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  • Infinity Infinity Quick View

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    Yann Tiersen says of his new record," (Infinity) is my eighth studio
    album, and an '8' is also the sign of infinity. I didn't choose the title, the
    title chose itself." This very special album features tracks in English,
    Icelandic, Faroese, and Tiersen's native tongue, Breton.

    Tiersen's Breton heritage is integral to who he is personally and
    sonically. He currently lives on Ushant Island, off the coast of Brittany,
    France where much of this album was recorded. Unlike Tiersen's well
    known Amelie soundtrack, (Infinity) is sweeping, rife with texture,
    and at times orchestral. The barren, stone topography of Ushant
    Island was a major influence on Tiersen. First single, "A Midsummer
    Evening", is dense with manipulated textures, strings and choral
    chanting, harvested from rugged, remote locations.

    Yann Tiersen is one of the most revered artists of his generation with
    a reputation first established by his studio albums, the earlier of which
    were combined and used for the Amelie soundtrack (2001), earning him
    global recognition. His prominence has only grown with projects such
    as the recent live score to the Fantômas series which he curated at the
    ThÉâtre de Châtelet with guests Tim Hecker, James Blackshaw, Loney
    Dear and Amiina.

    (Infinity) is Yann Tiersen's first album for Mute in North America.

    2. Slippery Stones
    3. A Midsummer Evening
    4. Ar Maen Bihan (ft. amiina)
    5. Lights
    6. Grønjørd
    7. Steinn
    8. In Our Minds
    9. The Crossing
    10. Meteorites (ft. Arab Strap)
    Yann Tiersen
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  • She Has No Strings Apollo She Has No Strings Apollo Quick View

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    She Has No Strings Apollo

    With each member of the band living on a different continent it took more than just a phone call to instigate a rehearsal. In February of 2002 (their 10th anniversary as a musical group), The Dirty Three reunited in Melbourne, Australia to demo some ideas they had been working on individually. They wound up with 20 songs, picked their favorites of the batch, and hit the road for two months to tour the new material. Along the way they met Fabrice Laureau, who among other things recorded part of the hit soundtrack to the film Amelie. He offered to record the band at a studio outside Paris, and thus was born She Has No Strings Apollo, the Dirty Three's sixth proper studio album.

    Originally released in 2003, She Has No Strings Apollo is marked by the band's signature sounds crashing together with remarkable power, fury, and beauty. Subtle touches of piano and the addition of bass guitar (a first for the band) work beautifully behind the shimmering melodies created by Warren Ellis' soaring violin, Mick Turner's ethereal guitar, and Jim White's tidal drumming. The Dirty Three makes that rare brand of music that is raw and pure and expressive and untainted by artifice.

    1.  Alice Wading

    2.  She Has No Strings

    3.  Long Way To Go With No Punch

    4.  No Stranger Than That

    5.  Sister Let Them Try And Follow

    6.  She Lifted The Net

    7.  Rude (And Then Some Slight Return)

    Dirty Three
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  • Dust Lane (Out Of Stock) Dust Lane (Out Of Stock) Quick View


    Dust Lane (Out Of Stock)

    Yann Tiersen, already a major performer in his native France and throughout Europe, makes his ANTIâ€and official U.S. debut with Dust Lane. Best known here for his soundtracks for arthouse hits Amelie and Goodbye Lenin, Tiersen is a classically trained composer, whose arresting scores combine folk song, French impressionism, and avant-garde elements into vast emotional landscapes. For Dust Lane, Tiersen has created a cinematic orchestral pop record that recalls the swagger of classic Serge Gainsbourg, the bravura of early Eno, and the faded musicâ€hall grandeur of Brits like Pulp and Divine Comedy. Veering from sunny folk inspired songs to full choir workouts, Dust Lane is ambitious in the way albums used to be in the early '70s: an auspicious U.S. arrival for a new artist.
    1. Amy
    2. Dust Lane
    3. Dark Stuff
    4. Palestine
    5. Chapter Nineteen
    6. Ashes
    7. Till The End
    8. F**k Me
    Yann Tiersen
    Vinyl LP - Sealed Temporarily out of stock
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