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  • Seldom Seen Kid Seldom Seen Kid Quick View

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    Seldom Seen Kid

    Cut at 45 rpm and features gatefold jackets, this is the first time that UK band Elbow's 2008 Mercury Prize winning album The Seldom Seen Kid is available domestically in the U.S. on LP. Spread across 2LPs this is identical to the versions released in a 2012 limited edition UK boxset. Also now available separately on 2LP are the Elbow albums, Asleep in the Back (2001), Cast of Thousands (2003) and Leaders of the Free World (2005).
    1. Starlings
    2. The Bones of You
    3. Mirrorball
    4. Grounds For Divorce
    5. An Audience With The Pope
    6. Weather To Fly

    1. The Loneliness of a Tower Crane Driver
    2. The Fix
    3. Some Riot
    4. One Day Like This
    5. Friends Of Ours

    Vinyl LP 45RPM - 2 LPs Sealed Buy Now
  • Leaders Of The Free World Leaders Of The Free World Quick View

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    Leaders Of The Free World

    Cut at 45 rpm and features gatefold jackets this is the first time that UK band Elbow's 2005 album Leaders of the Free World is available domestically in the U.S. on LP. Spread across 2LPs this is identical to the versions released in a 2012 limited edition UK boxset. Also now available separately on 2LP are the Elbow albums, Asleep in the Back (2001), Cast of Thousands (2003) and the Mercury Prize winning The Seldom Seen Kid (2008).
    1. Station Approach
    2. Picky Bugger
    3. Forget Myself
    4. The Stops

    1. Leaders of the Free World
    2. An Imagined Affair
    3. Mexican Standoff
    4. The Everthere
    5. My Very Best
    6. Great Expectations
    7. Puncture Repair

    Vinyl LP 45RPM - 2 LPs Sealed Buy Now
  • The Take Off And Landing Of Everything The Take Off And Landing Of Everything Quick View

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    The Take Off And Landing Of Everything

    The latest offering from the internationally renowned and top-selling British Alternative Rock band, Elbow, The Take Off and Landing of Everything was
    recorded at the band's facility at Blueprint Studios in the UK with additional sessions at PETER GABRIEL's Real World Studios in Wiltshire.

    As with their multi-platinum fourth album The Seldom Seen Kid and platinum follow-up Build a Rocket Boys, this highly anticipated new album was
    produced by band member CRAIG POTTER.

    1. This Blue World
    2. Charge
    3. Fly Boy Blue /Lunette
    4. New York Morning
    5. Hallelujah Morning (Real Life)
    6. Honey Sun
    7. My Sad Captains
    8. Colour Fields
    9. The Take Off and Landing of Everything
    10. The Blanket of Night
    Vinyl LP - 2 LPs Sealed Buy Now
  • World Cafe Live EP World Cafe Live EP Quick View

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    World Cafe Live EP

    The latest offering from the internationally renowned and top-selling British Alternative Rock band elbow is this very special 5-song EP recorded at
    WXPN's NON-COMMvention at World CafÉ Live in Philadelphia, May 2014. This is an absolute 'MUST' for all elbow fans!
    1. This Blue World
    2. Real Life (Angel)
    3. The Blanket of Night
    4. Scattered Black and Whites
    5. My Sad Captains
    Vinyl EP - Sealed Buy Now
  • Cast Of Thousands Cast Of Thousands Quick View

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    Cast Of Thousands

    Cut at 45 rpm and features gatefold jackets, this is the first time that UK band Elbow's 2003 album Cast of Thousands is available domestically in the U.S. on LP. Spread across 2LPs this is identical to the versions released in a 2012 limited edition UK boxset. Also now available separately on 2LP are the Elbow albums, Asleep in the Back (2001), Leaders of the Free World (2005) and the Mercury Prize winning The Seldom Seen Kid (2008).
    1. Ribcage
    2. Fallen Angel
    3. Fugitive Motel
    4. Snooks (Progress Report)
    5. Switching Off

    1. Not A Job
    2. I've Got Your Number
    3. Buttons and Zips
    4. Crawling With Idiot
    5. Grace Under Pressure
    6. Flying Dream 143

    Vinyl LP 45RPM - 2 LPs Sealed Buy Now
  • Little Fictions Little Fictions Quick View

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    Little Fictions

    Beloved British alternative pop heroes ELBOW report back with a new studio album. Little Fictions, following 2014's The Take Off and Landing of Everything and the 2015 EP Lost Worker Bee EP. The new studio album already marks the seventh one in the band's history and also the first one following the departure of founding member and drummer Richard Jupp who left the group in early 2016.
    1. Magnificent (She Says)
    2. Gentle Storm
    3. Trust the Sun
    4. All Disco
    5. Head for Supplies
    6. Firebrand & Angel
    7. K2
    8. Montparnasse
    9. Little Fictions
    10. Kindling
    Vinyl LP - Sealed Buy Now
  • Scratch My Back...And I'll Scratch Yours Scratch My Back...And I'll Scratch Yours Quick View

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    Scratch My Back...And I'll Scratch Yours


    Gatefold sleeve

    Printed innersleeves

    Rather than make a traditional covers record, I thought it would be much more fun to create a new type of project in which artists communicated with each other and swapped a song for a song, i.e. you do one of mine and I'll do one of yours, hence the title - Scratch My Back - And I'll Scratch Yours. Peter Gabriel

    Scratch My Back And I'll Scratch Yours is a series of song exchanges in which Gabriel and other leading artists reinterpret each other's songs. The first half of this double album, titled Scratch My Back, was originally released in 2010. Gabriel covers work by seasoned superstars like David Bowie, Paul Simon and Lou Reed, but he also took on marvelous interpretations of work by younger acts like Arcade Fire, Bon Iver and Radiohead. In 2013, most of these artists returned the favour on And I'll Scratch Yours.

    The reciprocating artists opted for differing approaches to Peter's songs. A few chose to radically reinterpret the original material, in the process leaving it barely recognisable - Lou Reed's snarling Solsbury Hill or the frighteningly futuristic version of Mother Of Violence by Brian Eno, co-writer of David Bowie's Heroes covered by Gabriel on Scratch My Back. Other contributors include Arcade Fire (Games Without Frontiers), Elbow (Mercy Street) and Regina Spektor (Blood Of Eden).

    1. Heroes (David Bowie)

    2. The Boy In The Bubble (Paul Simon)
    3. Mirrorball (Elbow)
    4. Flume (Bon Iver)
    5. Listening Wind (Talking Heads)
    6. The Power Of The Heart (Lou Reed)
    7. My Body Is A Cage (Arcade Fire)
    8. The Book Of Love (The Magnetic Fields)
    9. I Think It's Going To Rain Today (Randy Newman)
    10. Apres Moi (Regina Spektor)
    11. Philadelphia (Neil Young)
    12. Street Spirit (Radiohead)

    1. David Byrne - I Don't Remember
    2. Bon Iver - Come Talk To Me
    3. Regina Spektor - Blood Of Eden
    4. Stephin Merritt - Not One Of Us
    5. Joseph Arthur - Shock The Monkey
    6. Randy Newman - Big Time
    7. Arcade Fire - Games Without Frontiers
    8. Elbow - Mercy Street
    9. Brian Eno - Mother Of Violence
    10. Feist - Timber Timbre - Don't Give Up
    11. Lou Reed - Solsbury Hill
    12. Paul Simon - Biko

    Peter Gabriel
    180 Gram Audiophile Virgin Vinyl LP - 2 LPs Sealed Buy Now
  • Hardcore Henry Soundtrack Hardcore Henry Soundtrack Quick View

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    Hardcore Henry Soundtrack

    First Pressing Of 1000 Numbered Copies On 180 Gram Red Vinyl, Black Vinyl Thereafter

    Includes 60x60cm Movie Poster + Comic Book

    Hardcore Henry is a unique film told from a first person perspective and is packed with adrenaline-driven action, straight from the first seconds of the movie.

    Illya Naishuller created Hardcore Henry in the same style of his band's music video, Biting Elbow's Bad Motherf**ker,. Click here to watch video that gathered 33 million views.

    The music for the Hardcore Henry movie is as frenetic as the action in the movie. The soundtrack is packed with huge artists like Queen (Don't Stop Me Now), The Temptations (My Girl), The Sonics (Strychnine), Devendra Banhart, The Drums, The Stranglers, Biting Elbows and Dasha Charusha.

    The first limited edition of strictly 1000 copies is very exclusive. This edition is pressed on coloured vinyl and includes an exclusive comic book and movie poster. The jacket will have a deluxe leather look finishing touch.

    1. Queen - Don't Stop Me Now
    2. The Stranglers - Let Me Down Easy
    3. The Temptations - My Girl
    4. The Drums - Down By the Water
    5. This is Fuckin' War, Baby Interlude
    6. The Sonics - Strychnine
    7. Dasha Charusha - 16
    8. Biting Elbows - My Woman
    9. 100,000 Baseball Bats Interlude
    10. Devandra Banhart - FÜr Hildegard von Bingen
    11. Sharlto Copley - Under My Skin
    12. Biting Elbows - Dustbus
    13. Alyans - Na Zare
    14. It's Bloody Nice Having a Friend Interlude
    15. Peter Wolf Crier - Hard as Nails
    16. Macro / Micro - Caustic
    17. Devandra Banhart - Won't You Come Over
    18. You Little Pussy Interlude
    19. Biting Elbows - For the Kill
    Various Artists
    180 Gram Audiophile Virgin Vinyl LP - Sealed Buy Now
  • Safe At Home Safe At Home Quick View

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    Safe At Home

    Was this Gram Parsons-led combo the first country-rock band ever? With groundbreaking backwoods material this superb, who cares? Electrified honky-tonk laments like Blue Eyes and spooky little mini-epics like Miller's Cave give Parsons' soulful, pre-Burrito Bros. set of pipes plenty of George Jones-like elbow room here. Dim the lights, inhale the thick smoke and wallow in the loud, loud music. From the original 1968 LHI stereo masters; this is an exact repro plus the bonus track Knee Deep In The Blues, on vinyl for the first time ever!
    1. Blue Eyes
    2. I Must Be Somebody Else You've Known
    3. A Satisfied Mind
    4. Medley: Folsom Prison Blues -That's All Right
    5. Knee Deep In The Blues

    6. Miller's Cave
    7. I Still Miss Someone

    8. Luxury Liner
    9. Strong Boy
    10. Do You Know How It Feels To Be Lonesome?
    International Submarine Band
    Vinyl LP - Sealed Buy Now
  • Weatherhead (Awaiting Repress) Weatherhead (Awaiting Repress) Quick View

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    Weatherhead (Awaiting Repress)

    Weatherhead is the sophomore album from Helms Alee. Their gamut of timbres from the most guttural blown-out roar to the most graceful lilting melody summon a sense of triumph, empowerment and conquest.

    The relentless chugging fuzz and vocal harmonies of Elbow Grease, the concrete thrust of the central riff of 8/16, the thunderstruck arpeggio of Pretty As Pie, the siren song of Pig Pile, the unbridled scuzz of Ripper No Lube and the alternating agit-punk and anthemic approach of the title track all reinforce Helms Alees position as masters of diametrically opposed tactics.

    They are the true heroes and heroines of the loud-quiet-loud. Weatherhead was recorded by Matt Bayles at Studio Litho and Red Room Studios in the Winter of 2010-2011.

    1. *

    2. Elbow Grease

    3. 8/16
    4. Music Box
    5. Pretty as Pie
    6. Anemone of the Wound
    7. Mad Mouth
    8. Epic Adventure Through the Wood
    9. Speed Sk8r
    10. Pig Pile
    11. Revel!
    12. Ripper No Lube
    13. Born in Fiberglass

    14. Weatherhead
    Helms Alee
    Vinyl LP - Sealed AWAITING REPRESS Buy Now
  • Bashed Out Bashed Out Quick View

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    Bashed Out

    This Is The Kit is the much beloved musical project of Kate Stables, born in England and based in Paris. Bashed Out is her band's third album, the result of an extended period collaboration with the record's producer Aaron Dessner (Sharon Van Etten, Local Natives). Dessner--the co-founder of the Brassland label--is best known for his work in The National. Indeed, the backing band he gathered for Bashed Out combines the talents of This Is The Kit's touring members (Rozi Plain, Jesse Vernon, Jamie Whitby-Coles), alongside a number of session players drawn from the Brooklyn music scene: Bryce Dessner, Thomas Bartlett (Doveman, The Gloaming), Matt Barrick (The Walkmen) and Ben Lanz (Beirut, The National) all made key instrumental contributions. This music is honest, human and humane-a folky-lovely slow-rumble. It's rock but of the hangover-friendly, stoner variety; it's folk but at a groovy speed. As notable as the music, however, is front woman Kate Stables, whose voice hearkens back to the classic singer-songwriter era--her distinctive, cutting vocals up front in the mix. It's a self-confidence gained since her previous album, 2011's Wriggle Out the Restless, which made her band a minor institution in the United Kingdom, especially on the radio which has embraced the group. This Is The Kit has received across the board support from BBC 6 DJs Lauren Laverne, Radcliffe & Maconie, Marc Riley, Cerys Matthews, and Mary Anne Hobbs--receiving further play from BBC Radio 1's Huw Stephens, Jen & Ally, and Phil Taggart. Wonderful wonderful stuff, said DJ and Elbow frontman Guy Garvey, before arguing their last album should have made the Mercury Prize shortlist. The Line of Best Fit has already called This Is The Kit an essential fixture of British folk music for the past 10 years one of a handful of truly innovate songwriters working with the British folk template today. In America, however, the band is just building up to their breakout moment. Bruce Warren, program director at influential American AAA station WXPN has praised Stables' "warm and gorgeous voice" and we expect similar notices to come across on this new LP. From Kate's earliest year growing up in the UK town of Winchester, she learned that great art takes time. In some ways the place I grew up is defined by being a Roman Saxon medieval cathedral city, she explains. They started building the Winchester Cathedral a thousand years ago and they've been working on it ever since. It's an exciting moment to join This Is The Kit's continuing musical evolution into a synesthetic, shape-shifting entity-rooted in folk but encompassing elements of psychedelia, alternative rock, and electronic textures and sensibilities.
    1. Misunderstanding
    2. Silver John
    3. Spores All Settling
    4. Magic Spell
    5. Bashed Out
    6. All In Cahoots
    7. Nits
    8. Vitamins
    9. We Are In
    10. Cold and Got Colder
    This Is The Kit
    Vinyl LP - Sealed Buy Now
  • 20th Century Women (Music From The Motion Picture) 20th Century Women (Music From The Motion Picture) Quick View

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    20th Century Women (Music From The Motion Picture)

    Director Mike Mills first made his mark on the silver screen with the Academy Award-winning film Beginners, but his back catalog is also filled with a number of music videos, including those for songs by Everything But The Girl ("Temperamental"), Moby ("Run On"), Air ("All I Need"), Mansun ("Legacy"), Pulp ("Party Hard"), and Air ("Sexy Boy"). His appreciation of music also extends to the soundtracks of his films, and with 20TH CENTURY WOMEN, his latest cinematic endeavor, he's managed to put together one of the most musically diverse compilations in recent memory.

    This is not praise derived from a desire to play up new product. This is simply the reality of the situation. How else to describe a compilation which sandwiches "Basin Street Blues," by Louis Armstrong & His Hot Five between tracks by Talking Heads and The Raincoats? We're talking about a musical landscape which finds Fred Astaire, Benny Goodman, and Rudy Vallee rubbing elbows with Siouxsie and the Banshees, Devo, and the Buzzcocks. It shouldn't work, and yet somehow it does.

    1. "Don't Worry About The Government" - Talking Heads
    2. "Fairytale In The Supermarket" - The Raincoats
    3. "Media Blitz" - Germs
    4. "Cheree" - Suicide
    5. "D.J." - David Bowie
    6. "Gut Feeling/(Slap Your Mammy)" - Devo
    7. "The Big Country" - Talking Heads
    8. "Basin Street Blues" - Louis Armstrong & His Hot Five
    9. "This Heart Of Mine" - Fred Astaire
    10. "In A Sentimental Mood" - Benny Goodman And His Orchestra
    11. "After Hours On Dream Street" - Sandy Williams
    12. "As Time Goes By" - Rudy Vallee & His Connecticut Yankees
    13. "Why Can't I Touch It?" -The Buzzcocks
    Various Artists
    Vinyl LP - Sealed Buy Now
  • Acid Tongue Acid Tongue Quick View

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    Acid Tongue

    Jenny Lewis Acid Tongue on 2LP + CD Set!

    Vinyl Pressed at RTI!

    Femme fatale Jenny Lewis has never sounded so passionate and her songs never so hard-hitting and acerbic as on her aptly titled sophomore solo release, 2008's Acid Tongue. The album follows 2006s well received Rabbit Fur Coat and a series of acclaimed albums with Rilo Kiley. Featuring collaborations with She & Him and guest appearances by Elvis Costello and Chris Robinson of The Black Crowes, Acid Tongue proves to be a can't miss release.

    This vinyl package features two standard weight black-vinyl discs produced and pressed at RTI in a double-gatefold jacket with a bonus CD in a paper sleeve. The discs contain three sides of audio and a special etching on the fourth side.

    Lewis is indie rock's most sharp-elbowed songwriter, a crafter of taut meditations on love, sex and politics that are full of violent emotions and, occasionally, plain old violence. There's plenty of storminess on her excellent second solo album, whose songs mix muscular guitar rock (The Next Messiah) with soul balladeering (Sing a Song for Them) and chamber pop (Black Sand). --Jody Rosen, Rolling Stone, October 2, 2008

    1. Black Sand
    2. Pretty Bird
    3. The Next Messiah
    4. Bad Mans World
    5. Acid Tongue
    6. See Fernando
    7. Godspeed
    8. Carpetbaggers
    9. Trying My Best To Love You
    10. Jack Killed Mom
    11. Sing A Song For Them
    Jenny Lewis
    Vinyl LP - 2 LPs Sealed Buy Now
  • Here Be Monsters Here Be Monsters Quick View

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    Here Be Monsters

    "When they didn't know quite what was there, they put Here Be Monsters. When I think of where my career has gone over the last 35 years, it's usually in that area - off the map." --Jon Langford

    Here Be Monsters finds acclaimed musician/visual artist Jon Langford and his band Skull Orchard scanning the outskirts of popular culture, its title born of medieval cartographers' term for the dragons, sea serpents, and other mythical beasties that reside beyond the boundaries of the known universe. This new album will feature a unique piece of artwork specific to each track printed on individual inserts included with copies of the CD. Best known for his work in the The Mekons and the Waco Brothers, Langford has been a leading pioneer in the assimilation of folk/country music into punk rock since the genre's first evolution over 30 years ago.

    The album sees the Welsh-born, Chicago-based singer/songwriter, bandleader, producer, painter, and poet plotting a clear-eyed, sharp-elbowed course through such far-flung subjects as alternative hierarchies and astronomy, perpetual war for perpetual profit, the culture of detachment, middle age, fatherhood, fame, and the fleetingness of love. The subtext of the album is maybe the things our civilization thinks of as fixed and immovable might actually be redundant/obsolete/discredited and it's up to us to question and find new rocks to be washed up on , says Langford, who called in Mekons/Waco Brothers veteran Mike Hagler (My Morning Jacket, Wilco, Neko Case, Billy Bragg) to record this album at Chicago's Kingsize Sound Labs. Skull Orchard used to be a fairly solitary activity - songs that didn't fit anywhere else - stuff that was too Welsh or personal to bother the Mekons or Wacos with, says Langford, but something happened with the band I formed to tour with the previous record. It turned into a real group, so this is much more of a band project than any of the solo things I've done before.

    Also known for being a prolific visual artist, Langford designed all the artwork for Here Be Monsters himself, including individual designs for each track that will be showcased on separate inserts in the CD and in a collage on the LP jacket. This album really brings the art and the songs together - a chicken/egg which came first situation. The songs are very visual and in some cases came directly from the paintings, continued Langford. Star maps, strange creatures, sympathetic monsters, monsters we have created - the little poem at the top of the album is all about that.

    1. Summer Stars
    2. Weightless
    3. Gone Without Trace
    4. Mars
    5. Sugar On Your Tongue
    6. Drone Operator
    7. Don't Believe
    8. If You Hear Rumours
    9. What Did You Do In The War?
    10. Lil' Ray O' Light
    Jon Langford And Skull Orchard
    Vinyl LP - Sealed Buy Now
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