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Bowling For Soup

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  • Whatever Will Happen Whatever Will Happen Quick View

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    Whatever Will Happen

    I was walking to the post office a few months ago when I saw 5 unkempt
    figures heading my way. As they got closer, I recognized these guys. They had
    played at our gallery last month, fogged the windows up good. Captivated the
    crowd with their impossibly balanced creation of modern and classic, a blend of
    Steely Dan cool and General Public pop, Squeezish hooks and Aztec Camera
    guitar flair. It was like a crash course in 60s pop, 70s avant-garde, 80s new wave
    and 90s popkid charm, with that unmistakable Puget Sound flavor. They were iji.

    Iji's a band projecting their own brand of pop, nudging the genre into the
    comfort zone of a punk community, embracing a desire for rack-a-chack, ethereal
    and naivist sounds often unexplored by contemporaries.

    Back on the sidewalk, I asked them what they were doing back in town.
    Apparently after the Team Love show the band had decided to go night swimming.
    Oblivious to the magical, secluded moonlit respite where the river bends wide or
    the lake meets the shallow cliff, iji wound up breaking into the local community
    pool, immediately getting arrested by the local community cops, and spending the
    night in the local community clink.    Now, rather than being out on tour in some
    distant state or country spreading their transcendental party music, they had routed
    themselves back up Hudson Valley way to appear in court and find that their
    punishment was, essentially, all the cash in their merch box. A bummer; quickly
    diverted by throwing together a few last minute shows and cruising on.

    Shortly after this chance encounter Quarterbacks Dean came by the shop
    and said he had heard the new iji album and did I want to give it a listen. I said
    something like, fuck yeah, and that was that.

    Zach Burba, the founder of iji, is what you might call a lifer. Iji is always
    in a state of 'to be continued,' in the way that a journeyman is always and
    perpetually transitioning into the master. They've put out numerous albums, singles,
    cassettes, and splits over the past 10 years; toured coast to coast playing DIY
    venues and houses where restrictions don't apply. This type of DIY pop is a
    lifestyle; it's Kokopelli roaming the countryside sharing a song in exchange for a
    roof and a bowl of soup.

    On Whatever Will Happen, iji has whipped a notebook full of travel
    poems into a full-length American Experimental Highway Pop Opus. The band's
    eleventh or twelfth album is the first one recorded at Anacortes, Washington's The
    Unknown Music Studio with a solid line-up, the Seattle underground music scene's
    best players. Jake Jones and Curran Foster from Sick Sad World, Will Murdoch
    from Pill Wonder, Evan Easthope from Neighbors, Erin Birgy of Mega Bog, plus a
    handful of jazz horn players and inspired back-up singers. Whatever Will Happen
    speeds past quiet beaches with soft-rock wind in the hair, through mountain passes
    with windows-down-power-pop, into seedy cities with free-jazz flavor and shameless
    disco grooves.

    The next time iji come to town, I'm going to take them up to the ridge and
    show them a real swimming hole, something that's locals-only and worthy of their
    greatness. And with that said, let's wrap this up by stating that Team Love is proud
    to announce the release of Whatever Will Happen.

    1. Cruisin USA
    2. Cool Moves
    3. All The Light
    4. Hard 2 Wait
    5. Parking Lot Palms
    6. Something Else
    7. Eastern Beach
    8. Dark Session
    9. Crumbs and Wires
    10. Bound 2 Glory
    11. They Play
    12. Let Fire Come
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  • Lunch. Drunk. Love. (Awaiting Repress) Lunch. Drunk. Love. (Awaiting Repress) Quick View

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    Lunch. Drunk. Love. (Awaiting Repress)

    In today's disposable music industry, a twenty year career is something almost unheard of. It takes a band with a big heart, a loyalty to one of the most varied group of fans ever and just a sheer love of making people smile to do it properly. It takes a band from Texas...that band is Bowling For Soup.

    Produced by Jarinus (Linus of Hollywood and Jaret Reddick), Lunch. Drunk. Love. is a completely fan funded album through PledgeMusic. The band were able to include their fans on the entire process from demos to recording and even allowed the fans to name the album through an online poll!
    With heartfelt breakup songs like 'Since We Broke Up' and 'Envy,' upbeat pop-culture / name dropping songs that ONLY BFS can pull off such as 'Normal Chicks,' and a surprising cover of the Edie Brickell and the New Bohemians song 'Circle,' this could actually prove to be Bowling For Soup s most well rounded album to date...And it's number freakin 14 for these dudes!

    1. Critically Disdained
    2. Since We Broke Up
    3. Real
    4. And I Think You Like Me Too
    5. Envy
    6. I Am Waking Up Today
    7. Circle
    8. Right About Now
    9. Couple of Days
    10. Kevin Weaver
    11. Rooftops
    12. How Far This Can Go
    13. Normal Chicks
    Bowling For Soup
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  • Fishin' For Woos Fishin' For Woos Quick View

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    Fishin' For Woos

    Bowling For Soup has become a worldwide phenomenon with a string of hit singles to their credit. The band is also a TV and movie-soundtrack juggernaut whose Emmy nominated contribution to some Disney stuff!

    Recorded at Valve Studios in the band's hoemtown of Dallas, TX, Bolwing For Soup's 11th studio album features the fun lovin' rock band at their very best. The band kicked off 2011 by perfomring their lead single, S-S-S-Saturday to a worldwide audience at the Professional Bowling Associations Tournment of Champions on ABC Television.

    1. Let's Pretend We're Not In Love

    2. Girls In America
    3. S-S-S-Saturday
    4. What About Us
    5. Here's Your Freakin' Song
    6. This Aint My Day
    7. Smiley Faces (It's All Good)
    8. Turbulence
    9. I've Never Done Anything Like This
    10. Friends Chicks Guitars
    11. Guard My Heart (2010)
    12. Graduation Trip
    Bowling For Soup
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