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Durutti Column

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  • LC LC Quick View

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    The second Durutti Column album, originally released on
    Factory Records in 1981, marked the departure of
    producer Martin Hannett (Joy Division, Buzzcocks) and
    the addition of drummer Bruce Mitchell, who would remain
    a longtime collaborator with chief member, guitarist Vini
    Reilly. LC is as powerful as the debut, a fantastic
    collection of guitar excursions that transcend genre. This
    is also the first album to feature Reilly's speak-sing vocal style on a number of songs
    (including The Missing Boy a tribute to the recently deceased leader of Joy Division,
    Ian Curtis). Another stellar album.

    1. Sketch For Dawn

    2. Portrait For Frazier
    3. Jaqueline
    4. Messidor
    5. Sketch For Dawn
    6. Never Known
    7. The Act Committed
    8. Detail For Paul
    9. The Missing Boy
    10. The Sweet Cheat Gone
    The Durutti Column
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  • The Return Of The Durutti Column The Return Of The Durutti Column Quick View

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    The Return Of The Durutti Column



    Despite the title, this is the debut album from Manchester's
    Durutti Column, originally released on the legendary
    Factory Records label in 1980. This album is a
    collaboration between guitarist, and the only permanent
    member of the band, Vini Reilly and producer/keyboard
    player Martin Hannett (Joy Division, Buzzcocks). Though
    lumped in with the post-punk movement, The Durutti
    Column's debut is hardly reminiscent of what that term
    brings to mind. The Return Of The Durutti Column is a
    collection of guitar based instrumentals melding rock, folk, classical, electronica and
    the avant-garde. Absolutely stunning.

    1. Sketch For Summer
    2. Requiem For A Father

    3. Katherine
    4. Conduct Side
    5. Beginning
    6. Jazz
    7. Sketch For Winter
    8. Collette
    9. In 'D'
    The Durutti Column
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  • Send Two Sunsets Send Two Sunsets Quick View

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    Send Two Sunsets

    Debut album from Georgian producer. With a musical diet of Durutti Column, Slowdive, Cluster and old Krautrock - influencing the way the guitar is utilized in his music, the instrument plays a prominent role on the LP.
    1. Abandoned City
    2. Waterfall
    3. Bliss
    4. Duras
    5. Send Two Sunsets
    6. Pulsing
    7. Let Me Love You
    8. Street Talk
    9. Blue Distance
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  • Pay Attention! Pay Attention! Quick View

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    Pay Attention!

    Lost post-punk classic from 1980. A unique mixture of noisy riffs, angular pop melodies and dubwise production aesthetic. Features former members of Durutti Column and future members of Simply Red! Remastered from the original tapes and fully annotated with sleeve notes by the band, plus photos and memorabilia.
    1. Afghan Farmer Driving Cattle
    2. Animal Animaux
    3. Not Moving
    4. Factory / Teapoint / Factory
    5. Please Let Go
    6. Tardis (Sweep Is Dead, Long Live Sweep)
    7. Mothman
    The Mothmen
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  • Dream Center Dream Center Quick View

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    Dream Center

    Couple Skate Records are extremely excited to announce the signing of
    Los Angeles-based songwriter Michael Vidal. After years of blazing coasts
    and continents, DIY enclaves and contempo-art spaces alike as the singer
    / guitarist of LA punks Abe Vigoda, Michael Vidal has stepped out of the
    combustible, hyper-color tropical punk of his former group, and onto his own
    into more pastoral, lush territory. Dream Center is Vidal's inaugural work,
    originally released onto cassette in 2013 from LA label Big Joy, reissued onto
    all additional formats from Couple Skate Records.

    The music of Dream Center is a wonderful and diverse spectrum of looping,
    beautiful guitar pop (featured on "Dreams" and "Appraisal") that evokes the
    deeper emotional shades of the likes Blue Nile and Prefab Sprout, and crystalline
    instrumental pieces ("Mono No Aware") reminiscent of Durutti Column
    and the earlier days of Felt. All touchstones aside, the music of Vidal's Dream
    Center is an impressionist paean to love, loss, and existence, an exciting new
    beginning for a uniquely creative spirit.

    1. Dreams (Come Back To Me)
    2. Correctional
    3. Burn
    4. Mono No Aware
    5. Appraisal
    6. Sky Blue
    7. (Your Song)
    Michael Vidal
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  • Gauntlet Hair Gauntlet Hair Quick View

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    Gauntlet Hair

    Over the last year and a half, Gauntlet Hair has seen its noise-pop anthems released on 7s by tastemaker labels Forest Family (IWas Thinking... b/w Our Scenery) and Mexican Summer (Out, Don't... b/w Heave) respectively. And with the self-titled debut, the duo of Andy R (guitar, vox) and Craig Nice (drums, triggers) fulfill the booming promise of those now collectible singles.

    Written and recorded in Spring 2011 at Andys grandmothers Chicago-area house while she was away on vacation, Gauntlet Hair is a subtle refinement of the sounds weve come to associate with the band the trunk-rattling bass; the ecstatic, tinny post-punk guitar; the din of ecstasy. But what was once simply jarring in its audacity is now also bursting with new colors.While the band continues to mine the pulse-and-clap cues of modern club rap, the intricacies of Andys Durutti Column-inspired, circular guitar lines come a bit more to the fore on Gauntlet Hair. They are at once oblique and; pounding and glassy; melodic and exploratory. Standout Top Bunk, with its tide-like suction and throb, is a cooled-out, coastal slowgrind. The songs multiple sections overlap and interlace through bass throb, elliptical guitars and affably shouted and falsetto-sung mantras. Its a shining, disorienting example of
    the careful, Byzantine sculpture behind each of these party jams. Its music made with the sole purpose of losing yourself both mind and body inside of it. They take the listener into the red, evoking that unmistakable feeling of being squarely in front of the speaker as it is screaming blissfully loud melodies.

    Playing music together since they were teenagers, Andy and Craig relocated from Chicago to Denver three years ago to hone a sound that seems to have gained inspiration from enormity of the surrounding Rocky Mountains. In Denver, the duo is a crucial part of the avant-pop DIY scene that birthed contemporaries like Pictureplane,Woodsman and Hollagramz, and is anchored by the community built around all ages venue Rhinoceroplis. Beyond these inspiring cohorts, Gauntlet Hair finds itself mapping new boundaries for loud in pop music.

    1. Keep Time
    2. Top Bunk
    3. Mop It Up
    4. My Christ
    5. Lights Out
    6. Showing
    7. Overkill
    8. That's Your Call
    9. Shout In Tongues
    Gauntlet Hair
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