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  • VPI Aries Turntable VPI Aries Turntable Quick View

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    VPI Aries Turntable

    Have a question about this product? Please email our audio advisor or call 1-877-929-8729 with any questions or concerns regarding your equipment purchase.

    **All Cartridges Installed Free Of Charge**

    The Aries takes the concepts of the HR-X but brings it down to a foot-print/manageable size for the music lover to work with. Being very diverse and customizable, the Aries can come standard with a 10 JMW arm or with a 12 JMW 3D arm, (known as the Aries 3D). Having an outboard motor, the Aries is smooth and quiet and is complimented very well with the 3D tonearm.

    VPI Turntables
    Aries Turntable
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  • Aries 2 Piece Cover Aries 2 Piece Cover Quick View

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    Aries 2 Piece Cover


    Sits around table.

    VPI Accessories
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  • Aries Belt - Separate Flywheel Aries Belt - Separate Flywheel Quick View

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    Aries Belt - Separate Flywheel

    VPI Accessories
    Aries Belt - Separate Flywheel Buy Now
  • Aries Belt - Single Motor Flywheel Aries Belt - Single Motor Flywheel Quick View

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    Aries Belt - Single Motor Flywheel

    VPI Accessories
    Aries Belt - Single Motor Flywheel Buy Now
  • Single Motor Flywheel Single Motor Flywheel Quick View

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    Single Motor Flywheel

    The HR-X motor/flywheel combination is now available for the Aries, Aries 2, and all TNT turntables. A machined housing, 300 rpm motor, 10 pound flywheel spinning at 500 rpm is included.

    VPI Accessories
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  • Laws Of Illusion Laws Of Illusion Quick View

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    Laws Of Illusion

    Laws of Illusion is multi-platinum and Grammy-Award winning singer/songwriter Sarah McLachlan's first studio album of new material in 7 years. The album was recorded in Montreal and Vancouver with Sarahs longtime collaborator/producer Pierre Marchand. Laws of Illusion will be released just weeks in advance of the kick off to Lilith Fair 2010, the historic all women touring festival, founded by McLachlan, which became one of the highest grossing touring festivals in the world. Since joining Arista over two decades ago in 1988, every one of Sarah McLachlans studio and live albums has been certified gold, platinum, or multi-platinum by the RIAA.
    1. Awakenings

    2. Illusion of Bliss

    3. Loving You Is Easy

    4. Changes

    5. Forgiveness

    6. Rivers of Love

    7. Love Come

    8. Out of Tune

    9. Heartbreak

    10. Don't Give Up On Us

    11. U Want Me 2

    12. Bring On The Wonder

    13. Love Come (Piano Version)
    Sarah McLachlan
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  • Rega Aria Phono Stage Rega Aria Phono Stage Quick View

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    Rega Aria Phono Stage


    Have a question about this product? Please email our audio advisor or call 1-877-929-8729 with any questions or concerns regarding your equipment purchase.


    Housed within our latest half width custom designed case are two entirely separate high performance phono stages. One fully adjustable dedicated moving coil and one moving magnet. Each stage is designed and engineered to maximise the potential of your vinyl system whilst remaining easy to use and set up.


    The Aria is an all analogue amplifier with no digital control circuitry. The fully aluminium case screens the internal circuit from any stray RFI signals. Our designers have avoided including any superfluous gadgets as they obstruct the signal path and degrade the sound quality. The Aria incorporates many innovative design ideas including a self-adjusting servo control to keep the MC input circuit at its optimum, compensating for any variations in ambient or operating temperature. Both stages have their own separate input sockets and input pre-amplifier circuitry. This enabled us to design bespoke input circuitry for each cartridge type without compromise. Signal switching is performed at high level and low impedance (via relays) ensuring there is no degradation of the signal.

    MC stage design & features

    The MC input uses parallel connected low noise FET's (Field Effect Transistor's) configured as a compound pair. The use of FET transistors ensures there is no bias current flowing in the cartridge coil so as not to upset the delicate magnetic geometry of the cartridge. The MC input has the provision for selecting resistive input loading of 70W to 400W and capacitive loading of 1000pF to 4200pF. The input sensitivity can be changed by 6dB, via the back panel.

    MM Stage design & features

    The MM input uses low noise bipolar input transistors also configured as a compound pair. There are two separate power supplies for each channel and further sub power supplies for each of the low noise input circuits. Nichicon FG electrolytic capacitors have been used in critical positions throughout the power supplies. Polypropylene capacitors have been used in the signal path and equalization networks. Discrete circuitry is used throughout the signal path ensuring full control of the circuit design.

    MM and MC Phono Stage Buy Now
  • Ultra Systems A-Rings (Set) Ultra Systems A-Rings (Set) Quick View

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    Ultra Systems A-Rings (Set)

    7 And 10 Adapter Rings For Use With The Vinyl Cleaner

    A set of two adapter rings allowing 7 and 10 discs to be cleaned in the Vinyl Cleaner. Packaged like a double LP for convenient storage when not in use. This is a product developed by Ultra Systems together with Vinh Vu at Gingko Audio who works with acrylics.

    This product addresses two specific challenges:

    1. Although notionally 7 and 10 these discs actually vary significantly from these diameters making the development of one size fits all adapters very difficult. The design we came up with should work for almost all 7 and 10 discs,

    2. Because 7 and 10 discs have different sizes of center labels than 12 LP's, the outer diameter of the adapter rings cannot actually be 12. Once again finding a happy medium to adapt the entire spectrum of discs was a challenge.

    Audio Desk Systeme
    Adapter Rings Buy Now
  • Speakerboxx/ The Love Below Speakerboxx/ The Love Below Quick View

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    Speakerboxx/ The Love Below


    Ghetto Musick
    Bowtie - (featuring Sleepy Brown/Jazze Pha)
    Way You Move, The - (featuring Sleepy Brown)
    Rooster, The
    Bust - (featuring Killer Mike)
    Bamboo - (interlude)
    Tomb Of The Boom - (featuring Konkrete/Big Gipp/Ludacris)

    E-Mac - (interlude)

    Flip Flop Rock - (featuring Killer Mike/Jay-Z)
    Reset - (featuring Khujo Goodie/Cee-Lo)
    D-Boi - (interlude)
    Last Call - (featuring Slimm Calhoun/Lil Jon & The East Side Boyz/Mello)
    Bowtie - (postlude)


    Love Below, The - (intro)

    Love Hater
    God - (interlude)
    Happy Valentine`s Day

    Where Are My Panties

    She Lives In My Lap - (featuring Rosario Dawson)
    Hey Ya!
    Good Day, Good Sir
    Behold A Lady
    Pink & Blue
    Love In War
    She`s Alive
    Dracula`s Wedding - (featuring Kelis)
    Take Off Your Cool - (featuring Norah Jones)
    Life In The Day Of Benjamin Andre, A - (incomplete)

    Vinyl LP - 4 LPs Sealed Buy Now
  • Bellari VP530 USB/Tube Phono Stage Bellari VP530 USB/Tube Phono Stage Quick View

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    Bellari VP530 USB/Tube Phono Stage

    Have a question about this product? Please email our audio advisor or call 1-877-929-8729 with any questions or concerns regarding your equipment purchase.

    The vp530 is a usb/tube phono preamp for use with moving-magnet and high output moving-coil cartridges. It includes a built in headphone amplifier, Burr-Brown A2D converter w/usb output, and RIAA curve/flat EQ. The vp530 is designed to amplify an RIAA equalized phono signal to a hi-level signal or provide a USB digital output. Since the unit utilizes tube circuitry, the resulting output signal is more warm and musical than solid state preamplifiers. The real kicker aside from the price and stellar sound is that it's manufactured in the US.

    This product is not eligible for discount.

    Bellari VP530 USB/Tube Phono Stage Buy Now
  • Charisma V2 MM Cartridge Charisma V2 MM Cartridge Quick View

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    Charisma V2 MM Cartridge

    As Clearaudio continue to advance standards in our range of moving coil (MC) cartridges, we felt it was equally time to turn our attention to the moving magnet (MM) range and to make a new statement.

    From the concept V2 to the Maestro V2, our MM cartridges have long been at the forefront of the moving magnet field and have proved popular among music lovers for their distinctive high quality.

    The Charisma V2 is the new flagship of the Clearaudio MM cartridge range.

    Only the finest materials qualified for inclusion, including the same diamond-coated Boron cantilever found in our world-leading Goldfinger Statement MC cartridge.

    The use of highly efficient magnets gives the dynamic Charisma V2 an almost record-breaking output, easily enough to amply drive less sensitive phono stages. The double-polished diamond stylus is mounted on the cantilever with matchless precision, ensuring excellent frequency response and the highest channel separation.

    The cartridge body is made from the finest ebony wood and is set with a precious metal-bearing inlay.

    The result? A quality of sound that, until now, seemed unachievable from MM cartridges. Utterly charismatic.

    Clearaudio Cartridges
    Moving Magnet Cartridge Buy Now
  • Periphery Ring Clamp Periphery Ring Clamp Quick View

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    Periphery Ring Clamp

    The Periphery Ring Clamp greatly improves the performance of VPI turntables by flattening the outer edges of LPs, increasing the cartridge's tracking ability, removing resonance and aiding detail retrieval. A massive ring designed to sit just outside the lead-in groove, the Periphery Ring Clamp's weight flattens the record onto the platter, eliminating edge warps and more completely coupling the record to the platter.

    Scout, Aries 1 & 2, HW-19 & older TNT owners will need to purchase the HRX platter and bearing in order to use the Periphery Ring Clamp. Due to bearing height differences between the VPI models, please give us a call if you'd like to upgrade these components and we'll help you get the right bearing for your turntable.

    VPI Accessories
    Periphery Ring Clamp Buy Now
  • All Alone In An Empty House All Alone In An Empty House Quick View

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    All Alone In An Empty House

    On All Alone In An Empty House, Lost In The Trees merges dramatic symphonic elements with the soaring melodies of American folk and modern pop, creating a sound that is simultaneously intimate and sonically ambitious. Working with North Carolina producer Scott Solter (The Mountain Goats, Superchunk, Spoon, St. Vincent), Ari Picker and company have created a maverick collection of beautiful soul baring music.
    1. All Alone in an Empty House
    2. Walk Around the Lake
    3. Mvt. 1 Sketch
    4. Song for the Painter
    5. Fireplace
    6. Love on My Side
    7. Wooden Walls of this Forest Church
    8. A Room Where Your Paintings Hang
    9. We Burn the Leaves
    10. Mvt. 2 Sketch
    11. For Leah and Chloe
    Lost In The Trees
    Vinyl LP - Sealed Buy Now
  • Splendor In The Grass Splendor In The Grass Quick View

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    Splendor In The Grass

    The long-awaited fourth album from the celebrated little orchestra includes several songs in a classic Pink Martini style (Ninna nanna, Ou est ma tete?) alongside excursions into the 1970s (Splendor in the Grass, Ohayoo, Sing), modernist minimalism (New Amsterdam), classic ranchera (Piensa en mi) and swing (But Now I'm Back). Features an array of fabulous guests including Mexican ranchera singer Chavela Vargas, Emilio Delgado a.k.a. Luis from Sesame Street, NPR justice correspondent Ari Shapiro, and Courtney Taylor-Taylor of the Dandy Warhols.
    1. Ninna Nanna
    2. Ohayoo Ohio
    3. Splendor in the Grass
    4. Où est ma tête?
    5. And Then Youre Gone
    6. But Now Im Back
    7. Sunday Table
    8. Over the Valley
    9. Tuca tuca
    10. Bitty Boppy Betty
    11. Sing
    12. Piensa en mi
    13. New Amsterdam
    14. Ninna nanna (Reprise)
    Pink Martini
    180 Gram Audiophile Virgin Vinyl LP - Sealed Buy Now
  • Black Metal Black Metal Quick View

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    Black Metal

    In its review of Dean Blunt's The Redeemer - which they later named their top album of 2013 - FACT called Blunt "the premier art prankster
    of our time," while acknowledging his earnestness; Tiny Mix Tapes,
    who would give the album the #2 spot in their best of the year rank- ings, praise the work for its liberating "short-circuiting of the bound- aries of taste and instilled critical response," while speaking to the
    album's near-paradoxical emotional depth.

    Blunt's newest odyssey, Black Metal, rides this tension between criti- cal detachment and mainlined human feeling, and in fact he climbs
    ever-steeper theoretical heights just as his emotionally stark songs
    become, at times, startlingly intimate.

    A true multi-media vanguard, Blunt employs original instrumentation
    along with elements of pastiche and his unique vocal performances
    to create songs and recordings that are not only beautiful, but also tie
    into his larger project that incorporates music, visual art, and the writ- ten word to play with identity, cultural signifiers, and artistic agency.

    But Black Metal is above all a brilliant, majestic collection of songs, encompassing everything from hypnotic long-form experiments to
    ballads almost disarming in their sweet simplicity, swirling equally
    with fascinating sounds and fascinating ideas. Blunt's influences are
    wide-ranging, from rock's underground pioneers (he quotes Sonic
    Youth in interviews; the album leads with a Big Star sample), to neo- classical composers, to early indie pop (another track samples The
    Pastels), to classic rock, hip-hop, and R&B. But rather than coldly
    compiling them, Blunt brings the works and genres he draws from
    into a new musical and cultural conversation.

    In the cover story to September's issue of The Wire, Blunt explains
    his relationship to his listeners: "Whatever is communicated through
    the purity of intention is out of my hands because I didn't know
    anything beyond that." With his newest, most accomplished, and
    most vexing album, Blunt invites us to draw our own conclusions in
    his expansive and fascinating world.

    1. Lush
    2. 50 Cent
    3. Blow
    4. 100
    5. Heavy
    6. Molly & Aquafina
    7. Forever
    8. X
    9. Punk
    10. Country
    11. Hush
    12. Mersh
    13. Grade
    Dean Blunt
    Vinyl LP - Sealed Buy Now
  • Tube Phono Amplifier By Bellari VP130 Tube Phono Amplifier By Bellari VP130 Quick View

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    Tube Phono Amplifier By Bellari VP130

    Have a question about this product? Please email our audio advisor or call 1-877-929-8729 with any questions or concerns regarding your equipment purchase.

    It was quiet, and golden-sweet and liquid in the midrange, as you'd expect from a 12AX7-based phono preamp.

    - Michael Fremer, Stereophile

    The vp130 is a tube phono preamp with a built in headphone amplifier for use with moving magnet and high output moving coil cartridges. The vp130 is designed to amplify an RIAA equalized phono signal to a hi level signal. Since the unit utilizes tube circuitry the resulting output signal is more warm and musical than solid state preamplifiers. The real kicker aside from the price and stellar sound is that it's manufactured in the US.

    Music Hall
    Bellari VP 130 Phono Amp Buy Now
  • Stradivari v2 Cartridge Stradivari v2 Cartridge Quick View

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    Stradivari v2 Cartridge

    A name to live up to. Meticulousness of design, spurred on by a goal of redefining the best and raising the bar ever higher, have led to a masterpiece of German craftsmanship.

    An impressive 95¬decibel dynamic range is made possible through the use of patented V2 technology and of the finest high-end materials. This lightweight precision cartridge weighs only seven grams. It is the result of highly devotional microscopic craftsmanship - mastery of perfection in design and material selection. Important ingredients are a body of long-aged ebony, a precisely ground twelve finger platform and coils of 24-gold. The result: a stunning listening experience of almost unbelievable transparency and depth. A name to live up to. Meticulousness of design, spurred on by a goal of redefining the best and raising the bar ever higher, have led to a masterpiece of German craftsmanship.

    Clearaudio Cartridges
    Moving Coil Cartridge Buy Now
  • VPI Scout 2 With Classic Signature Arm VPI Scout 2 With Classic Signature Arm Quick View

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    VPI Scout 2 With Classic Signature Arm

    Need help choosing the right turntable for you? Please email our audio advisor or call 1-877-929-8729 with any questions or concerns regarding your equipment purchase.

    **All Cartridges Installed Free Of Charge**

    The Scout 2 features a 1 7/8 thick aluminum platter (with a stainless steel damping plate) in place of the Scout's 1 3/8 acrylic platter.

    The result of mating a great platter to a simple good looking design! In only seven years, the VPI Scout has become the industry standard as the best-reviewed turntable on the planet! For 2009, we saw fit to bring some big improvements to its best-selling turntable. You may recognize the outboard motor and the plinth, but you will do a double take at the exquisite platter and tonearm.

    Every VPI Scout II comes standard with the JMW 9T! This incredible tonearm features a redesigned armtube that is tapered and filled with a proprietary damping material. This revolutionary design greatly reduces internal resonance, yielding a full and rich sound, with a vast soundstage and increased resolution and detail. The added mass also produces deeper bass response and fantastic compatibility with moving coil cartridges.

    For maximum stability and speed accuracy the platter is made from 1 7/8 thick machined 6061 aluminum and is attached to a nonmagnetic 303 stainless steel damping plate. The entire piece weighs in at an impressive 18 pounds! Because the aluminum is grounded to the steel, there is virtually no static buildup or sonic degradation. What's in the grooves is what comes out of your speakers.

    The VPI Scout II's plinth is made from 1 1/8 thick MDF bonded to a 12 gauge steel plate giving a rigid, non-resonant plinth. The massive platter sits on chrome-hardened ball bearing held by a 60 Rockwell-hardened shaft, below which is a black delrin nut.

    The VPI Scout II generates absolutely no additional noise for a pristinely quiet spin. The AC synchronous motor is contained in a separate steel housing and drives the platter via an Aries belt. This combination produces quiet yet stable running with extremely accurate speed. Speeds are 33 and 45 standard, while 78 is optional.

    VPI Turntables
    Scout 2 - Classic Signature Arm Buy Now
  • So It Goes So It Goes Quick View

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    So It Goes

    "Perfect blend of old-school sensibility with modern energy." - Complex

    "Ratking unlock noise-rap stunner." - SPIN

    "Ratking not what the City expected, but it's exactly what it needs" - REVOLT

    "Aggressive, dark, and propulsive." - NPR

    Following a busy 2013 that saw them playing shows with acts as diverse
    as GZA, Death Grips, King Krule and Trash Talk as well as collaborating
    with legendary photographer and lmmaker Ari Marcopoulos, RATKING are
    ready to announce their debut album So It Goes. The album nds the group
    perfecting the balance between the raw, unbridled energy of their live set
    and the warm soulful, golden-era hip hop that the members grew up on,
    aided in large part by engineering from Young Guru (Jay-Z, The Diplomats,
    Notorious B.I.G.). So It Goes is a portrait of
    modern day New York City painted over the course of its 11 tracks.

    1. *
    2. Canal
    3. Snow Beach
    4. So Sick Stories (feat. King Krule)
    5. Remove Ya
    6. Eat
    7. So It Goes
    8. Puerto Rican Judo (feat. Wavy Spice)
    9. Protein
    10.Bug Fights
    11.Take (feat. Soloman Faye)
    Vinyl LP - 2 LPs Sealed Buy Now
  • Je Dis Qui! Je Dis Qui! Quick View

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    Je Dis Qui!

    A rollicking around-the-world adventure, Je dis oui! features a cavalcade of songs - many of them original - in French, Farsi, Armenian, Portuguese, Arabic, Turkish, Xhosa and English, and affirms the band's 22-year history of global inclusivity and collaborative spirit. Je dis oui! - which means "I say yes" in French - is the optimistic mantra of the chorus of Joli garçon" (Pretty boy), one of three songs co-written by the band for the soon-to-be-released film Souvenir, starring the legendary French actress Isabelle Huppert. In addition to songs sung by lead singers CHINA FORBES and STORM LARGE, Je dis oui! includes guest vocalists NPR's ARI SHAPIRO (who sings a new Arabic version of La Soledad from the band's first album) and RUFUS WAINWRIGHT, who sings a stunning version of the Rodgers & Hart classic "Blue Moon." The album also marks the singing debut of two long-time friends of the band: IKRAM GOLDMAN and KATHLEEN SAADAT.
    1. Joli garçon
    2. The Butterfly Song
    3. Kaj Kolah Khan
    4. Ov sirun sirun
    5. Love for Sale
    6. Solidão
    7. Al bint al shalabiya
    8. Souvenir
    9. Akm bahard
    10. Finnisima di
    11. Segundo
    12. Blue Moon
    13. Fini la musique
    14. Pata Patav
    15. Serenade
    Pink Martini
    Vinyl LP - Sealed Buy Now
  • Acoustic Soul Acoustic Soul Quick View

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    Acoustic Soul

    India Arie's Acoustic Soul is just as advertised: grooving soul music with an acoustic bent. Arie herself plays guitar, supplemented by strings (instead of synthesizers) and drums (instead of drum machines). The first single, Video, is a calm, confident ode to self-love, comparing the dreadlocked, petite Arie to the average girl in a video. Arie is indeed anything but average: her debut marks the auspicious return of the black female singer-songwriter, in the vein of Me'Shell Ndegeocello, Tracy Chapman, and Dionne Farris. If you like their music, with thoughtful lyrics and layers of instrumentation, you'll love this album. Video is fabulous, but other high points include Ready for Love, a lament that smolders before slowly building to a crescendo, with tinkling piano, guitar, and cello swelling beneath the vocal. Strength, Courage, and Wisdom is an optimistic anthem that'll have you clapping your hands and swaying from side to side, and the best track on the album, Simple, is a straightforward love song with a pulsating beat. Acoustic Soul may not be full of radio-friendly tracks, but every track is strong, and the disc improves each time you press play. --Courtney Kemp
    1. Intro
    2. Video
    3. Promises
    4. Brown Skin
    5. Strength, Courage and Wisdom
    6. Nature
    7. Back to the Middle
    8. Ready for Love
    9. Interlude
    10. Always in My Head
    11. I See God in You
    12. Simple
    13. Part of My Life
    14. Beautiful
    15. Outro
    16. Wonderful
    Vinyl LP - 2 LPs Sealed Buy Now
  • Get Happy Get Happy Quick View

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    Get Happy

    Pink Martini's long-awaited follow-up to their 2009 hit album Splendor in the Grass features their beloved vocalist China Forbes joined in the studio by her new co-lead singer Storm Large along with a cavalcade of guest star vocalists! Featuring the "little orchestra's" trademark mix of pop songs from all corners of the globe, spanning the breadth of the 20th century, Get Happy's sunny disposition shines through its intricate and luxurious orchestral pop arrangements. Highlights of the album include the final recording of the legendary Phyllis Diller, a riveting appearance by the exquisite Rufus Wainwright, and a charming duet written and performed by China Forbes with underground French sensation Philippe Katerine.

    Featured Artists

    China Forbes: vocals

    Storm Large: vocals

    Thomas M. Lauderdale: piano

    Gavin Bondy: trumpet

    Robert Taylor: trombone, vocals

    Phil Baker: bass, sitar

    Dan Faehnle: guitar

    Nicholas Crosa: violin

    Pansy Chang: cello

    Anthony Jones: drums

    Brian Davis: percussion

    Timothy Nishimoto: vocals, percussion

    Maureen Love: harp

    Norman Leyden: clarinet

    Rufus Wainwright: guest vocals

    The von Trapps: guest vocals

    Meow Meow: guest vocals

    Philippe Katerine: guest vocals

    Phyllis Diller: guest vocals

    Ari Shapiro: guest vocals

    The Pacific Youth Choir

    The Harvey Rosencrantz Orchestra


    "Charming and elegant. - Variety"

    "Rich, hugely approachable music, utterly cosmopolitan yet utterly unpretentious."- The Washington Post

    "Knowing sophistication backed by skillful arrangements."- The New York Times

    LP 1
    1. Ich dich liebe
    2. Quizás, quizás, quizás
    3. I'm waiting for you to come back
    4. Omide zendegani
    5. Yo te quiero siempre
    6. Je ne t'aime plus
    7. Zundoko-bushi
    8. Pâna când nu te iubeam
    9. She was too good to me

    LP 2
    1. ÜskÜdar'a gider iken
    2. Sway
    3. Kitty come home
    4. What'll I do?
    5. Get happy/Happy days are here again
    6. Heliotrope bouquet
    7. Smile

    Pink Martini
    180 Gram Audiophile Virgin Vinyl LP - 2 LPs Sealed Buy Now
  • Voyage To India Voyage To India Quick View

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    Voyage To India

    India Arie seems comfortable in her own body. She told us as much on both Video and Brown Skin from her stunning debut album, Acoustic Soul, which celebrated the diversity of feminine beauty, self-acceptance, and spirituality. She addresses similar themes on her second outing, although much of her original soul-scouring fire is gone. While she still preaches self-empowerment, many of her lyrics veer toward the trite, and that's not where we expected to go on this Voyage to India. In fact, there are very few self-revelatory moments like the ones on Soul. Arie seems bent on journeying to the center of womankind's mind, rather than unearthing more of her own autobiography, casting herself as adviser to the disempowered. But that is not where Arie shines. When she strips her voice down to its unvarnished essence--leaving all the imperfections in the mix--she is a lithe, ethereal presence. She's capable of raising chills, as when she sings of a man who foretells his death on Good Man. Or on Complicated Man, where she lets her voice run ragged, brimming with raw emotion while describing her imperfect love. Despite some glibness, this is still a voyage worth taking. --Jaan Uhelszki
    1. Growth
    2. Little Things
    3. Talk to Her
    4. Slow Down
    5. The Truth
    6. Beautiful Surprise
    7. Healing
    8. Get It Together
    9. Headed in the Right Direction
    10. Can I Walk With You
    11. The One
    12. Complicated Melody
    13. Gratitude
    14. Good Man
    15. God Is Real
    16. Interested
    Vinyl LP - 2 LPs Sealed Buy Now
  • Method To My Madness Method To My Madness Quick View

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    Method To My Madness

    180 Gram Blue Colored Vinyl

    On 2014's The Devil You Know, California bluesman Tommy Castro pared his band back to a quartet called the Painkillers and returned his guitar playing and singing to the forefront of his attack. Though the album was chock-full of guest stars, its arrangements were largely uncluttered - no horns, strings, or other gimmickry. Method to My Madness strips back the veneer even further. The tightrope of energy, grit, and inspiration on display in these 12 tunes - ten originals and two excellent covers - are usually reserved for live shows. For the first time, Castro has produced an album by himself. Recorded at Ari Rios' Laughing Tiger Studio in San Francisco, he and the Painkillers - bassist Randy McDonald, keyboardist Michael Emerson, and drummer Bowen Brown - cut the music live from the floor with minimal overdubs.

    Much has been made of Castro's vocal style being influenced by the singers from the vintage Stax/Volt era. While that's somewhat true, Method to My Madness reveals, perhaps for the first time, an even deeper debt to funky soul and country-blues singer Delbert McClinton. Common Ground is a swaggering gospel-tinged soul blues. The melody and choral refrain nod at Sly Stone, but Castro lets his McClinton flag fly with a gritty delivery atop a cracking snare and driving Wurlitzer groove.

    Shine a Light is dirtier; it's a razor-wire, rocking soul-blues with double-timed drumming, bumping bassline, and killer slide guitar and B-3 work, with great backing vocals from Rios and Amber Morris adding gospel fuel to the fire. The title track is a wrangling guitar-driven boogie, where funky rock meets the 12-bar blues head on. Castro testifies in his delivery, leaving no room for doubt about his intentions and attitude. While Lose Lose is a simmering Stormy Monday-esque deep blues, its proceeding tune, Died and Gone to Heaven, is a swelling, souled-out, rousing, gospel-tinged love song.

    1. Common Ground
    2. Shine A Light
    3. Method To My Madness
    4. Died And Gone To Heaven
    5. Got A Lot
    6. No Such Luck
    7. Two Hearts
    8. I'm Qualified
    9. Ride
    10. Lose Lose
    11. All About The Cash
    12. Bad Luck
    Tommy Castro And The Painkillers
    180 Gram Audiophile Virgin Vinyl LP - Sealed Buy Now
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