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  • City Of Heroes City Of Heroes Quick View

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    City Of Heroes

    Frontiers Music Srl has announced the release of the anticipated new album from Kiske / Somerville, entitled City Of Heroes.

    Kiske / Somerville is the musical collaboration between vocalists Michael Kiske (ex-Helloween, Unisonic, Place Vendome) and Amanda Somerville (Trillium, Avantasia) and this new recording is certainly going to be one of the highlights of the season in rock music. Kiske's soaring overtones seem to blend perfectly with the ethereal quality and diverse range of Amanda's voice and this time the results are truly over the top.

    This brilliant new album sees Mat Sinner (Primal Fear, Sinner) and Magnus Karlsson (Starbreaker, Primal Fear) handling most of the songwriting (with a song contribution "Breaking Neptune" from Sander Gommans formerly of After Forever and Amanda Somerville herself) and with Sinner overseeing the production in various recording studios in Europe. Jacob Hansen (Volbeat, Amaranthe, Primal Fear, Pretty Maids, Doro etc.) then took care of the mix of the album ensuring a sonic quality second to none.

    1. City Of Heroes
    2 . Walk on Water
    3. Rising Up
    4. Salvation
    5. Lights Out
    6. Breaking Neptune

    7. Ocean Of Tears
    8. Open Your Eyes
    9. Last Goodbye
    10. After The Night Is Over
    11. Run With a Dream
    12. Right Now
    Kiske / Somerville
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  • The Source The Source Quick View

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    The Source

    While Ayreon's 'Forever/Planet Y' saga seemed to have reached its conclusion
    with the album 01011001, it's clear that Arjen Lucassen's creative muses
    had other plans. The new Ayreon album the source revisits the forever saga,
    adding a whole new chapter to Lucassen's impressive body of work. With its
    top-flight cast of singers and musicians, compelling songs, overwhelming
    sound, and intriguing story, The Source offers everything that has gained
    Lucassen dedicated fans worldwide since he laid the foundations of Ayreon
    back in the mid-90's.

    Just as on his previous albums, The Source has Arjen Lucassen playing a wide
    variety of instruments, while the inimitable Ed Warby (O.A. Elegy, Gorefest,
    Hail of Bullets) once again masterfully handles the drums, and features vocal
    contributions from renowned artists like James Labrie (Dream Theater),
    Simone Simons (Epica), Floor Jansen (Nightwish), Hansi KÜrsch (Blind
    Guardian), Tobias Sammet (Edguy, Avantasia), and Russell Allen (Symphony X).

    LP 1
    1. The Day That The World Breaks Down
    2. Sea Of Machines
    3. Everybody Dies
    4. Star Of Sirrah
    5. All That Was
    6. Run! Apocalypse! Run!
    7. Condemned To Live

    LP 2
    1. Aquatic Race
    2. The Dream Dissolves
    3. Deathcry Of A Race
    4. Into The Ocean
    5. Bay Of Dreams
    6. Planet Y Is Alive!
    7. The Source Will Flow
    8. Journey To Forever
    9. The Human Compulsion
    10. March Of The Machines

    180 Gram Audiophile Virgin Vinyl LP - 2 LPs Sealed Buy Now
  • The Shadow Theory The Shadow Theory Quick View

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    The Shadow Theory

    Kamelot are one of metal's most unique, influential and prestigious acts that blends symphonic
    metal, prog, power metal and world music - so it comes as little surprise that the whole metal
    world held its breath in anticipation of The Shadow Theory!

    Deeply intrigued by analytical psychology, Kamelot spent the past year engineering a groundbreaking album leaning on
    three pillars: The Shadow Empire (The global mind), The Shadow Key (The Resistance) and The
    Shadow Wall (The veil that blinds us from the truth). A dystopian glimpse at the complexity of the
    human mind and its place in an oppressive society - an obvious parallel to all of us, in the here
    and now. And most of all a fascinating and eerie backdrop for thirteen lush and artsy songs that
    boast Kamelot`s trademarks; yet the band steps out to add new and modern elements along with
    bringing in some amazing emotions that harken back to their earlier days.

    Produced by Sascha Paeth (Avantasia) and mastered by Jacob Hansen (Volbeat, more), the theatrical and beautifully
    dark The Shadow Theory is not only a new chapter in Kamelot`s illustrious career, it also is their
    most thrilling and diverse effort so far!

    LP 1
    1. The Mission
    2. Phantom Divine (Shadow Empire)
    3. RavenLight
    4. Amnesiac
    5. Burns To Embrace
    6. In Twilight Hours
    7. Kevlar Skin

    LP 2
    1. Static
    2. MindFall Remedy
    3. Stories Unheard
    4. Vespertine (My Crimson Bride)
    5. The Proud and The Broken
    6. Ministrium (Shadow Key)
    7. The Last Day of Sunlight (Bonus)

    Vinyl LP - 2 LPs Sealed Buy Now
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