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Charlie Parker

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  • The Complete Savoy Dial Recordings The Complete Savoy Dial Recordings Quick View

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    The Complete Savoy Dial Recordings

    180 Gram 10 LP Box Set

    Deluxe 10LP Box-set, 180 gram Audiophile Vinyl with 36 page Booklet is definitive early, vintage Charlie Parker with giants like Miles Davis, Dizzy Gillespie, Bud Powell, Max Roach, Erroll Garner. A 'sine qua non' for every jazz

    1. Made To Break Your Heart
    2. When We LP 1
    (With Tiny Grimes Quintette/Dizzy Gillespie All Star Quintet/Dizzy Gillespie Sextet)
    1. Tiny's Tempo
    2. I'll Always Love You Just the Same
    3. Romance Without Finance
    4. Red Cross
    5. Tiny's Tempo
    6. Tiny's Tempo
    7. I'll Always Love You Just the Same
    8. Romance Without Finance
    9. Romance Without Finance
    10. Romance Without Finance
    11. Romance Without Finance
    12. Red Cross
    13. Groovin' High
    14. All the Things You Are
    15. Dizzy Atmosphere
    16. Salt Peanuts
    17. Shaw 'Nuff
    18. Lover Man
    19. Hot House

    (Charlie Parker's Reboppers/Slim Gaillard & His Orchestra/Dizzy Gillespie Jazzmen)
    1. Warmin Up a Riff
    2. Billie's Bounce
    3. Now's the Time
    4. Thrivin' from a Riff
    5. Meandering
    6. KoKo
    7. Billie's Bounce
    8. Billie's Bounce
    9. Billie's Bounce
    10. Billie's Bounce
    11. Now's the Time
    12. Now's the Time
    13. Now's the Time
    14. Thrivin' from a Riff
    15. Thrivin' from a Riff
    16. KoKo
    17. Dizzy's Boogie
    18. Flat Foot Floogie
    19. Poppity Pop
    20. Slim's Jam
    21. Dizzy's Boogie
    22. Flat Foot Floogie
    23. Diggin' Diz

    (Charlie Parker Septet/(Charlie Parker with others/(Charlie Parker Quintet)
    1. Moose the Mooche
    2. Yardbird Suite
    3. Ornithology
    4. A Night in Tunisia
    5. Moose the Mooche
    6. Moose the Mooche
    7. Yardbird Suite
    8. Ornithology
    9. Ornithology
    10. A Night in Tunisia
    11. A Night in Tunisia
    12. Max Making Wax
    13. Lover Man
    14. The Gypsy
    15. Bebop - A
    16. Blues on the Sofa (Blues # 1)
    17. Kopely Plaza Blues (Blues # 2)
    18. Yardbird Suite
    19. Lullaby in Rhythm, Part 1
    20. Lullaby in Rhythm, Part 2
    21. Home Cooking II : Cherokee
    22. Home Cooking III: I Got Rhythm
    23. Home Cooking I : Opus

    (Charlie Parker Quartet/Charlie Parker's New Stars)
    1. This Is Always
    2. Dark Shadows
    3. Bird's Nest
    4. Cool Blues
    5. This Is Always
    6. Dark Shadows
    7. Dark Shadows
    8. Dark Shadows
    9. Bird's Nest
    10. Bird's Nest
    11. Cool Blues
    12. Cool Blues
    13. Cool Blues
    14. Relaxin' at Camarillo
    15. Cheers
    16. Carvin' the Bird B
    17. Stupendous
    18. Relaxin' at Camarillo

    (Charlie Parker's New Stars/Charlie Parker All Stars)
    1. Relaxin' at Camarillo
    2. Relaxin' at Camarillo
    3. Cheers
    4. Cheers
    5. Cheers
    6. Carvin' the Bird
    7. Stupendous
    8. Donna Lee
    9. Chasin' the Bird
    10. Cheryl
    11. Buzzy
    12. Donna Lee - 1
    13. Donna Lee - 2
    14. Donna Lee - 3
    15. Donna Lee - 4
    16. Chasin' the Bird - 1
    17. Chasin' the Bird - 2
    18. Chasin' the Bird - 3
    19. Buzzy - 1
    20. Buzzy - 2
    21. Buzzy - 3
    22. Buzzy - 4

    (Miles Davis All Stars/Charlie Parker Quintet)
    1. Milestones
    2. Little Willie Leaps
    3. Half Nelson
    4. Sippin' at Bell's
    5. Milestones - 1
    6. Milestones - 3
    7. Little Willie Leaps - 1
    8. Little Willie Leaps - 2
    9. Half Nelson
    10. Sippin' at Bell's - 1
    11. Sippin' at Bell's - 3
    12. Sippin' at Bell's - 4
    13. Dexterity
    14. Bongo Bop
    15. Dewey Square
    16. The Hymn
    17. Bird of Paradise
    18. Embraceable You
    19. Dexterity
    20. Bongo Bop
    21. Dewey Square
    22. Dewey Square

    (Charlie Parker Quintet)
    1. The Hymn
    2. Bird of Paradise - A
    3. Bird of Paradise - B
    4. Embraceable You
    5. Bird Feathers
    6. Klactoveesedstene
    7. Scrapple from the Apple
    8. My Old Flame
    9. Out of Nowhere
    10. Don't Blame Me
    11. Klactoveesedstene
    12. Scrapple from the Apple
    13. Out of Nowhere
    14. Out of Nowhere
    15. Drifting on a Reed
    16. Quasimodo

    (Charlie Parker Quintet/Charlie Parker's All Stars)
    1. Charlie's Wig
    2. Bongo Beep
    3. Crazeology
    4. How Deep Is the Ocean ?
    5. Drifting on a Reed - B
    6. Drifting on a Reed - D
    7. Quasimodo
    8. Charlie's Wig - B
    9. Charlie's Wig - D
    10. Bongo Beep
    11. Crazeology - A
    12. Crazeology - B
    13. Crazeology - C
    14. How Deep Is the Ocean ?
    15. Another Hair Do
    16. Bluebird
    17. Klaunstance
    18. Bird Gets the Worm
    19. Another Hair Do -1
    20. Another Hair Do - 2
    21. Another Hair Do - 3
    22. Bluebird

    (Charlie Parker's All Stars/Charlie Parker All Stars)
    1. Bird Gets the Worm - 1
    2. Bird Gets the Worm - 2
    3. Barbados - 4
    4. Au-Leu-Cha - 2
    5. Constellation - 5
    6. Parker's Mood - 5
    7. Barbados - 1
    8. Barbados - 2
    9. Barbados - 3
    10. Au-Leu-Cha - 1
    11. Constellation - 1
    12. Constellation - 2
    13. Constellation - 3
    14. Constellation - 4
    15. Parker's Mood - 1
    16. Parker's Mood - 2
    17. Parker's Mood - 3
    18. Parker's Mood - 4
    19. Perhaps - 7
    20. Marmaduke - 12
    21. Steeplechase - 1 & 2
    22. Merry Go Round - 2
    23. Perhaps - 1
    24. Perhaps - 2
    25. Perhaps - 3
    26. Perhaps - 4
    27. Perhaps - 5
    28. Perhaps - 6
    29. Marmaduke - 1
    30. Marmaduke - 2
    31. Marmaduke - 3
    32. Marmaduke - 4

    (Charlie Parker All Stars/Red Norvo and His Selected Sextet)
    1. Marmaduke - 5
    2. Marmaduke - 6
    3. Marmaduke - 7
    4. Marmaduke -8
    5. Marmaduke -9
    6. Marmaduke - 10
    7. Marmaduke - 11
    9. Merry Go Round - 1
    10. Hallelujah - F
    11. Get Happy - D
    12. Slam Slam Blues - B
    13. Congo Blues - C
    14. Hallelujah - A
    15. Hallelujah - E
    16. Get Happy - B
    17. Slam Slam Blues - A
    18. Congo Blues - AA
    19. Congo Blues - BB
    20. Congo Blues - A
    21. Congo Blues - B

    Charlie Parker
    180 Gram Audiophile Virgin Vinyl LP Box Set - 10 LPs Sealed Buy Now
  • Jazz At Massey Hall Jazz At Massey Hall Quick View

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    Jazz At Massey Hall


    180 Gram Vinyl

    Live At Massey Hall, Toronto, Canada, May 15, 1953

    1. Perdido
    2. Salt Peanuts
    3. All Things You Are
    4. 52nd Street Theme
    5. Wee
    6. Hot House
    7. A Night In Tunisia
    Charlie Parker
    180 Gram Audiophile Virgin Vinyl LP - Sealed Buy Now
  • Bird (Original Motion Picture Soundtrack) Bird (Original Motion Picture Soundtrack) Quick View

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    Bird (Original Motion Picture Soundtrack)

    First Time 180 Gram Audiophile Translucent Blue Vinyl Release

    First Time Gatefold Cover Presentation

    The 1988 Clint Eastwood Produced Movie Soundtrack Recording

    Featuring Legendary Performances Of Charlie Parker With Ray Brown, Walter Davis, Jr., Ron Carter, Barry Harris, And Jon

    Mastered Impeccably By Joe Reagoso At Friday Music Studios & Manufactured At R.T.I..

    Charlie Parker was a true innovator of the hard bop jazz sound which continues to be loved the world over, thanks to his legendary jazz recordings and unique contributions to the genre.

    The saxophonist's short life was documented in an acclaimed biographic movie produced by the legendary Clint Eastwood in 1988 starring the great Forest Whitaker, of which he won an award for Best Actor at the Cannes Film Festival.

    The film also took home an Academy Award for Best Sound which notably due to the unique recording itself thanks to the Parker's widow Chan Parker, who supplied the original recordings to Clint Eastwood for use in the film.

    Clint went on to enhance the tapes with sideman Red Roney, Ron Carter, Jon Faddis and others as the original soundtrack recording for Bird took flight!

    Featuring 10 of Charlie's finest tunes like This Time The Dreams On Me, Ko Ko, Parker's Mood and Orinthology, the Bird soundtrack truly is a jazz lover's dream.

    Friday Music is very pleased to announce the first time 180 Gram Audiophile Vinyl release of Charlie Parker's BIRD- THE ORIGINAL MOTION PICTURE SOUNDTRACK.

    Impeccably mastered by Joe Reagoso and pressed for a very limited time on translucent blue vinyl at R.T.I., the Lp cover will also be featured in a first time gatefold cover to further enhance your listening hours.

    1. Lester Leaps In
    2. I Can't Believe That You're In Love With Me
    3. Laura

    4. All Of Me

    5. This Time The Dream's On Me
    6. Ko Ko

    7 Cool Blues

    8. April In Paris

    9. Now's The Time

    10. Ornithology

    11. Parker's Mood
    Charlie Parker
    180 Gram Audiophile Virgin Vinyl LP Buy Now
  • First Miles First Miles Quick View

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    First Miles

    The album includes tracks from Davis's first recording session, backing singer Rubberlegs Williams on April 24, 1945, and the first session produced under his name, leading the members of Charlie Parker's band on August 14, 1947. Davis plays no solos in the session with Rubberlegs Williams, only being heard as part of an ensemble. He says in his autobiography he was so nervous on his first ever recording he could hardly play, and he forgot most of the details as he put the experience out of his mind.
    1. That's The Stuff You Gotta Watch (alt. take 1)
    2. That's The Stuff You Gotta Watch (alt. take 2)

    3. That's The Stuff You Gotta Watch (Master take 3)

    4. Pointless Mama Blues

    5. Deep Sea Blues
    6. Bring it on Home (F.S.take 1)

    7. Bring it on Home (alt. take 2)
    8. Bring it on Home (master-take 3)
    9. Milestones (F.S. take 1)
    10. Milestones (master-take 2)

    11. Milestones (alt. take 3)

    12. Little Willie Leaps (F.S. - incomplete take 1)
    13. Little Willie Leaps (alt. take 2)

    14. Little Willie Leaps (master-take 3)

    15. Half Nelson (alt. take 1)

    16. Half Nelson(master-take 2)

    17. Sippin' At Bells (F.S. incomplete take 1)

    18. Sippin' At Bells (master-take 2)
    19. Sippin' At Bells (F.S.-take 3)
    20. Sippin' At Bells (alt. take 4)
    Miles Davis
    Vinyl LP - Sealed Buy Now
  • Round About Midnight (Speakers Corner) Round About Midnight (Speakers Corner) Quick View

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    Round About Midnight (Speakers Corner)

    At long last these early recordings, which Miles Davis set down for the Columbia label in 1955 and 1956, are available on LP again. And what is more, they were made without any alternate takes or second attempts, as is the custom these days.

    You can sit back and enjoy the six numbers in the order which the producer, probably in conjunction with Davis, decided upon. To be sure, all of the titles are well known and have been played a thousand times over in many different versions. But what this Quintet (and here each and every individual musician is meant!) produces as regards inventiveness, thrilling improvisations and artistry is absolutely top notch. Davis's vibrato-less sound is taken over seamlessly by John Coltrane - wonderfully demonstrated in the middle of Bye, Bye Blackbird, while Paul Chambers' showpiece is Ack VÄrmeland du sköna (aka Dear Old Stockholm). In the years 1955/56, bebop was the talk of the day, born witness to by the classics Tadd's Delight by Tadd Dameron and Ah-Leu-Cha by Charlie Parker. Here, however, the improvised melodic strands are more moderate, pointing the way to the style that later became known as modal jazz.

    Although 'Round About Midnight as an album does not enjoy the reputation of Kind Of Blue, this Columbia recording contains many gems which are well worth hearing.


    • Miles Davis

    • John Coltrane (tenor saxophone)

    • Red Garland (piano)

    • Paul Chambers (bass)

    • Philly Joe Jones (drums)

    Recording: October 1955, June and September 1956 at Columbia's 30th Street Studio, New York

    Production: George Avakian

    About Speakers Corner

    At the beginning of the 90s, in the early days of audiophile vinyl re-releases, the situation was fairly straightforward. Companies such as DCC, Mobile Fidelity, Classic Records and, of course, Speakers Corner all maintained a mutual, unwritten ethical code: we would only use analogue tapes to manufacture records.

    During the course of the present vinyl hype, many others have jumped on the bandwagon in the hope of securing a corner of the market. Very often they are not so ethical and use every imaginable source to master from: CDs, LPs, digital files, MP3s - or employed existant tools from the 80s and 90s for manufacturing.

    A digital delay is gladly used when cutting a lacquer disc because tape machines with an analogue delay have become quite rare and are therefore expensive. When cutting the lacquer, the audio signal is delayed by one LP revolution against the signal, which controls the cutter head, and for this a digital delay is very often employed. Of course, the resultant sound signal is completely digital and thus only as good as this delay.

    We should like to emphasise that Speakers Corner Records on principle only uses the original master tape as the basis for the entirely analogue cutting of lacquer discs. In addition, the pressing tool is newly manufactured as a matter of principle. We have one digital recording in our catalogue (Alan Parsons / Eye In The Sky"), but even in this particular case we used the analogue tapes for cutting.

    We only employ existing tools for manufacturing if an improved result is not forthcoming, e.g. the title Elvis Is Back, which was mastered by Steve Hoffman and Kevin Gray, or several titles from our Philips Classics series, which in any case Willem Makkee cut from the original masters at the Emil Berliner Studios in the 90s. It goes without saying that we only used the mother and that new tools were made for our production.

    To put it in a nutshell: we can ensure you that our releases are free from any kind of digital effects - excluding the exception above - and that the lacquer discs are newly cut.

    1. Round Midnight
    2. Ah-Leu-Cha
    3. All Of You
    4. Bye Bye Blackbird
    5. Tadds Delight

    6. Dear Old Stockholm
    Miles Davis
    180 Gram Audiophile Virgin Vinyl LP - Sealed Buy Now
  • Blues Walk Blues Walk Quick View

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    Blues Walk

    Blue Note Reissue

    As much as I'd love to relay all kinds of anecdotes about the challenges Steve Hoffman and Kevin Gray encounter during the mastering sessions, I witness none. These boys know the sound of the facility and the Van Gelder masters like the backs of their handsBack home a month later, I unpack some test pressings Chad Kassem has sent meI hear the most realistic-sounding drums ever reproduced by my system. It's as though I'm sitting at the point of creation, experiencing the same high that brought such gifted musicians together as one. Steve Hoffman, Kevin Gray, Chad Kassem, and Don MacInnis have done Rudy Van Gelder and his Blue Note artists proud. Jason Victor Serinus, Stereophile, April 2008

    Lou Donaldson's undisputed masterpiece, Blues Walk, marks the point where the altoist began to decisively modify his heavy Charlie Parker influence and add a smoky, bluesy flavor of his own. The material is still firmly in the bebop style, and the mellower moments aren't as sleepy as some of Donaldson's subsequent work, so the album sounds vital and distinctive even as it slows down and loosens things up. What elevates Blues Walk to classic status is its inviting warmth. Donaldson's sweetly singing horn is melodic throughout the six selections, making even his most advanced ideas sound utterly good-natured and accessible. The easy-swinging title cut is arguably Donaldson's signature tune even above his late-'60s soul-jazz hits, and his other two originals, Play Ray and Callin' All Cats, are in largely the same vein.

    This title is not eligible for discount.

    Blues Walk
    The Masquerade Is Over
    Play Ray
    Autumn Nocturne
    Callin' All Cats
    Lou Donaldson
    180 Gram Audiophile Virgin Vinyl LP 45 RPM - 2 LPs Sealed Buy Now
  • The Charlie Parker Story The Charlie Parker Story Quick View

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    The Charlie Parker Story

    The Greatest Recording Session Made In Modern Jazz History in it's Entirety. Re-release featuring Charlie Parker, Dizzy Gillespie, Miles Davis, Bud Powell, Curley Russell & Max Roach
    1. Billie's Bounce - New Take 1
    2. Billie's Bounce - Shod Take 2
    3. Billie's Bounce - New Take 3
    4. Warming Up A Riff - Orig. Take 1
    5. Billie's Bounce - Orig. Take 4
    6. Billie's Bounce - Orig. Take 5
    7. Now's the Time - Short Take 1
    8. Now's the Time- Short Take 2
    9. Now's the Time - New Take 3
    10. Now's the Time - Orig. Take 4
    11. Thriving From A Riff - New Take 1
    12. Thriving From a Riff - Short Take 2
    13. Thriving From a Riff - Orig. Take 3
    14. Meandering - Only Take
    15. Koko - Short Take 1
    16. Koko - Orig. Take 2
    Charlie Parker
    Vinyl LP - Sealed Buy Now
  • 4, 5, And 6 (Mono) 4, 5, And 6 (Mono) Quick View

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    4, 5, And 6 (Mono)

    Jackie McLean's aptly titled 1956 release 4,5 and 6 features recordings from the innovative alto saxophonist in three different settings including tracks with a quartet, an expanded quintet and even a sextet. Supporting players such as Hank Mobley (tenor sax), Donald Byrd (trumpet), Mal Waldron (piano), Doug Watkins (bass) and Art Taylor (drums) join in on the proceedings in disparate incarnations, all with winning results. The dynamic 6-song set is highlighted by Waldron's own stirring ballad Abstraction and the sextet's sprawling version of Charlie Parkers Confirmation.

    This title is not eligible for discount.

    1. Sentimental Journey
    2. Why Was I Born?
    3. Contour
    4. Confirmation
    5. When I Fall in Love
    6. Abstraction
    Jackie McLean
    200 Gram Audiophile Virgin Vinyl Mono LP - Sealed Buy Now
  • Bird At St. Nick's Bird At St. Nick's Quick View

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    Bird At St. Nick's

    Charlie Parker attracted young musicians like a magnet. Among them was trombonist Jimmy Knepper, who, at a time when tape recording was a brand-new thing, captured Bird in flight one winter night in Manhattan. He soared, and when Charles Mingus heard the music years later, he issued it as the first release on his new Jazz Workshop label. Since then, many private recordings of Parker have been made public. This was one of the first, and remains one of the best, a precious musical document.
    1. I Didn't Know What Time It Was
    2. Ornithology
    3. Embraceble You
    4. Visa
    5. I Cover The Waterfront
    6. Scrapple From The Apple
    7. Star Eyes/52nd Street Theme
    8. Confirmation
    9. Out Of Nowhere
    10. Hot House
    11. What's New?
    12. Now's The Time
    13. Smoke Gets In Your Eyes/52nd Street Theme
    Charlie Parker
    Vinyl LP Reissue - Sealed Buy Now
  • Rollins Plays For Bird (Mono) Rollins Plays For Bird (Mono) Quick View

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    Rollins Plays For Bird (Mono)

    1956's Rollins Plays For Bird was recorded within a year of Charlie Parker's death and features a 7-song, 27-minute medley of material associated with the jazz legend along with the independent numbers I've Grown Accustomed to Her Face and Kids Know. Accompanying Rollins on the session are Wade Legge (piano), George Morrow (bass), Max Roach (drums) and Kenny Dorham (trumpet).

    This title is not eligible for discount.

    1. Medley: I Remember You/My Melancholy Baby/Old Folks/They Can't Take That Away From Me/Just Friends/My Little Suede Shoes/Star Eyes
    2. I've Grown Accustomed to Her Face
    3. Kids Know
    Sonny Rollins
    200 Gram Audiophile Virgin Vinyl Mono LP - Sealed Buy Now
  • Chet Is Back Chet Is Back Quick View

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    Chet Is Back


    Recorded in Rome, Italy at RCA's studios, Chet Is back! is the 1962 studio album by the undisputed master of the trumpet, Chet Baker. Backed by a group of up-and-coming European jazz musicians, which included Belgian saxophonist Bobby Jaspar, Belgian guitarist Rene Thomas, Italian pianist Amedeo Tommasi, French bassist Benoit Quersin, and Swiss drummer Daniel Humair, according to critics Chet Baker may have never sounded better.

    The album features compositions by other jazz musicians like Thelonious Monk's Well, You Needn't, Charlie Parker's Barbados and Sonny Rollins' Pent Up House. The album also includes an original composition by Amedeo Tommasi entitled Ballata in forma di blues. Ballads are featured as well, including the classic Academy Award-winning Over the Rainbow.

    1. Well You Needn't
    2. These Foolish Things
    3. Barbados
    4. Star Eyes
    5. Over The Rainbow
    6. Pent Up House
    7. Ballata In Forma Di Blues
    8. Blues In The Closet
    Chet Baker
    180 Gram Audiophile Virgin Vinyl LP - Sealed Buy Now
  • Outward Bound Outward Bound Quick View

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    Outward Bound

    Part of the ultimate audiophile Prestige stereo reissues from Analogue Productions - 25 of the most collectible, rarest, most audiophile-sounding Rudy Van Gelder recordings ever made. All cut at 33 1/3.

    All mastered from the original analog master tapes by mastering maestro Kevin Gray. 200-gram LPs pressed at Acoustic Sounds' state-of-the-art pressing plant, Quality Record Pressings, plated by Gary Salstrom

    Deep groove label pressings, tip-on jackets on thick cardboard stock

    Eric Dolphy has sometimes been described as an iconoclast, but in Outward Bound, he was not overturning his idol, Charlie Parker; he was building on Bird's legacy. So deep was Dolphy's musicianship, so free his imagination, that he enchanted trailblazers like John Coltrane and Charles Mingus. Partnering in this collection with the brilliant trumpeter Freddie Hubbard and a stunning rhythm section, Dolphy is at a peak of energy and creativity on alto saxophone, bass clarinet, and flute. He and Hubbard work with empathy reminiscent of the young Parker and Dizzy Gillespie. Pianist Jaki Byard, bassist George Tucker, and drummer Roy Haynes were ideal accompanists and co-conspirators in this widely influential work.

    This title is not eligible for discount.

    1. G.W.
    2. On Green Dolphin Street
    3. Les
    4. 245
    5. Glad to Be Unhappy
    6. Miss Toni
    Eric Dolphy
    200 Gram Audiophile Virgin Vinyl LP - Sealed Buy Now
  • Blows The Blues Blows The Blues Quick View

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    Blows The Blues

    ...these are all truly classic Verve titles that you simply don't want to miss...most importantly, the sound of these reissues is nothing short of astounding. Particularly the early Billie and Ella mono records are incredible treasures of sonic beauty. I'd definitely ask Santa for the whole set, or, if you want to cherry pick, the most classic titles. Whatever you decide, you owe yourself at least a half dozen! Winner of a 2012 Positive Feedback Online Writers' Choice Award - Danny Kaey, Positive Feedback Online, November/December 2011

    Sonny Stitt led a number of excellent record dates in 1959, especially at the end of the year when he produced three LPs for Verve over a span of three sessions with pianist Lou Levy, bassist Leroy Vinnegar and drummer Mel Lewis. Playing alto sax throughout this album, Stitt hardly sounds like a Charlie Parker clone, something that unfortunately was a frequent claim by tin-eared critics throughout a fair portion of his career. The music includes several potent originals, especially Hymnal Blues and the slow, powerful Morning After Blues.

    Originally released in 1970.

    This title is not eligible for discount.

    1. Blue Devil Blues
    2. Home Free Blues
    3. Blue Prelude
    4. Frankie And Johnny
    5. Birth Of The Blues
    6. A Blues Offering
    7. Hymnal Blues
    8. Morning After Blues
    Sonny Stitt
    200 Gram Audiophile Virgin Vinyl 45 RPM LP - 2 LPs Sealed Buy Now
  • Overseas (Mono) Overseas (Mono) Quick View

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    Overseas (Mono)

    Originally released in 1957, pianist Tommy Flanagan's appropriately titled debut album as a leader was recorded overseas in Stockholm, Sweden during his tour with the Jay Jay Johnson quintet. In addition to the crafty calypso swinging original Eclypso, the 9-song set features excellent readings of Billy Strayhorn's Chelsea Bridge and Charlie Parker's Relaxin' at Camarillo among others.

    This title is not eligible for discount.

    1. Relaxin' At Camarillo
    2. Chelsea Bridge
    3. Eclypso
    4. Beat's Up
    5. Ska Brothers
    6. Little Rock
    7. Verdandi
    8. Delarna
    9. Willow Weep For Me
    Tommy Flanagan
    200 Gram Audiophile Virgin Vinyl Mono LP - Sealed Buy Now
  • Very Cool Very Cool Quick View

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    Very Cool

    Lee Konitz is widely recognized as one of the driving forces of cool jazz. His involvement with the movement included his participation in Miles Davis' pivotal album Birth of the Cool in 1949, as well as his extended work with pianist Lennie Tristano. During his long career, Konitz has played with musicians from a wide variety of jazz styles. Many Konitz connoisseurs consider Very Cool to be one of his finest albums as a leader. It consists of an original tune by Lee, two by the date's trumpeter Don Ferrara, a couple of jazz standards, and Billie's Bounce, one of many homages by Konitz to his (and probably all modern saxophonists) mentor, Charlie Parker.
    1. Sunflower (Don Ferrara)
    2. Stairway To The Stars (Parish-Malneck-Signorelli)
    3. Movin' Around (Don Ferrera)
    4. Kary's Trance (Lee Konitz)
    5. Crazy She Calls Me (Meyer-Kahn-Caesar)
    6. Billie's Bounce (Charlie Parker)
    Lee Konitz
    180 Gram Audiophile Virgin Vinyl LP - Sealed Buy Now
  • Mobley's Message (Mono) Mobley's Message (Mono) Quick View

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    Mobley's Message (Mono)

    Hank Mobley's 1956 Prestige release Mobley's Message features six recordings from the legendary tenor saxophonist in three different settings including one cut with a quartet, four with a quintet and one with a sextet. Players such as Donald Byrd (trumpet), Jackie McLean (alto sax), Barry Harris (piano), Doug Watkins (bass) and Art Taylor (drums) offer their support here in disparate incarnations. Contains a quintet reading of Charlie Parker's Au Privave and a quartet take on the Rodgers & Hart standard Little Girl Blue with Mobley being the sole horn.

    This title is not eligible for discount.

    1. Bouncing With Bud
    2. 52nd Street Theme
    3. Minor Disturbance
    4. Au Privave
    5. Little Girl Blue
    6. Alternating Current
    Hank Mobley
    200 Gram Audiophile Virgin Vinyl Mono LP - Sealed Buy Now
  • The Charlie Parker Memorial Vol. 1 The Charlie Parker Memorial Vol. 1 Quick View

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    The Charlie Parker Memorial Vol. 1

    Savoy LP Reissue of Historic Charlie Parker All Stars sessions - Charlie Parker with Jazz giants Miles Davis, Max Roach, John Lewis, Bud Powell, Curly Russell, Tommy Potter
    1. Another Hair Do - Short Takes 1 & 2 - Orig.Take 3
    2. Bluebird - New Take 1

    3. Bird Gets The Worm - New Take 1

    4. Barbados - New Take 1

    5. Constellation - Short Take 2 & New Take 1

    6. Parker's Mood - New Take 1

    7. Ah-Leu-Cha - Short Take 1 & Orig. Take 2

    8. Perhaps - Short Take 4 & New Take 5

    9. Perhaps - Orig. Take 6

    10. Marmaduke - Short Take 1 & New Take 2

    11. Steeplechase - Orig Take 1

    12. Merry Go Round - New Take 1
    13. Buzzy - Short Take 4 & Orig Take 5
    Charlie Parker Allstars
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  • Yesterdays Yesterdays Quick View

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    2001 was a vintage year for the Jarrett trio, as three outstanding live albums - "The Out-of-Towners", "Always Let Me Go" and "My Foolish Heart"- have already shown. "Yesterdays", registered at Tokyo's Metropolitan Festival Hall, is a fourth 2001 concert recording, with an all-standards programme and a strong emphasis on bebop, including Charlie Parker's "Scrapple from the Apple", "Shaw'nuff" by Parker and Dizzy Gillespie, and Horace Silver's "Strollin'". There is also an exhilarating splash of ragtime in the shape of "You Took Advantage Of Me", and beautiful ballads including the title track and "Smoke Gets In Your Eyes" (both from Jerome Kern's pen). As a bonus: the album concludes with a radiant "Stella by Starlight" captured at a soundcheck: Jarrett, Peacock and DeJohnette playing just for the joy of it...


    Keith Jarrett - piano

    Gary Peacock - double-bass

    Jack DeJohnette - drums

    Recorded April 2001

    1. Strollin'
    2. You Took Advantage Of Me
    3. Yesterdays
    4. Shaw'nuff
    5. You've Changed
    6. Scrapple From The Apple
    7.A Sleepin' Bee
    8. Smoke Gets In Your Eyes
    9. Stella By Starlight
    180 Gram Audiophile Virgin Vinyl LP - 2 LPs Sealed Buy Now
  • The Passion Of Charlie Parker The Passion Of Charlie Parker Quick View

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    The Passion Of Charlie Parker

    Featuring Ben Monder, Madeleine Peyroux, Melody Gardot, Gregory Porter, And More

    On this Impulse! release, Charlie Parker's music is uniquely re-imagined by living legends of the modern jazz scene. Produced by Larry Klein, and including artists like Ben Monder, Madeleine Peyroux, Melody Gardot, and Gregory Porter, this 'musical play' follows the narrative arc of Bird's life. This release aims to sound "like something that outlines the shape of what Bird might be doing in this time, were he still alive and playing these songs".

    LP 1
    1 Meet Charlie Parker (Chan's Overture) [Vocal Version Of Ornithology]
    2 The Epitaph Of Charlie Parker (The Funeral) [Vocal Version Of Visa]
    3 Yardbird Suite (A Genius In His Youth) [Vocal Version]
    4 So Long (Exodus To New York City) [Vocal Version Of K.C. Blues]
    5 Every Little Thing (The Song Of The Acolyte) [Vocal Version Of Bloomdido]
    6 Central Avenue (A Dark Journey To Los Angeles) [Interlude]

    LP 2
    1 Los Angeles (The Dealer's Song) [Vocal Version Of Moose The Mooche]
    2 Live My Love For You (Chan's Love Song) [Vocal Version Of My Little Suede Shoes]
    3 Fifty Dollars (Angels And Demons) [Vocal Version Of Segment]
    4 The King Of 52nd Street (Chan's Declaration) [Vocal Version Of Scrapple From The Apple]
    5 Salle Pleyel (The Journey To Paris) [Interlude]
    6 Après Vous (The Apotheosis Of Charlie Parker) [Vocal Version Of Au Privave]

    Various Artists
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  • Concert of the Century - A Tribute to Charlie Parker Concert of the Century - A Tribute to Charlie Parker Quick View

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    Concert of the Century - A Tribute to Charlie Parker

    First Time Available On Wide Release Vinyl

    Pristinely Restored 1980 Live Recording

    6 Of The Greatest Jazz Legends In Their Prime

    180 Gram Audiophile 2LP Vinyl With Gatefold

    On a cold November evening in 1980, 3000 jazz fans filled the Salle Wilfrid Pelletier Hall of Place des Arts
    in Montreal, Quebec to attend what promised to be, a swinging evening featuring six of the biggest names
    in bebop. Billed The Concert of the Century - A Tribute to Charlie Parker, and under the direction of
    Dizzy Gillespie - one of the best jazz trumpeters of all time - the event featured legendary performers:
    Hank Jones - piano, Ray Brown - bass, Milt Jackson - vibes, Philly Joe Jones - drums and James Moody
    on tenor sax and flute. Local club owner Roue Doudou Boicel, who produced the concert, had the foresight
    to record the concert in its entirety. A limited quantity bootleg LP of the concert soon appeared and then
    disappeared from the marketplace, those tapes lay dormant for over 30 years.

    This historic recording opens with rapturous applause that sets the tone with Dizzy's own "Blues 'N' Boogie.
    "Also featured are several classic standards - some more well known then others - including "Darben The
    Redd Foxx," "Time On My Hands," "Get Happy," "The Shadow Of Your Smile" and "Stardust." All the players are
    at the top of their game and having a blast, as evidenced by the banter and repartee between songs.

    Concert of the Century, pristinely restored and remastered, features two tracks that weren't on the original
    pressing from the early '80s - Ralph Rainger's "If I Should Lose You" and an incredible eight minute bass
    solo by Ray Brown.

    LP 1
    1. Blue 'n' Boogie
    2. If I Should Lose You
    3. Darben the Redd Foxx
    4. Time On My Hands

    LP 2
    1. Get Happy
    2. The Shadow of Your Smile
    3. Bass Solo/Manhã de Carnaval/Work Song (featuring Ray Brown)
    4. Stardust

    Dizzy Gillespie
    180 Gram Audiophile Virgin Vinyl LP - 2 LPs Sealed Buy Now
  • Moondog Moondog Quick View

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    He was born Louis Hardin, but the world knew him as Moondog-and his avant-garde compositions influenced a generation of minimalist composers like Philip Glass and Steve Reich. Now, Moondog, The Viking of 6th Avenue's seminal 1969 album recorded with producer James William Guercio, will be reissued vinyl, its first pressing in over a decade. Featuring original symphonic and classically-inspired works (including material dedicated to Charlie Parker and Benny Goodman), Moondog is an album that must be heard to be believed.
    1. Theme
    2. Stamping Ground
    3. Symphonique #3 (Ode to Venus)
    4. Symphonique #6 (Good For Goodie)
    1. Minisym #1; I - Allegro
    2. Minisym #1; II - Andante adagio
    3. Minisym #1; III - Vivace
    4. Lament I, Bird's Lament
    5. Witch of Endor; I - Dance
    6. Witch of Endor; II - Trio; A. Adagio (The Prophesy)
    7. Witch of Endor; II - Trio; B. Andante (The Battle)
    8. Witch of Endor; II. Trio; C. Agitato (Saul's Death)
    9. Witch of Endor; III - Dance (Reprise)
    10. Symphonique #1 (Portrait of a Monarch)
    Vinyl LP - Sealed Buy Now
  • Jazz At The Philharmonic: The Ella Fitzgerald Set Jazz At The Philharmonic: The Ella Fitzgerald Set Quick View

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    Jazz At The Philharmonic: The Ella Fitzgerald Set

    This 2LP set is an updated version of its first vinyl release in Verve's original Jazz At The Philharmonic archival
    series, now matching the expanded CD edition issued in 2016. It's Ella fronting an all-star band, including Charlie
    Parker, Lester Young, Buddy Rich, et al, in performances recorded 1949 and 1953. And it's now one dynamic set,
    with jaw-dropping interpretations of "Oh, Lady Be Good!," "Lullaby Of Birdland" and the jam session "Flying Home."
    Includes an essay by Will Friedwald.
    LP 1
    1.Norman Granz Introduction Of Ella Fitzgerald #1
    2.Robbins' Nest
    3.A New Shade Of Blues
    4.Old Mother Hubbard
    5.I'm Just A Lucky So-And-So
    6.Somebody Loves Me
    7.Basin Street Blues
    8.Ow! / Introduction Of Ella Fitzgerald
    9.Flyin' Home
    10.Oh, Lady, Be Good!
    11.Black Coffee
    12.A-Tisket, A-Tasket

    LP 2
    1.How High The Moon
    2.Norman Granz Announcement #5 [Live From Carnegie Hall/1949]
    5.Why Don't You Do Right?
    6.A Foggy Day (In London Town)
    7.Lullaby Of Birdland
    8.The Man That Got Away

    Ella Fitzgerald
    Vinyl LP - 2 LPs Sealed Buy Now
  • Outward Bound Outward Bound Quick View

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    Outward Bound

    Eric Dolphy has sometimes been described as an iconoclast, but in Outward Bound, he was not overturning his idol, Charlie Parker; he was building on Bird's legacy. So deep was Dolphy's musicianship, so free his imagination, that he enchanted trailblazers like John Coltrane and Charles Mingus. Partnering in this collection with the brilliant trumpeter Freddie Hubbard and a stunning rhythm section, Dolphy is at a peak of energy and creativity on alto saxophone, bass clarinet, and flute. He and Hubbard work with empathy reminiscent of the young Parker and Dizzy Gillespie. Pianist Jaki Byard, bassist George Tucker, and drummer Roy Haynes were ideal accompanists and co-conspirators in this widely influential work.
    Green Dolphin Street
    Glad To Be Unhappy
    Miss Toni
    Eric Dolphy
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  • The Time Is Right The Time Is Right Quick View

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    The Time Is Right

    A soul survivor in every sense of the term, this alto saxophonist is one of the few remaining jazz artists who made a major impact on the jazz community via an extensive run with producer Alfred Lion and the Blue Note label (Horace Silver being another Blue Note legend that comes to mind). From his first recordings for the label with Art Blakey's Jazz Messengers, it was clear that Lou Donaldson put melody and sound at a premium, coming up with an amalgam that combined the creamy smoothness of Johnny Hodges with the quicksilver bop inflections of Charlie Parker. All About Jazz

    This title is not eligible for discount.

    1. The Nearness Of You
    2. Mack the Knife
    3. Lou's Blues
    4. Be My Love
    5. Tangerine
    6. Crosstown Shuffle
    7. Idaho
    Lou Donaldson
    180 Gram Audiophile Virgin Vinyl 45RPM LP - 2 LPs Sealed Buy Now
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