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Acid Tongue

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  • Acid Tongue Acid Tongue Quick View

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    Acid Tongue

    Jenny Lewis Acid Tongue on 2LP + CD Set!

    Vinyl Pressed at RTI!

    Femme fatale Jenny Lewis has never sounded so passionate and her songs never so hard-hitting and acerbic as on her aptly titled sophomore solo release, 2008's Acid Tongue. The album follows 2006s well received Rabbit Fur Coat and a series of acclaimed albums with Rilo Kiley. Featuring collaborations with She & Him and guest appearances by Elvis Costello and Chris Robinson of The Black Crowes, Acid Tongue proves to be a can't miss release.

    This vinyl package features two standard weight black-vinyl discs produced and pressed at RTI in a double-gatefold jacket with a bonus CD in a paper sleeve. The discs contain three sides of audio and a special etching on the fourth side.

    Lewis is indie rock's most sharp-elbowed songwriter, a crafter of taut meditations on love, sex and politics that are full of violent emotions and, occasionally, plain old violence. There's plenty of storminess on her excellent second solo album, whose songs mix muscular guitar rock (The Next Messiah) with soul balladeering (Sing a Song for Them) and chamber pop (Black Sand). --Jody Rosen, Rolling Stone, October 2, 2008

    1. Black Sand
    2. Pretty Bird
    3. The Next Messiah
    4. Bad Mans World
    5. Acid Tongue
    6. See Fernando
    7. Godspeed
    8. Carpetbaggers
    9. Trying My Best To Love You
    10. Jack Killed Mom
    11. Sing A Song For Them
    Jenny Lewis
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  • The Voyager The Voyager Quick View

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    The Voyager

    Celebrated California singer songwriter Jenny Lewis returns with The Voyager, which will be released by Warner Bros. Records. This is the former Rilo Kiley frontwoman's third solo album and first in six years, following 2006's Rabbit Fur Coat (with The Watson Twins) and 2008's Acid Tongue.

    The Voyager is Lewis' most deeply personal album to date, documenting her struggle to cope following the death of her estranged father in 2010 and the subsequent break-up of Rilo Kiley. The Voyager's rootsy, golden glow comes courtesy of Lewis and the artists she chose to produce various tracks, including Ryan Adams (who, alongside Mike Viola, produced all but three of the tracks), Beck, and Lewis' longtime collaborator Johnathan Rice. The Voyager finds the always relatable songwriter at her sharp-witted best, singing about her recent experiences with honesty and incisiveness.

    1. Head Underwater
    2. She's Not Me
    3. Just One Of The Guys
    4. Slippery Slopes
    5. Late Bloomer
    6. You Can't Outrun 'Em
    7. The New You
    8. Aloha & The Three Johns
    9. Love U Forever
    10. The Voyager
    Jenny Lewis
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  • All Mod Cons All Mod Cons Quick View

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    All Mod Cons

    Following their explosive debut and sophomore efforts, this third 1978 Jam release reveals a more subtle and introspective side to these eminent British mods. Fusing punk rock aggression with a musical sophistication perhaps only matched by the Clash, All Mod Cons is a unique transitional gem that showcases the band at the very peak of their abilities. The deft interplay between bassist Bruce Foxton and Richard Buckner sounds better than ever, and Paul Wellers guitar playing discovers new stylistic breadth. Most notable, however, is Wellers substantial growth as a songwriter. Beneath the thrashing Rickenbachers and dynamic R & B grooves, Weller emerges with a newly refined musical voice without jettisoning his trademark acid tongue. From the searing bile of Mr. Clean to the beautifully arresting ballad, English Rose. To the psychedelic nuance of In The Crowd, The Jam creates their most sonically compelling record to date.
    1. All Mod Cons

    2. To Be Someone (Didn't We Have a Nice Time)

    3. Mr. Clean

    4. David Watts

    5. English Rose

    6. In the Crowd

    7. Billy Hunt

    8. It's Too Bad

    9. Fly

    10. Place I Love

    11. 'A' Bomb in Wardour Street

    12. Down in the Tube Station at Midnight
    The Jam
    Vinyl LP Reissue - Sealed Buy Now
  • Kentish Longtails Kentish Longtails Quick View

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    Kentish Longtails

    'Rock and Roll doesn't need saving; the cure's right here.' That's what David Fricke, the legendary Rolling Stone journalist said of The Len Price 3, an English pop band who deliver instantly memorable tunes and an unstoppable whirlwind of power. With an ever growing and ferociously loyal world-wide following, twelve years and five albums under their belts, they remain the best kept secret in show business.

    Their new release, 'Kentish Longtails' namechecks a piece of local folklore concerning a curse allegedly placed upon the people of Strood by Thomas à Becket which condemned the children of this town on the banks of the Medway to be born with tails. Thankfully tail-less, but with tall tales and colourful harmonies intact, the Len Price 3 deliver catchy vintage pop tunes with plenty of punk rock oomph and a sprinkling of sonic weirdness. Expect melodic nuggets, shiny pop hooks and rich lyrical content laden with wry social observations and acid tongued retorts.

    Glenn said, 'With this album we took a slightly different approach. I wrote a number of songs whilst on holiday and I also chose to pretend I was writing for a different band on several tracks, which was a liberating experience. We recorded most of the tracks ourselves too in Steve's garage & Neil's shed. It was like three lads messing around with a tape recorder in their first band, so very relaxed and with a looser vibe. We're really pleased with the songs and the way the album has turned out.'

    1. Childish Words
    2. Sucking the Life out of Me
    3. You Can't Say Goodbye
    4. Telegraph Hill
    5. Saturday Morning Film Show
    6. Nothing I Want
    7. Pocketful of Watches
    8. Ride on Coat Tails
    9. Meaningless Mouth
    10. Lisa Baker
    11. Start Stop Lilly
    12. Paint Your Picture Well
    13. If You See What I See
    14. Man in the Woods
    The Len Price 3
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  • Strange Weather, Isn't It? Strange Weather, Isn't It? Quick View

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    Strange Weather, Isn't It?

    Everyones got a Berlin record in them and I guess we just wanted to see what
    ours would sound like, !!!s lead singer Nic Offer says, with tongue partially in
    cheek, of the groups fourth album, Strange Weather, Isnt It? Following in the
    footsteps of artists like David Bowie, Iggy Pop, and Depeche Mode, who have
    flocked to Berlin in order to mainline the citys legendary dark energy, !!! traveled
    to the German capital to produce a record that is simultaneously brooding and
    somehow their poppiest, most immediate record yet. !!! has also managed to
    create the best distillation of the chaos, fun and intensity of !!!'s live show yet.
    Strange Weather, Isnt It? was co-produced by the band with Eric Broucek,
    who used to be the house engineer for DFA Records. We used everything we
    could MacGyvered it together with a popsicle stick and a rubber band to make
    it work and Eric was definitely instrumental in making that happen, says Offer.
    The result is an album that is leaner and more detailed than any of !!!s previous
    albums. In the early days wed put something deep in the mix, so that kids on
    acid could hear it the 20th time they listened to it, says Offer. Now weve
    learned how to make records better. Its like the deep techno you hear in Berlin;
    its molded down to its most basic essence, almost like a sculpture that you keep
    working on to make it both denser and clearer at the same time. Offer pauses
    for a moment to consider what hes saying. Dont get me wrong, though, you
    should still check the record out on acid. Trust me.
    01. AM/FM
    02. The Most Certain Sure
    03. Wannagain Wannagain
    04. Jamie, My Intentions Are Bass
    05. Steady As The Sidewalk Cracks
    06. Hollow
    07. Jump Back
    08. Even Judas Gave Jesus A Kiss
    09. The Hammer
    Vinyl LP - 2 LPs Sealed Buy Now
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