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Banner Pilot

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  • Resignation Day Resignation Day Quick View

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    Resignation Day

    Due to the increased recognition garnered from their second full-length, Collapser, Minneapolis quartet Banner Pilot decided it was high time to revisit their first full-length, Resignation Day. The time and budget constraints had left an indelible mark on the initial release so the band decided to remix and remaster the album in hopes of capturing the sound they had originally envisioned. The new version surpasses expectations and brings the sound quality up to par with the masterful songwriting and musicianship of the original. The end result is an album that maintains a nearly impossible balance between unbridled youthful energy and maturely crafted unforgettable melodies. In addition, Banner Pilot decided to add two tracks that were not included on the first incarnation of Resignation Day.
    1. Overwinter
    2. Cut Bait
    3. Speed Trap
    4. Empty Your Bottles
    5. Saltlash Luck
    6. Milemarking
    7. Wired Wrong
    8. Baltimore Knot
    9. Absentee
    10. Shell Game
    11. No Transfer
    12. Barker
    13. Spit Out (Bonus Track)
    14. Deadender (Bonus Track)
    Banner Pilot
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  • Heart Beats Pacific (Awaiting Repress) Heart Beats Pacific (Awaiting Repress) Quick View

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    Heart Beats Pacific (Awaiting Repress)

    Described as the perfect ambassadors of Midwest punk, Banner Pilot reinforced that role with the success of their Fat Wreck Chords debut Collapser. A perfect amalgam of their immediate influences (Dillinger Four, The Lawrence Arms, Alkaline Trio, Jawbreaker), Banner Pilot continue to represent the genre through the impeccably crafted, gritty pop-punk songs on their latest release Heart Beats Pacific. These poetic punks turn a phrase like nobody's business, spinning relatable situations and emotions into clever prose delivered through gruff vocals. Each of the 11-tracks on Heart Beats Pacific is a stand alone, bona fide hit and collectively they make up a rare flawless listening experience.
    1. Alchemy
    2. Forty Degrees

    3. Red Line

    4. Spanish Reds
    5. Eraser
    6. Expat
    7. Isolani
    8. Calling Station
    9. Western Terminal
    10. Intervention
    11. Division Street
    Banner Pilot
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  • Souvenir Souvenir Quick View

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    Banner Pilot's 4th full length on Fat!

    Souvenir displays a touch of Banner Pilot's musical influences like Jawbreaker, Superchunk and early Replacements, but showcases their evolution into a more complex band compositionally. True to their Midwestern pop sensibilities, Souvenir shines with hooks both instant and subtle, melded into sturdy song structures and braided together with Banner Pilot's signature introspective lyrics. Containing twelve well-rounded tunes, Souvenir exhibits a perfect amalgamation of the band's two previous albums, Heart Beats Pacific and Collapser. Bassist and songwriter Nate Ganglehoff details how Souvenir took its shape:

    Looking back over the process of making this album, one thing that jumps out at me is how bad the first songs we wrote for it were. They sounded like us, I guess, but more like a half-hearted cover version of us. The same chords and melodies you'd expect, but missing . something. I remember listening to them one evening in the dead of winter while I was outside shoveling snow, bitter winds whipping into my face, slick ice tripping up my feet, and thinking, "I hope every single thing I'm experiencing at this moment is better by the spring."
    We could have just shrugged and rolled with them, I guess, but I'm glad we were a little stubborn and kept plugging away, looking for something better. We scrapped what we had, hunkered down over the rest of the winter, spending many hours at our practice space, or in front of our respective computers, tinkering around with new ideas. We didn't overthink anything; we just tried idea after idea after idea until something would stick. And the tunes did start to get better. Not only was it rewarding to start to develop songs that didn't sound like complete horse crap, it was also fun. They started to feel like the songs you get excited to play live, and it reminded me of what's so great about being in a band in the first place.
    I'm really happy with how it turned out. I think that in the end we stuck to the things we do well, but varied them a little without messing them up. And I think the attitude of "Let's keep trying to make this better" paid off.

    1. Modern Shakes

    2. Effigy
    3. Dead Tracks

    4. Heat Rash

    5. Fireproof

    6. Letterbox

    7. Shoreline

    8. Hold Fast

    9. Colfax

    10. Springless

    11. Matchstick

    12. Summer Ash
    Banner Pilot
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