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  • Mask Mask Quick View

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    From 1978-1982 Bauhaus surged mercurial through the post-punk music scene, tearing into tense, bass-driven new-wave, T-Rex-esque dark-glam and swirling, clattering, orchestral atmospherics, whilst churning it into a grand, velvet, Rimbaudian hallucination. Managing to expand their sound on Mask, the members of Bauhaus stretched themselves into new areas of music and performance, resulting in an album that was arguably even better than the band's nearly flawless debut.
    1. Hair Of The Dog
    2. Passion Of Lovers
    3. Of Lillies And Remains
    4. Dancing
    5. Hollow Hills
    6. Kick In The Eye
    7. In Fear Of Fear
    8. Muscle In Plastic
    9. The Man With The X-Ray Eyes
    10. Mask
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  • In The Flat Field In The Flat Field Quick View

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    In The Flat Field

    Few debut albums have ever arrived as nearly perfectly formed as In the Flat Field. It practically invented what remains for many as the blueprint of goth music. In the Flat Field contains a wide variety of inspirations and ideas. The astonishingly precise rhythm section of David J and Kevin Haskins pulls off a variety of jaw-dropping performances, including the high-paced tension of the title track and the brooding crawl of "Spy in the Cab." Daniel Ash, much like his longtime hero Mick Ronson, turns out to be a master of turning relatively simple guitar parts into apocalyptic explosions, from the background fills on "St. Vitus Dance" to the brutal descending chords of "Stigmata Martyr." Murphy, meanwhile, channels as much Iggy Pop as he does Bowie, proving to be no simple copyist of either, able to both maniacally sing-shout and take a somewhat lighter touch throughout. The album concludes with the seven-minute "Nerves," an aptly titled piece that alternates between understated energy and unleashed power spiraling toward a dramatic ending. In the Flat Field started off Bauhaus' album career with a near-perfect bang.
    1. Double Dare
    2. In The Flat Field
    3. A God In An Alcove
    4. Dive
    5. The Spy In The Cab
    6. Small Talk Stinks
    7. St. Vitus Dance
    8. Stigmata Martyr
    9. Nerves
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  • Crackle Crackle Quick View

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    Bauhaus are the founding fathers of goth rock, creating a minimalistic, overbearingly gloomy style of post-punk rock driven by jagged guitar chords and cold, distant synthesizers. Throughout their brief career, the band explored all the variations on their bleak musical ideas, adding elements of glam rock, experimental electronic rock, funk and heavy metal.

    And now their 1998 compilation Crackle has finally made it onto vinyl. The tracks have been re-sequenced for the format and there's a special substitution of an unreleased hybrid mix of Bela Lugosi's Dead featuring a 1982 studio vocal over a live backing track. The two disc set is packaged in a gatefold sleeve and, with under 20 minutes playing time per side, the cut is loud with minimum compression.

    1. Double Dare
    2. In The Flat Field
    3. The Sanity Assassin
    4. The Passion Of Lovers
    5. She's in Parties
    6. Kick In The Eye
    7. Ziggy Stardust
    8. Dark Entries
    9. Hollow Hills
    10. Mask
    11. Silent Hedges
    12. Bela Lugosi's Dead (Tomb Raider)
    13. Terror Couple Kill Colonel
    14. Spirit
    15. Burning From The Inside
    16. Crowds
    Vinyl LP - 2 LPs Sealed Buy Now
  • Wild Birds Live Tour Wild Birds Live Tour Quick View

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    Wild Birds Live Tour

    A superb double live album from former Bauhaus frontman Peter Murphy captured in all his majesty touring in support of his landmark solo compilation Wild Birds!

    Features incredible and haunting live versions of the biggest highlights from Murphy's illustrious solo career including "Cuts You Up," "Indigo Eyes," "A Strange Kind Of Love," "Marlene Dietrich's Favourite Poem" and more!

    1. Final Solution
    2. Scarlet Thing In You
    3. Wild Birds
    4. Mirror To My Woman's Mind
    5. Subway
    6. Disappearing
    7. Deep Ocean Vast Sea
    8. I'll Fall With Your Knife
    9. Crystal Wrists
    10. The Sweetest Drop
    11. Hit Song
    12. Indigo Eyes
    13. Marlene Dietrich's Favourite Poem
    14. A Strange Kind Of Love
    15. Cuts You Up
    16. Surrendered
    17. Roll Call-Recall
    18. Huuvola
    Peter Murphy
    Vinyl LP - 2 LPs Sealed Buy Now
  • Love And Rockets (200 Gram) Love And Rockets (200 Gram) Quick View

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    Love And Rockets (200 Gram)

    Mastered For Vinyl By Kevin Gray At Cohearent Audio

    Faithful, Updated Rendering Of Original Art Printed At Stoughton Printing

    Limited Foil-Numbered Edition Of 1,500 200-Gram Black Vinyl

    Comes In Japanese-style Resealable Poly Bag

    Love and Rockets' fourth studio album was by far their most commercially successful record, and includes the hit single "So Alive." Despite its popularity the record is classic Love and Rockets at their most essential level, echoing their early career as members of the seminal post-punk band Bauhaus.

    This title is not eligible for discount.

    1. Jungle Law
    2. No Big Deal
    3. The Purest Blue
    4. Motorcycle
    5. I Feel Speed
    6. Bound For Hell
    7. The Teardrop Collector
    8. So Alive
    9. Rock And Roll Babylon
    10. No Words No More
    Love And Rockets
    200 Gram Audiophile Virgin Vinyl LP Buy Now
  • An Unending Pathway An Unending Pathway Quick View

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    An Unending Pathway

    After two critically beloved records on Seventh Rule and Profound Lore ATRIARCH make their Relapse debut with their finest moment yet. Blending death rock, doom, black metal, punk and psychedelic drone/noise ATRIARCH immediately establish themselves as one of the most creative and compelling heavy-music bands of the 21st century. Imagine Bauhaus as covered by Eyehategod, or Sisters of Mercy filtered through Neurosis, and you start to get the picture of what ATRIARCH has achieved on their new record. Once every few years a band comes along that takes the familiar and creates something wholly new. ATRIARCH have done just that with An Unending Pathway.
    1. Entropy
    2. Collapse
    3. Revenant
    4. Bereavement
    5. Rot
    6. Allfather
    7. Veil
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  • Twelve Dark Noons EP Twelve Dark Noons EP Quick View

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    Twelve Dark Noons EP

    Having expanded from the no-wave two piece of Lucy Cliche and Matthew Hopkins to a fully fleshed out four piece including drummer Lachlan Vercoe and bassist Nic De Jong, our favorite Australian outcasts return with a stunning EP as their follow-up to last years full length Heaps of Nothing. This EP is a bit lighter in mood and delivery; in the words of the bands own Hopkins its a bit like, Dracula fronting the B-52s, and opening track, The Gift is a perfectly modern homage to past dark lords such as Bauhaus and Christian Death.

    Twelve Dark Noons serves as a companion piece to the short experimental film of the same name directed by Jacqueline Castel and produced by Night People Records and Caleb Braaten of Sacred Bones. The film has had several premiers worldwide including SXSW and ZedeBois Gallery in Lisbon. It stars the bands core duo Lucy and Matthew in a horrific mental unraveling set in the Australian outback.

    1. The Gift
    2. Clock of 12s
    3. Happy Endings
    4. Dissatisfaction
    5. The Fridge
    6. High Noon
    Naked On The Vague
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  • Goths Goths Quick View

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    Vinyl Cut At 45 RPM & Packaged In Gatefold Jacket With Full Printed Lyrics

    The theme this time around is goth, a subject closer to my heart perhaps than that of any Mountain Goats album previous. And while John writes the songs, as he always has, it feels more than ever like he's speaking for all of us in the band, erstwhile goths (raises hand) or otherwise, for these are songs that approach an identity most often associated with youth from a perspective that is inescapably adult. Anyone old enough to have had the experience of finding oneself at sea in a cultural landscape that's suddenly indecipherable will empathize with Pat Travers showing up to a Bauhaus show looking to jam, for example.

    But underneath the outward humor, there is evident throughout a real tenderness toward, and solidarity with, our former fellow travelers-the friends whose bands never made it out of Fender's Ballroom, the Gene Loves Jezebels of the world-the ones whose gothic paths were overtaken by the realities of life, or of its opposite. It's something we talk about a lot, how fortunate and grateful we are to share this work, a career that's become something more rewarding and fulfilling than I think any of us could have imagined. We all know how easily it could've gone the other way, and indeed for a long time did.

    -Peter Hughes

    February 2017

    Charlotte, NC

    LP 1
    1. Rain in Soho
    2. Andrew Eldritch Is Moving Back to Leeds
    3. The Grey King and the Silver Flame Attunement
    4. We Do It Different on the West Coast
    5. Unicorn Tolerance
    6. Stench of the Unburied

    LP 2
    1. Wear Black
    2. Paid in Cocaine
    3. Rage of Travers
    4. Shelved
    5. For the Portuguese Goth Metal
    6. Bands

    The Mountain Goats
    Vinyl LP 45 RPM - 2 LPs Sealed Buy Now
  • Set Your Lightning Fire Free Set Your Lightning Fire Free Quick View

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    Set Your Lightning Fire Free

    It's been a busy couple of years since the self-release of Shana Falana's debut EP,
    2011's In The Light. The veteran dream pop artist has toured all over the US and
    Europe. She's released two Bandcamp-only collections of lo-fi works, Channel and
    Velvet Pop, as well as a cassette-only document of her early-career music, Shana Falana
    Sings Herself To Sleep. But for all her globetrotting, archiving, and micro-releasing, this
    is the moment we've been waiting for: Set Your Lightning Fire Free.

    A lightning fire is exactly what it sounds like, the earth at odds with itself, burning
    itself to the ground and starting from scratch. On this record, her debut LP, Shana
    Falana makes a point of breaking her own rules. "I've always kept the different sides
    of my music separate. The ambient ballads, the fuzzed out stuff; they all needed to
    exist as their own statements," says Falana, "I would have two or three bands at one
    time: a sludge rock band; a Bulgarian women's choir; a pretty, dreamy organ and guitar
    duo. This is the first record where I've combined all of that, sometimes in the course
    of one song."

    Rather than spending months in the studio, laboring over arrangements and ideas,
    Falana recorded SYLFF in just over a week. The songs were already compact and fully
    realized from years of touring. Recorded at ISOKON studios in upstate New York
    with producer Dan Goodwin (Devo, Kaki King), SYLFF's working mantra was a) get
    the idea down b) move on c) don't look back. Shana chose to record the vocals herself
    alone in various locations, from her bathroom to a child's bedroom. And for the first
    time, Shana wrote and performed her own lead guitar parts.

    The other noticeable difference is the addition of steady drummer and creative
    companion, Mike Amari. The two met at a garden party. Shana was covering a
    Bauhaus song and the two instantly connected. Soon after they were setting up to
    play together for the first time in an abandoned theater in Kingston, New York.
    Mike's minimalistic and tribal approach to drumming was a perfect fit with Shana's
    droning dream pop, and within six months they were heading out on their first
    national tour.

    Shana and Mike's collaboration has culminated in Set Your Lightning Fire Free, and the
    result is a record of stark confidence. Undaunted guitar riffs and thundering drums
    prevail, while Shana's two decades of songwriting and performing lend authority and
    emotion to one or two word refrains like "Gone," "Go," and "There's a Way."
    "Anything," with its Bollywood strings and industrial groove, climaxes with repeated
    shouts of "No, you didn't take anything from me!" in a way that would make James
    Murphy sweat. Lead single "Heavenstay" takes the lilting "higher, higher, higher"
    refrain of In The Light's "Light The Fire" and absolutely soars with the most explosive
    chorus of the LP. Day-Glo guitars are smeared across this record, and Falana's
    veritable army of vocals stacked and vibrating with her eastern European influences.

    1. Gone
    2. Heavenstay
    3. Go
    4. Anything
    5. Know UR Mine
    6. Shine Thru
    7. Second Skin
    8. There's a Way
    9. Dive
    10. That Girl
    Shana Falana
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  • Collision Blonde Collision Blonde Quick View

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    Collision Blonde

    The band's sophomore full length is backed by guitarist Will Allard, bassist Joseph Goode and drummer Ben Sears (who also plays alongside Allard in Whips/Chains). With a new line-up and some years removed from their young, violent hardcore days, Collision Blonde's instrumental prowess sounds less like their elder contemporaries and more a cleaner tone reminiscent of Jesus and Mary Chain and The Cure, yet sharp and uneasy in the vein of Bauhaus' early gothic post-punk edge. Tracks like "Knife" and the closing "Nosedive" are aggressively built up into a cathartic release, alluding to Ceremony, Iceage and mewithoutYou at times.

    The band took a couple of weeks, held up in Allard's basement studio in late March, to record with fellow musician and friend Evan Weiss (You Blew It!, The Jazz June) who helped produce the album. While the music may allude to a heavier dream pop sound, it's still very much a hardcore record reminiscent of Dischord's blends of punk and harmony. Collision Blonde is a lyrical wreck that's driven by love, drugs, depression and waking up in a cold sweat wondering What's next for me? on a consistent basis. It's thoughtfully countered with a harmonic jangle of reverb, delay and hooks, as Xerxes has created their most polarizing work to date.

    1. I Was Wrong
    2. Criminal, Animal
    3. A Toast
    4. Knife
    5. Use As Directed
    6. Chestnut Street
    7. Collision Blonde
    8. Exit 123
    9. (but here we are)
    10. Nosedive

    Vinyl LP - Sealed Buy Now
  • Ritual Of Passing Ritual Of Passing Quick View

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    Ritual Of Passing

    Long Awaited Vinyl Version Of Atriarch's Epic Masterpiece.

    Portland, Oregon's Atriarch are one of the most intriguing bands in today's underground scene, honing over the last few years a unique amalgamation of death rock, classic '80s goth, doom and black metal. Their 2011 album Forever the End was a promising debut, and the group further developed their sound on the recent split LP with comrades Alaric, released last May on 20 Buck Spin.

    Atriarch finds their true sonic calling on their sophomore full-length Ritual of Passing. Delivering tenfold on the potential of the previous two releases, the album is marked by an altogether heavier sound, more deep and substantive. Atriarch draws inspiration from such legendary bands as Christian Death, Bauhaus, Rudimentary Peni and Killing Joke, as well as more recent groups like The Gault, Asunder and Burzum, adding their own twist for a unique take on a classic sound. A stirring, mesmerizing work, Ritual of Passing proves Atriarch is a force to be reckoned with in America's underground heavy music scene.

    1. Parasite
    2. Prayer
    3. Altars
    4. Altruist
    5. Offerings
    6. Crused
    7. Outro (Lucifer Speaks With Death)
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  • All Harm Ends Here All Harm Ends Here Quick View

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    All Harm Ends Here

    The Early Day Miners Good Time Band is back with another platter of Midwest post-goth. Having already introduced their new rhythm section (Matt Griffin on drums and Jonathan Richardson on bass) to the world over the course of their last two tours, with All Harm Ends Here Early Day Miners have combined the lushness of their second album Let Us Garlands Bring with the conciseness of their last full-length Jefferson At Rest. Moreso than on any of their previous efforts, EDM take both musical and tonal cues from the principal architects of the 80's sad-as-hell dark underground - Echo & the Bunnymen, the Church, early-the Cure, and most notably the Bauhaus/Tones On Tail/Love And Rockets axis. While contemporaries like Bedhead and Interpol have mined primarily the darkest aspects of these long shadows, there lies in Early Day Miners' method an innate sense of hope that transcends even their darkest themes (decay, suicide, desertion). Perhaps this is most evident in the guitar interplay of long-time collaborators Dan Burton (Ativin) and Joseph Brumley. Arpeggios abound, the works of Roger McGuinn and The Edge come to mind in that there is a sense of hopefulness and sublimation which drives the songs to a better place. While the album is filled with death and ghosts of all sorts, its unifying theme is the individual's ability to escape the death and ghosts. Even the making of the album (which was done just outside of the band's hometown of Bloomington, Indiana, on the outskirts of Hoosier National Forest) was plagued by ghosts and phantoms. Recorded at the Old Mt. Gilead Church - recently revamped into a recording studio and still immediately surrounded on three sides by a dozen acres of 150-year old cemetery - principal tracking for All Harm Ends Here was halted for days at a time on multiple occasions when inexplicable flutter infected the reels of tape, almost requiring EDM to relocate its principal tracking altogether. Mixing and overdubbing was done at Burton's own Grotto Home Studio in an effort to evade those ghosts in the machine which possessed Old Mt. Gilead. While the Early Day Miners don't make flashy music, their layered music rewards the repeat listener. If you listen closely enough, in fact, you can hear ghosts in the distance.
    The Union Trade
    All Harm
    Precious Blood
    We Know in Part
    The Way We Live Now
    The Purest Red
    Early Day Miners
    Vinyl LP - Sealed Buy Now
  • Born Villain (Out Of Stock) Born Villain (Out Of Stock) Quick View


    Born Villain (Out Of Stock)

    Born Villain is the eighth studio album from the always controversial artist Marilyn Manson, to be released in a joint venture between his own label Hell, etc. and Cooking Vinyl. Manson described the release as more romantic yet self-abusive and featuring a sound he dubs suicide death metal. All the Manson benchmarks are once again here including dark, sinister vocals, throbbing rhythms and heavy, thrashing guitars not to mention some punk rock fervor thrown in for good measure. Includes the rhythmic lead single No Reflection.

    The new record put simply has the ambition and determination of how I started making music in the first place, Manson says. It sounds like the first record in that it's not afraid to do anything. I had to remove myself from my lifestyle and start fresh. It doesn't really sound like any of my old records. In fact it sort of sounds like what I listened to before I made records; Killing Joke, Joy Division, Revolting Cocks, Bauhaus, Birthday Party. It's very rhythm-driven. I think this will probably be the grandest concept record of all.

    1. Hey Cruel World...
    2. No Reflection
    3. Pistol Whipped
    4. Overneath The Path Of Misery
    5. Slo Mo Tion
    6. The Gardener
    7. The Flowers Of Evil

    8. Children Of Cain
    9. Disengaged
    10. Lay Down Your Goddamn Arms
    11. Murders Are Getting Prettier Every Day
    12. Born Villain
    13. Breaking The Same Old Ground

    Marilyn Manson
    180 Gram Audiophile Virgin Vinyl LP - 2 LPs Sealed Temporarily out of stock
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