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  • Vee Vee Vee Vee Quick View

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    Vee Vee

    Green Colored Vinyl

    Remastered by Bob Weston and featuring new liner notes by Magnet magazine editor Eric Miller, physical copies of Vee Vee will include sixteen bonus tracks and new cover art re-imagined by graphic artist Jay Ryan. The limited edition LPs are pressed on green vinyl and include a coupon to download the entire album, plus the sixteen bonus tracks.

    The first full-length produced by Bob Weston, Vee Vee was a slight departure from the bombastic noisepop that characterized Archers of Loafs previous work, and the albums success proved that the band wasnt just a flash in the pan. The album became their best-selling album to date and landed them on the covers of national publications and at the top of college radio charts across the country. Harnessed in Slums and Greatest of All Time became anthems of the underground and led to successful tours with the Flaming Lips and Weezer and international tours of Europe and Australia.

    1. Step into the Light
    2. Harnessed in Slums
    3. Nevermind the Enemy
    4. Greatest of All Time
    5. Underdogs of Nipomo
    6. Floating Friends
    7. 1985
    8. Fabricoh
    9. Nostalgia
    10. Let the Loser Melt
    11. Death in the Park
    12. The Worst Has Yet to Come
    13. Underachievers March and Fight Song

    Download Bonus Tracks:
    1. Harnessed in Slums 95 (Bob Weston Radio Mix, 1995)
    2. Telepathic Traffic (Harnessed in Slums single, Alias, 1995)
    3. Dont Believe the Good News (Harnessed in Slums single, Alias, 1995)
    4. Smoking Pot in the Hot City (7 single, Esther, 1995)
    5. Mutes in the Steeple (7 single, Esther, 1995)
    6. Mark Price P.I. (out of print)
    7. Bacteria (The Speed of Cattle, Alias, 1996)
    8. Equinox (unreleased) (J. Coltrane)
    9. (Big Joe and) Phantom 309 (out of print) (T. Faile)
    10. 1985 (Marathon Boombox Demo)
    11. Fabricoh (Marathon Boombox Demo)
    12. Nostalgia (Marathon Boombox Demo)
    13. Let the Loser Melt (Vee Vee 4-Track Demo)
    14. Underdogs of Nipomo (Vee Vee 4-Track Demo)
    15. Nevermind the Enemy (Vee Vee 4-Track Demo)
    16. Dont Believe the Good News (Vee Vee 4-Track Demo)

    Archers Of Loaf
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  • Icky Mettle Icky Mettle Quick View

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    Icky Mettle

    Remastered by Bob Weston and w/ New Liner Notes by Robert Christgau

    Merge Records will reissue all four Archers of Loaf studio albums, starting with their acclaimed 1993 debut album Icky Mettle. Re-mastered by Bob Weston and featuring new liner notes by Robert Christgau, Icky Mettle will come with bonus material (packaged digitally with the LP) including the entire Archers of Loaf vs. The Greatest of All Time EP as well as singles and b-sides from the Icky Mettle era. Here on limited-edition blue vinyl with digital download. Reissues of Vee Vee, All the Nations Airports and White Trash Heroes will follow next year.

    1. Web in Front

    2. Last Word
    3. Wrong
    4. You and Me

    5. Might

    6. Hate Paste
    7. Fat
    8. Plumb Line
    9. Learo, You're a Hole
    10. Sick File
    11. Toast
    12. Backwash
    13. Slow Worm

    Icky Mettle Bonus Material:

    1. Audiowhore (Vs. The Greatest of All Time)
    2. Lowest Part Is Free! (Vs. The Greatest of All Time)
    3. Freezing Point (Vs. The Greatest of All Time)
    4. Revenge (Vs. The Greatest of All Time)
    5. All Hail The Black Market (Vs. The Greatest of All Time)
    6. Wrong (Stay Free! 7 Version)
    7. South Carolina (Stay Free! 7 Version)
    8. Web In Front (Alias 7 Version)
    9. Bathroom (Alias 7 Version)
    10. Tatyana (Alias 7 Version)
    11. What Did You Expect? (Merge 7 Version)
    12. Ethel Merman (Merge 7 Version)
    13. Quinn Beast (7 Version)
    14. Powerwalker (A Day in the Park compilation)

    Archers Of Loaf
    Vinyl LP - Sealed Buy Now
  • Archer Trilogy Part 2 Archer Trilogy Part 2 Quick View

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    Archer Trilogy Part 2

    The Deer Tracks are David Lehnberg and Elin Lindfors, both children of the little Swedish town of GÄvle. Despite their earlier success with respective projects, all roads led them into an electromagnetic mist of melodies and harmonic noise that later came to be called The Deer Tracks.

    The Archer Trilogy Pt. 2 is the second installment in a 3-part trilogy of releases to come out in 2011/2012 and follows the bands debut U.S. release The Archer Trilogy Pt. 1 EP which was released in March (and contains no songs in common with Pt. 2).

    1. Meant To Be

    2. Fra Ro Raa / Ro Ra Fraa
    3. The Archer
    4. Dark Passenger
    5. 1000 VÄnda Kinder
    6. Fa-Fire
    7. Tiger
    8. Fall With Me
    9. U-Turn
    Deer Tracks
    Vinyl LP - Sealed Buy Now
  • Archer Trilogy Part 1 Archer Trilogy Part 1 Quick View

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    Archer Trilogy Part 1

    The Deer Tracks is David Lehnberg and Elin Lindfors, both of the little Swedish town of GÄvle. Despite their earlier success with respective projects (Leiah, Ariel Kill Him & Twiggy Frostbite), all roads led them into an electromagnetic mist of melodies and harmonic noise that later came to be called The Deer Tracks. The Archer Trilogy Pt. 1 is the first installment in a 3-part trilogy of releases to come out in 2011/2012.

    1. The Smallest Cube

    2. Ram Ram
    3. Karlavagn
    4. Mio
    5. Books Of Blood
    6. Last Song

    Deer Tracks
    Vinyl LP - Sealed Buy Now
  • Archer Trilogy Part 3 Archer Trilogy Part 3 Quick View

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    Archer Trilogy Part 3

    The Deer Tracks are Northern Light Electronica duo David Lehnberg & Elin Lindfors, who call Gavle, Sweden their home. These two versatile multi-instrumentalists and singers handle every aspect of their music from writing to recording to production. On The Archer Trilogy Pt. 3, the band exhibits their signature sounds, Elin sings breathlessly over an anxious synthesizer melody and suddenly a hard-edged guitar riff snaps the song in two, only to fall away as strings and bass sweeps in for a soaring chorus.
    1. Ill
    2. W
    3. Divine Light
    4. Astral Ship
    5. Red Eyed Zebra
    6. Lazarus
    7. Explodion
    8. Bodiehicle
    9. The Ghost Hour
    10. Road to
    Deer Tracks
    Vinyl LP - Sealed Buy Now
  • White Trash Heroe White Trash Heroe Quick View

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    White Trash Heroe

    Colored Vinyl

    Merge is proud to reissue All the Nations Airports and White Trash Heroes, the final two albums from Archers of Loaf. Both albums have been remastered by Bob Weston and feature re-imagined cover art, new liner notes and copious bonus material. Each album is presented on colored vinyl!

    Archers of Loaf almost called it quits after All the Nations Airports due to the strain of touring and the rut of the album cycle (i.e., make record, make video, do interviews, tour, tour, tour; repeat) but decided they would make one more album and see how they felt after that process. They again enlisted the help of Brian Paulson to record the album that became White Trash Heroes.

    On this album the band added keyboards to several songs as well as vocoder, and debuted the lead vocals of Matt Gentling on the track I.N.S. Banging on a Dead Drum found all the members swapping instruments and some of the worst cowbell ever attempted. The band pulled out all the stops to keep its members engaged, but unfortunately, it wasn't enough and the band decided to make the fall tour of 1998 its final outing.

    In the liner notes for Merge's reissue of the Archers' final album, Josh Modell says, "In hindsight, it's easy to read White Trash Heroes as both the stormy end to a legendary band and as the beginning of something else: Bachmann's next project, Crooked Fingers. Hints of what came two years later abound here, particularly on the keyboard undercarriage and restrained energy of 'Dead Red Eyes' and the epic, sequencer-assisted title track. That eight-minute song feels like a transitional sigh, and an acknowledgement that a certain period, let's call it "indie-rock's golden age," because that might drive the Archers nuts, had passed. To paraphrase: They were out of luck, because nobody gave a fuck."

    LPs are limited edition and pressed on colored vinyl housed in gatefold jacket with printed Euro sleeve.

    Liner notes by Josh Modell, art by Casey Burns.

    1. Fashion Bleeds
    2. Dead Red Eyes
    3. I.N.S.
    4. Perfect Time
    5. Slick Tricks and Bright Lights
    6. One Slight Wrong Move
    7. Banging on a Dead Drum
    8. Smokers in Love
    9. After the Last Laugh
    10. White Trash Heroes
    Archers Of Loaf
    Vinyl LP - Sealed Buy Now
  • Hardcore Friends Hardcore Friends Quick View

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    Hardcore Friends

    Eric Slick and Dom Angelella are infinitely busy-Slick plays drums in Dr. Dog and Angelella writes songs for DRGN KING-but they finally orchestrated the time, nearly a decade into the bands life, to record their debut full-length album, Hardcore Friends. Recorded in five days by Joe Reinhart (Hop Along, Joyce Manor) and Kyle Pulley at The Headroom Studios in Philadelphia, Hardcore Friends spans the last ten years of their friendship. Hardcore Friends features unshakeable guitars and genuine lyrics that invoke the likes of Stephen Malkmus and Archers of Loaf. Lithuania is just as capable of writing a dawdling and quiet song, "Coronation Day," showing off their softer side with acoustic guitars, synthesizers, and Angelella's mollifying vocals. The album closer "Hardcore Friends," features guest vocals from friends Frances Quinlan (Hop Along) and Rachel Browne (Field Mouse).
    Vinyl LP - Sealed Buy Now
  • Company Company Quick View

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    Company is the debut album by Slime, the nom-de-plume of producer and multi-instrumentalist Will Archer. At a time when electronic music feels dominated by bombast and hype, these ten elusive, unsettling and emotional tracks offer a master-class in nuance and sincerity. Coalescing into one unique statement, Company is as distinct and fully-formed as any debut album in recent memory. It feels borne of that same late-night '3am spiritual' culture that defined late 90s electronic/instrumental hip-hop: songs that are large, but personal and private. Slightly in the shadows, but impossible to miss. Archer knows there's power in silence and restraint, because it makes you lean closer to hear.
    1. Thurible
    2. Striding Edge
    3. Hot Dog
    4. My Company
    5. In One Year
    6. Symptoms
    7. The Way of Asprilla
    8. At Sea Again Ft. Selah Sue
    9. Patricia's Stories Ft. Jeremiah Jae
    10. Down and Tell
    Vinyl LP - Sealed Buy Now
  • Trojan Records Presents: Best of Lovers Rock Trojan Records Presents: Best of Lovers Rock Quick View

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    Trojan Records Presents: Best of Lovers Rock

    1 of 5 LP's in a series of newly created Trojan Records compilations celebrating the 2015 re-launch of Trojan
    Records; In the mid-1970's, many British Reggae fans found fulfillment in the first home-produced style to be
    successfully exported to Jamaica: Lovers Rock; This romantic style continued to dominated the UK scene well into the eighties and beyond; Features 10 of the best known Lovers Rock tracks from John Holt, The J Sisters, Elizabeth Archer & The Equators, Sonya Spence, & more.
    1. You'll Never Find Another Love Like Mine - John Holt
    2. Lovin' You - Janet Kay
    3. Can't Give You Anything (But My Love) - The J Sisters
    4. Feel Like Makin' Love - Elizabeth Archer & The Equators
    5. Where is the Love? - Sonya Spence
    6. I'm Still In Love With You - Marcia Aitken
    7. Tell Me A Lie - Candy McKenzie
    8. Loving Pauper - Ruddy Thomas
    9. Keep It Like It Is - Louisa Mark
    10. Walk Away - Marie Pierre
    Various Artists
    Vinyl LP - Sealed Buy Now
  • Where Were You Then? Where Were You Then? Quick View

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    Where Were You Then?

    Further was a decidedly west coast indie rock band formed in Los Angeles in 1991 by brothers Darren and Brent Rademaker, Josh Schwartz and Kevin Fitzgerald. The Rademaker brothers along with Josh went on to form Beachwood Sparks and The Tyde respectively, Kevin Fitzgerald became the drummer for the Circle Jerks and the west coast lo-fi California indie rock sound actually became a thing with the kids. Overdosing on Weed, Surfing and Dinosaur Jrs You're Living All Over Me as well as flat out turning down major label offers, Further was fuelled by DIY spirit and their music tested the boundaries from the lowest of fidelity to the indie-est of rock...with re-leases on Bongload Records (home of Beck's Loser 12), their own Christmas Records, Ball Product (Creation Records), Fierce Panda and many more. Further received acclaim from the UK press including a 9 out of 10 review in the NME as well as Peel Session from long time fan John Peel. Further were a permanent fixtures on the LA indie scene where they shared bills with eve-ryone from the likes of Pavement, Beck, Flaming Lips, Mercury Rev, Royal Trux, Urge Overkill, Archers of Loaf, Codiene...real indie-rock, you get the picture? Friends of Lou Barlow from Dino-saur Jr, Further had a knack of exploding into Dinosaurs sonic territory. When Further went on tour with Sebadoh in the 90s, Lou was asked by the NME if he had anything to say to J Mas-cis...? Lou replied smugly...ever heard FURTHER? This record compiles the best of the singles and EP tracks from 1991 to 1997 all re-mastered from the original vinyl.
    1. Filing Station
    2. Over And Out
    3. Generic 7
    4. She Lives By The Castle 2
    5. Surfing Pointers
    6. California Bummer
    7. Quiet Riot Grrrl
    8. Springfiled Mods
    9. Spheres of Influence
    10. Wett Katt
    11. I Wanna Be A Stranger
    12. Be That As It May
    13. Grandview Skyline
    Vinyl LP - Sealed Buy Now
  • Kaputt Kaputt Quick View

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    Dan Bejar started Destroyer as a solo home-recording project in the early to mid-'90s. Destroyer's two recent limited edition 12s, Bay of Pigs and Archer on the Beach, were lauded by critics and sold out in the first month of release. Upon hearing Bay of Pigs, Pitchfork declared Bejar a songwriter of the highest order, and The AV Club was one of many outlets to declare the song, a real epic, a meditation on life and love in times of crisis. Kaputt is Destroyer's ninth album. This double LP version contains the exclusive, 20-minute bonus song The Laziest River and a coupon for full album download.
    1. Chinatown
    2. Blue Eyes
    3. Savage Night at the Opera
    4. Suicide Demo for Kara Walker
    5. Poor in Love
    6. Kaputt
    7. Downtown
    8. Song for America
    9. Bay of Pigs (Detail)
    Vinyl LP - 2 LPs Sealed Buy Now
  • Double Booked Double Booked Quick View

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    Double Booked

    Robert Glasper is a man of many talents. Certainly, he's both an inarguably accomplished jazz pianist and a first-rate composer. But what Glasper does best is pick drummers. With 2007's In My Element, he provided Damion Reid with a platform to record nothing less than the drum performance of the year. For this album, Glasper teams up with Chris Dave, and the results are astonishing. It's a concept album, sort of. The first half features the Trio (Glasper, Dave, and bassist Vicente Archer) on a handful of originals and a take on Thelonius Monk's Think of One. Throughout, the piano and drums intertwine with a complex integrity that sounds deceptively effortless. Then comes the Experiment: Derrick Hodge replaces Archer with an electric bass; Casey Benjamin adds saxes and vocoder; Bilal and Mos Def drop in for vocal cameos. The Experiment's five tracks differ in texture and depth from the Trio's set, but the adventurousness of the performances and the gorgeous lyricism of Dave's drumming fuse the album's halves into a single musical statement that makes for the year's best jazz album so far. --Jason Kirk
    1. No Worries
    2. Yes I'm Country (And That's OK)
    3. Downtime
    4. 59 South
    5. Think of One
    6. 4eva
    7. Butterfly
    8. Festival
    9. For You
    10. All Matter
    11. Open Mind
    Robert Glasper Experiment
    Vinyl LP - Sealed Buy Now
  • The Moonlight Butterfly The Moonlight Butterfly Quick View

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    The Moonlight Butterfly

    In January of 2011 Sam Prekop, Archer Prewitt, John McEntire, and Eric Claridge reconvened at Chicago's Soma Electronic Music Studios to record their latest release The Moonlight Butterfly.

    This 33 minute mini-album finds the band delivering much more long form and cinematic pieces. The new songs lean upon the band's more experimental tendencies, taking time to stretch the forms and in someways the new material relates to the way the band re-interprets some of their songs live.

    With the band making a shorter than usual record they were allowed to take more chances and ended up with a release that leans a bit more towards the instrumental. Rather than having the vocals be the sole focal point the shifts in emphasis to other instruments facilitated a more open approach.

    1. Covers

    2. Lyric
    3. The Moonlight Butterfly
    4. Up on the North Shore
    5. Inn Keeping
    6. Monday

    The Sea And Cake
    Vinyl LP - Sealed Buy Now
  • Stranger Me Stranger Me Quick View

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    Stranger Me

    Amy LaVeres new studio album on Archer Records, Stranger Me, was produced by Craig Silvey whose work with Arcade Fire resulted in the Album of the Year at the 2011 Grammy Awards.

    Stranger Me features Amy on upright bass and vocals, Rick Steff on keyboards, David Cousar on guitars, and Paul Taylor on drums. Other contributors included Jonathan Kirkscey and Bobby Furgo (strings), Jim Spake (saxophone), John Stubblefield (bass), and Nahshon Benford (trumpet).

    Additional recordings were made in New Orleans at Preservation Hall with horn arrangements by noted Preservation Hall Band member and Bingo Show leader, Clint Maedgen.

    Recording engineer Daniel Lynn assisted Craig Silvey with the recording and mixing at Music + Arts Studio in Memphis and additional mixing at The Garden Studio in London. Stranger Me was mastered by George Marino at Sterling Sound in New York.

    1. Damn Love Song

    2. You Can't Keep Me
    3. Red Banks
    4. A Great Divide
    5. Often Happens
    6. Lucky Boy
    7. Tricky Heart
    8. Stranger Me
    9. Candle Mambo
    10. Cry My Eyes Out
    11. Let Yourself Go (Come On)

    Amy Lavere
    Vinyl LP - Sealed Buy Now
  • The Devil And God Are Raging Inside Me (Black Vinyl) The Devil And God Are Raging Inside Me (Black Vinyl) Quick View

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    The Devil And God Are Raging Inside Me (Black Vinyl)


    Black Vinyl Version

    When Brand New released Deja Entendu in mid-2003, it caught a lot of their fans off guard. It found the band taking a stylistic leap forward from the clever (albeit cookie-cutter) pop-punk of their 2001 debut, exploring expanded sonic textures and indie rock overtones, their urgent choruses tempered by acoustic musings and softer introspections. It all seemed very deliberate yet completely natural all the same, and the record was an underground smash. Something even more substantial was definitely brewing beneath the band's emo façade, and as a result, Brand New's follow-up was hotly anticipated for the three years it took the band to release it. The resulting The Devil and God Are Raging Inside Me is the completion of their pop-punk molting process and one of the best surprises -- that isn't really a surprise at all -- to come out of 2006. Even when they were playing straightforward pop-punk ditties, Brand New had an edge to them that made them seem smarter than their peers; now they sound even older and stronger (and like they've been listening to a lot of '90s college and indie rock). This record is dark and dense, yet accessible, a shadowy air permeating every crevice where Jesse Lacey's plaintive and often tortured lyrics aren't already residing. He draws listeners in with vulnerable ruminations and questions of love, death, self, and religion, and his vocal inflections bring as much meaning to the table as his carefully chosen words. The opening Sowing Season ebbs and flows steadily, moving along under light guitar before exploding with percussion, Lacey ably switching from a hushed delivery into an anguished cry of emotion before falling back down again effortlessly. With it, Brand New sets up the somber intensity of the record straightaway. Textural and sonic layers unfold at every turn -- punching drums and trembling guitars here, aching vocals and subtle touches of string there -- and the album moves with a directed force that seems so naturally powerful and uncontrived, it's almost ridiculous to think that the band cut its teeth with poppy anthems like Jude Law and a Summer Abroad. The Devil and God is not an album of hooks; the excellent percussive stomp of The Archers Bows Have Broken is the most immediate here, but songs get stuck in the brain nonetheless and demand repeated spins. Old fans especially smitten by Deja's Play Crack the Sky have no excuse not to love everything about this record, as even lengthy tracks (like the near-eight-minute Limousine or the chill-inducing beauty of Jesus) are completely compelling. People who were ready to discount Brand New into the emo/TRL heap of the 2000s better rethink their stance; Brand New seems to know exactly what they're doing and this record is a testament to their ability to stay true to themselves. Whether they want to stay underground or fully break into the mainstream, this album has the potential to do either. Either way it doesn't really matter -- whatever happens, there's no denying how excellent this record is.

    - Corey Apar (All Music)

    1. Sowing Season
    2. Millstone
    3. Jesus
    4. Degausser
    5. Limousine (MS Rebridge)
    6. You Won't Know
    7. Welcome to Bangkok
    8. Not the Sun
    9. Luca
    10. Untitled
    11. The Archers' Bows Have Broken
    Brand New
    180 Gram Audiophile Virgin Vinyl LP - Sealed Buy Now
  • Voodoo (Awaiting Repress) Voodoo (Awaiting Repress) Quick View

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    Voodoo (Awaiting Repress)

    First Vinyl Release Since its Original Release in 2000!

    With Original Artwork and New Liner Notes Featuring Interviews with ?uestlove, Pino Palladino, and More!

    Ranked 488/500 on Rolling Stone Magazine's 500 Greatest Albums of All Time.

    Voodoo hit store shelves on January 25th 2000. But the first great album of the new millennium was born in the 1990s, and its muggy grooves capture the sound of premillennial anxiety. The album is the product of perfectionism, obsession and paranoia. 1995's debut Brown Sugar had already strategically positioned D'Angelo-born Michael Eugene Archer and Virginia-raised to a Pentecostal preacher father-as the next Hendrix-like deity in black music, after Prince and maybe Lenny Kravitz.

    Though inspired by the birth of his children and trips back to Virginia, Voodoo's roots are in 1960s, '70s and '80s funk and soul; a nostalgic nod to the ideas and inventions of black music trailblazers powered by avant-garde hip-hop and jazzinfluenced rhythms. D'Angleo's aim, he said, was to reclaim R&B. He wanted to be like Sly Stone, George Clinton and Al Green. And most of all, he wanted to be like Jimi Hendrix.

    The concept behind Voodoo was simple. Put together a brilliant ensemble of R&B musicians bent on grooving together. Record them live, in real-time, jamming face-to-face in an effort to capture their conviviality and chemistry. For Voodoo's core rhythm trio, D'Angelo recruited his friend and colleague, The Roots' visionary drummer Ahmir ?uestlove Thompson, plus Welsh journeyman Pino Palladino to hold down the bass. It was a combination that gelled immediately.

    1. Playa Playa
    2. Devil's Pie
    3. Left & Right
    4. The Line
    5. Send It On
    6. Chicken Grease
    7. One Mo'Gin
    8. The Root
    9. Spanish Joint
    10. Feel Like Makin' Love
    11. Greatdayindamornin' / Booty
    12. Untitled (How Does It Feel?)
    13. Africa
    Vinyl LP - 2 LPs Sealed AWAITING REPRESS Buy Now
  • Negrophilia: The Album Negrophilia: The Album Quick View

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    Negrophilia: The Album

    Ladd is regarded as one of the urban world's most creative and diverse entities. Charting a strangely macabre, yet familiar territory, he has once again sculpted a truly entrancing record. Much like a strange back alleyway, it beckons you to wonder what lies beyond the shadows and lights. Says Mike, "The goal of this record is to serve as an organic backdrop to a digital landscape." Inspired in part by Petrine Archer-Straw's book, "Negrophilia", Ladd combined his thoughts and visions with renowned drummer Guillermo E. Brown and pianist Vijay Iyer, who return to work with him on the heels of last year's critically acclaimed "In What Language?". Melding natural and synthetic sound, this album engages the listener with the urgency of futurism, while also harkening to a not too distant past.
    1. Field Work (The Ethnographer's Daughter)

    2. The French Dig Latinos, Too

    3. In Perspective

    4. Shake It

    5. Worldwide Shrinkwrap (Contact Zones)

    6. Back At Ya

    7. Appropriated Metro

    8. Blonde Negress

    9. Sam And Milli Dine Out

    10. Nancy And Carl Go Christmas Shopping

    11. Sleep Patterns Of Black Expatriots Circa 1960
    Mike Ladd
    Vinyl LP - Sealed Buy Now
  • Close to the Glass Close to the Glass Quick View

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    Close to the Glass

    The Notwist's Close to the Glass, their eighth album, is a catchy and
    unpredictable marriage of playing your heart out on an instrument and
    the magnetic pulse of precise programming. We now find The Notwist
    defining their edges with no shortage of bravery or beat. As romantic as
    it is robotic, Close to the Glass is a bottomless collage: part pop song,
    part science, part band, part storytelling and all Notwist. Brothers Markus
    and Micha Archer, alongside Martin Gretchmann, Max Punktezahl and
    Andi Haberl, have finally found their human form and, at last, 'become'
    The Notwist.

    The Notwist began as a metallic hardcore band in 1989. Markus and
    Micha have always been at the core of the band; Gretchman joined in
    1997, and the band has been through countless collaborations and side
    projects (Lali Puna, Console, Ms. John Soda, to name a few), constantly
    pushing themselves both in those projects and as The Notwist. Their
    sound has transformed hugely over the years, becoming progressively
    catchier and incorporating the members' love of folk, classical, rap, rock
    and electronic music.

    Now, in 2014, we find The Notwist following up 2007's The Devil,
    You + Me with their most adventurous record yet. The strong connection
    and trust between band members allowed them to blur the lines between
    their roles more than ever. With everyone playing anything, the band
    could take their music anywhere, from sheer noise to kraut-rock beat
    pocket to arena rock ride out. Close to the Glass is also full of vocal leaps
    for Markus Acher, experimenting not only with effects but also with his
    range, leaving the comforts of his signature style to take the music
    somewhere new. Close to the Glass reflects and reveals the truth about
    The Notwist more than ever, in its collage nature, pop-music moments
    and unpredictable structures. It feels as good in expensive headphones
    as it does in the trunk, a seamless soundtrack for that movie always
    going on inside you.

    1. Signals
    2. Close to the Glass
    3. Kong
    4. Into Another Tune
    5. Casino
    6. From One Wrong Place to Another
    7. 7 Hour Drive
    8. The Fifth Quarter of the Globe
    9. Run Run Run
    10. Steppin' In
    11. Lineri
    12. They Follow Me
    The Notwist
    Vinyl LP - 2 LPs Sealed Buy Now
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