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Ace Of Spades

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  • Ace Of Spades Ace Of Spades Quick View

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    Ace Of Spades

    With the 1980 release of Ace of Spades, Motörhead had their anthem of anthems -- that is, the title track -- the one trademark song that would summarize
    everything that made this early incarnation of the band so legendary, a song that would be blasted by legions of metalheads for generations on end. It's a
    legendary song, for sure, all two minutes and 49 bracing seconds of it. And the album of the same name is legendary as well, among Motörhead's all-time
    best, often considered their single best, in fact, along with Overkill. Ace of Spades was Motörhead's third great album in a row, following the 1979 releases
    of Overkill and Bomber, respectively. Those two albums have a lot in common with Ace of Spaces. The classic lineup -- Lemmy (bass and vocals), Fast
    Eddie Clarke (guitar), and Philthy Animal Taylor (drums) -- is still in place and sounding as alive and crazed as ever. The album is still rock-solid,
    boasting several superlative standouts. Actually, besides the especially high number of standouts on Ace of Spades -- at least relative to Bomber, which
    wasn't quite as strong overall as Overkill had been -- the only key difference between this 1980 album and its two 1979 predecessors is the producer, in
    this case Vic Maile. The result of his work isn't all that different from that of Jimmy Miller, the longtime Rolling Stones producer who had worked on
    Overkill and Bomber, but it's enough to give Ace of Spades a feeling distinct from its two very similar-sounding predecessors. This singular sound (still
    loud and in your face, rest assured), along with the exceptionally strong songwriting and the legendary stature of the title track, makes Ace of Spades the
    ideal Motörhead album if one were to choose one and only one studio album. It's highly debatable whether Ace of Spades is tops over the breakthrough
    Overkill, as the latter is more landmark because of its earlier release, and is somewhat rougher around the edges, too. Either way, Ace of Spades rightly
    deserves its legacy as a classic. There's no debating that.

    - Jason Birchmeier (All Music Guide)

    1. Ace Of Spades
    2. Love Me Like A Reptile
    3. Shoot You In The Back
    4. Live To Win
    5. Fast And Loose
    6. (We Are) The Roadcrew
    7. Fire Fire
    8. Jailbait
    9. Dance
    10. Bite The Bullet
    11. The Chase Is Better Than The Catch
    12. The Hammer
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  • Iron Fist Iron Fist Quick View

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    Iron Fist

    180 gram reissue to 1982's follow up to Ace Of Spades Iron Fist reached #6 on the UK Album Chart. Includes the single "Iron Fist". Last album to feature the line up of Lemmy, "Fast Eddie" Clarke, & Phil "Philthy Animal" Taylor.
    1. Iron Fist
    2. Heart of Stone
    3. I'm the Doctor
    4. Go to Hell
    5. Loser
    6. Sex & Outrage
    7. America
    8. Shut It Down
    9. Speedfreak
    10. (Don't Let Em) Grind Ya Down
    11. (Don't Need) Religion
    12. Bang to Rights
    180 Gram Audiophile Virgin Vinyl LP - Sealed Buy Now
  • No Remorse No Remorse Quick View

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    No Remorse

    Originally released in 1984, was compiled by Lemmy and covers their Bronze Records years, 1978 - 1984; Includes hits, b-sides, & alternate versions; 1st album to feature the line-up of Lemmy, Phil Campbell; Features the classics "Ace of Spades", "Killed By Death", "Bomber", "Iron Fist", "Overkill" & more.
    1. Ace of Spades
    2. Motorhead (Live)
    3. Jailbait
    4. Stay Clean
    5. Too Late, Too Late
    6. Killed by Death
    7. Bomber
    8. Iron Fist
    9. Shine
    10. Dancing on Your Grave
    11. Metropolis
    12. Snaggletooth

    1. Overkill
    2. Please Don't Touch
    3. Stone Dead Forever
    4. Like a Nightmare
    5. Emergency
    6. Steal Your Face
    7. Louie, Louie
    8. No Class
    9. Iron Horse/Born to Lose (Live)
    10. (We Are) The Road Crew
    11. Leaving Here (Live)
    12. Locomotive

    180 Gram Audiophile Virgin Vinyl LP - 2 LPs Sealed Buy Now
  • No Sleep 'til Hammersmith No Sleep 'til Hammersmith Quick View

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    No Sleep 'til Hammersmith

    180 gram reissue of Motorhead's UK Chart-topping 1981 live album. Features live versions of Motorhead classics, "Ace Of Spades", "Overkill", "Motorhead" & more.
    1. Ace of Spades
    2. Stay Clean
    3. Metropolis
    4. The Hammer
    5. Iron Horse/Born to Lose
    6. No Class
    7. Overkill
    8. (We Are) the Road Crew
    9. Capricorn
    10. Bomber
    11. Motorhead
    180 Gram Audiophile Virgin Vinyl LP - Sealed Buy Now
  • Livin' In Exile Livin' In Exile Quick View

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    Livin' In Exile

    The band is called Blood for Blood, the album is called Livin' In Exile, they represent the East Coast and the release is on Victory. Without even listening to a note on this record, you already know what it's going to sound like. But for all those with their head in the clouds: hardcore in that metallic chugga-chugga sort of way with some hits of OI! and a blatant Slapshot influence -they're both from Boston after all. But what makes this stand out is a lack of cheesiness, testosterone -well, maybe a little bit- and bone headed lyrics. Even a Motorhead cover of Ace of Spades, but like they needed it to impress all the Victory Record followers.

    1. No Tomorrow (Holdin' Court of the Eve of the Apocalypse)Abstract Truth

    2. Cheap Wine

    3. Eulogy for a Dream

    4. Anywhere But Here (Maybe Someday)

    5. Nothing for You

    6. Livin' in Exile

    7. Still Fucked Up

    8. [Untitled]

    Blood For Blood
    Vinyl LP - Sealed Buy Now
  • Anvil Is Anvil Anvil Is Anvil Quick View

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    Anvil Is Anvil

    High Class Double Gatefold LP Version With Clear Vinyl + CD

    Anvil is Anvil! A self confident statement. A band philosophy. And what's more: a life motto. Anvil is Anvil, that's the title of their latest album. And the name says it all: an unambiguous, uncompromising recording, typical of this band. At the same time it's fresh, occasionally surprising and generally exciting through and through. A stalwart metal manifesto by a band who stand for authenticity and credibility like few others in this fast lived business.

    Anvil is Anvil sounds all of one piece and presents the band's amazing diversity, combined with their conscious loyalty to the compositional DNA of their own classics. "Die For A Lie" for example sounds like a contemporary version of "Jackhammer" and the stomping "Runaway Train" features the same directives as "Smoking Green", only based on Kudlow's present day maturity.

    Anvil is Anvil was produced by Martin "Mattes" Pfeiffer (U.D.O.) at the Redhead 4 Studios in Pulheim near Cologne, Germany. For Lips, whose family is Jewish, as is drummer Robb Reiner's, it was a special moment to work with a German producer in a German studio.

    Anvil is Anvil not only touches on sensitive issues but also documents the band's lust for life, their dynamic musical style and their absolute down to earthiness. When Lips delivers the line "Ace of Spades and the joker is wild" on "It's Your Move" with a surprisingly realistic Motörhead timbre, it proves his sense of humor and is an homage at the same time. And when Anvil invite their fans to the studio to join the choir on "Daggers And Rum", it only shows the closeness between the musicians and their fans.

    LP 1
    1. Daggers And Rum

    2. Up, Down, Sideways

    3. Gun Control

    4. Die For A Lie

    5. Runaway Train

    6. Zombie Apocalypse

    LP 2
    1. Its Your Move
    2. Ambushed

    3. Fire On The Highway

    4. Run Like Hell

    5. Forgive Don`t Forget
    6. Never Going To Stop (bonus track)

    1. Daggers And Rum

    2. Up, Down, Sideways

    3. Gun Control

    4. Die For A Lie

    5. Runaway Train

    6. Zombie Apocalypse

    7. Its Your Move

    8. Ambushed
    9. Fire On The Highway

    10. Run Like Hell

    11. Forgive Don`t Forget

    12. Never Going To Stop (bonus track)

    Colored Vinyl LP + CD - 2 LPs Sealed Buy Now
  • Uglier Than They Used To Be (Out of Stock) Uglier Than They Used To Be (Out of Stock) Quick View


    Uglier Than They Used To Be (Out of Stock)

    Green Colored Vinyl

    Features special guest on guitar Phil Campbell from Motörhead on a cover of "Ace of Spades"

    Ugly Kid Joe is an American rock band from Isla Vista, California, formed in 1990. The band's name spoofs that of another band, Pretty Boy Floyd. Ugly Kid Joe's sound includes a range of styles, including rock, hard rock, funk metal and heavy metal. To date, Ugly Kid Joe have released three full length albums, two compilation albums and two EPs. Their best-selling records are As Ugly as They Wanna Be (1991) and America's Least Wanted (1992), which were both certified double platinum by the RIAA; the former is notable for being the first EP to go platinum. The band broke up in 1997, but announced a reunion in 2010.

    Klaus Eichstadt stated in the December 2009 issue of the German edition of the music magazine Metal Hammer, that the members of Ugly Kid Joe were planning to reunite in summer 2010, although did not specify whether their intent was to produce a new album or simply to perform together. However, rumors of a reunion were confirmed on their MySpace page on May 27, 2010.
    In connection with the reunion the band released an EP, mainly sold during their concerts. This worked out well - the band decided to continue. In 2015 the band got together again to record a new studio album - the original lineup along with the live guitar player and drummer.

    1. Hell Aint Hard To Find
    2. Let The Record Play
    3. Bad Seed
    4. Mirror The Man
    5. She's Already Gone
    6. Nothing Ever Changes
    7. My Old Man
    8. Under The Bottom
    9. Ace Of Spades
    10. Enemy
    11. Papa Was A Rolling Stone
    Ugly Kid Joe
    Colored Vinyl LP - Sealed Temporarily out of stock
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