speak
    6. One Of Us
    7. Two For The Price Of One
    8. Slipping Through My Fingers
    9. Like An Angel Passing Through My Room
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  • Dream A Little Dream Dream A Little Dream Quick View

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    Dream A Little Dream

    At the time of Dream a Little Dream's release, the von Trapp family was more newsworthy than it had been in a while: The Sound of Music Live!, a television adaptation of Rodgers & Hammerstein's musical, was a ratings success when it aired in December 2013. More poignantly, Maria von Trapp, the last surviving member of the original Trapp Family Singers, passed in February 2014 at age 99.

    On this collaboration with Pink Martini, Sofie, Melanie, Amanda, and August von Trapp -- the great-grandchildren of the von Trapps immortalized in The Sound of Music -- continue the family tradition with beautifully harmonized versions of songs ranging from Johannes Brahms' In Stiller Nacht to the national anthem of Rwanda, Rwanda Nziza. Working with Pink Martini was an inspired choice, as they almost always bring out the best in their collaborators -- along with the unexpected, like Kuroneko No Tango, a version of the Italian song Black Cat Tango inspired by Japanese singer Osamu Minagawa's 1969 rendition. The group sounds just as natural backing the von Trapps as they do working with their usual vocalists, and Dream a Little Dream bears the same mix of kitsch and sublime beauty as one of Pink Martini's own albums. Die Dorfmusik sounds like it could have strolled in from The Lawrence Welk Show, while the version of ABBA's Fernando sounds like it came from a Swedish Carnaval parade thanks to the involvement of the Lions of Batucada.

    The inevitable Sound of Music inclusions are handled in a similarly playful fashion, with Wayne Newton taking the lead on The Lonely Goatherd and Charmian Carr (who portrayed Liesl in the film of the musical) joining the von Trapps for a sweet version of Edelweiss that recalls Pink Martini's work with Phyllis Diller on their previous album, Get Happy. The von Trapps balance Dream a Little Dream's quaint and quirky moments with more contemporary-sounding tracks, three of which were penned by August. Storm and Friend recall '60s folk in their acoustic earnestness, and the Chieftains give the closing track, Thunder, a pretty, if somewhat out of place, Celtic twist. As is often the case with Pink Martini's albums, the most intimate moments here are among the best.

    A softer-than-soft rendition of Chitty Chitty Bang Bang's Hushabye Mountain captures the exquisite poignancy of vintage children's music, while the delicate Le Premier Bonheur du Jour and a starlit version of the album's title track cast a similar spell. Ultimately, Dream a Little Dream is an entertaining blend of both parties' strengths, showcasing Pink Martini's globetrotting pop and introducing the next generation of von Trapp music.

    1. Storm
    2. Kuroneko no tango
    3. Dream a Little Dream
    4. Fernando
    5. Hayaldah Hachi yafa bagan
    6. Friend
    7. Die Dorfmusik
    8. In stiller Nacht
    9. Le premier Bonheur du jour
    10. Rwanda nziza
    11. Gongxi Xi
    12. Hushabye Mountain
    13. Lonely Goatherd
    14. Edelweiss
    15. Thunder
    Pink Martini
    180 Gram Audiophile Virgin Vinyl LP - Sealed Buy Now
  • Wrap Your Arms Around Me Wrap Your Arms Around Me Quick View

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    Wrap Your Arms Around Me

    'Wrap Your Arms Around' Me is the first English-language solo album by former ABBA member Agnetha FÄltskog.Counting her previous solo albums recorded in the Swedish language, it was her seventh album overall. The first track from the album, The Heat Is On, is commonly regarded as FÄltskog's best-known 1980s solo hit, it was a hit all over Europe & Scandinavia. It reached No. 1 in Sweden & Norway and No. 2 in the Netherlands & Belgium.
    1.The Heat Is On
    2.Can't Shake Loose
    5.Once Burned Twice Shy
    6.Mr. Persuasion
    7.Wrap Your Arms Around Me
    8.To Love
    9.I Wish Tonight Could Last Forever
    11.Take Good Care Of Your Children
    12.Stand By My Side
    Agnetha Faltskog
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  • Shine Shine Quick View

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    'Shine' is the fourth solo album by Frida. The Shine album is unique as it saw the debut of Lyngstad as a songwriter in both Don't Do It & That's Tough, the latter also features her son Hans Fredriksson as co-writer. The trackSlowly was written by Benny Andersson & Björn Ulvaeus of ABBA. The lead single from the album was the title track, Shine.
    1. Shine
    2. One Little Lie
    3. The Face
    4. Twist In The Dark
    5. Slowly
    6. Heart Of The Country
    7. Come To Me (I Am Woman)
    8. Chemistry Tonight
    9. Don't Do It
    10. Comfort Me
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  • Ensam Ensam Quick View

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    'Frida Ensam' is the second album by ABBA singer Anni-Frid Lyngstad. It was produced by her fiancÉ, ABBA member Benny Andersson, & was first released by Polar Music in 1975. The lead song was Frida's solo version ofFernando (written & produced by Andersson & Björn Ulvaeus). All lyrics are in Swedish. The album was a huge success in Sweden, & Lyngstad was awarded with a platinum disc.
    1. Fernando
    2. Jag Är mig sjÄlv nu
    3. Som en sparv
    4. Vill du låna en man
    5. Liv på Mars?
    6. Syrtaki (Siko Chorepse Syrtaki)
    7. Aldrig mej
    8. Guld och gröna Ängar
    9. Ett liv i solen
    10. Skulle de' va' skönt
    11. Var Är min clown
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  • French Touch French Touch Quick View

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    French Touch

    Carla Bruni returns with an exciting collection of some of rock music's most classic hits performed in her signature
    softer, coffee house style. Depeche Mode's "Enjoy the Silence", The Rolling Stones' "Miss You", and ABBA's "The
    Winner Takes It All" appear on this new release, sure to enthuse both fans of Carla's as well as fans of rock staples
    from the last 50 years.
    1. Enjoy The Silence
    2. Jimmy Jazz
    3. Love Letters
    4. Miss You
    5. The Winner Takes It All
    6. Crazy
    7. Highway To Hell
    8. Perfect Day
    9. Stand By Your Man
    10. Please Don't Kiss Me
    11. Moon River
    Carla Bruni
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  • Eyes Of A Woman Eyes Of A Woman Quick View

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    Eyes Of A Woman

    'Eyes of a Woman' is the second English-language solo album by Swedish singer & former ABBA member Agnetha FÄltskog. It was released in March 1985 & was produced by Eric Stewart. The tracks One Way Love & I Won't Let You Go were released as singles throughout Europe. Eyes of a Woman became FÄltskog's second album to reach the UK Top 40, reaching No.38. In Sweden, the album peaked at No. 2. It also reached the Top 20 in Norway, the Netherlands & Belgium, & the Top 30 in West Germany.
    1. One Way Love
    2. Eyes Of A Woman

    3. Just One Heart

    4. I Won't Let You Go
    5. The Angels Cry
    6. Click Track
    7. We Should Be Together
    8. I Won't Be Leaving You
    9. Save Me (Why Don't Ya)
    10. I Keep Turning Off Lights
    11. We Move As One
    Agnetha Faltskog
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  • Lycka Lycka Quick View

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    'Lycka' is a 1970 album released by folk/rock duo Björn Ulvaeus & Benny Andersson, who later became the male half of ABBA. Most of the songs feature lead vocals by Björn. The songs show the influence of Brian Wilson, Ticketto Ride era Beatles & traditional Swedish folk music. Lycka was produced by Björn & Benny with Bengt Bernhag &engineered by Michael B. Tretow. Benny & Björn played on the tracks with two Swiss musicians, drummer John Counz & bassist Gus Horn.
    1. Lycka
    2. Nånting Är på vÄg
    3. KÄra gamla sol
    4. Det dÄr med kÄrlek
    5. VÄlkommen in i gÄnget
    6. Lilla du, lilla vÄn
    7. Hej gamle man
    8. Liselott
    9. Kalles visa
    10. Ge oss en chans
    11. Livet går sin gång
    Bjorn Ulvaeus & Benny Andersson
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  • Impressions Impressions Quick View

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    The Los Angeles trio Music Go Music began humbly, recording songs in their spare time and playing them for friends. A few songs posted online caught the ears of a surprising number of strangers, who implored the band to make a go of it. They eventually, and reluctantly, agreed to this, and before long the show had been officially taken on the road; MGM was being buzzed about, flying back and forth across the the Atlantic, touring around with Glasgow rockers Franz Ferdinand, and performing for the most discerning of music lovers in Moscow, London, LA, and points in between. Their debut album Expressions was a warmly received dance-pop-prog excursion that drew apt comparisons to Abba, Kate Bush, Bonnie Tyler, and Giorgio Moroder. After things settled down and they got back to their workaday lives, they began chipping away at a new record. In the course of several years, one or two songs at a time, 'Impressions' took shape. By now, the world has swayed in ways that seemed unlikely back at the band's dawning. When their first EPs began coming out in 2007, MGM was an anomaly; a real band capable of crafting a steady stream of hook-dense A-sides, who played honest-to-goodness live dance music. This time around, of course, they're sending a record out into a world that has turned just enough to embrace the kind of analog disco that MGM has been making for years. While remaining unambiguously pop, Impressions sees the group's aural sheen and careworn elegance joined to deeper grooves and oblique sonic turns. Never before, though, has an unhinged recounting of love won and lost been so blatantly entertaining. It's an assured, kinetic journey through light and dark, calm and chaos, with nothing less than pop transcendence waiting on the other side.
    1. Love Is All I Can Hear
    2. Inferno
    3. People All Over The World
    4. Tell Me How It Feels
    5. Part Of Me
    6. Nite After Nite
    7. Tuff Turf
    8. Never Get Over You
    9. Shine Down Forever
    Music Go Music
    Vinyl LP - Sealed Buy Now
  • The Royal Philharmonic Orchestra Plays The Music Of Rush The Royal Philharmonic Orchestra Plays The Music Of Rush Quick View

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    The Royal Philharmonic Orchestra Plays The Music Of Rush

    Purple Pyramid Records, a division of Cleopatra Records, will release The Royal Philharmonic Orchestra Plays The Music Of Rush on November 13. Nearly sixty musicians and thirty vocalists transform nine of Rush's greatest hits into even more intricate, soaring orchestral works.

    The Royal Philharmonic Orchestra covers the best-known classics, from Working Man, the self-titled debut album track that launched Rush's career in the U.S. to Subdivisions from Signals, the album that proved electronic rock could reside in the top ten. The band's most successful record, Moving Pictures, is represented by rousing versions of Tom Sawyer and Red Barchetta. Special guest guitarists include Steve Rothery of Marillion on Working Man and Adrian Smith of Iron Maiden on Red Barchetta. The Windrush Choir provides backing vocals and solos.

    The Royal Philharmonic Orchestra, formed in 1946 and based in London, has been called the nation's favorite orchestra. It has had internationally known maestros like Andre Previn and Louis Clark, and has toured the world. The RPO is a best-selling and adventurous recording entity as well. In 1969, it recorded a concerto for Deep Purple, composed by the band's organist Jon Lord. It earned a top ten U.S. single in 1982 with Hooked On Classics. Over the years, RPO has orchestrally arranged Pink Floyd, Oasis, Queen, R.E.M., Madonna and ABBA.

    The orchestra was recorded at the legendary Abbey Road Studios in London, conducted by BAFTA Award-winning musician and composer Richard Harvey. Harvey performed with the prog rock group Gryphon and as an accomplished multi-instrumentalist (specializing in mediaeval and Renaissance periods), worked with many folk and rock musicians such as Richard and Linda Thompson, Kate Bush and Sweet. He has toured and recorded with John Williams, and has performed and composed film/TV soundtracks for more than thirty years. The album was produced by James Graydon and Richard Cottle, who also arranged all the music.

    1. 2112 Overture
    2. The Spirit Of Radio
    3. Tom Sawyer
    4. Red Barchetta (feat. Adrian Smith)
    5. Subdivisions
    6. Fly By Night
    7. Closer To The Heart
    8. Limelight
    9. Working Man (feat. Steve Rothery)
    Royal Philharmonic Orchestra
    Vinyl LP - Sealed Buy Now
  • Light Of Love Light Of Love Quick View

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    Light Of Love

    Music Go Music have the simple syrup of pop extravagance running through their veins. These arena-sized songs are composed with such savage efficiency that you find yourself humming along before two bars have gone by. They are as assured and crafted as ABBA and ELO's best songs of '76, yet Music Go Music sound fresh. "Light Of Love" is a true celebration of pop music's potential.

    12" Vinyl

    1. Light of Love

    2. I Walk Alone

    3. Explorers of the Heart

    Music Go Music
    12 Vinyl LP - Sealed Buy Now
  • War Of The Superbikes War Of The Superbikes Quick View

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    War Of The Superbikes

    Originally released in 1985, The Meatmen's second album, War of the Superbikes, teamed the shameless and poignantly hysterical Tesco Vee with Minor Threat's legendary guitar duo Brian Baker and Lyle Preslar for one of the great summer albums of all time. The hardcore musicianship is superb, as are the timelessly vulgar lyrics. In addition to such classics as Abba God and Me and Pillar of Sodom, this release also features the beautiful, heart wrenching Kisses in the Sunset, with Tesco crooning with Latin love. Long out of print, it is now back with the original cover faithfully reproduced as a limited edition of 1000 copies on collectible clear vinyl.
    1. War of the Superbikes
    2. Abba God And Me
    3. Pillar Of Sodom
    4. What's This Shit Called Love
    5. Punker-ama
    6. Razamanaz
    7. Kisses in the Sunset
    8. Cadaver Class
    9. Pain Principal
    Limited Edition Clear Vinyl LP Buy Now
  • If You Have Ghost EP If You Have Ghost EP Quick View

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    If You Have Ghost EP

    Earlier 2013, the flamboyant Swedish metal band Ghost B.C. - or, if you don't care about the only-in-America legal silliness that led to the name change, just Ghost - linked up with producer and famous rock dude Dave Grohl and covered Abba's "I'm A Marionette." Now, Ghost releases an EP of covers called If You Have Ghost; it'll also include their version of Depeche Mode's "Waiting For The Night."

    For the EP's title track, the band once again hooked up with Grohl, who produced their version of "If You Have Ghosts," a 1981 freakout from the troubled Texan psych-rock survivor Roky Erickson.

    - Tom Breihan (Stereogum)

    1. If You Have Ghosts (Originally Recorded By Roky Erickson)
    2. I Am A Marionette (Originally Recorded By ABBA)
    3. Crucified (Originally Recorded By Army Of Lovers)
    4. Waiting For The Night (Originally Recorded By Depeche Mode)
    5. Secular Haze (Recorded Live At Music Hall of Williamsburg, Brooklyn)
    Vinyl EP - Sealed Buy Now
  • Going Down To The River (Pre-Order) Going Down To The River (Pre-Order) Quick View

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    Going Down To The River (Pre-Order)

    It's just not your typical Music City Story.... A frequent homeless, 62 year old singer-songwriter guitarist gets discovered at a Nashville food pantry by a Swedish country music star, who helps him from the streets to superstardom in a country best known for Abba's Dancing Queen and the likes.Doug Seegers' debut solo album entitled Going Down to the River on Rounder Records is raw, rootsy and emotionally charged. A brilliant 62-year-old singer who struggled with homelessness for years, Seegers found acclaim when Swedish music star Jill Johnson discovered him in a Nashville food pantry. The two subsequently recorded a duet that climbed to the top of the music charts in Sweden.

    When I first heard Doug Seegers' voice, so full of soul and raw emotion, I was stunned. This man has lived these songs, not in his imagination but every long day over many hard years. He stands before you now - ready to testify. Listen and believe. - Emmylou Harris

    Part Hank Williams, part Hank Snow, part Gram Parsons . . .his music is more real than anything you're gonna hear . . .Close your eyes and you will be transported, not to the past; he's not an imitation - it is a soul-portation. - Buddy Miller

    1. Angie's Song
    2. Going Down To The River
    3. She (featuring Emmylou Harris)
    4. Lonely Drifter's Cry
    5. Hard Working Man
    6. Pour Me
    7. There'll Be No Teardrops Tonight (featuring Buddy Miller)
    8. Memory Lane
    9. Gotta Catch That Train
    10. Burning A Hole In My Pocket
    11. She's In A Rock 'n' Roll Band
    12. Baby Lost Her Way Home Again
    Doug Seegers
    Vinyl LP - Sealed PRE-ORDER Buy Now
  • Daggers Daggers Quick View

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    Ex Cops, a nomadic duo featuring Amalie Bruun and Brian Harding, brings the hook-heavy blast of '90s alt-rock into a new era on their second album Daggers. Executive produced by icon-of-form Billy Corgan and produced by Justin Raisen (Sky Ferriera, Charli XCX, Kylie Minogue), the record rescues guitar-pop from the bedroom, returning it to the stage it deserves.

    Formed in 2011, the group's first album True Hallucinations, released in early 2013, was a critically-acclaimed collection of sprawling indie-pop. From the exuberant "Spring Break (Birthday Song)" to the band's dreamy debut "You Are A Lion, I Am A Lamb," the John Siket-produced record (Blonde Redhead, Yo La Tengo) was a genre-jumping opening salvo and its wall-to-wall guitars set the tone for their new album.

    Daggers is a musical about-face, though. "We are not afraid of our favorite music anymore," says Harding. "It's pop."

    Billy Corgan, in addition to sharing the band's love of ABBA and taking them to their first wrestling match, provided form and texture to the new tracks over a two-week period in Chicago. The band then took the material to LA for tracking with Raisen and continued collaborating with artists like Ariel Pink, who co-wrote "Burnt Out Love" and features on "Tragically Alright."

    The result reinvents modern rock. "White Noise," with its addictive chorus, merges guitars that could make your teeth ache and a motorik electronic pop pulse. The impeccably-produced "Teenagers" brings club-ready downtown pop to an anthemic peak, while "Black Soap" shifts shoegaze textures to stadium status and "Rooms," one of the album's emotionally-resonant ballads, packs a substantial punch.

    1. Black Soap
    2. White Noise
    3. Teenagers
    4. Daggers
    5. Pretty Shitty
    6. Burnt Out Love
    7. Modern World
    8. Wanna Be (feat. L.P.)
    9. Tragically Alright (feat. Ariel Pink)
    10. Rooms
    11. Weird With You
    Ex Cops
    Vinyl LP - Sealed Buy Now
  • Safe As Milk Safe As Milk Quick View

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    Safe As Milk


    Beefheart's debut album, originally released in 1967, was the most accessible and pop inflected of all the releases from his catalogue.
    Still 'Safe As Milk' is a very strong and heavily blues-influenced work but it also hints on many of the features that would later become the trademarks of Captain Beefheart.
    Nice fact is that not only did a 20-year old Ry Cooder play bass & guitar on 'Abba Zaba' and 'Grown So Ugly,' he also arranged the latter as well as 'Sure 'Nuff 'N Yes I Do.'

    Also, Cooder's role in the recording process was to translate the Captain's wilder nations to the rest of the band and generally acts as musical director.
    With him as a supervisor the sessions proceeded more or less smoothly and 'Safe As Milk' was recorded within a month.

    LP 1
    1. Sure 'Nuff 'N Yes I Do

    2. Zig Zag Wanderer

    3. Call On Me

    4. Dropout Boogie

    5. I'm Glad

    6. Electricity
    7. Yellow Brick Road

    8. Abba Zaba

    9. Plastic Factory

    10. Where There's Woman

    11. Grown So Ugly

    12. Autumn's Child

    LP 2

    1. Safe As Milk (Take 5)

    2. On Tomorrow

    3. Big Black Baby Shoes

    4. Dirty Blue Gene

    5. Trust Us (Take 9)

    6. Korn Ring Finger

    Captain Beefheart
    180 Gram Audiophile Virgin Vinyl LP - 2LPs Sealed Buy Now
  • Form & Contro Form & Contro Quick View

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    Form & Contro

    Phenomenal Handclap Band are back! Their forward-thinking, genre-spanning dance party continues on Form & Control, an ambitious follow-up to their acclaimed self-titled debut. PHBs compelling fusion of international psych rock, soulful pop, and cosmic disco takes things to the next level here, drawing comparisons to Blondie, Human League, Roxy Music (Bryan Ferry himself is calling PHB his favorite new band) and even Abba. The six piece band is brighter, bolder and more soulful than ever before on Form & Control.
    1. Following
    2. The Right One
    3. The Written Word
    4. The Unknown Faces
    At Father James Park
    5. Shake
    6. Form & Control
    7. Give
    8. Afterglow
    9. Winter Falls
    10. All Cliches
    11. Mirrors
    12. The Attempt
    Phenomenal Handclap Band
    Vinyl LP - Sealed Buy Now
  • Word Gets Around Word Gets Around Quick View

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    Word Gets Around

    2016 Reissue

    Word Gets Around is the debut studio album by Welsh rock band Stereophonics. It was released on 25 August 1997 through V2 Records and reached #6 in the UK Albums Chart. Much of the album is written about everyday life in Cwmaman. Stereophonics are a Welsh rock band that formed in 1992 in the village of Cwmaman in Cynon Valley. Described as classic UK rock delivered with whiskey vocals, the band have been summarized as possessing a sound akin to the genres of alternative rock and British traditional rock. Having sold around 10 million worldwide, Stereophonics are one of the most successful Welsh rock acts. Upon their release of Pull the Pin, they became the eighth group to achieve five consecutive UK number one albums (after the Beatles, Led Zeppelin, ABBA, Genesis, Oasis, Blur and U2).

    1. A Thousand Trees
    2. Looks Like Chaplin
    3. More Life In A Tramps Vest
    4. Local Boy In The Photograph
    5. Traffic
    6. Not Up To You
    7. Check My Eyelids For Holes
    8. Same Size Feet
    9. Last Of The Big Time Drinkers
    10. Goldfish Bowl
    11. Too Many Sandwiches
    12. Billy Daveys Daughter
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  • Performance And Cocktails Performance And Cocktails Quick View

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    Performance And Cocktails

    2016 Reissue

    Performance and Cocktails is the second studio album by Welsh rock band Stereophonics. It was released by V2 on 8 March 1999. The album was a surprise commercial success for the band. Stereophonics are a Welsh rock band that formed in 1992 in the village of Cwmaman in Cynon Valley. Described as classic UK rock delivered with whiskey vocals, the band have been summarized as possessing a sound akin to the genres of alternative rock and British traditional rock. Having sold around 10 million worldwide, Stereophonics are one of the most successful Welsh rock acts. Upon their release of Pull the Pin, they became the eighth group to achieve five consecutive UK number one albums (after the Beatles, Led Zeppelin, ABBA, Genesis, Oasis, Blur and U2).

    1. Roll Up And Shine
    2. The Bartender And The Thief
    3. Hurry Up And Wait
    4. Pick A Part That's New
    5. Just Looking
    6. Half The Lies You Tell Ain't True
    7. I Wouldn't Believe Your Radio
    8. T-Shirt Sun Tan
    9. Is Yesterday, Tomorrow, Today?
    10. A Minute Longer
    11. She Takes Her Clothes Off
    12. Plastic California
    13. I Stopped To Fill My Car Up
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