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  • Fred McDowell Vol. 2 Fred McDowell Vol. 2 Quick View

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    Fred McDowell Vol. 2

    Includes MP3 Download

    Fred McDowells Vol. 2, originally released on Arhoolie in 1966 is one of the finest recorded examples of the Hill Country Blues style. With a distinctive and hypnotic guitar style McDowell powers through 12 tunes here, almost all originals. A stone classic.

    1. I Ain't Gonna Be Bad No More
    2. Where Were You
    3. I Looked At The Sun
    4. Do My Baby Ever Think Of Me
    5. Brooks Run Into The Ocean
    6. Bull Dog Blues
    7. I Walked All The Way From East St. Louis
    8. Red Cross Store Blues
    9. Gravel Road Blues
    10. Frisco Lines
    11. You Got To Move
    12. I Wish I Was In Heaven Sittin Down
    Fred McDowell
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  • Lil Son Jackson Lil Son Jackson Quick View

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    Lil Son Jackson

    Texan bluesman Melvin Lil Son Jackson was a contemporary of Lightnin Hopkins who originally recorded for the Gold Star and Imperial labels in the 40s and 50s. A car accident in the mid-50s led to Jackson giving up the music career and returning to work as a mechanic. Arhoolies Chris Strachwitz pulled him out of retirement in 1960, convincing him to record this classic and rare Texas blues LP. Reissued in all its original glory.
    1. Blues Come To Texas
    2. Cairo Blues
    3. Ticket Agent
    4. Louise Blues
    5. Sugar Mama
    6. The Girl I Love
    7. Santa Fe Blues
    8. Turn Your Lamp Down Low
    9. Groundhog Blues
    10. Gambler Blues
    11. Charley Cherry (Take 1)
    12. Charley Cherry (Take 2)

    13. West Dallas Blues
    14. Rollin' Mill Went Down
    15. Red River Blues 8. Roberta Blues
    Lil Son Jackson
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  • Tough Times Tough Times Quick View

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    Tough Times

    Includes MP3 Download

    Big Joe Williams is one of the most unique blues artists of all-time. Playing a 9-string guitar of his own creation and belting out the blues in his nearly incomprehensible style, this is an absolute classic of an LP and one of the earliest releases on the legendary Arhoolie label. Reissued here on high quality vinyl with an exact reproduction of the paste-on sleeve.

    1. Sloppy Drunk Blues
    2. Yo Yo Blues
    3. President Roosevelt
    4. Forty-Four Blues
    5. Greystone Blues
    6. I Want My Crown
    7. Mean Stepfather
    8. Brother James
    9. Shake Your Boogie
    10. Vitamin A Blues
    11. She Left Me A Mule To Ride
    12. So Glad
    Big Joe Williams
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  • Texas Blues Man (Red Vinyl) Texas Blues Man (Red Vinyl) Quick View

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    Texas Blues Man (Red Vinyl)

    180 Gram Red Colored Vinyl

    Lightnin' Hopkins had already recorded dozens, if not hundreds, of sides for various labels by the time he hooked up with Chris Strachwitz in the late '50s, but his recordings for Strachwitz's Arhoolie label are some of the rawest and strongest of his career. Originally released in 1968, this classic slab of Texas blues is reissued here on high quality vinyl with an exact reproduction of the paste-on sleeve.

    Tom Moore Blues
    Watch My Fingers
    Little Antoinette
    Love Is Like A Hydrant
    Cut Me Out Baby
    Take A Walk
    I Would If I Could
    Bud Russell Blues
    At Home Blues
    Lightnin' Hopkins
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  • Black Ace Black Ace Quick View

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    Black Ace

    Includes MP3 Download

    This is the lone LP from Fort Worth bluesman, B.K. Turner, a.k.a. Black Ace, originally released in 1960. Black Ace was one of the first bluesmen to play a National steel guitar on his lap with a slide and this entire LP features just that guitar and his unique voice. An absolute stone cold blues classic reissued here on high quality vinyl with an exact reproduction of the paste-on sleeve.

    1. I Am The Black Ace
    2. Bad Times Stomp
    3. Drink On Little Girl
    4. Santa Fe Blues
    5. New Triflin' Woman
    6. Farther Along
    7. Evil Woman
    8. 'Fore Day Creep
    9. Little Augie
    10. Your Leg's Too Little
    11. No Good Woman
    12. Santa Claus Blues
    13. Golden Slipper
    Black Ace
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  • Sam Brothers 5 Sam Brothers 5 Quick View

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    Sam Brothers 5

    Includes MP3 Download

    This LP, from Houston zydeco group, The Sam Brothers 5, is mostly coveted by collectors for the Chic-esque funk of closing track "S.A.M." but this is high quality traditional zydeco all the way through the rest of the record. It's reissued here on high quality vinyl with an exact reproduction of the paste-on sleeve.

    1. Going Down To Big Mary
    2. Sugar Cane Patch
    3. I'm A Hog For You
    4. Lafayette Zydeco
    5. Country Boy
    6. S.B. 5
    7. Lafayette Special
    8. La La Waltz
    9. Mama Roll Me Baby
    10. Good Rockin' Sam's Boogie
    11. S.A.M.
    Sam Brothers 5
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  • Hot Chili Mama Hot Chili Mama Quick View

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    Hot Chili Mama

    Beausoleil has been steadily releasing albums of indigenous Louisiana music since the mid-'70s. Led by the incendiary fiddle playing of founding member Michael Doucet, the group draws on Cajun (a hybrid of American country and traditional French folk songs), zydeco (a hybrid of Cajun and R&B), rock, jazz, and blues. Though each of Beausoleil's releases is supremely roots-conscious, some, such as Hot Chili Mama, represent the spectrum of the group's influences.

    Such conventional Cajun material as Le Bons Temps Rouler Waltz and the spicy, danceable title cut, which features standard zydeco percussion such as rubboard, triangle and spoons, alternate with touches of calypso (La Chanson De Cinquante Sous), and even a tongue-in-cheek stab at klezmer gumbo (The Mosquito That Ate Up My Sweetheart in New Iberia Polka). Fertile fiddle and accordion interplay and, of course, French lyrics bring the music's rich history to the fore, while the band's adventurous and vigorous approach makes these songs anything but museum pieces. Hot Chili Mama is one of Beausoleil's best, most representative efforts.

    1. Acadian Two-Step
    2. Les Bons Temps Rouler Waltz
    3. Joe Pitre's So Bad
    4. Canray's Contredanse
    5. La Chanson De Cinquante Sous
    6. Je Veux Me Marier
    7. Chanson De Sagesse
    8. Hot Chili Mama
    9. Je Suis Marie Avec Une, Mais En Amour Avec Un Autre
    10. The Mosquito That Ate Up My Sweetheart In New Iberia Polka
    11. Grand Mallet
    12. Belle
    13. Oberlin Two-Step
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  • Papa Lemon: New Orleans Ukelele Maestro & Tent Show Troubadour Papa Lemon: New Orleans Ukelele Maestro & Tent Show Troubadour Quick View

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    Papa Lemon: New Orleans Ukelele Maestro & Tent Show Troubadour

    Lemon Nash was a ukelele
    player from the Storyville district of New Orleans whose
    career spanned from the earliest days of Jazz up through the
    1960s. A fixture for decades in
    the French Quarter, Lemon
    Nash also traveled with circuses and medicine shows
    around the country, hawking
    blood tonic and performing
    from his vast repertoire on the
    Lemon Nash
    Vinyl LP - Sealed Buy Now
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