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  • Antennas To Hell Antennas To Hell Quick View

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    Antennas To Hell

    Best Of Slipknot 1999-2012

    180 Gram Vinyl - Gatefold Sleeve - Printed Innersleeves.

    This release celebrates the first chapter of Slipknot - a chapter where they've gone from unknown to the one of the biggest rock bands in the world - all on their own terms.

    The journey from - (sic) - track 1 on their self-titled debut - to Snuff - the haunting #1 rock track from 2008's All Hope Is Gone - proves that.

    The album features fan favorites, live classics as well as well-known radio hits.

    With the band's latest worldwide touring and this summer's Mayhem celebrating the band and the life of the late Paul Gray - Antennas To Hell is the perfect companion to that.

    1. (sic)
    2. Eyeless
    3. Wait And Bleed
    4. Spit It Out
    5. Surfacing
    6. People = Shit
    7. Disasterpiece
    8. Left Behind
    9. My Plague (New Abuse Mix)
    10. The Heretic Anthem (Live)
    11. Purity (Live)
    12. Pulse Of The Maggots
    13. Duality
    14. Before I Forget
    15. Vermilion
    16. Sulfur
    17. Psychosocial
    18. Dead Memories
    19. Snuff
    180 Gram Audiophile Virgin Vinyl LP - 2 LPs Sealed Buy Now
  • Antenna To The Afterworld Antenna To The Afterworld Quick View

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    Antenna To The Afterworld

    As a writer -- of songs, or plays, or short stories -- Smith has never limited himself to one style or
    theme. The restless trend of changing gears dramatically continues on Antenna to the Afterworld,
    which marks a total musical and narrative shift from last year's Longtime Companion (a country
    record that chronicled Smith's break up).

    On Antenna to the Afterworld, Smith likens himself to a space being visiting Earth using wry humor,
    gritty poetry, and a myriad of musical lenses fleshed out by drummer Kelley Stoltz's Joy Division-like
    beats, Ryan Browne's new wavish basslines, and Tahlia Harbour's deadpan vocals.
    The murder of a close friend of the band led Smith to think a lot about death and life after death.
    Shortly after, a visit to a psychic/medium brought Smith into contact with another friend who had

    This encounter with the afterworld inspired many of the lyrics on Sonny & the Sunsets' new record.
    And what a strangely entertaining odyssey it turned out to be.

    1. dark corners
    2. mutilator
    3. palmreader
    4. path of orbit
    5. natural acts
    6. girl on the street
    7. death scene
    8. primitive
    9. void
    10. earth girl
    11. green blood
    Sonny & The Sunsets
    Vinyl LP - Sealed Buy Now
  • Antenna (Awaiting Repress) Antenna (Awaiting Repress) Quick View

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    Antenna (Awaiting Repress)

    1. Stained Silver
    2. Inspire
    3. Joy Opposites
    4. Anchor
    5. Beautiful Son
    6. Seafrost
    7. Rubber And Glue
    8. Youth Overrided
    9. Breath Of Water
    10. Lost In The Air
    11. Penny Racer
    12. Woodwork
    Cave In
    Vinyl LP Reissue - 2 LPs Sealed AWAITING REPRESS Buy Now
  • Orthodox Orthodox Quick View

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    Los Angeles-based indie rock band Beware of Darkness are set to release their debut album, Orthodox, on May 7 via Bright Antenna Records.

    Recorded at the Sound Factory and Valley Recorder in Hollywood, CA, executive produced and mixed by Dave Sardy (Oasis, LCD Soundsystem, Nine Inch Nails), and produced by Greg Gordon and frontman Kyle Nicolaides, Orthodox proves itself to be a sensuous experience - aimed somewhere between the gut and dirty dive bar - but death, and its implications for the living, is wrestled with on nearly each of the album's twelve blistering tracks. Anticipation for the album has been building since the band released their beloved Howl EP last year that earned instant acclaim and launched the single Howl, a song that has already hit Top 40 Rock Radio with over 26 stations playing it in regular rotation and whose video premiered on FUSE. Additionally, the band will be featured as Artist of The Month on all Clear Channel radio station homepages in March.

    The working title was Bleak but it eventually became Orthodox, reveals Nicolaides of his band's long-awaited album. I kept writing that word down in my journals. The first half means right and true, the second half means belief. I think the record is a lot about that too - about coming into awareness. Lyrically, Nicolaides cites literary influences, Sylvia Plath, Emily Dickinson, and David Foster Wallace. He delivers scathing lyrical content in a snarling howl tackling subject matters of depression, chaste women, pedophile priests, and post-modern paranoia. Incredibly potent and precise, these are lyrics are meant to evoke reactions.

    1. Howl
    2. Sweet Girl
    3. Ghost Town
    4. Amen Amen
    5. All Who Remain
    6. Heart Attack
    7. Morning Tea
    8. End of the World
    9. Life on Earth?
    10. My Planet is Dead
    11. Salvation is Here
    12. Hummingbird
    Beware Of Darkness
    Vinyl LP - Sealed Buy Now
  • No Name No Color No Name No Color Quick View

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    No Name No Color

    Middle Class Ruts two members, Sean and Zack, have been playing together since they were teenagers, camping out in Zacks moms house in Sacramento to write and record their songs. The duo's first band, Leisure, dissolved in early 2003 after a few false starts, sending Zack to work construction and Sean to labor as a studio runner in LA. But they soon realized stopping wasnt an option. Sean moved back to Sacramento and Zack began driving up every weekend from LA to write and rehearse music. After a year of commuting up and down the California coast, Zack relocated as well, solidifying a future for the pairs new band, Middle Class Rut.

    The band has spent the past four years crafting new songs and allowing the style and sound of their project to evolve and establish itself. The pair records every song they write together almost immediately in their rehearsal space, capturing the instantaneous spirit of a track while still in the moment. This means that each number is imbued with a distinct sense of urgency, almost like a snapshot of the moment of inspiration. The bands debut, No Name No Color, is a collection of these recordings, which they elected to use rather than attempt to recreate the spark of the original tracks later in a studio.

    1. Busy Bein Born
    2. USA
    3. New Low
    4. Lifelong Dayshift
    5. One Debt Away
    6. Are You on Your Way
    7. Alive or Dead
    8. I Guess You Could Say
    9. Sad to Know
    10. Dead End
    11. Thought I Was
    12. Cornbread
    Middle Class Rut
    Vinyl LP - Sealed Buy Now
  • Aloha Moon Aloha Moon Quick View

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    Aloha Moon

    The first full-length from alternative indie pop duo, Magic Wands is a follow up to their debut EP, Magic Love & Dreams. Aloha Moon includes all 4 tracks from the EP, remixedand remastered, as well as 6 brand new tracks. CD and digital versions of the album features mixes by D. Sardy (Oasis, Wolfmother, LCD Soundsystem) for Black Magic and Space, while the vinyl replaces Space with a mix by Sep V.
    1. Aloha Moon
    2. Teenage Love
    3. Kaleidoscope Hearts
    4. Crystals
    5. Warrior
    6. Black Magic
    7. Treasure
    8. Wolves
    9. Kiss Me Dead
    10. Space
    Magic Wands
    Vinyl LP - Sealed Buy Now
  • Pick Up Your Head Pick Up Your Head Quick View

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    Pick Up Your Head

    Double Gatefold Vinyl Includes two Exclusive Tracks

    Middle Class Rut is the explosive alternative rock duo behind
    2010's No Name No Color, which featured hit singles "New Low,"
    "Busy Bein' Born" and "Are You On Your Way."
    Pick Up Your Head is the second full-length from Zack Lopez and
    Sean Stockham, self recorded and self produced in their hometown
    of Sacramento and then mixed by the legendary Dave Sardy (LCD
    Soundsystem, Oasis, Wolfmother).

    1. Born Too Late
    2. Leech
    3. Weather Vein
    4. No More
    5. Cut The Line
    6. Sing While You Slave
    7. Dead Eye
    8. Pick Up Your Head
    9. Police Man
    10. You Don't Belong
    11. Aunt Betty
    12. Take A Shot
    13. I Need To Know*
    14. Nothin'*
    Middle Class Rut
    Vinyl LP - 2 LPs Sealed Buy Now
  • Glitterbug Glitterbug Quick View

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    The Wombats follow up 2011's This Modern Glitch
    with their third full-length, Glitterbug. The first
    song off of the album, "Greek Tragedy," hit #2 on
    Billboard's Emerging Artist Chart less than two
    weeks after release.

    The band's 2011 album, This Modern Glitch, hit Top
    5 on the UK charts and spawned US hits "Jump Into
    the Fog," "1996," and "Techno Fan."

    Matthew Murphy, Dan Haggis, and Tord Øverland
    Knudsen are the threesome behind The Wombats.

    1. Emoticons
    2. Give Me a Try
    3. Greek Tragedy
    4. Be Your Shadow
    5. Headspace
    6. This Is Not a Party
    7. Isabel
    8. Your Body Is A Weapon
    9. The English Summer
    10. Pink Lemonade
    11. Curveballs
    The Wombats
    Vinyl LP - Sealed Buy Now
  • The Sunshine of Your Youth The Sunshine of Your Youth Quick View

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    The Sunshine of Your Youth

    Philly-based band Cheerleader follow up 2014's On
    Your Side EP and their UK-only "Perfect Vision" 7"
    with their first full-length album, The Sunshine of Your
    Youth. NYLON called them "the love child of Passion
    Pit and St. Lucia." NME listed the band in their Top 10
    new bands of 2014, saying "[Cheerleader] recall New
    Order at their most addictive," while KCRW said
    Cheerleader's music is "giddy, triumphant world conquering
    optimism. This is straight up power pop."

    Songwriters Joe Haller and Chris Duran are joined
    by keyboardist and guitarist Josh Pannepacker,
    drummer Carl Bahner and bassist Paul Impellizeri to
    create their undeniably anthemic freshman effort,
    The Sunshine of Your Youth. The album is 10 tracks
    produced and mixed by Mark Needham (Imagine
    Dragons, Mona, Youngblood Hawke, Tokyo Police

    1. New Daze
    2. The Sunshine of Your Youth
    3. On Your Side
    4. Do What You Want
    5. Perfect Vision
    6. Haunted Love
    7. A Million Ways
    8. Dreamer
    9. The Quiet Life
    10. Little Bird
    Vinyl LP - Sealed Buy Now
  • The Electric Man The Electric Man Quick View

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    The Electric Man

    Pressed On Starburst Purple / Pink / White Colored Vinyl

    The Electric Man is the newest album by Flagship. It was produced By Joey Waronker (Atoms For Peace, Beck, Air) and features the single, Mexican Jackpot.

    1. Mexican Jackpot
    2. Midnight
    3 The Ladder
    4. Burn It Up
    5. 100 Lives
    6. In the Rain
    7. China Star Man
    8. Hurricane
    9. The Electric Man
    10. Faded
    11. It'll All Work Out
    Colored Vinyl LP - Sealed Buy Now
  • Ruby DAC Ruby DAC Quick View

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    Ruby DAC

    Creek's EVOLUTION 50A and EVOLUTION 100A amplifiers are normally supplied with 5 analogue inputs. However, Line input 5 is mounted on a removable panel, so it can be swapped with a tuner or DAC module, to add several more inputs.

    The RUBY DAC module contains 4 x SPDIF inputs for both optical and co-axial connection. In addition it has a USB input, to stream audio content to the amplifier from a computer and control it via the EVO remote control.

    To maintain the best sound quality from your amplifier, the RUBY DAC module uses a top of the range Wolfson WM8742 DAC chip, designed in Scotland.

    For mobile applications, the RUBY DAC also adds the highly useful feature of Bluetooth connectivity to the amp, via the RUBY DAC. So smart phones or tablets can be synced to the amp and your favourite music streamed wirelessly.

    In addition to this surprising amount of connectivity in such a small module, Creek have also incorporated the same FM tuner circuit, used in the brilliant AMBIT module, to provide FM connectivity to the RUBY DAC. Sound quality is further improved over the AMBIT module by selecting the tuner's digital output and converting that to analogue via the RUBY's own high-end DAC.

    FM radio performance is limited only by the quality of the studio signal and of course the antenna used. Choose an external antenna for the best results.

    This product is not eligible for discount.

    Creek Audio
    DAC, BT, FM RDS Module Buy Now
  • Ambit Tuner Ambit Tuner Quick View

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    Ambit Tuner

    For more than 30 years Creek Audio has established itself as an expert in the field of radio. Historically, Mike Creek has developed and manufactured radio products since the early 70s. Mike's father also made radio products, so it's in his DNA. The latest DAB radios use bit-compression to turn all radio stations into the equivalent of very poor quality MP3 players. Needless to say, this is the main reason for Creek not offering a DAB radio in its Hi-Fi range. In any case, you don't need to buy a DAB radio when all the digital and analogue stations are broadcast over the internet now. Even analogue stations, broadcast over the internet, are digitised and compressed, so the best way to listen is still via a traditional radio or tuner.

    The latest tuner in Creek's EVOLUTION range is the AMBIT FM/AM Tuner module, suitable for adding to the EVOLUTION 50A or the EVOLUTION 100A amplifier. Plugging this tuner into the back panel of the amplifier upgrades the amp into a Receiver. Its Plug and Play nature also allows it to update the amp's software to the latest revision automatically. Once the tuner is installed and the amp is switched-on, the display will show the amp having an extra input - A Tuner input, in fact. However, it will look to the user like a stand-alone tuner in the OLED display window.

    Once installed, the four left hand buttons on the front panel, together with the left hand control knob and or remote control handset, will offer all the radio function controls.

    The AMBIT tuner receives the entire FM and AM frequency band and digitises it with two high quality ADCs. It then manages the signal using a Digital Signal processor and even separates the left and right channel information in FM. After this, using its own high quality DAC, it returns the digital signal to Audio, to be amplified by the EVOLUTION 50A or 100A.

    The result is simply brilliant. FM signals have textbook operation, with none of the usual problems associated with analogue tuner performance. RDS stations will show their name and other information. AM performance is excellent also and can provide excellent performance just from the loop antenna provided, if there is a good indoor signal.

    FM radio performance is limited only by the quality of the signal and of course the antenna used. Choose an external antenna for the best results.

    Listen to your favourite stations like you have never heard them before.

    This product is not eligible for discount.

    Creek Audio
    FM/AM RDS Tuner Module Buy Now
  • Marantz AV7702MKII Preamplifier Marantz AV7702MKII Preamplifier Quick View

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    Marantz AV7702MKII Preamplifier

    Have a question about this product? Please email our audio advisor or call 1-877-929-8729 with any questions or concerns regarding your equipment purchase.

    Marantz NR1506 5.2 Channel Full 4K Ultra HD A/V Network A/V Receiver with Wi-Fi and Bluetooth

    Designed to deliver a thrilling sonic experience, the NR1506 A/V Receiver features expanded connectivity, including built-in Wi-Fi and Bluetooth and dual antennas that lets you wirelessly stream your favorite tracks from your devices. The NR1506 is also equipped with AirPlay so you can listen to your favorite iTunes tracks wirelessly from your iPod touch, iPhone and iPad.

    Enjoy high resolution surround from your favorite movie soundtracks. The NR1506 is equipped with an advanced 32-bit DSP processing system that supports all the major surround sound formats, including Dolby TrueHD and DTS-HD Master Audio. The power amplifier section features high current discrete power transistors, and identical circuit topology for all 5 channels and is compatible with low impedance 4 ohm speakers.

    The advanced video section features 6 HDMI 2.0a inputs (including 1 on the front panel), and 5 of the inputs feature full compatibility with the latest 4K Ultra HD video specification, including 60 Hz full rate content, 4:4:4 Pure Color sub-sampling and 21:9 aspect ratio pass-through. It's also HDCP 2.2 compliant, which is a requirement for 4K Ultra HD copy-protected content.

    AV Preamplifier Buy Now
  • Marantz NR1607 Receiver Marantz NR1607 Receiver Quick View

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    Marantz NR1607 Receiver

    Have a question about this product? Please email our audio advisor or call 1-877-929-8729 with any questions or concerns regarding your equipment purchase.

    Marantz NR1607 Ultra-slim 7.2 channel Network AV Receiver with Bluetooth and built-in Wi-Fi

    Discover a thrilling new dimension in sound from a high-quality AV receiver that occupies minimal space: that's the promise of the NR1607. Featuring high current discrete power amplifiers on all 7 channels, the NR1607 delivers astonishing power and clarity from a cabinet just a little more than 3 inches high. Wi-Fi and Bluetooth, with dual antennas for robust connection, let you stream your music via AirPlay or Spotify Connect, from 10,000 Internet Radio stations or from local network storage drives - all the way through to high resolution audio, and with the famous Marantz sound quality.

    It comes with Dolby Atmos immersive surround decoding to deliver breathtaking surround sound from today's advanced movie soundtracks. Slim enough to slip into any TV cabinet, it delivers the same revolutionary Dolby Atmos 3D surround sound found in the very best theaters, creating an overhead surround soundfield to give a dramatic expansion of the sonic space. A future firmware update will also allow the NR1607 to decode DTS:X soundtracks, for ultimate compatibility with this new world of 3D sound.

    The NR1607 is ready for Ultra High Definition vision, too: its advanced video section is fully compatible with the latest HDMI 2.0a and HDCP 2.2 specifications on all 8 HDMI inputs, allowing it to pass all the latest video formats to an Ultra HD TV or projector. With 4K 60Hz video, 4:4:4 Pure Color sub-sampling, High Dynamic Range (HDR) and 21:9, 3D, and BT.2020 pass-through, it's ready for the next generation of Blu-ray disc players, set-top boxes, games consoles and streamed/download 4K Ultra HD content.

    It's easy to setup and control, too: the unique Marantz Setup Assistant guarantees a hassle-free setup, while the free Marantz 2016 AVR Remote app is available from the Apple app store, Google Play, and the Amazon appstore, to let you control the receiver comfortably from your smartphone or tablet.

    Ultra Slim AV Receiver Buy Now
  • Starfish Starfish Quick View

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    Green Translucent Vinyl With Printed Inner Sleeve

    The Church were founded in 1980 in Canberra, Australia. Their jangly guitar Pop, combined with emotional and smart lyrics, proved an immediate smash 'down under' and beyond.

    Starfish" was originally released in 1988 and became The Church's breakthrough album fueled by the success of the classic single "Under The Milky Way". "Starfish" is a fan favorite and a highlight of the late 80s era. The album finds the bands songwriting and performing chops in top form as heard on tracks such as "Destination", "Reptile", "Antenna" and "Hotel Womb". First time ever released on color vinyl!

    1. Destination
    2. Under The Milky Way
    3. Blood Money

    4. Lost
    5. North, South, East And West

    6. Spark

    7. Antenna

    8. Reptile

    9. A New Season

    10. Hotel Womb
    The Church
    Colored Vinyl LP - Sealed Buy Now
  • Marantz NA6005 Network Audio Player Marantz NA6005 Network Audio Player Quick View

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    Marantz NA6005 Network Audio Player

    Have a question about this product? Please email our audio advisor or call 1-877-929-8729 with any questions or concerns regarding your equipment purchase.

    Marantz NA6005 Network Audio Player

    Enjoy a thrilling high-resolution audio experience with the Marantz NA6005 network audio player, which features built-in Wi-Fi® and Bluetooth® wireless streaming via dual Wi-Fi/Bluetooth antennas, and built-in Spotify Connect® music streaming via your home network as well as AirPlay® and internet radio.

    Featuring advanced audiophile design and construction, the NA6005 delivers superlative high-resolution audio via the reference-class CS4398 high current D/A converter that's coupled with a dedicated jitter removal system, along with 2.8 and 5.6 MHz DSD file compatibility (the file format for high resolution SACD).

    Via the available Marantz Hi-Fi Remote App (iOS; Android™) you can easily operate the NA6005 from your favorite portable device, and the NA6005 also features a convenient front panel USB port for connection to portable devices and USB drives.

    Network Audio Player Buy Now
  • Marantz SR7010 Receiver Marantz SR7010 Receiver Quick View

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    Marantz SR7010 Receiver

    Have a question about this product? Please email our audio advisor or call 1-877-929-8729 with any questions or concerns regarding your equipment purchase.

    Immerse yourself in thrilling 3D surround sound with the Marantz SR7010 A/V receiver, which features Dolby Atmos surround decoding for the ultimate home theater listening experience with today's blockbuster soundtracks. And, via a firmware update, the SR7010 is able to decode forthcoming DTS:X immersive surround soundtracks. Both Dolby Atmos and DTS:X feature object-based surround sound with the ability to drive overhead speakers to deliver the ultimate immersive 3D audio experience. Featuring an advanced video processing and switching section, the SR7010 features full 4K Ultra HD connectivity and HDCP 2.2 compliance.

    Equipped with built-in Wi-Fi and Bluetooth with dual diversity antennas, the SR7010 lets you listen to your favorite music from streaming services including Pandora, SiriusXM and Spotify Connect, and you can listen to any of thousands of internet radio stations. You can also stream your favorite tracks wirelessly from your iPhone, iPod touch and iPad via AirPlay. The built-in AM/FM tuner features HD Radio for superior sound quality.

    The powerful amplifier section features discrete high current output devices on all channels, and all amp channels are configured identically. Rated at 125 watts per channel (8 ohms, .05%, 20Hz~20kHz), the SR7010 has the ability to drive lower impedance 4 ohm speakers on all channels.

    AV Receiver Buy Now
  • Music Is Painting In The Air 1974-1977 Music Is Painting In The Air 1974-1977 Quick View

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    Music Is Painting In The Air 1974-1977

    Music Is Painting In the Air is a collection of new mixes and unheard music from Sensations' Fix's prolific output between 1974 and 1977. Revered as one of the great articulations of progressive music, Music Is Painting In the Air offers guide posts to those familiar with Sensations' Fix's amorphous catalog and an approachable primer to those just journeying on the sensational trip.

    The story of Sensations' Fix begins - and never quite ends - with Franco Falsini. Born in Florence, Italy in 1948, Falsini became a teenage rock 'n' roll convert through a steady supply of 45s sent home by his London-based sister. Following his sister's footsteps to swinging 60s London, Falsini put his love of music into practice, fronting a space blues trio that riffed its way from the UK back to Italy in a Ford Transit.

    Falsini became smitten by Vinnie Sherman, an American woman working as a waitress at a nightclub in Florence where Falsini was holding down a residency. The newlywed lovers made their way to Alexandria, Virginia in the summer of 1969. Arriving on August 15th, the first day of Woodstock, a spirit of freedom filled Falsini and fueled his creative proclivity.

    Falsini blazed a trail for home recording that has impressed upon inward resourcing and reflecting musicians and DIY enthusiasts in the decades since. A technology stalwart, Falsini employed a floor model MiniMoog and a tricked-out Teac 4-track machine to transform the Virginia basement of the house shared with Sherman into a cosmic conduit and launch pad for Sensations' Fix.

    The reach for space from a personal place is nowhere more apparent than on Fragments of Light, early basement recordings solicited by Falsini as deal demos and surprisingly flipped into the first of six Sensations' Fix albums released over the next five years. The up-close fidelity of Fragments - coupled with Falsini's emotive guitar leads and sparse, sentimental vocals - creates a private quality that separates the album from other extravagant progressive rock productions contemporary to its 1974 release.

    Relocating back to Italy on the heels of Fragments' release, Falsini, alongside drummer Keith Edwards and bassist Richard Ursillo (both American expats), charged through another two Sensations' Fix albums, Portable Madness in 1974 and Finest Finger in 1976, and a stunning solo album Cold Nose (Naso Fredo) in 1975. Without marketing or tour support to expose Sensations' Fix to a wider European audience, Falsini and his band of psychedelic renegades left Italy for the golden shores of California and their possible salvation. In 1977, Sensations' Fix released Vision's Fugitive on an independent label and fulfilled their major label obligation shortly after with Boxes Paradise.

    Falsini spent the next couple decades between New York City and Paris, creatively contentedly creating above par electro-pop (The Antennas) before returning to Florence to launch the Interactive Test dance music label. Meanwhile, the legend of Sensations' Fix grew. On his 2002 album, The Private Press, DJ Shadow sampled from two Sensations' Fix songs. More recently, Sonic Youth curated a career retrospective titled Sensational Fix at Life Gallery in Saint-Nazaire France.

    For Music is Painting in the Air, Falsini and his son Jeyon set forth on a year-long voyage to restore and revisit the original Sensations' Fix analog tapes. Honoring Falsini's tradition of autonomy, this collection, as with the majority of the Sensations' Fix catalog, was mixed solely by Falsini. The sequence is chronologically defiant, encouraging the listener to free associate the recurring themes' origins and immerse in the body of music as its own universe.

    Once this celestial body suit is occupied, it becomes apparent why the forward-thinking yet emotionally-accessible quality of Sensations' Fix's music is still finding the universal audience for which its intended. Falsini's disregard for time and insistence on reinvention provides an infinite reach for his music. The end-goal was seemingly unmarketable by the industry then, but perfectly harmonious with a culture constantly evolving now.

    1. Barnhause Effect
    2. Cold Nose Part 3, 4th Movement
    3. Leave My Chemistry
    4. Acudreaming
    5. Grow On You

    6. Scraping Delay
    7. Warped Notions Of A Practical Joke (Instrumental)
    8. Dark Side of Religion
    9. Cosmic Saudade
    10. Cold Nose Part 3, Movement 2
    11. Fragments of Light
    12. Into The Memory


    1. Cold Nose Part 3, Movement 5
    2. C'e Nessuno
    3. Map
    4. Moving Particles
    5. Cold Nose Part 3, Movement 3
    6. Music Is Painting
    7. Left Side Of Green

    8. Chelsea Hotel (Room 625)
    9. Fix A Water Fountain (Instrumental)
    10. Leave My Chemistry
    11. Overflowing Ashtrays
    12. Strangelands
    13. Cold Nose Story
    14. Slow Motion Movie
    15. Fortune Teller
    16. Fortune Teller Coda

    Sensations' Fix
    Vinyl LP - 2 LPs Sealed Buy Now
  • Timeless (Out Of Stock) Timeless (Out Of Stock) Quick View


    Timeless (Out Of Stock)

    Meet the strangest known band from the pre-punk dayze of glam. A sound like no other and a story as out there as the The Monks. We're talking commitment here - spacesuits, Spock ears, even antennae feelers - onstage, on the street, and wherever they made the scene. ZOLAR-X spoke their own language, and insisted they really were from outer space to anyone who could get past their, er, unique hairdos long enough to listen.

    Musically it's a mesh of Bowie, Sabbath, Pink Floyd and old Pentagram with amazing vocals and surprisingly stellar production. Both the CD cover and LP jacket are in a space-age metallic silver with full color insides, including the LP insert.

    1. Recitation
    2. Timeless
    3. Science
    4. Test Tube Baby
    5. Rocket Roll
    6. Mirrors
    7. Jet Star 19
    8. Space Age Love
    9. Energize Me
    10. The Horizon Suite: Overture On Air / Tomorrow´s Sunrise / Inside The Outside / Sound Barrier
    11. Blues On Blue
    12. Nativity
    13. What Is Music?
    14. Moonbeams
    Zolar X
    Vinyl LP - Sealed Temporarily out of stock
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