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Dope Sick

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  • La Peste La Peste Quick View

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    La Peste

    Alabama 3's second album shows off their trademark uplifting quality, albeit in a "Screamadelica"-style fusion of euphoria and melancholy. Songs like SAD EYED LADY OF THE LOWLIFE and recent single TOO SICK TO PRAY have a gospel-like hugeness about them, while WADE INTO THE WATER and MANSION ON THE HILL twang with countrified swagger.

    The album runs the gamut of emotions in the face of adversity: from the incandescent beauty of the shimmering WALKING IN MY SLEEP and the closing SINKING " to the claustrophobic beats of COCAINE (KILLED MY COMMUNITY) and the energy rush of STRANGE, adding a sense of dope-fuelled urban paranoia.Of particular note are a twisted beat-heavy cover of the Eagles' HOTEL CALIFORNIA, throwing a totally new slant on the song as the last cocaine-addled stop on the country musician's road to oblivion, and THE THRILLS HAVE GONE, whose spoken word contribution from Birmingham 6 survivor Paddy Hill brings into focus exactly what the band mean when they talk about injustice.
    LA PESTE (THE PLAGUE) may well be HIV, computer viruses or simply a global decline in justice and morality, but Alabama 3 are imploring us to come together and get loaded anyway. After all, we all have to die sometime.

    1. Too Sick Too Pray
    2. Mansion On The Hill
    3. Sad Eyed Lady Of The Lowlife
    4. Walking In My Sleep
    5. Wade Into The Water
    6. Hotel California
    7. Cocaine (Killed My Community)
    8. The Thrills Have Gone
    9. 2129
    10. Strange
    11. Sinking
    12. Woke Up This Morning
    Alabama 3
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  • Dope Sick (Out Of Stock) Dope Sick (Out Of Stock) Quick View


    Dope Sick (Out Of Stock)

    Dope Sick is the debut solo album by Canadian rapper Madchild. The album was originally released on August 28, 2012, by Suburban Noize Records and Battle Axe Records.
    1. Devil's Rejects (feat. DJ Revolution)
    2. Grenade Launcher (feat. Slain & Prevail)
    3. Monster
    4. Runaway
    5. Oxylude
    6. Wake Up
    7. Battleaxe (feat. Dialated Peoples, Bishop Lamont & D-Sisive)
    8. Jitters (feat. Dutch Robinson & Matt Brevner)
    9. Little Monster Blend
    10. Judgment Day (feat. Sophia Danai)
    11. Dickhead
    12. F*ck Madchild (Phil & Agony)
    13. Mongoloid
    14. Freak
    15. Reaper
    16. Wanted
    Vinyl LP - Sealed Temporarily out of stock
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