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Escape The Fate

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  • Ungrateful Ungrateful Quick View

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    Ungrateful is the band's fourth studio album and features the current lineup of frontman Craig Mabbitt, guitarists Monte Money and Michael Money, drummer Robert Ortiz and bassist TJ Bell (who took over for original bassist Max Green last year). Monte Money also served as a co-producer on the album, working alongside John Feldmann and Atreyu's Brandon Saller in overseeing the production.
    1. Ungrateful
    2. Until We Die
    3. Live Fast, Die Beautiful (featuring Caleb Shomo)
    4. Forget About Me
    5. You're Insane
    6. Chemical Love
    7. Picture Perfect (featuring Patrick Stump)
    8. Risk It All
    9. Desire
    10. One for the Money
    11. Fire It Up
    12. Lose Control
    13. Forever
    Escape The Fate
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  • Fated Fated Quick View

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    A luscious, elegant, electronic work - Los Angeles Times

    Hip-hop instrumentals and electronic sketches;
    pristine and prim - FACT

    Gorgeously haunted - Pitchfork

    We seek the new because of the numbness. If you listen to enough
    music, you're familiar with the feeling. Sounds get recycled so often
    that they can seem like geometric configurations organized via Wav
    files. Trends get time-stamped faster than a triplicate trap hi-hat.

    The most rare records emerge outside of any clearly delineated orbit.
    They're solitary visions that supply their own rhythm and arsenal.
    Music that reverberates through heart, brain, and spine. This is Nosaj
    Thing's third album, Fated.

    "I just tried to escape really, and escape even what's going on in the
    music world," says Nosaj Thing, the LA producer born Jason Chung. "It
    just felt so suffocating in a way. I just wanted to do my own thing."

    It's been six years since Nosaj Thing emerged among the vanguard of
    Low End Theory-affiliated producers. His debut Drift created 31st
    century tones and chromatic textures so sleek that they inspired
    innumerable Soundcloud imitators.

    None could match its moody iridescence, faded sadness and funky
    swing. Bach collided with Boards of Canada. Spaceships came
    equipped with rear view mirrors and a booming system bumping
    G-Funk and warped soul. Pitchfork called it "gorgeously haunted."
    Resident Advisor said it "exists in its own dimension and feeds off its
    own exhaust: full of alien choirs, conquered computers, and refracting
    stained-glass light."

    Fated exists in this same alternate dimension, but further out. If
    comparisons previously existed with other artists within the LA beat
    scene, Nosaj has rendered them baseless. His second album on
    Innovative Leisure (after 2013's Home) seeks celestial escape through

    "The last record took out so much of me. I just wanted to go back to
    simplifying and overthinking so much. It was a battle," Nosaj says.
    "The soul of a song, the essence of a song-whatever you want to call
    it-should be simple."

    By stripping away all but what's really necessary, the sounds harness
    an unusual directness. Guest appearances are rare, save for vocals
    from Whoarei on "Don't Mind Me," and Chicago rap phenomenon,
    Chance the Rapper. The latter gravely spits on "Cold Stares," invoking
    terminal fevers, empty beds, devil's whispers, and insomniac fears.

    If comparisons crop up, Fated has most in common with records like
    Burial's Untrue or Dilla's Donuts. Requiems that canvass the shadowy
    hinterlands between life and death, darkness and light, loneliness and
    love. Eternal themes re-imagined in ingenious fashion.

    "The album name came from all these coincidences that just kept on
    happening to me," Nosaj says. "Specific interaction with specific
    people in unexpected places. A perpetual feeling of dÉjà vu."

    It's foundation rests on that intangible thing that some call fate or
    primordial feeling. Numbness receding, old emotions flooding back,
    un-tampered visions. Fated is what you can't explain, so it's best to
    just listen.

    1. Sci
    2. Don't Mind Me [ft. Whoarei]
    3. Realize
    4. Varius
    5. Cold Stares [ft. Chance the Rapper]
    6. Watch
    7. UV3
    8. Let You
    9. Moon
    10. Erase
    11. Medic
    12. A
    13. Phase IV
    14. Light #5
    15. 2K
    Nosaj Thing
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  • VS: The Definitive Edition VS: The Definitive Edition Quick View

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    VS: The Definitive Edition

    Mission of Burma's second and final studio album Vs. was released in the fall of 1982, just months before they broke up when the band was at the pinnacle of their songwriting and performing skills. Vs. is a strange and exciting record, full of depth and harmonic color. Unlike its predecessor, it begins slowly, with a fever dream of guitar workouts, drone and tremelo, in Circles, Trem Two and Dead Pool. The album pivots around the central track, Mica, perhaps the band's finest moment about a woman's descent into unreality and madness. At the end, Vs. expands with the triumphant melodic anthems The Ballad Of Johnny Burma and That's How I Escaped My Certain Fate.

    This Definitive Edition of Vs. now on a Deluxe Gatefold 180g Double LP looks and sounds better than ever and it includes four bonus tracks (previously on the Ryko CD); tracks 13-15 were unreleased studio outtakes from the Vs. sessions, and 16 was the B-side of the 1982 ôTrem Twoö 7″ single.

    1. Secrets
    2. Train
    3. Trem Two
    4. New Nails
    5. Dead Pool
    6. Learn How
    7. Mica
    8. Weatherbox
    9. The Ballad Of Johnny Burma
    10. Einstein's Day
    11. Fun World
    12. That's How I Escaped My Certain Fate
    13. Laugh The World Away
    14. Forget
    15. Progress
    16. OK/No Way

    Mission Of Burma Live at The Bradford Ballroom, March 12, 1983 DVD Track Listing

    1. The Ballad Of Johnny Burma (Bradford, 1983, afternoon set)
    2. Red (Bradford, 1983, afternoon set)
    3. Dirt (Bradford, 1983, afternoon set)
    4. Forget (Bradford, 1983, afternoon set)
    5. Secrets (Bradford, 1983, afternoon set)
    6. Academy Fight Song (Bradford, 1983, afternoon set)
    7. Trem Two (Bradford, 1983, afternoon set)
    8. Sing-A-Long (Bradford, 1983, afternoon set)
    9. ThatÆs How I Escaped My Certain Fate (Bradford, 1983, afternoon set)
    10. Weatherbox (Bradford, 1983, afternoon set)
    11. ThatÆs When I Reach For My Revolver (Bradford, 1983, afternoon set)
    12. Learn How (Bradford, 1983, afternoon set)
    13. OK/No Way (Bradford, 1983, afternoon set)
    14. Fun World (Bradford, 1983, afternoon set)
    15. All World Cowboy Romance (Bradford, 1983, afternoon set)

    Mission Of Burma
    180 Gram Audiophile Virgin Vinyl LP - 2 LPs + DVD Sealed Buy Now
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