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Drivin N Cryin

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  • Mystery Road (Expanded Edition) Mystery Road (Expanded Edition) Quick View

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    Mystery Road (Expanded Edition)

    Expanded Edition

    Containing never before heard material, this package features the original album, remastered and a bonus LP of the
    album's original demo sessions produced by R.E.M.'s Peter Buck, including the album's title track, "Mystery Road"
    and an early take of "MacDougal Blues". Includes liner note recollections by former manager Jim Barber and Peter
    Buck. The album is visually reimagined using Kevn Kinney's grandmother's unaltered original painting.

    LP 1
    1. Ain't It Strange
    2. Toy Never Played With

    3. Honeysuckle Blue

    4. With The People,
    5. Wild Dog Moon
    6. House For Sale

    7. Peacemaker

    8. You Don't Know Me

    9. Malfunction Junction

    10. Straight To Hell

    11. Syllables

    LP 2
    1. Honeysuckle Blue [Demo]
    2. Toy Never Played With [Demo]

    3. You Don't Know Me [Demo]

    4. Malfunction Junction [Demo]

    5. 1988 [Demo]

    6. Mystery Road [Demo]

    7. MacDougal Blues [Demo]

    8. Not Afraid To Die [Demo]
    9. Mountaintop [Demo]

    Drivin' N' Cryin'
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  • Superchunk Superchunk Quick View

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    The remastered LP features updated artwork and includes an 11 × 17 replica of an early Chunk show flyer, with photos and notes from the band on the reverse.

    Mac shared his memories of these early days of Superchunk: When I listen to our first album now, other than cringing at some clams and the vocals and the juvenile attitude of the whole thing what was I angry about? You'll have to ask 21-year-old me because in my memory, we were having fun. I hear the accumulation of our influences, which I suppose is normal for a first album-weaving all the things you loved up to that point into your own first thing. The Buzzcocks, HÜsker DÜ, Dinosaur Jr, and Sonic Youth are all right there and what we were listening to. Hearing this record recently, though, I was surprised at how southern some of it sounds, and I think the influence of bands like Drivin' n' Cryin' and of course R.E.M. is there under the fuzz. I remember thinking the solo 4-track demo of Slack Motherfucker sounded like Tom Petty. I can't find it now to prove it to you, but take my word for it. I was living in NYC finishing school when we made this record, so rehearsals and recording were all rushed. I'm surprised we knew this many songs well enough to record them. Twenty-seven years later, we still play at least three or four of these songs live occasionally (one of them all the time ), which says something good about a few of the songs, anyway! We got so much better as a band, and as songwriters, that it's hard to even see this as any kind of template for what Superchunk would eventually be, but it's definitely where we were at in 1989/90.

    1. Sick to Move
    2. My Noise
    3. Let It Go
    4. Swinging
    5. Slow
    6. Slack Motherfucker
    7. Binding
    8. Down the Hall
    9. Half a Life
    10. Not Tomorrow
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