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  • The Discovery (Awaiting Stock) The Discovery (Awaiting Stock) Quick View


    The Discovery (Awaiting Stock)

    The internet instrumental metal sensation CLOUDKICKER sees his debut album The Discovery published on vinyl for a highly demanded second pressing by cult Finnish label BLOOD MUSIC. This LP release set history as the first open source album release in history licensed under the Creative Commons Attribution 3.0 Unported Agreement. The seminal work shows an incredible leaning towards mathematical timing and complexity and captured the spirit of the internet as the first popular Name Your Own Price download in history, which also helped to springboard the Bandcamp platform.
    1. Genesis Device
    2. Dysphoria
    3. Avalanche
    4. Everything's Mirrors
    5. Viceroy
    6. Segue
    7. The Discovery
    8. Covington
    9. Triumvirate!
    10. States
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  • The EPs (Awaiting Repress) The EPs (Awaiting Repress) Quick View

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    The EPs (Awaiting Repress)

    The internet instrumental metal sensation CLOUDKICKER sees his debut EPs The Map Is Not the Territory, Portmanteau, and ]]][[[ compiled into a collection with a highly demanded second pressing as The EPs by cult Finnish label BLOOD MUSIC.
    1. Hold On
    2. Tip Your Van Driver
    3. Seriosity
    4. The Map Is Not The Territory
    5. Ever Thus To Deadbeats
    6. Fourteen Nights
    7. Modulator/demodulator
    8. Of Smoke And Fog
    9. God Be With Ye
    10. #
    11. %
    12. $
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  • Live With Intronaut (Out Of Stock) Live With Intronaut (Out Of Stock) Quick View


    Live With Intronaut (Out Of Stock)

    For years this was asked on various message boards across the internet. This author posed the same question after a friend from Columbus sent a link saying "this is from a guy around here who gives away his music for free". This was before that was a cool thing to do. This was before Bandcamp. This was before "pay what you like" was a phrase.

    Every now and then a new record or EP would appear online. There was no label 'hype machine', no build up, no marketing, just great music and word of mouth. The mystery grew and eventually Cloudkicker was tracked down.

    Cloudkicker is Ben Sharp, a one-man project hailing from Columbus, Ohio. He gave short interviews here and there, pieces were put together; he had a day job, music was for fun, he does everything on his own and he'd never tour or never work with a label.

    Credit Los Angeles post-prog metallers, Intronaut for helping break one of his statutes. In early 2014 it was announced that Cloudkicker would tour North America with none other than Intronaut as his backing band.

    It was either Sacha (Dunable, Intronaut vocalist/guitarist) or Dave (Timnick, Intronaut guitarist) or both who floated the idea of using Intronaut as Cloudkicker's band. I thought it was a nice gesture but didn't really take it seriously since I figured there wouldn't be any way to make a live show happen given the distance between us and my work schedule that has me traveling 3-4 days a week. Fast forward to this past fall when they came through Columbus again and we spent the evening discussing what the realities of a tour like that would be. It was definitely a fun topic to discuss, but moreover I was impressed by their genuine excitement to maybe, one day, have the opportunity to do this. And the fact that they are musicians of such caliber and professionalism made it obvious that there would be no problems handling the music and translating it to a live show with minimal time in the same room rehearsing it, so long as I provided them with appropriate materials with which to prepare.

    That he did and at the tail end of March, 2014, Sharp played his first show as Cloudkicker with Intronaut as his backing band in his hometown. A month of shows followed and luckily enough, the guys found time to enter a studio in Texas and record the set live.

    With Intronaut being tied to Century Media Records, another one of Cloudkicker's statutes was broken. Cloudkicker's Live With Intronaut will be released on 11/25 through Century Media, marking the first time ever prog's most enigmatic artists will find his records available to retailers and in stores. An historic event on all levels.

    1. Subsume Part 1
    2. Subsume Part 2
    3. We Are Going To Invert.../Here, Wait A Minute, Damn It!
    4. We're Goin' In, We're Going Down
    5. Seriosity
    6. You And Yours
    7. Dysphoria
    8. Subsume Part 8
    9. Push It Way Up!
    Vinyl LP - Sealed Temporarily out of stock
  • The Odyssey / Scala (Out Of Stock) The Odyssey / Scala (Out Of Stock) Quick View


    The Odyssey / Scala (Out Of Stock)

    It's not just any old show - it's one that really shows off prog metal's masterful reinvention - Prog Magazine

    TesseracT now excite as much in the flesh as on records -- Metal Hammer

    The British five-piece treat a sold-out Scala to clean-cut riffs and solid rock showmanship. -- Kerrang

    UK prog-metal band, TesseracT, are set to release their first live audio/video concert. Titled Odyssey/Scala, the LP/DVD package welcomes back One vocalist, Daniel Tompkins. Odyssey, the audio portion, was recorded live during various stops in the autumn of 2014 throughout Europe and Russia on the Altered State World Tour. Scala, the video portion, was filmed live on November 6th, 2014 at Scala, London, UK.

    TesseracT officially burst on the scene in 2011 with their debut album, One. Touring with the likes of Devin Townsend, Protest The Hero and Between The Buried and Me helped make them one of the most successful break through acts in the progressive metal genre. 2013's Altered State, featured vocalist Ashe O'Hara and was nominated for the Progressive Music Award's Album of the Year. They toured the US with Cloudkicker and Intronaut, playing to sold out venues across the country. Altered State went on to outsell One and appeared on many Year End Best Of lists.

    Odyssey (audio)
    1. Singularity (recorded in Moscow, Russia)
    2. Deception - Concealing Fate Part Two (recorded in Birmingham, UK)
    3. The Impossible - Concealing Fate Part Three (recorded in Nottingham, UK)
    4. Perfection/Epiphany - Concealing Fate Parts Four/Five (recorded in Rome, Italy)
    5. Origin - Concealing Fate Part Six (recorded in Strasbourg, France)
    6. Of Matter - Proxy (recorded in Koln, Germany)
    7. Of Matter - Retrospect (recorded in Nijmegen, Netherlands)
    8. Of Matter - Resist (recorded in Budapest, Hungary)
    9. April (recorded in Paris, France)
    10. Nocturne (recorded in Manchester, UK)
    11. Acceptance - Concealing Fate Part One (recorded in Moscow, Russia)

    Scala (video)
    1. Singularity
    2. Deception - Concealing Fate Part Two
    3. The Impossible - Concealing Fate Part Three
    4. Perfection/Epiphany - Concealing Fate Parts Four/Five
    5. Origin - Concealing Fate Part Six
    6. Of Matter - Proxy
    7. Of Matter - Retrospect
    8. Of Matter - Resist
    9. April
    10. Nocturne
    11. Acceptance - Concealing Fate Part One

    Vinyl LP + DVD - Sealed Temporarily out of stock
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