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Adam Ant

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  • Kings of The Wild Frontier Kings of The Wild Frontier Quick View

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    Kings of The Wild Frontier

    Kings of the Wild Frontier is the second album by English new wave band Adam and the Ants. It was originally released in November 1980 by record label CBS. This album introduced the Burundi beat sound to popular music.

    After having his previous backing band wooed away by producer Malcolm McLaren, who used them to form Bow Wow Wow, Adam Ant recorded Kings of the Wild Frontier with guitarist Marco Pirroni as his new writing partner.

    Kings of the Wild Frontier reached No. 1 in the UK Album Chart, and spawned three hit singles: Kings of the Wild Frontier, which was released in July and reached No. 2 in the UK Singles Chart; Dog Eat Dog, which reached No. 4; and 'Antmusic', released in December and reaching No. 2, as well as No. 1 in Australia for five weeks. The album was the UK number 1 selling album in 1981 (and the 48th best seller in 1980) and won Best British Album at the 1982 Brit Awards.

    1. Dog Eat Dog
    2. Antmusic
    3. Feed Me To the Lions
    4. Los Rancheros
    5. Ants Invasion
    6. Killer In the Home
    7. Kings of The Wild Frontier
    8. The Magnificent Five
    9. Don't Be Square (Be There)
    10. Jolly Roger
    11. Making History
    12. The Human Beings
    Adam Ant
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  • Adam Ant Is The Blueblack Hussar Marrying The Gunner's Daughter Adam Ant Is The Blueblack Hussar Marrying The Gunner's Daughter Quick View

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    Adam Ant Is The Blueblack Hussar Marrying The Gunner's Daughter

    Adam Ant Is the Blueblack Hussar Marrying the Gunner's Daughter is the sixth solo studio album by Adam Ant. Adam Ant started working on the album in late 2009. The majority of the double album was co-written and recorded with Boz Boorer, as well as with Chris McCormack. Ant has explained that the idea behind the album's title is that the Blueblack Hussar is his classic Kings of the Wild Frontier-era persona, back from the dead, while the phrase 'marrying the gunner's daughter' (an old naval term for a form of corporal punishment in which sailors were tied to a ship's cannon and flogged) is intended by Ant to serve as a metaphor for how he believes artists are treated by the music industry.
    1. Cool Zombie
    2. Stay In The Game
    3. Marrying The Gunner's Daughter
    4. Vince Taylor
    5. Valentines
    6. Darlin' Boy
    7. Dirty Beast
    8. Punkyoungirl
    9. Sausage
    10. Cradle Your Hatred
    11. Hardmentoughblokes
    12. Shrink
    13. Vivienne's Tears
    14. Who s A Goofy Bunny?
    15. How Can I Say I Miss You?
    16. Bullshit
    17. How Can I Say I Miss You? (reprise)
    Adam Ant
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  • The Making Of The Making Of Quick View

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    The Making Of

    The Bohicas debut album The Making Of lands blow after blow. A barrage of killer hooks, razor blade riffs and choruses that slap you in the face, grab your hand and lead you onto the dance floor. All shot through with pulp imagery torn from the pages of a graphic novel. Their story begins in Essex where as schoolmates they first came together over a love of The Beatles, The Kinks, Ray Charles and the new wave of guitar bands who emerged at the start of the century after the scrag ends of Britpop had finally limped off. The album was was produced by Mark Rankin (Queens Of The Stone Age, Bombay Bicycle Club), Chris 'Merrick' Hughes (Tears For Fears, Adam And The Ants) and Oli Bayston (Toy, Boxed In). The Making Of is 21st Century rock and roll.
    1. I Do It For Your Love
    2. To Die For
    3. Only You
    4. Girlfriend
    5. The Making Of
    6. Where You At
    7. XXX
    8. Swarm
    9. Red Raw
    10. Upside Down and Inside Out
    11. Somehow You Know What I Mean
    The Bohicas
    180 Gram Audiophile Virgin Vinyl LP - Sealed Buy Now
  • Strange Boutique Strange Boutique Quick View

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    Strange Boutique

    Strange Boutique is the classic debut from English post-punk outfit The Monochrome Set, originally released in 1980. Formed in 1978 out of the ashes of the group, The B-Sides (whose members included Stuart Goddard, who would soon be known by the pseudonym Adam Ant), The Monochrome Set released a handful of singles on Rough Trade, and performed live around London, often in collaboration with filmmaker Tony Potts, before recording their debut with producer Bob Sargeant, whose credits include albums from Dexy's Midnight Runners, The Buzzcocks, and The Fall. A post-punk classic reissued here on 180g vinyl courtesy of 4 Men With Beards.
    1. The Monochrome Set (I Presume)
    2. The Lighter Side of Dating
    3. Espresso
    4. The Puerto Rican Fence Climber
    5. Tomorrow Will Be Too Long
    6. Martians Go Home
    7. Love Goes Down the Drain
    8. Ici Les Enfants
    9. The Etcetera Stroll
    10. Goodbye Joe
    11. The Strange Boutique
    The Monochrome Set
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  • Nine Lives and Forty Fives Nine Lives and Forty Fives Quick View

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    Nine Lives and Forty Fives

    Born and raised in the San Fernando Valley on a steady diet of punk and glitter rock, Prima Donna are infamous on the LA scene. Their curriculum includes musical road trips with Eddie and the Hot Rods, Adam Ant, Glen Matlock & The Philistines, The Dictators, and even Green Day, who they supported on two arena tours on two continents. Frontman Kevin Preston has also continued participation in Green Day side-project Foxboro Hot Tubs. While touring the US and Europe, Prima Donna was in and out of the studio numerous times. The finished product is "Nine Lives and Forty Fives", a 11-song variety pack that displays the band's skills in the studio, and compiles some of their rarest and rawest recordings.
    1. Pretty Little Head
    2. Deathless
    3. Born Yesterday
    4. Living In Sin
    5. Rubbish
    6. Rock And Roll Is Dead
    7. Like Hell
    8. I'm On Fire
    9. Tattooed Love Girls
    10. Rip Her To Shreds
    11. Eat Your Heart Out
    Prima Donna
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  • Arc Iris Arc Iris Quick View

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    Arc Iris

    LP Contains CD Of Full Album

    Arc Iris is the orchestral pop project of Jocie Adams, a former core member of The Low Anthem.
    The singer and multi-instrumentalist formed the collective to present her ambitious new songs.
    The band includes a collective of 4 musicians plus Jocie with additional players frequently
    joining to expand the sound further, to create their wild exploration of all kinds of musical styles
    - jazz, prog rock, blues, country, folk, and classical styles.

    Bob Boilen of NPR All Songs Considered calls the music "somewhat cabaret, somewhat orchestral folk, a bit of show tune and jazz band," while The Deli Magazine writes, "the five-piece
    group had everything you could want in a live performance--intense energy, appreciation for
    performing and incredible talent they are something akin to a soul/folk/jazz amalgamation."

    1. Money Gnomes
    2. Lost on Me
    3. Whiskey Man
    4. Canadian Cowboy
    5. Singing So Sweetly
    6. Ditch
    7. Honor of the Rainbows I
    8. Honor of the Rainbows II
    9. Powder Train
    10. Might I Deserve to Have a Dream
    11. Swimming
    Arc Iris
    Vinyl LP + CD - Sealed Buy Now
  • Band Of Outsiders (Awaiting Repress) Band Of Outsiders (Awaiting Repress) Quick View

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    Band Of Outsiders (Awaiting Repress)

    Limited Edition Black And Red Splattered Vinyl

    When jazz hits you in the face with a stack of bricks, Mike Dillon is there...twisting chaos into order before turning it back on itself again. -Splinters & Candy

    The Mike Dillon Band is a predictably gruesome and sublime elixir of stealthy jazz vibes, street poetry raps and post-punk sonic carnage. -Boulder Weekly

    A body in motion tends to stay in motion, at least when The Mike Dillon Band is supplying the dance music. The psychedelic rock group shakes and gyrates with heavy, vibraphone driven grooves, delivering a steady stream of infectious rhythms and hypnotic percussion. -Pittsburgh City Paper

    How many artists can claim being praised a punk rock provocateur, jazz vibraphone visionary and percussion virtuoso in the same sentence? There's only one: Mike Dillon. Whether through his affiliation with artists like Les Claypool, Brave Combo and Ani DiFranco, collaborations such as Garage A Trois, The Dead Kenny Gs and Critters Buggin or bands he's fronted, including Billy Goat and Hairy Apes BMX, the Texas-native has set his own standard for 25 years now.

    With his latest effort, Band of Outsiders-released via Brooklyn label The Royal Potato Family-Mike Dillon has conjured the perfect storm of all these past endeavors. His manic creative vision found its match in three young musicians he met in New Orleans. Carly Meyers-whom Dillon describes as "a High Priestess of Trombone who channels the energy of Iggy Pop through the chops of JJ Johnson in second-line parade"-provides harmonic counterpoint to his vibes and percussion ("All Walks of Life") as she simultaneously ups the band's art-rock ante ("Carly Hates The Dubstep"). The rhythm section of bassist Patrick McDevitt and drummer Adam Gertner turns on a dime between snarling punk rock assaults ("Homeland Insecurity"), deep funky go-go ("Head"), ska grooves ("Here The Burro") and experimental hip-hop beats ("7AM At The Jazzfest") with all points covered in between.

    Dillon recorded Band of Outsiders at Studio Center in Miami with the help of co-producers Gary Vandy and Richard Maloney Jr. Vandy is an old school engineer whose work includes over 200 platinum records predominantly in the disco and dance genres. His love of Zappa is what attracted him to Dillon's work. In the age of pro-tools chicanery, the production is straightforward, capturing Dillon and his band playing live in a room.

    "Two tours of Mexico and a steady dose of Brazilian music was the jumping off point for these new songs," explains Dillon. "Add our love for The Melvins, Deerhoof, Bad Brains, Dead Kennedys, Trouble Funk and all things New Orleans and this album surpasses our intention to make the freakiest, most vibrant dance music on the planet."

    Lyrically speaking, Mike Dillon draws from his love of Miguel de Cervantes, William Burroughs, Kurt Vonnegut and Robert Anton Wilson to tell stories of New Orleans debauchery mixed with age-old themes of travel, love, self-destruction and greed. Delivered with Dillon's trademark vocal rasp, the record has the intensity of a Tom Waits-meets-Frank Zappa black comedy. Rumor has it that Dillon lived for the past seven years in the same apartment that Waits shared with Rickie Lee Jones. Dillon discounts those rumors: This apartment has housed dudes from Morning 40 Federation, Ani DiFranco, an old Conga player and a bunch of heroin addicts."

    Taken in its entirety, Mike Dillon's Band of Outsiders is a snapshot of four musicians hitting full stride. Having relentlessly toured the country in 2013-both headlining and opening for artists like Fishbone, Clutch, Primus and Galactic-its 13 songs bristle with a group mind, spill over the sides with the visions invoked during countless dead-of-night drives crisscrossing the country in a van and hit their target with a sonic assault only possible from a band that's played 400-plus shows over the last two years.

    "People are always trying to figure out how to describe our music. Maybe we should call it New Orleans punk jazz Brazilian math rock? It's a gumbo of tribal percussion, The Meters, old school hardcore, Brazil, hard bop and anything else that might move us," concludes Dillon. "But you know, I really don't care what you call it. We kick out the jams harder than anyone, and we also know when to heed the lessons of The Minutemen's Double Nickels On The Dime and keep things straight to the point. There's a reason we called the record what we did. We're the living, breathing definition of a band of outsiders, but together we deliver simple majestic beauty, let's leave it at that."

    1. Head
    2. Hand of God

    3. Homeland Insecurity
    4. Hero The Burro
    5. Carly Hates The Dubstep
    6. Great Lakes Tuna
    7. Missing
    8. All Walks of Life 9. Celebrate the Hate
    10. 7AM at the Jazzfest
    11. So Long Pal
    12. Baby Flint Talk
    13. Dauphine & Desire
    Mike Dillon
    Colored Vinyl LP - Sealed AWAITING REPRESS Buy Now
  • Funeral Parade Funeral Parade Quick View

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    Funeral Parade

    Remastered Reissue Of The Long Out-Of-Print Deathrock 7

    Deluxe Gatefold Packaging Also Includes Guitarist Mark Ferelli's Horror Zine I...Paraworm

    Part 1 formed in 1980 and were part of the original London anarcho-punk scene.
    During the early 1980s they played a number of gigs, often with Rudimentary
    Peni, who the band became associated with, as well as other acts operating
    around the London Anarchy Centres funded by Crass' Bloody Revolutions 7. Part
    1's final gig (before reforming in 2013) was at London's 100 Club in 1983 with

    The band's only vinyl release during this time was the Funeral Parade EP, released
    in a limited run of 300 in October 1982. As well as an anarcho-punk classic, the
    record is now regarded as a seminal deathrock release - largely due to the dark,
    heavily flanged guitar work, morbid imagery, and anti-religious lyrical themes.
    Indeed, Part 1 have been described as "England's ultimate cult deathrock band."
    (CVLT Nation)

    This very special reissue finally sees this lost classic receiving a long-deserved quality
    release: A remastered 12 vinyl in a deluxe gatefold sleeve with accompanying
    horror zine I...Paraworm, packed with never-seen text and unpublished artworks
    from the pen of guitarist Mark Ferelli, all contemporaneous to the 1982 release.

    In 2013, founding members Ferelli and Jake Baker (vocals), reformed the band
    with long-time admirer Chris Low (ex-Apostles, Oi Polloi, Political Asylum)
    on drums; later joined by David Barnett (ex-Adam & the Ants, Guernica, Lola
    Colt) on bass. Their first reformation show was at the Rebellion Festival that
    summer, 30 years after their last live performance. Since then, Part 1 have played
    a number of gigs to great acclaim and enthusiastic response with further releases
    and concerts scheduled for 2015.

    1. Funeral Parade
    2. Graveyard Song
    3. Tomb
    4. Ghost
    5. Salem
    6. Funeral Parade (Reprise)
    Part 1
    12 Vinyl EP + Zine - Sealed Buy Now
  • The Wild Hunt (Out Of Stock) The Wild Hunt (Out Of Stock) Quick View


    The Wild Hunt (Out Of Stock)

    2nd Pressing Of This 2013 Black Metal Breakthrough

    Pressed On 180 Gram Black Vinyl

    2xLP Gatefold Sleeve

    Includes A 2 Page Lyric Sheet And Premium Black Inner Sleeves

    Watain are Swedish black metal band from Uppsala, formed in 1998. The Wild Hunt, originally released in August of 2013, it's the most important album of their career. Unique. And ambitious. It put them in a league of their own and emancipated beyond their genre peers. With mixing duties handled by the faithful Tore Stjerna at the famous Necromorbus studio in Alvik (Sweden), "The Wild Hunt" marks another gigantic achievement and most importantly once again ups the ante compared to WATAIN's extremely well received previous releases.

    By far, it is their most diverse record to date and vocalist E. is adamant about "each album bringing a story on its own. There's never been a question of continuing wherever we ended with the previous one." So if to some the opening instrumental 'Night Vision' picks up nicely where 'Waters of Ain' left off on "Lawless Darkness" and the album's first single 'All That May Bleed' has classic WATAIN written all over the place, these eleven songs offer plenty of devilish surprises. The trio (rounded up by P. on strings and H. on drums) has never ever compromised their sound nor their vision to "mainstream black metal" and "The Wild Hunt" is another vivid proof of that. This sonic and lyrical tour-de-force explores the band's classic roots like Bathory or Dissection ("being quite a retrospective record, that record is permeated by things that meant a lot to us in the past so no reason to try to hide them") while also being truly their own. And who else than WATAIN could have come up with such an intimate song like 'They Rode On' where for the first time they dare using clean vocals? "I piss on those so-called artists who adapt themselves in order to reach bigger audiences. The main reason why we achieved all that we did is that we never betrayed our initial vision, not because we ever pretended to write more 'accessible' music. That specific song is just us being brutally personal and honest. It shows another important facet of the WATAIN world."

    LP 1
    1. Night Vision
    2. De Profundis
    3. Black Flames March
    4. All That May Bleed
    5. The Child Must Die
    6. They Rode On

    LP 2
    1. Sleepless Evil
    2. The Wild Hunt
    3. Outlaw
    4. Ignem Veni Mittere
    5. Holocaust Dawn

    180 Gram Audiophile Virgin Vinyl LP - 2 LPs Sealed Temporarily out of stock
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