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    Safe City Blues (Out Of Stock)

    The DOUBLE LP Is Limited To 250 Copies Only!

    After a very long hiatus, the handsome young men in The Bamboo Kids have returned with not just an LP's worth of work, but a DOUBLE LP!

    Though The Bamboo Kids may argue with that. Whatever. We geniuses here at Drug Front know a masterpiece when we hear it, and "Safe City Blues" is just that. An absolute rock-n-roll masterpiece. It's already being heralded by both Rev. Nørb (singer of Boris The Sprinkler/author of the new "The Annotated Boris") and Designated Dale from Razorcake and the much-missed Flipside magazine as contender for record of the year. Those two guys don't fuck around and mince words. They mean it. And we mean it, too! "Safe City Blues" was well worth the wait since their last LP that came out many years ago.

    Just to give you an idea what's up, I will let Designated Dale wax poetic about The Bamboo Kids. He writes:

    "Not too long ago, I reviewed an EP from the 'Kids in these very pages, and was pleasantly surprised that such a great rock'n'roll band like this exists these days. This double full-length, which includes the songs from that EP, further prove that NYC is far from finished when it comes to laying down the goods in the studio, as well as producing some of the better live acts that you and your more discriminating, music-craving pals can catch these days. Those keen on the vinyl will also be happy to know that the 150 gram vinyl version of this set is limited to 250 copies. Safe City Blues is a healthy dollop of getting your riffed-filled rocks off, and there's no correct side of the genre dividing line you have to stand on to appreciate these rekkids. Simply put, if you like good music (as Sam Cooke one time asked), chances are you'll have a helluva good time spinning this vinyl. The Bamboo Kids' soundscape mixes and matches with some of the better influences of our time: Dead Boys/Stiv's post-Dead Boys solo work, the non-wanking era of The Stones, that all-too-brief 1973 to 1974 window of the New York Dolls, a healthy dusting of Bowie's glitter era, the catchiness of Mott The Hoople, and those awesomely solid hooks that Dramarama still bring to the table to this day, and this is just what I hear the first couple of times around. Fans of Prima Donna should find the 'Kids right up their dirty little alley, as well. These three guys have been at it for ten years now, and not only does it keep getting more and more solid, but they deliver just as much as most four or five piece bands do. Yeah, think about that while you dig on this." Yep.

    Let's just say that if you love rock-n-roll. You will love "Safe City Blues" by The Bamboo Kids.

    1. Ain't A Man
    2. Batshit Crazy
    3. Privacy
    4. Money (Worry All The Time)
    5. The Most Important Rule
    6. Dumb For Life
    7. The Way Things Are
    8. Don't Believe All You Hear
    9. Señorita Carmen
    10. What I Miss

    1. My Way Is Down
    2. Assembly Line
    3. Daylight Be Damned
    4. Back To Brooklyn
    5. You Don't Know Nothing (Like I Do)
    6. Digging A Grave
    7. Streets Of New York City
    8. Central European Time
    9. No Fool No Care
    10. Wrecking Ball

    The Bamboo Kids
    Vinyl LP - 2 LPs Sealed Temporarily out of stock
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