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    Yann Tiersen has announced details of a brand new album, EUSA.

    The new album, recorded at Abbey Road, is Tiersen's first ever album of solo piano music, and follows 2014's album release, (Infinity).Location is important to everything Yann Tiersen does, and here,Tiersen has taken his connection with the land one step further. The collection of 10 solo piano pieces form a musical map of Tiersen's home island Ushant ('Eusa' in the local Breton language) which is positioned in the Celtic sea between Brittany and Cornwall.

    Between each piece we hear the sounds of the island, and Tiersen's improvisations that are all titled 'Hent'. Hent translates from Breton to English as Path and with each one Tiersen leads the listener across the island landscape to a new location.

    His full immersion into the rustic way of life and his admiration for desolate, sparsely-inhabited landscapes all seem a far cry from the cutesy postcard image of Montmartre and the soundtrack for the filmAmÉlie (Jean-Pierre Jeunet, 2001), that some might best recognize Tiersen from. In fact this album sees a return to a more stripped back production last seen on the collaborative soundtrack for Good Bye Lenin! (Wolfgang Becker, 2003).

    1. Hent I
    2. Pern
    3. Hent II
    4. Porz Goret
    5. Lok Gweltz
    6. Hent III
    7. Penn ar Roc'h
    8. Hent IV
    9. Kereon
    10. Hent V
    11. Yuzin
    12. Roc'h ar Vugale
    13. Hent VI
    14. Penn ar Lann
    15. Hent VII
    16. Enez Nein
    17. Kadoran
    18. Hent VIII
    Yann Tiersen
    Vinyl LP - 2 LPs Sealed Buy Now
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