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  • Horn Ok Please - Road To Bollywood Horn Ok Please - Road To Bollywood Quick View

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    Horn Ok Please - Road To Bollywood

    'Horn OK Please: Road To Bollywood' features a hand-picked selection of the biggest, funkiest tracks from the 80s right through to today and is the definitive soundtrack to experience India.

    With a global audience of 3 Billion, Bollywood's impact on world culture has long travelled worldwide. From the boutiques of Kensington to fashion houses in Paris, to basslines of Hip Hop anthems and plotlines of American sitcoms, Bollywood is fast becoming ubiquitous. The title 'Horn OK Please - Road to Bollywood' is perhaps India's most ever-present phrases. This grammatically erroneous phrase is commonly painted on trucks, buses or local taxis in India. The purpose of the phrase is to alert a driver of a vehicle approaching from behind to sound their horn in case they wish to overtake.

    1. Saturday Saturday
    2. Let's Nacho
    3. Why This Kolaveri Di? (The Soup of Love)
    4. Neele Neele Ambar Par (Male Version- Vinyl master)
    5. Gal Mitthi Mitthi

    6. Ladki Badi Anjani Hai (Vinyl master)
    7. Tunak Tunak Tun (Vinyl master)
    8. Disco, 84 (Vinyl master)
    9. Desi Girl (Vinyl master)
    10. It's the Time to Disco (Vinyl master)
    11. You Are My Soniya (Vinyl master)
    Various Artists
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  • Wester Easter Wester Easter Quick View

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    Wester Easter

    Limited To 500

    I'm at a loss to name any bands that Old Smokey sounds like. Old Smokey is a dark, gypsy/Middle Eastern, folk collision. It's a mixture of string and woodwind instruments unlike any I've seen. - Mark Ellers, Athens Banner Herald

    Old Smokey's instrumental tune Leggy, is a pleasant, wandering thing, a nice little taste of the band's upcoming full-length, reportedly titled Wester Easter. - Gabe Vodicka, Flagpole Magazine

    Local weavers of the string dream known as Old Smokey have finished their debut record, titled Wester Easter and may we say, it's an ear tickling treasure for sure. - Zeke Sayer, Gypsy Farm

    Old Smokey is a unique five piece ensemble featuring Jim Willingham on banjo, Jason Trahan on lap steel, John Fernandes on violin/clarinet/bass clarinet, Jacob Morris on cello, and Rob Lomax on drums. Their quixotic and sometimes haunting sound has developed organically; the way the instrumentation of the band blends is both complementary and evocative. This distinctive unit began playing together over two years ago. Old Smokey's first full-length album, Wester Easter will be released on Cloud Recordings.

    Wester Easter covers a wide span of musical influences, but retains a coherent sound, all its own. Some of the songs capture an Ennio Morricone spaghetti-western influence, while others take on an East Indian psychedelic palette not unlike some of the wanderings of Erkin Koray, or a lost Bollywood soundtrack from the seventies. Dead Man's Pose, a chant-y upbeat scorcher, is grounded in something akin to a New Orleans second line structure. There are a few numbers on Wester Easter that seem to be channeling the tumbleweed landscapes of The Sons of Pioneers, or the smoky country of a Roger Miller ballad. There's even a bit of a rock n' roll stomp or Velvets' rattle to numbers such as All the Way Slow -- but it's almost as if the band got lost in Appalachia on the way to the sock hop. John Fernandes, Cloud Recordings' main-man, and Old Smokey's violin and clarinet player, has approximated sonic references for Old Smokey: Fans of Bruce Langhorne, Abner Jay, Bollywood steel guitar music, and The Monks will surely dig our hard to describe sound.

    Despite a wide adventurous berth, Wester Easter is not the soundtrack of a flippant genre-jumping band. Throughout the album, their strong, sonorous mark is consistently there, as the instruments blend, swirl, and crescendo, then break down, from time to time, into the spidery banjo, drums, and plucked-cello skeletal substructure. Led by Jim's reedy lead vocal, spinning narratives or spilling out constellations of imagery, the whole band often joins, in chorus, to create layered harmonies or group chants.

    Old Smokey is compiled of veterans of the Athens music scene. Members have played with bands such as The Olivia Tremor Control, Circulatory System, Vic Chesnutt, Ham1, Moths, Madeline, The Good Ship, and The New Sound of Numbers, to name just a few of their past and current projects.

    1. Dead Man's Post
    2. The Transylvania Effect
    3. You're Always Gonna Be Able To Get One More
    4. All The Way Slow
    5. The Whistler's Song
    6. Freedom Cowboy
    7. Wester Easter
    8. Transylvania Link
    9. Everyday I'm Building A Fool
    10. Leggy
    11. Vacant Lot
    12. Drifter
    13. Mapache
    Old Smokey
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  • Trust Now Trust Now Quick View

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    Trust Now

    Trust Now is the keystone album of Brooklyns Prince Rama. The album takes the kaleidoscopic mysticism of ancient devotional music and focuses it through the fierce urgency and archetypal language of pop, forming an environment that is both accessible and impenetrable.

    Deep synths rise from a sparkling sea of gamelans and prayer bells as tribal drums pound the earth with the hypnotic power to heal or destroy. Voices carry captivating and haunting melodies that shine like the diamond jewels of old Bollywood soundtracks spilling over dark wave dance floors.

    First conceived as a ritual to be performed live, the songs were fittingly recorded inside a 19th century church in Seattle by Scott Colburn (Sun City Girls, Animal Collective, Arcade Fire). As their 5th full-length album, and first as a duo, Trust Now is perhaps Prince Ramas most focused, cohesive and powerful album to date.

    1. Rest in Peace
    2. Summer of Love
    3. Trust
    4. Portaling
    5. Incarnation
    6. Golden Silence
    Prince Rama
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  • World Garage World Garage Quick View

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    World Garage

    Inspired by Bollywood, a trip to Morocco, and Serge Gainsbourg, Angelo Spencers second full-length World Garage brings armloads of new instruments and the flavor of exotic locations to a compilation of songs that amount to more than just an album, but an experience of wildness. Hearing Spencer transition from English to French, from guitar to hand percussion, and from soft singing to auto tuned screaming, its easy to close your eyes and imagine that youre running barefoot through the soft grass of, somewhere. Somewhere else.

    Backed by local musicians Ben Kapp, Karl Blau, Clyde Petersen, with guest vocals by Rebecca Redman (from the band Watercolor paintings), World Garage began as a bundle of unfinished songs that Spencer played for everyone, along with a mixtape of Algerian, Moroccan, and Bollywood selections meant to serve as inspiration for how he wanted the finished album to sound; from the sounds of it, it did the trick.

    1. Tanger, Tanger

    2. Transmission
    3. 10 Feet Tall
    4. La Marche
    5. 3 Heures
    6. Let You Down
    7. Immune System Crashing Down
    8. Dirty Blues
    9. Les Haut Sommet
    10. Gallop
    Angelo Spencer Et Les Hauts Sommets
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  • Set Your Lightning Fire Free Set Your Lightning Fire Free Quick View

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    Set Your Lightning Fire Free

    It's been a busy couple of years since the self-release of Shana Falana's debut EP,
    2011's In The Light. The veteran dream pop artist has toured all over the US and
    Europe. She's released two Bandcamp-only collections of lo-fi works, Channel and
    Velvet Pop, as well as a cassette-only document of her early-career music, Shana Falana
    Sings Herself To Sleep. But for all her globetrotting, archiving, and micro-releasing, this
    is the moment we've been waiting for: Set Your Lightning Fire Free.

    A lightning fire is exactly what it sounds like, the earth at odds with itself, burning
    itself to the ground and starting from scratch. On this record, her debut LP, Shana
    Falana makes a point of breaking her own rules. "I've always kept the different sides
    of my music separate. The ambient ballads, the fuzzed out stuff; they all needed to
    exist as their own statements," says Falana, "I would have two or three bands at one
    time: a sludge rock band; a Bulgarian women's choir; a pretty, dreamy organ and guitar
    duo. This is the first record where I've combined all of that, sometimes in the course
    of one song."

    Rather than spending months in the studio, laboring over arrangements and ideas,
    Falana recorded SYLFF in just over a week. The songs were already compact and fully
    realized from years of touring. Recorded at ISOKON studios in upstate New York
    with producer Dan Goodwin (Devo, Kaki King), SYLFF's working mantra was a) get
    the idea down b) move on c) don't look back. Shana chose to record the vocals herself
    alone in various locations, from her bathroom to a child's bedroom. And for the first
    time, Shana wrote and performed her own lead guitar parts.

    The other noticeable difference is the addition of steady drummer and creative
    companion, Mike Amari. The two met at a garden party. Shana was covering a
    Bauhaus song and the two instantly connected. Soon after they were setting up to
    play together for the first time in an abandoned theater in Kingston, New York.
    Mike's minimalistic and tribal approach to drumming was a perfect fit with Shana's
    droning dream pop, and within six months they were heading out on their first
    national tour.

    Shana and Mike's collaboration has culminated in Set Your Lightning Fire Free, and the
    result is a record of stark confidence. Undaunted guitar riffs and thundering drums
    prevail, while Shana's two decades of songwriting and performing lend authority and
    emotion to one or two word refrains like "Gone," "Go," and "There's a Way."
    "Anything," with its Bollywood strings and industrial groove, climaxes with repeated
    shouts of "No, you didn't take anything from me!" in a way that would make James
    Murphy sweat. Lead single "Heavenstay" takes the lilting "higher, higher, higher"
    refrain of In The Light's "Light The Fire" and absolutely soars with the most explosive
    chorus of the LP. Day-Glo guitars are smeared across this record, and Falana's
    veritable army of vocals stacked and vibrating with her eastern European influences.

    1. Gone
    2. Heavenstay
    3. Go
    4. Anything
    5. Know UR Mine
    6. Shine Thru
    7. Second Skin
    8. There's a Way
    9. Dive
    10. That Girl
    Shana Falana
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