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Eleanor Friedberger

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  • Remember (Awaiting Repress) Remember (Awaiting Repress) Quick View

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    Remember (Awaiting Repress)

    Hot off the heels of their critically acclaimed Thrill Jockey release Widow City, Matthew and Eleanor Friedberger, the sibling duo that makes up the core of The Fiery Furnaces, one of the most prolific and unique bands in music, have put together a Triple LP live album entitled Remember which collects songs from their entire catalog and performances across the globe starting in 2005. The album captures the high energy, intricate complexity, amazing vocal acrobatics of Eleanor and the technical musicianship that defines a Fiery Furnaces performance. The Fiery Furnaces reconstruct and re-arrange their songs for each tour, going to great lengths to create versions that vary greatly from the recorded versions in tempo, instrumentation and arrangements. Featuring 51 tracks, Remember is being issued in this Triple LP vinyl version housed in a custom made old-style tip-on gatefold jacket with a pasted in flap to hold the third LP and a coupon to download the album in MP3. Limited to Only 2000 Copies!

    1. Intro
    2. Blueberry Boat
    3. Single Again
    4. Two Fat Feet
    5. Dont Dance Her Down
    6. Single Again (Reprise)
    7. Wicker Whatnots
    8. Little Thatched Hut
    9. Im In No Mood
    10. Black-Hearted Boy
    11. Bitter Tea
    12. Waiting To Know You
    13. Vietnamese Telephone Ministry
    14. Oh Sweet Woods
    15. Borneo
    16. Benton Harbor Blues
    17. Japanese Slippers
    18. Benton Harbor Blues (Reprise)
    19. Whistle Rhapsody
    20. Crystal Clear
    21. Whistle Rhapsody (Reprise)
    22. Teach Me Sweetheart
    23. Evergreen
    24. Bitter Tea (Reprise)
    25. Chris Michaels
    26. Quay Cur
    27. My Dog Was Lost But Now Hes Found
    28. Spaniolated
    29. Name Game
    30. Birdie Brain
    31. 1917
    32. Slavin Away (Intro)
    33. Tropical Ice-land
    34. Asthma Attack
    35. Tropical Ice-land (Reprise)
    36. The Wayward Granddaughter
    37. The Garfield El
    38. A Candymakers Knife In My Handbag
    39. Forty-Eight Twenty-Three Twenty-Second St.
    40. Slavin Away
    41. Seven Silver Curses
    42. Clear Signal From Cairo
    43. Im Gonna Run
    44. Here Comes The Summer
    45. Chief Inspector Blancheflower
    46. Automatic Husband
    47. Ex-Guru
    48. Clear Signal From Cairo (Reprise)
    49. Philadelphia Grand Jury
    50. Navy Nurse
    51. Uncle Charlie
    Fiery Furnaces
    Vinyl LP - 3 LPs Only 2000 Copies Sealed AWAITING REPRESS Buy Now
  • Personal Record Personal Record Quick View

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    Personal Record

    At a time when most female singer-songwriters perform as alter
    egos, Eleanor Friedberger is simply, refreshingly herself. And
    that's just the way her fans like it. Having spent the last decade
    fronting the indie-rock institution The Fiery Furnaces (currently
    on hiatus) with her brother Matthew, in 2011 she emerged as a
    formidable solo artist with Last Summer, a thoughtfully crafted
    tale of memory and place couched in the organic pop of her
    '70s idols. Instantly, Friedberger established herself as a modernday heir to the tradition of Donovan, Todd Rundgren, Ronnie
    Lane, and their ilk: warm, nuanced, timeless songs.
    No gimmicks necessary.

    The title of Friedberger's sophomore album is Personal Record,
    and it is, in a sense. Personal, that is. But not personal in the way
    of, say, a coming-of-age record, or a diary about the past, which
    Last Summer was. Many of the songs seem to be about love, or
    love lost, but whether any of the experience is hers or someone
    else's, she isn't saying. "It's not as specific a narrative this time,"
    she says. "There's a universality to it." So incisive are the lyrics,
    in fact, that Friedberger's bassist incorrectly assumed that two of
    the songs were about him. "I loved that," she says. "I want him
    to feel like the songs are about him. I want you to feel like the
    songs are about you."

    1. I Don't Want to Bother You
    2. When I Knew
    3. I'll Never Be Happy Again
    4. Stare at the Sun
    5. Echo or Encore
    6. My Own World
    7. Tomorrow Tomorrow
    8. You'll Never Know Me
    9. I Am the Past
    10. She's a Mirror
    11. Other Boys
    12. Singing Time
    Eleanor Friedberger
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  • Last Summer Last Summer Quick View

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    Last Summer

    Eleanor Friedberger is known for her work in Chicagos the Fiery Furnaces, a band she created with her brother Matthew at the turn of the millennium. Together they won a number of awards, sold out shows the world over and recorded nine albums. That experience, combined with the fact that the Fiery Furnaces arent breaking up, inspired her to make her first solo record, Last Summer.

    In the music, you will hear the casual confrontation of the most emotionally direct Fiery Furnaces songs, plus a lot of snap, crackle and pop. In fact, in these songs made of memories, you will hear the future. Sparks, Donovan, Procol Harum, Kath Bloom, Lô Borges and Todd Rundgren too. Friedbergers phrasing is as good as anyones; even better, when the lines over and most other singers would leave it right there, shell throw in an unnecessary extra syllable.

    1. My Mistakes

    2. Inn of the Seventh Ray
    3. Heaven
    4. Scenes from Bensonhurst
    5. Roosevelt Island
    6. Glitter Gold Year
    7. One-Month Marathon
    8. I Wont Fall Apart on You Tonight
    9. Owls Head Park
    10. Early Earthquake
    Eleanor Friedberger
    Vinyl LP - Sealed Buy Now
  • Beck Song Reader Beck Song Reader Quick View

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    Beck Song Reader

    The now legendary Beck Song Reader--twenty Beck compositions previously released exclusively as stunningly illustrated sheet music in partnership with
    McSweeney's-will receive a long awaited traditional release, when Warby Parker/Capitol Records issues the Beck Song Reader compilation
    album, produced by Beck and Randall Poster, known for his music supervision work with directors Wes Anderson, Martin Scorsese, Sam Mendes and
    many others. Warby Parker will commemorate the release of Song Reader by reissuing limited-edition Carmichael frames created in collaboration with
    Beck, this time in Black Cherry-as well as a new edition of the Song Reader book, featuring two new prints from artist Marcel Dzama. The 20-track all-star collection features exclusively recorded versions of Song Reader charts by the likes of Jack White, Jeff Tweedy, David Johansen, Jason Isbell, Fun.,
    Eleanor Friedberger, and several more including Beck himself.

    The Warby Parker release of Beck Song Reader marks the first officially recorded incarnation of the project, which has already inspired interpretations
    from hundreds of musicians the world over. The record includes the studio-quality debut of songs previously only played live either by Beck himself or at
    one of the handful of Song Reader concerts staged over the last two years. The most recent of these was presented by the L.A. Philharmonic in
    partnership with McSweeney's and Warby Parker at the Walt Disney Concert Hall in Los Angeles on November 24, 2013. Described by The Los Angeles
    Times as an "expertly delivered and received night another big step in Beck's long, fascinating evolution," the show's highlights included Jarvis Cocker's
    interpretively danced "Why Did You Make Me Care? and Jack Black's borderline frightening "We All Wear Cloaks," the latter of which makes its recorded
    debut on the Beck Song Reader album.

    1. Moses Sumney - Title of this Song
    2. Fun - Please Leave A Light On When You Go
    3. Tweedy - The Wolf is on the Hill
    4. Norah Jones - Just Noise
    5. Lord Huron - Last Night You Were A Dream
    6. Bob Forrest - Saint Dude
    7. Jack White - I'm Down
    8. Beck - Heaven's Ladder
    9. Juanes - Don't Act Like Your Heart Isn't Hard
    10. Laura Marling - Sorry
    11. Jarvis Cocker - Eyes That Say ''I Love You''
    12. David Johansen - Rough On Rats
    13. Jason Isbell - Now That Your Dollar Bills Have Sprouted Wings
    14. Marc Ribot - The Last Polka
    15. Eleanor Friedberger - Old Shanghai
    16. Sparks - Why Did You Make Me Care?
    17. Swamp Dogg - America, Here's My Boy
    18. Jack Black - We All Wear Cloaks
    19. Loudon Wainwright III - Do We? We Do
    20. Gabriel Kahane with Ymusic - Mutilation Rag
    Beck / Various Artists
    180 Gram Audiophile Virgin Vinyl LP - 2 LPs Sealed Buy Now
  • Mexico Mexico Quick View

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    For the past four years, Follow That Bird was one of the most buzzed about bands from their hometown of Austin, Texas. And considering how many bands are packed into that one city, that ain't faint praise. They were picked by Matador Records to be the lead single on the 2010 Austin-only compilation Casual Victim Pile, and snapped up enough accolades to have Bill Callahan have them support him on tour and ...And You Will Know Us By The Trail of Dead ask them to be the opening act on their full tour of the Western US last summer.

    After that...everything went a little awry. The band's label folded, taking with it the money promised them to record their debut full-length. But instead of seeing that as a major roadblock, the trio saw it as the perfect chance to forge their own path. With it came a new band name - Mirror Travel - and a chance to further strengthen their belief in the power of the music they were creating together. Or as Tiffanie Lanmon put it, We had to walk into the desert and do things our way.

    The desert Lanmon (drums) is referring to is the one that surrounds Marfa, Texas, where the she, Paul Brinkley (bass/vocals) and Lauren Green (guitar/vocals) decamped for two weeks to record with Gory Smelley (YACHT, Eleanor Friedberger, Grouper) at Marfa Recording Studio. It was just the isolating experience the band needed to bring their album Mexico into the world.

    The results? One of the most warmly engaging records you're likely to hear this year. With Smelley's help, Mirror Travel were able to more fully embrace the dreamy garage pop sound that got them to where they are today.

    Opener Sands may give the impression of a band lost in a shoegazer wilderness, but let the punchy Nuggets-style bassline and reverb-slathered drive of the next track I Want You To Know shove aside all those preconceptions. The rest of Mexico flows by with the same steady gaze and attack, with occasional upticks and dips in tempo and temperature.

    Looked at as a complete package, Mexico is a document of a trio who, as their name change would suggest, are taking themselves more seriously and looking at the road ahead with much more purpose and intent. Like the long drives between tour stops and the seemingly endless desert that helped inspire these songs, you're meant to drink this album in slowly, steadily, and with your eye fixed on the horizon.

    1. Sands
    2. I Want You To Know
    3. Mexico
    4. Parties
    5. Uncharted Waters
    6. Pinholes
    7. In Dreams / For Summer
    8. Wooden Bones
    9. Young Gold
    10. Stoner
    Mirror Travel
    Vinyl LP - Sealed Buy Now
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