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Best Of The Doobies

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  • Best Of The Doobie Brothers Best Of The Doobie Brothers Quick View

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    Best Of The Doobie Brothers

    Cut From Analogue Masters

    Original Artwork

    The blend of folk-style finger-picking of Pat Simmons with the rough-hewn rock licks of Tom Johnston, whose soulful lead vocals gave the band its initial distinctive sound, helped The Doobie Brothers to define what would become known as the California sound of the 70s. The exceptional 8 piece sold more than 40 million albums worldwide and brought country-rock, folk-rock, and boogie jams to pop radio with their slick synthesis of sounds.

    Released in 1976 Best Of The Doobies was the band's first greatest hits album and contained material from Toulouse Street through to Takin' It To The Streets. The album rose to success peaking at #5 on the Billboard 200 and went on to become a diamond record.

    1. China Grove
    2. Long Train Runnin'
    3. Takin' It To The Streets
    4. Listen To The Music
    5. Black Water
    6. Rockin' Down The Highway
    7. Jesus Is Just Alright
    8. It Keeps You Runnin'
    9. South City Midnight Lady
    10. Take Me In Your Arms
    11. Without You
    The Doobie Brothers
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  • Best Of The Doobie Brothers II Best Of The Doobie Brothers II Quick View

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    Best Of The Doobie Brothers II

    Cut From Analogue Masters

    Original Artwork

    As one of the most popular California pop/rock bands of the '70s, the Doobie Brothers evolved from a mellow, post-hippie boogie band to a slick, soul-inflected pop band by the end of the decade. Along the way, the band racked up a string of gold and platinum albums in the U.S., along with a number of radio hits like Listen to the Music, Black Water, and China Grove.

    Having released a further three albums since the band's initial first greatest hits release, Livin' on the Fault Line, Minute by Minute and One Step Closer facilitated 1981's Best Of The Doobies - Volume II's creation. The record showcased the band's new blue-eyed soul sound with soft rock emphasizing keyboards and horns, including the Top Ten hits "Real Love" and Grammy Award winning Record of the Year "What A Fool Believes"

    1. Little Darling (I Need You)
    2. Echoes Of Love
    3. You Belong To Me
    4. One Step Closer
    5. What A Fool Believes
    6. Dependin' On You
    7. Here To Love You
    8. One By One
    9. Real Love
    10. Minute By Minute
    The Doobie Brothers
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  • Minute By Minute Minute By Minute Quick View

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    Minute By Minute

    1980 was a magical year for The Doobie Brothers. Their best selling album of all time Minute By Minute went on to receive not one, but FOUR Grammy Awards that year. It was a history making musical event, and now Friday Music is very proud to release for the first time on 180 Gram Vinyl this award winning classic rock album from these Bay area legends Not only do you get the smash title track, but how about the #1 What A Fool Believes, Dependin' On You plus all of the other Doobie classics that embody this ultimate career album. Mastered impeccably by Joe Reagoso and includes the original art elements and new liner notes. A sonic masterpiece waiting for you to enjoy!
    1. Here To Love You
    2. What A Fool Believes
    3. Dependin' On You
    4. Minute By Minute
    5. Don't Stop To Watch The Wheels
    6. Open Our Eyes
    7. Steamer Lake Breakdown
    8. Sweet Feelin'
    9. You Never Change
    10. How Do The Fools Survive
    The Doobie Brothers
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  • Live At Wolf Trap Live At Wolf Trap Quick View

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    Live At Wolf Trap

    Having sold millions of albums since their beginnings in the 1970s, the Doobie Brothers have maintained a loyal fan base over the course of their astonishing 30-year career. Despite the inevitable lineup changes over the years, the band continues to be a strong touring outfit & this top quality recording is fresh from their 2004 tour. Recorded at the Wolf Trap in Virginia, the band delivers the hits the fans love, alongside the best of their most recent material.
    1. Rockin' Down The Highway
    2. Jesus Is Just Alright
    3. Dangerous
    4. Another Park, Another Sunday
    5. Steamer Lane (Instrumental)
    6. South City Midnight Lady
    7. Snake Man
    8. 5 Corners
    9. Rainy Day Crossroad Blues
    10. Clear As The Driven Snow
    11. Don't Start Me Talkin'
    12. Take Me In You Arms
    13. Little Bitty
    14. Black Water
    15. Long Train Runnin'
    16. China Grove
    17. Listen To The Music
    The Doobie Brothers
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  • Takin' It To The Streets  (Discontinued) Takin' It To The Streets (Discontinued) Quick View

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    Takin' It To The Streets (Discontinued)


    Moving away from their brand of Boogie Rock, Takin' It To The Streets introduced Steely Dan's Michael McDonald to the band which resulted in an new direction to these California Pop rockers' sound. More polished, more soulful, funkier and with a varied set of catchy songs, Takin' It To The Streets (1976) meant a new and successful start for the already established Boogie Rock band.

    Regarded by many as their most creative period, the late seventies resulted in some great sounding, well balanced and interesting albums of which Takin' It To The Streets was arguably one of the best. Highlights of the album are modern Pop classic Takin' It To The Streets, the funky Rio and the energetic Soul rocker Turn It Loose.

    1. Wheels Of Fortune
    2. Takin' It To The Streets
    3. 8th Avenue Shuffle

    4. Losin' End
    5. Rio
    6. For Someone Special
    7. It Keeps You Runnin'
    8. Turn It Loose
    9. Carry Me Away
    The Doobie Brothers
    180 Gram Audiophile Virgin Vinyl LP - Sealed Buy Now
  • Brothers Of The Road Brothers Of The Road Quick View

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    Brothers Of The Road


    Includes Insert With Song Lyrics

    The Allman Brothers Band is best known for their typical Southern Rock sound and incorporating elements of blues, jazz and country music. Their eight studio album Brothers Of The Road originally came out in 1981 and was produced by John Ryan who did production work for Styx and The Doobie Brothers.

    The single Straight From The Heart from the album became their first top 40 hit since their heyday. It peaked at #39 on the Billboard Hot 100 and #11 on Billboard's Rock Top Tracks chart.

    1. Brothers Of The Road
    2. Leavin '
    3. Straight From The Heart
    4. The Heat Is On
    5. Maybe We Can Go Back To Yesterday
    6. The Judgment
    7. Two Rights
    8. Never Knew How Much (I Needed You)
    9. Things You Used To Do
    10. I Beg Of You
    The Allman Brothers Band
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  • Woman Woman Quick View

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    Vinyl Comes With A Copy Of The CD

    3 Full Sides Of Audio And One Side Etched

    Justice's new album "Woman" is a journey that catapults you from the elastic R&B pop of "Pleasure" straight into the rush of "Alakazam!". Twirls through a dazzling bout of thumping electronic piano and clavinet sparring during "Fire"'s dancefloor peacocking, barely pausing for breath before it lands at "Stop" - a sparkling, bittersweet slice of disco pop that boasts one of the best chorus the pair have ever had on a track. "Randy" has a melody Michael McDonald would have killed a fellow Doobie Brother for (if Michael McDonald was into gut-shuddering electro that is). "Love S.O.S, meanwhile, sounds like the greatest disco anthem you've never heard.

    LP 1
    1. Safe and Sound
    2. Pleasure
    3. Alakazam !
    4. Fire
    5. Stop
    6. Chorus

    LP 2
    1. Randy
    2. Heavy Metal
    3. Love S.O.S
    4. Close Call

    Vinyl LP - 2 LPs Sealed Buy Now
  • Blood, Sweat & Tears 4 Blood, Sweat & Tears 4 Quick View

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    Blood, Sweat & Tears 4

    Limited Edition 180 Gram Audiophile Blue Vinyl with Tri-Fold Cover

    For the first time in many years, Friday Music is proud to announce the new definitive remaster version of Blood, Sweat & Tears 1971 masterwork Blood, Sweat & Tears 4. Featuring the unmistakable voice of David Clayton Thomas, BST 4 yielded the band a platinum + l.p. effort with several hit singles like Lisa Listen To Me and the rocking Go Down Gamblin. The was the last album from the original line-up of charter members including David Clayton Thomas, Steve Katz, Bobby Colomby, Lew Solof, etc. Even founder Al Kooper lends a hand on the project with his stunning arrangement and composition John The Baptist. Includes A+ remastering from the original Columbia vault tapes by Joe Reagoso (Boz Scaggs, Hall and Oates, Doobie Brothers) and original art elements
    not seen in years. The complete deal as you would expect from Friday Music. We can honesty say that we think this is the definitive best sounding version of this classic yet!

    1. Go Down Gamblin'
    2. Cowboys And Indians
    3. John The Baptist (Holy John)
    4. Redemption
    5. Lisa, Listen To Me
    6. A Look To My Heart
    7. High On A Mountain
    8. Valentine's Day
    9. Take Me In Your Arms
    10. For My Lady
    11. Mama Gets High
    12. A Look To My Heart (Duet)
    Blood, Sweat & Tears
    180 Gram Audiophile Virgin Vinyl LP Buy Now
  • Montrose Montrose Quick View

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    The Legendary Debut from Sammy Hagar, Ronnie Montrose, Denny Carmassi and Bill Church

    Mastered Impeccably by Joe Reagoso and Kevin Gray from the Original Warner Bros Tapes

    In 1973 a hard working rock band named Montrose set the world on fire with their debut album simply called Montrose. Ronnie Montroses guitar work was that of legendary proportions even that early on and what he also brought to the game was a newcomer and future superstar Sammy Hagar to the hard rock music world. With heavy pile drivers like Bad Motor Scooter and Rock The Nation, the album and the band Montrose rose to fame rather quickly and became trailblazers for many hard rock outfits for years to follow.

    Produced by Ted Templeman (Van Halen/The Doobie Brothers) and Montrose, the Montrose album was full of great songs and superstar delivery from Ronnie Montrose (guitars) and Sammy Hagar (vocals), as well as a solid rhythm section provided by Denny Carmassi (drums) and Bill Church (bass). This quartet rocked the house then and now with tunes like Rock Candy, Make It Last and the Roy Brown classic Good Rockin Tonight.

    In an effort to continue to bring you the best recordings ever made on this planet, Friday Music is very proud to announce the 180 Gram Audiophile Vinyl first time release of Montrose. Mastered impeccably by Joe Reagoso and Kevin Gray from the original Warner Bros. tapes at Friday Music Studios, this amazing debut continues to resonate and bring hard rockin excitement with every listen. Indeed, the Montrose album is truly a defining masterwork from the early '70s, which continues to stand the classic rock test of time.

    For this amazing HQ release, Friday Music has also included the original LP artwork not seen in the LP format since its first release, a poly lined sleeve to protect your LP and a poly bag for the beautiful LP artwork with photos by the renowned Norman Seeff.

    1. Rock the Nation

    2. Bad Motor Scooter
    3. Space Station No. 5
    4. I Dont Want It
    5. Good Rockin Tonight
    6. Rock Candy
    7. One Thing on My Mind
    8. Make It Last

    180 Gram Audiophile Virgin Vinyl LP Buy Now
  • Christopher Cross Christopher Cross Quick View

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    Christopher Cross

    1st Time on 180 Gram Vinyl

    Mastered from the Original Tapes

    Gatefold Cover

    The legendary Christopher Cross set the music world on fire back in 1979 with his superstar brand of rock, pop and soulful
    melodies which landed him at the top of the charts almost immediately with his debut self-titled masterpiece Christopher Cross.
    Augmented with the brilliant musicianship of master musicians like Michael McDonald, Nicolette Larson, Don Henley, Eric
    Johnson, Larry Carlton, Valerie Carter, Billy Payne, Michael Omartian and J.D Souther, the Christopher Cross album would prove to
    become the huge catalyst for things to come.

    For the next two years, the singles and hit album tracks would take the artist to the top of all the popular music charts as this
    masterwork would eventually take the artist to the 1981 Grammy Awards, where he would go on to win in five major categories,
    including Album Of The Year, Record Of The Year, Song Of The Year and Best New Artist Of The Year. This historic feat hasn't been
    matched since, and it's easy to hear why the music tells the story.
    The nine performances contained within the Christopher Cross album were of legendary proportion, which still makes this
    one of the most successful albums of the classic rock era.

    No stone is left unturned, as this masterpiece is loaded with hit after hit
    with smashes like the number one Sailing which forever etched the title superstar to this legend, as well as more number ones and
    top charters like his first hit single Ride Like The Wind which crossed unto all radio formats back in 1979. And who could forget the
    amazing background vocals of fellow superstar Michael McDonald of The Doobie Brothers!
    More Cross magic continues with the rockin' opener Say You'll Be Mine duet with the late great Nicolette Larson and his jazz
    centerpiece Spinnin' featuring the golden voice of Valerie Carter.
    As one of the most enduring albums in history, the Christopher Cross LP also shows the guitar showmanship of this legend with significant guitar workouts on tracks like Minstrel Gigolo, The Light Is On and the hit single Never Be The Same.

    All in all, a collection of songs which took the fans by storm, forever associating the title superstar to the Christopher Cross name.
    As another stunning release in our Friday Music Christopher Cross Original Master series, we are pleased to announce for the
    very first time on 180 Gram Audiophile Vinyl his amazing debut Christopher Cross. Mastered impeccably from the original Warner
    Bros. Records tapes by Joe Reagoso at Friday Music studios and at Capitol Records in Hollywood, this amazing classic truly shines
    in the audiophile vinyl domain.

    To enhance your limited edition album experience, this first time audiophile vinyl release is also for a very short time being offered in a wonderful gatefold cover presentation, showcasing the original lyrics sleeve not seen in years.
    Welcome back to the amazing debut smash Christopher Cross by superstar Christopher Cross an audiophile first time vinyl
    release, only from your friends at Friday Music. Sailing Takes Me Awa

    Side One
    1. Say You'll Be Mine
    2. I Really Don't Know
    3. Spinning
    4. Never Be The Same
    5. Poor Shirley

    Side Two
    1. Ride Like The Wind
    2. The Light Is On
    3. Sailing
    4. Mistrel Gigolo

    Christopher Cross
    180 Gram Audiophile Virgin Vinyl LP Buy Now
  • History: America's Greatest Hits (Awaiting Repress) History: America's Greatest Hits (Awaiting Repress) Quick View

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    History: America's Greatest Hits (Awaiting Repress)

    The legendary rock superstars America burst onto the rock music scene in the early-'70s with their much revered classic self-titled debut featuring A Horse With No Name which forever changed the fortunes of this very popular rock trio.

    After many successful albums and top charting pop and album rock singles, Warner Bros. honored this legendary act with their first best of collection History: Americas Greatest Hits. Produced by the legendary George Martin (The Beatles), this 1976 platter was filled with a generous helping of their most popular hit singles and album tracks from many smash albums like Homecoming, Hearts and Holiday.

    The 12-track masterpiece is loaded with original hit tracks like A Horse With No Name, Ventura Highway, Tin Man, Sister Golden Hair, I Need You and even more classics like Daisy Jane and Lonely People.

    Being one of the most popular albums in their career, History: Americas Greatest Hits went on to collect multi-platinum accolades since its 1976 release. The original vinyl version of this masterpiece has not been available for decades, that is until now!

    Friday Music presents for the very first time on audiophile vinyl, History: Americas Greatest Hits. Mastered impeccably from the original Warner Bros. tapes by Joe Reagoso (America/Doobie Brothers/Yes), this amazing rock classic truly shines in the audiophile vinyl domain. Original vinyl mixes of their classic hit singles and solid album tracks like Sandman, Woman Tonight and Only In Your Heart truly resonate with the listener.

    To enhance your limited edition LP, Friday Music has also included a poly bag for the much acclaimed Phil Hartmann (Saturday Night Live) album cover artwork and a poly lined sleeve for the vinyl LP.

    1. A Horse With No Name
    2. I Need You
    3. Sandman
    4. Ventura Highway
    5. Dont Cross The River
    6. Only In Your Heart
    7. Muskrat Love
    8. Tin Man
    9. Lonely People
    10. Sister Golden Hair
    11. Daisy Jane
    12. Woman Tonight
    180 Gram Audiophile Virgin Vinyl LP AWAITING REPRESS Buy Now
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