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  • Audio Technica AT-LP1240-USB Direct-Drive Professional DJ Turntable (USB & Analog) Audio Technica AT-LP1240-USB Direct-Drive Professional DJ Turntable (USB & Analog) Quick View

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    Audio Technica AT-LP1240-USB Direct-Drive Professional DJ Turntable (USB & Analog)

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    This superbly made, professional quality DJ turntable is designed primarily for DJ use in nightclubs, touring and mobile applications. It can also be used by music lovers to play their record collections at home. Its sleek, elegant gloss-black and silver design fits into any stereo music or home entertainment system, and its built-in switchable phono preamp enables it to be used with a wide variety of receivers, powered speakers and other A/V components. As an added benefit, the turntable offers a USB output that allows direct connection to a computer for easy LP-to-digital conversion.

    Built to deliver exceptional music reproduction even under the most demanding conditions of professional use, the AT-LP1240-USB utilizes a powerful direct-drive 16-pole, three-phase motor for unwavering speed stability along with easy back-cueing, forward and reverse play and quiet operation at 33-1/3, 45 or 78 RPM. The turntable features an S-shaped tone arm with adjustable tracking force (counterweight) and anti-skate adjustment and a removable universal cartridge mount (cartridge available separately).

    Additional DJ-friendly features including a damped cast-aluminum platter with stroboscopic speed markings and slip mat, an illuminated speed indicator and adjustable pitch control, a start/stop button, a removable stylus target light, a dedicated tone arm grounding lug, a hydraulically-damped lift lever and a locking tone arm rest that keeps the arm and cartridge in place during transport.

    The turntable includes PC- and Mac-compatible Audacity® software that converts the audio on a record to MP3, WAV or other format digital audio files.

    Audio Technica
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  • MMF- USB 1 Turntable MMF- USB 1 Turntable Quick View

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    MMF- USB 1 Turntable

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    Music Hall's new usb-1 is a convenient, easy to use, and fun turntable. It's a snap to set-up and comes with everything you need to start spinning vinyl. Whether you're looking to digitize and download your record collection, release your inner DJ, or simply discover the joy of spinning vinyl, the usb-1 is your answer. It has a built-in phono preamp, cartridge, dust cover, and includes all necessary cables and software required for simple plug and play operation.

    Music Hall Turntables
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  • Actress: DJ Kicks Actress: DJ Kicks Quick View

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    Actress: DJ Kicks

    British techno-related visionary Actress joins the DJ-Kicks series this May with a singular hour-long set, following his acclaimed fourth full-length effort, Ghettoville, a recent re-release of his debut LP Hazyville, and a limited-edition black label project Xoul on his own Werkdiscs label.

    For Actress (aka Darren Cunningham), the process of selecting tracks was fraught with meaning on a number of levels. "When I'm selecting music I'm not always thinking about the music alone," Cunningham explains. "I'm thinking about the names of the artists, tracks, and labels, and what they mean to me. I often base my tracklisting purely on how well the track titles work together in a poetic sense."

    "I've tried to keep space between tracks, allowing them to speak," he continues. "I tried not to force BPM shifts and to let the programming remain choppy and quick."

    Of course, the DJ-Kicks wouldn't be complete without an exclusive production from the author himself. "Bird Matrix," a track he made just after he finished writing Ghettoville. "My studio was going through a transition, so I was testing all the equipment, and that was one of the first tunes that came out of those experiments," he explains. It's a fittingly exploratory tune for a mix that balances traditional functionality with dance music's cutting edge.

    1. Breaker 1 2 - 2
    2. Lorenzo Senni - Elegant, and Never Tiring
    3. Reel by Real - Look At Me
    4. Autechre - Pen Expers
    5. Chameleon - Thought 2
    6. Beneath - Stress 1
    7. Simbiosi - Impari
    8. Zennor - Tin
    9. John Beltran - Anticipation
    10. Moon B - Those Moments
    11. STL - Psychelicious
    12. Snakepiss - Toil
    13. Shit and Shine - Pearl Drop
    14. Chez n Trent - Windy City Club
    15. Mark Fell - Section 1-7
    16. GNESIS - Pear
    17. Shxcxchcxsh - LDWGWTT
    18. Hank Jackson - Track 3
    19. Actress - Bird Matrix (DJ-Kicks)
    20. Gherkin Jerks - Red Planet
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  • Zen Zen Quick View

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    DJ Krush is a prime example of how Hip Hop can save your soul. Krush took his girl to see Wild Style, the first motion picture dedicated to this new artform. He was hooked. Building and buying his own equipment, he became one of the first Hip Hop djs and producers in Japan. Aside from being one of his country's pioneers, he established himself as one of the most prolific producers, changing the face of Hip Hop with his experimental beats and instrumental sounds.

    'Zen' is Dj Krush's seventh album and features collaborations with Black Thought and ?uestlove of the Roots (on different tracks, mind you), N'Dea Davenport of the Brand New Heavies and Zap Mama, as well as unknowns from the Japanese Hip Hop scene. The beats he creates are organic, at times defying any genre-descriptions, which is exactly how DJ Krush likes it.

    This album from 2001 hasn't been available on vinyl for years, and is now made available to you on double 180 grams audiophile vinyl.

    LP 1
    1. Song 1

    2. Zen Approach Featuring Black Thought

    3. Danger Of Love Featuring Zap Mama

    4. Sonic Traveler Featuring Tunde Ayanyemi

    5. Duck Chase Featuring Phonosycographdisk

    6. Vision Of Art Featuring Company Flow

    LP 2

    1. Day's End Featuring Kazufumi Kodama

    2. With Grace Featuring N'Dea Davenport

    3. Candle Chant (A Tribute) Featuring Boss The MC

    4. Endless Railway ft. Ahmir '?uestlove' Thompson

    5. Whut'z Da Solution Ft Kukoo Da Baga Bonez

    6. Paradise Bird Theory Featuring Sunja Lee

    DJ Krush
    180 Gram Audiophile Virgin Vinyl LP - 2 LPs Sealed Buy Now
  • Crosley CR3003A Solo AM/FM Radio Crosley CR3003A Solo AM/FM Radio Quick View

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    Crosley CR3003A Solo AM/FM Radio

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    Combine slick mid-century aesthetic with audiophile sound in the Solo Radio. Using clean AroundSound® technology, the Solo eliminates dead air and fills the room with warm sound. Tune into the radio with the aviator-style dial, or plug in another audio device to be your own DJ.

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