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  • Must Die Must Die Quick View

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    Must Die

    Vinyl Version Of The 2004 Magnum Opus With Bonus Tracks!

    Deluxe vinyl reissue of the Dwarves' 2004 magnum opus, The Dwarves Must Die. Originally released on Sympathy for the Record Industry and long out of print, this reissue compiles the whole album plus two awesome bonus tracks. Full bore punk rock meets noise and garage rock and all the sleaze you fit on a 12 inch piece of vinyl.

    1. Bleed On
    2. FEFU
    3. Salt Lake City
    4. Dominator
    5. Demented
    6. Blast
    7. Like You Want
    8. Relentless
    9. Massacre
    10. Runaway
    11. Go!
    12. Another Classic
    13. Christ on a Mic
    14. Downey Junior
    15. The Dwarves Must Die
    16. Kids Today
    17. Kaotica
    The Dwarves
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  • Blood, Guts, And Pussy Blood, Guts, And Pussy Quick View

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    Blood, Guts, And Pussy

    Blood Guts & Pussy is a 1990 album by the Dwarves. It was their first album for Sub Pop, and the album's sleeve was the subject of controversy, receiving protests from feminists.[1] Dwarves frontman Blag The Ripper asserts that the Blood Guts & Pussy classic Drug Store is one of his favourite songs to play live, and that it is frequently requested during live sets.[2] Drug Store was played acoustically by the Dwarves in the United Kingdom in 2005.
    1. Back Seat of My Car
    2. Detention Girl
    3. Let's Fuck
    4. Skin Poppin' Slut
    5. Drug Store
    6. Fuck You up and Get High
    7. Insect Whore
    8. Flesh Tantrum
    9. Sfvd
    10. What Hit You
    11. Astro Boy
    12. Motherfucker
    The Dwarves
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  • Lick It: 1983-86 Lick It: 1983-86 Quick View

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    Lick It: 1983-86

    Originally Released In 1999, This Much Sought After Package Is Back With New Art And A Suave Ass Gatefold Jacket!

    The early paisley garage Dwarves are represented here tearing through their first LP (Horror Stories) and early singles and unreleased tracks that predate their rebirth as punk icons. Thrill to tambourines, Farfisa organs and background vocals with attitude! Hits include Living Sickness, DonĀ¹t Love Me, Get Outta My Life.

    LP 1
    1. Lick It
    2. In And Out
    3. Oozle
    4. Don't Love Me
    5. Monday Blues
    6. Mind Expanders
    7. I'm A Living Sickness
    8. College Town
    9. Be A Caveman
    10. Get Out Of My Life
    11. Eat My Dinner
    12. Queen Of The Surf
    13. Love Gestapo
    14. Nothing
    15. Underwater
    16. Nobody Spoil My Fun
    17. I'm A Liar

    LP 2
    1. Wind Blows Your Hair
    2. Chocolate River
    3. 13 Stories High
    4. When I Needed You
    5. Stop And Listen
    6. You Need Love
    7. Mad And Kinda Sad
    8. Brand New Cadillac
    9. Love Makes Me A Monster
    10. Average Dick
    11. Every Night
    12. Schizophrenic X-mas
    13. Mommy Daddy
    14. Love Makes Me A Monster 2
    15. I Hate Girls
    16. Leave Your Mouth At Home
    17. Suburban Nightmare

    The Dwarves
    Vinyl LP - 2 LPs Sealed Buy Now
  • Free Cocaine: 1986-88 (Awaiting Repress) Free Cocaine: 1986-88 (Awaiting Repress) Quick View

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    Free Cocaine: 1986-88 (Awaiting Repress)

    Originally Released In 1999, This Much Sought After Package Is Back With New Art And A Suave Ass Gatefold Jacket!

    Mixing Lucifer's Crank, Toolin' For a Warm Teabag and other early Dwarves singles, EPs and unreleased tracks this is the noise rock Dwarves at their most untamed. Zero production value, maximum profanity. Hits include Eat You To Survive, Fucking Life and Dead Brides in White.

    LP 1
    1. Free Cocaine
    2. Dead Brides In White
    3. Let's Get Pregnant
    4. Fukking Life
    5. Eat You To Survive
    6. She's Dead
    7. I'm In A Head
    8. Nobody Likes Me
    9. Hurricane Fighter Plane
    10. Lesbian Nun
    11. I Wanna Kill Your Boyfriend
    12. Sit On My Face
    13. That's Rock N' Roll
    14. I'm A Man
    15. Strange Movies

    LP 2
    1. Motherfucker
    2. She's Dead
    3. Fukkhead
    4. Fuck So Good
    5. Real Creepy
    6. Hate Street
    7. Crawl
    8. I'm Not Talking
    9. Zap Gun
    10. Don't Feel Alright
    11. The Creep
    12. Andy's Poem
    13. Fukking Life
    14. Sit On My Face
    15. I Wanna Kill Your Boyfriend (Alt. Version)
    16. Fukkhead

    The Dwarves
    Vinyl LP - 2 LPs Sealed AWAITING REPRESS Buy Now
  • Up In Arms (Awaiting Repress) Up In Arms (Awaiting Repress) Quick View

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    Up In Arms (Awaiting Repress)

    We work hard, and we have a lot to say. Look around the planet - people are fed up with the corrupt ruling class. They destroy the planet and kill millions for profit, and the formula for our response is simple: Anger + applied knowledge = results. Don't just bitch. Change it.


    At its purest, there is little that can match the visceral thrill and empowering spirit of hardcore. As frontman of New York City hardcore kings Cro-Mags, this is something John Joseph knows very well, and with Up In Arms, he and his Bloodclot compatriots deliver a furious collection that hits hard on every level. "In this band we're doing what each of us have always done: give it our all," he states plainly.

    The results reflect the roots and passions of the individual members. Danzig/Murphy's Law guitarist Todd Youth was the first piece of the puzzle. "We've always talked about doing this record together, Todd had songs written and I had notebooks full of lyrics. In late September 2015, I went out to LA to do a triathlon and injured my calf muscle, so I couldn't race, and Todd said he could get some studio time. So, we went in and cut the demo. While there are things we may perceive as a negative in our lives, in fact the universe has a bigger plan, and that experience ultimately resulted in the record." Having been friends with Queens Of The Stone Age and Danzig powerhouse drummer Joey Castillo for three decades, the two musicians had long admired each other's work, and their collaboration has been a long time coming. Following Castillo's suggestion of bringing in Nick Oliveri (Queens Of The Stone Age/The Dwarves) to handle bass duties, the lineup was complete. The songs that comprise Up In Arms manifested after the quartet plugged in and let the music speak for them. "We didn't decide to try to play anything, these are the songs that happened when we started jamming, and I love this band because there are no egos involved. Our goal is to make the best music possible, period. I love it when those guys contribute with melodies, etc., and I've even helped with some of the arrangements. Because we all think alike, our lyrics deal with the issues of the day, and that makes for better songs."

    Every track on Up In Arms lives up to the rallying cry of the album's title - the bursts of high energy hardcore act as the perfect accompaniment to Joseph setting his sights on injustice and the seemingly endless flaws of the contemporary world. The breakneck thrashing of "Slow Kill Genocide" is an anthem for everyone sickened by those responsible for "killing the planet and all its inhabitants through industry and war. They're fucking maniacs and must be stopped." The suitably titled "Manic" attacks with bared fangs, Joseph making it clear that you can only push someone so far before they will react with violence - a call to arms for the disenfranchised who want tomorrow's world to be better than today's. Tracked at NRG in Los Angeles, the raw, old-school production that leaps out from the speaker comes courtesy of producer Zeuss (Hatebreed, Revocation), and the record was mixed by Kyle McAulay at NRG. From the moment the opening title track explodes to life, it's clear that everyone involved is having a blast and playing from the heart, and that this is no frills / no bullshit music at its most passionate - every song evoking mental images of utter chaos in a heaving mosh pit.

    For anyone approaching the album for the first time, Joseph has only this to say: "Turn the volume way the fuck up!" And with plans to tour everywhere, Bloodclot will be getting in a lot of faces in 2017 and beyond. "We are already writing material and the next album is in the works. But, for now, all we want is to hit the stage to support 'Up in Arms', and every single night leave every ounce of ourselves up there."


    John Joseph (Cro-Mags) - Vocals
    Todd Youth (ex-Murphy's Law, ex-Danzig) - Guitars
    Nick Oliveri (ex-Queens of the Stone Age) - Bass
    Joey Castillo (ex-Queens of the Stone Age, ex-Danzig) - Drums

    1. Father Of Lies
    2. This Is Exile
    3. Possession
    4. To All That Are Dead
    5. Exalt
    6. Somatically Incorrect
    7. Death Becomes Him
    8. Daemon
    9. Eternal Refuge
    10. Of Legions
    11. Messiahbolical
    180 Gram Audiophile Virgin Vinyl LP - Sealed AWAITING REPRESS Buy Now
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