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  • Breakdown Breakdown Quick View

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    Is Divorce Rock a genre? I guess that's how one would describe that band Everclear, hmmm...
    Well, this is way better than Everclear. Breakdown is like dark, new wave Americana. Imagine if
    Prince and Ryan Adams went on a road trip and confessed all their wrongdoings. It'd be cathartic
    and grim, but it'd also be awesome and weird.

    Most people know Derek Grant as the ripping drummer in Alkaline Trio, but he's been making music
    for years and can sing and play any instrument like a virtuoso. It's actually really unfair and annoying
    how good he is at making music. The release of this batch of songs is the final bit of closure on a
    rough, turbulent part of Derek's life, and thankfully for us, the final product is much more upbeat and
    likable than the trials that inspired Breakdown.

    1. Holiday Breakdown
    2. Waiting For The End Of The World
    3. Got A Feeling
    4. Turn And Walk Away
    5. Lucy
    6. Love Is A Bad Dream
    7. Good Long Look
    8. You Don't Know
    Derek Grant
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  • Say Anything Say Anything Quick View

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    Say Anything

    Los Angeles rock band Say Anything's new self-titled, 12-song collection was produced by veteran producer/mixer/engineer Neal Avron, who has also worked with Weezer, The Wallflowers, Fall Out Boy, and Everclear, among others. The band, which is frontman Max Bemis, drummer Coby Linder, bassist Alex Kent, guitarists Jake Turner and Jeff Turner, and keyboardist Parker Case, recorded it in early 2009 at the Boat Studio in Los Angeles.

    Say Anything is the first studio album from the band since its critically acclaimed 2007 In Defense of the Genre release, which Entertainment Weekly praised as an ambitious artistic statement and the Alternative Press called an opus that musicians more than twice Bemis age could only hope to create. Say Anything exploded onto the music scene with their 2004 Doghouse Records debut Is A Real Boy, which told the ultimate coming-of-age story in a swirling storm of sex, drugs, angst, and gut-wrenchingly honest rock & roll.

    1. Fed to Death
    2. Hate Everyone
    3. Do Better
    4. Less Cute
    5. Eloise
    6. Mara and Me
    7. Crush'd
    8. She Won't Follow You
    9. Cemetary
    10. Property
    11. Death For My Birthday
    12. Young Dumb and Stung
    13. Ahhhhh...Men
    Say Anything
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  • Flesh Coffin Flesh Coffin Quick View

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    Flesh Coffin

    Formed in 2010, Lorna Shore consists of vocalist Tom Barber, guitarists Adam De Micco and Connor Deffley, and drummer Austin Archey. To date, they have released three EPs and released their debut full-length Psalms in June of 2015. Aside from being featured on the Metal Alliance Tour with Deicide, Lorna Shore has most notably toured alongside bands such as Carnifex, Chelsea Grin, The Black Dahlia Murder, and more. The band has also played festivals such as the New England Metal And Hardcore Festival, Never Say Never Festival, South By So What, Skate and Surf Festival and SXSW's New England Metal and Hardcore Festival Stage. Lorna Shore's unique signature aesthetic spans death metal, black metal, power metal, and progressive rock for a style that encompasses brutal breakdowns, dazzling technical passages, white-knuckle-ride dynamics, and rich textured moments. The band's forthcoming sophomore album, Flesh Coffin (Outerloop Records) was produced by Lorna Shore, Carson Slovak, and Grant McFarland at Atrium Audio (August Burns Red, Everclear, From Ashes to New), mixed by Carson Slovak and Grant McFarland, and mastered by Zakk Cervini (Beartooth, Good Charlotte, Blink 182).
    1. Offering Of Fire
    2. Denounce The Light
    3. The Astral Wake Of Time
    4. Desolate Veil
    6. Void
    7. Infernum
    8. the//watcher
    9. Black Hollow
    10. Flesh coffin
    Lorna Shore
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  • The Very Best Of Everclear (Out Of Stock) The Very Best Of Everclear (Out Of Stock) Quick View


    The Very Best Of Everclear (Out Of Stock)

    Platinum selling alt-rockers Everclear revisit their old stomping grounds on these recently recorded versions of the smash hit singles "Santa Monica," "Wonderful" and "Father Of Mine" PLUS some superb covers - all on gorgeous vinyl!
    1. Santa Monica
    2. Wonderful
    3. Father Of Mine
    4. I Will Buy You A New Life
    5. Everything To Everyone
    6. I Won't Back Down
    7. Unemployed Boyfriend
    8. The Joker
    9. I Will Follow You Into The Dark
    10. Every Breath You Take
    11. Am Radio
    12. Brown Eyed Girl
    Vinyl LP - Sealed Temporarily out of stock
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