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  • Felony Felony Quick View

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    Colored Vinyl

    Queens, NY-based Emmure have managed to channel their collective angst into an emotionally unhinged blend of blistering hardcore and punishing thrash metal that the youth across the world embrace with open arms. 2009's Felony, their third full-length for Victory Records, really blew things wide open for the band as they truly began to hone their definitive sound. Featuring a new height of aggression with menacing breakdowns, brutally honest lyrics, and punishing riffs, Felony is guaranteed to be the record that locks the band behind the bars of the spotlight for life, with no chance of parole. Colored vinyl pressing from Victory Records with MP3 digital download.

    1. Sunday Bacon
    2. I Thought You Met Telly And Turned Me Into Casper
    3. I <3 EC2
    4. Felony
    5. You Sunk My Battleship
    6. The Philosophy Of Time Travel
    7. First Impressions
    8. R2Deepthroat
    9. Bars In Astoria
    10. Lesson From Nichole
    11. Don't Be One
    12. Immaculate Misconception
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  • The Respect Issue The Respect Issue Quick View

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    The Respect Issue

    Colored Vinyl

    Welcome to round two of the Emmure beat-down!

    2008's The Respect Issue continues to knock all of the competition out, one bloody breakdown at a time. This record takes a scornful bite at the opposition we face on a daily basis; the friends who betray us, the lovers who cheat us and the enemies that challenge us.

    Emmure stand with an arsenal of aggression and confidence that audiences everywhere are connecting to with abandon. Be a part of it now or get the hell out of their way! Colored vinyl pressing from Victory Records!


    1. Young, Rich, And Out Of Control

    2. Sound Wave Superior

    3. I Only Mean Half Of What I Don't Say

    4. False Love In Real Life

    5. Chicago's Finest

    6. Tales From The Burg

    7. Rough Justice

    8. Snuff 2 - The Resurrection

    9. Dry Ice

    10. You're More Like Friend Without The 'R'
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  • Welcame Welcame Quick View

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    RISE OF THE NORTHSTAR is a young thrash band whose spirit was born in the back alleys of 1980's Shibuya. Indeed, Japanese culture, mangas and its »Furyos« all blend into RISE OF THE NORTHSTAR 's sound. Through its lyrics, music and imagery, the band created itself a unique identity, bringing together 90's New York Hardcore, Shonen manga and contemporary metal.

    Early 2014, RISE OF THE NORTHSTAR is freshly out of the studio with 11 tracks of their signature sound under the arm. Having worked with influential bands such as HATEBREED, MADBALL, or EMMURE; acclaimed producer Zeuss was chosen to mix and master the record in the U.S. The end result is a rough 50 minutes of crushing thrash riffing, Hip-Hop vibes, Hardcore breakdowns and pure 90s grooves, lyrically fuelled by the universe of Shonen Manga.

    The first track off the new record is titled »Welcame [Furyo State of mind]« and its video was shot in Japan during the band's last tour of the country in early 2014. The follow up track is a classic Hip Hop cover, 'Simon Says' initially interpreted by PHAROAHE MONCH. This song demonstrates once again the band's love of the 90s musical scene in its every aspect.

    1. What The Fuck
    2. Welcame (Furyo State Of Mind)
    3. The New Path
    4. Samurai Spirit
    5. Dressed All In Black
    6. Again And Again
    7. Tyson
    8. Bosozoku
    9. Simon Says
    10. Authentic
    11. Blast 'Em All
    Rise Of The Northstar
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  • Goodbye To The Gallows (Awaiting Repress) Goodbye To The Gallows (Awaiting Repress) Quick View

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    Goodbye To The Gallows (Awaiting Repress)

    EMMURE entered 2007 with an ambitious attitude and one of the most ferocious VICTORY RECORDS debuts in years, Goodbye To The Gallows.

    The record is flat-out brutal and meaningful. Few bands can pour their hearts into a record and come back with a monstrous and genuine collection of songs that will pummel you in one instance and humble you the next. Goodbye To The Gallows takes the classic, chugging breakdowns and two-step parts of fellow New Englanders HATEBREED and UNEARTH and adds depth and emotion in the vein of BETWEEN THE
    BURIED AND ME. It combines the highs and lows of a battlefield into one lethal force.

    Goodbye To The Gallows was produced by Zeuss (HATEBREED, SHADOWS FALL, REMEMBERING NEVER).

    1. A Ticket for the Paralyzer
    2. 10 Signs You Should Leave
    3. When Keeping It Real Goes Wrong
    4. Rusted Over Wet Dreams
    5. You Got a Henna Tattoo That Said Forever
    6. Travis Bickle
    7. Sleeping Princess in Devil's Castle (featuring Karl Schubach of Misery Signals and Tyler Guida of My Bitter End)
    8. The Key to Keeping the Show Fresh Is... I'm Dead
    9. It's Not Just a Party, It's a Funeral
    10. When Everything Goes Wrong, Take the Easy Way Out
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  • Speaker Of The Dead (Awaiting Repress) Speaker Of The Dead (Awaiting Repress) Quick View

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    Speaker Of The Dead (Awaiting Repress)

    EMMURE have spent their entire career working to prove a point - that they are the real deal and a force to be reckoned with in today's metal scene. With their fourth studip album, Speaker of the Dead, they solidify that point and take their music to yet another new level.

    Speaker of the Dead was produced by Joey Sturgis (THE DEVIL WEARS PRADA, ATTACK ATTACK!, ASKING ALEXANDRIA).

    1. Children of Cybertron
    2. Area 64-66
    3. Dogs Get Put Down
    4. Demons with Ryu
    5. Solar Flare Homicide
    6. Eulogy of Giants
    7. Bohemian Grove
    8. 4 Poisons 3 Words
    9. Cries of Credo
    10. Last Words to Rose
    11. A Voice from Below
    12. Drug Dealer Friend
    13. My Name Is Thanos
    14. Lights Bring Salvation
    15. Word of Intulo
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  • Eternal Enemies Eternal Enemies Quick View

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    Eternal Enemies

    EMMURE are one of the most recognized and talked about bands around. They have already sold over a quarter
    of a million albums worldwide, performed over 1,000 shows in 25 countries including prominent spots on some of
    the world's largest music festivals and garnered serious respect while rising to the upper echelon of the metal world.

    Now in their tenth year as a band, EMMURE throw their biggest punch yet on Eternal Enemies, their sixth album
    for Victory Records. Eternal Enemies delivers the unmatched brutality that EMMURE fans have come to expect
    and is far and away the most shocking, violent and controversial album of their impressive existence. Whether it's
    love or hate, Eternal Enemies is bound to have the whole metal community clamoring.

    1. (Untitled)

    2. Nemesis
    3. N.I.A. (News In Arizona)
    4. The Hang Up
    5. A Gift A Curse
    6. E
    7. Like LaMotta
    8. Free Publicity
    9. Most Hated
    10. Grave Markings

    11. Hitomi's Shinobi

    12. Rat King
    13. Girls Don't Like Boys, Girls Like 40's and Blunts

    14. New Age Rambler
    15. We Were Just Kids
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  • Slave To The Game Slave To The Game Quick View

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    Slave To The Game

    in 2007 the world was introduced to EMMURE on their Victory Records debut, Goodbye To The Gallows, and in the years following, the band has been an absolute machine. During this period of time, EMMURE released four highly successful full-length
    albums that have sold over 225,000 units worldwide, performed nearly 1,000 shows in over 20 countries including prominent spots on some of the world's largest music festivals, and helped define the genre known as "deathcore".

    In 2012, EMMURE solidified their partnership with Victory Records by re-signing with the label and now have added to their already impressive existence with the release of their fifth full-length album, Slave To The Game.

    EMMURE established themselves as the heavyweight kings of metal-influenced hardcore since day one and will raise the standards again on Slave To The Game with even more intensely brutal songs combined
    with menacing lyrics.

    EMMURE set out to dominate the world and will proudly enforce their "YOU CAN'T FUCK WITH US" attitude to anyone who stands in their way.

    Slave To The Game was produced by Joey Sturgis (THE DEVIL WEARS PRADA, ATTACK ATTACK!, ASKING ALEXANDRIA).

    1. Insert Coin
    2. Protoman
    3. She Gave Her Heart to Deadpool
    4. I Am Onslaught
    5. Bison Diaries
    6. Poltergeist
    7. Cross Over Attack
    8. Umar Dumps Dormammu
    9. Blackheart Reigns
    10. MDMA
    11. War Begins with You
    12. A.I.
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  • Holy War Holy War Quick View

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    Holy War

    Rare is it for a band to live up to their name so profusely. Since their formation in 2006, New South Wales' Thy Art Is Murder has made killing their business... and as ol' Dave would say, business is good. Their nightmarish void is one where resistance is futile - you can but sit helplessly as the relentless blast beats and gut-ripping guitars pummel you sideways in the best possible way, of course.

    With 2013's riff-shitting monolith, "Hate", the Aussie death crew made history: being the first ever extreme metal band to crack the top 40 on home soil, and in the process sit proudly at the top of the Australian Independent Record chart. It was a cycle that would see them play a colossal 342 dates around the world, butchering crowds in each corner of the globe and touring the US more times than every other Australian band out there. Their appearances on touring megafest Summer Slaughter - as well as dates with Suicide Silence, Born Of Osiris and Emmure - soon became the stuff of legend.

    1. Absolute Genocide
    2. Light Bearer
    3. Holy War
    4. Coffin Dragger
    5. Fur And Claw
    6. Deliver Us To Evil
    7. Emptiness
    8. Violent Reckoning
    9. Child Of Sorrow
    10. Naked And Cold
    Thy Art Is Murder
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