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  • III (Awaiting Repress) III (Awaiting Repress) Quick View

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    III (Awaiting Repress)

    Föllakzoid began seven years ago as a trance experience between childhood
    friends Diego, Juan Pablo, and Domingo from Santiago, Chile. Heavily informed
    by the heritage of the ancient music of the Andes, the band has learned to integrate
    this influence with contemporary sounds of their times, creating a rich yet
    minimal atmosphere.

    For III, the band wanted to expand their sound while building an atmosphere
    with mainly monochords and reiteration. After recording and mixing the album
    on their own at their studio at BYM Records, they partnered with German electronic
    maestro Atom TM to flesh out the album's synth parts. Most of the sounds
    he provided were atonal electronic sounds, aiming for concrete frequencies and
    sampled organic glitches. (The Korg synthesizer Atom TM plays on this record
    was used by Kraftwerk on a tour during the '80s and given to him by Florian

    III is a four-part minimal sound voyage in which you can hear Föllakzoid's musical
    language developing into something more upbeat, obscure, and sharp, yet
    even simpler in terms of elements. During the past year, the band played more
    than 80 gigs, including at Primavera Sound Festival (both Porto and Barcelona),
    ATP Festival in the UK, Musique Volantes in Lyon, and Lollapalooza Chile. The
    shows for III, including a confirmed set at Austin Psych Fest in May, should
    spread the band's fog-enshrouded gospel to an even wider audience.

    1. Electric
    2. Earth
    3. Piure
    4. Feuerzeug
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  • Smokescreen (Discontinued) Smokescreen (Discontinued) Quick View

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    Smokescreen (Discontinued)

    The core duo of Michael Bernstein (guitar, synth, vocals) and Maya Miller (organ, vocals) began their careers together as the extreme noise act, Double Leopards. By 2005, they had left the industrial noise realm for the somewhat mellower pastures of Kraut explorations. Their last album on Ecstatic Peace was highly acclaimed and co-produced by label owner Thurston Moore. Like SB label-mates Moon Duo, or the recent Chilean signings of Follakzoid and The Holydrug Couple, Religious Knives draw from a well of pounding rhythmic drums and psychedelic drones with heavy organ and synth landscapes which envelope the listener fully.

    1. The Message

    2. Paper Thin
    3. Big Police
    4. Garbage Can
    5. Private Air
    6. You Walk
    7. Chill Haze
    8. Smokescreen

    Religious Knives
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  • Thru Me Again Thru Me Again Quick View

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    Thru Me Again

    Thru Me Again is the 2nd release from Chilean trio La Hell Gang
    and their rst with Mexican Summer. Hailing from Santiago, which
    plays host to an ever growing psychedelic scene (Holydrug
    Couple, Follakzoid, La Banda, etc), the band create a remote and
    wild brand of rock 'n' roll. The eight tracks across Thru Me Again
    weave seamlessly, channeling heat, light and endless desert
    dunes.  Despite the heavy context, there's a real clarity in the
    production, making the blistering guitar solos and mirage-like
    vocals all the more potent. Tracks like Inside My Fall and Last
    Hit recall bands like The Black Angels and BRMC, but some of
    the more lucid moments (Sweet Dear, So High) feel like a
    grittier Brightblack Morning Light.  The soundtrack for your heat
    swept summer.  
    1. Inside My Fall
    2. Her Way Has Come
    3. Sweet Dear
    4. The Beginning Remains the End
    5. Everywhere I Go
    6. Last Hit
    7. What You Want You Got It
    8. So High
    La Hell Gang
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  • Partir To Live Partir To Live Quick View

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    Partir To Live

    Partir to Live (2012) is a non-narrative film experience in sensations, in ethical
    confusion, and in physical and psychic contusions, directed by Domingo GarciaHuidobro
    of Föllakzoid. Dutch minimalist composer Jozef van Wissem's score
    for the film consists of appropriated 12-string electric guitar drone, black baroque
    lute mirror images, and minimal electronics. For the first time ever, Sacred Bones
    Records will release the DVD and soundtrack LP together in a limited one-time
    pressing of 1000 copies.

    Garcia-Huidobro is an aficionado of paranormal experiences. Partir to Live sees
    him attempting to reconstruct the previous moments of what could have been
    one of these episodes. High-tension cables, a forest, an abandoned church, a
    barefoot woman; past, present and future become confused, and in this dissolved
    reality, he is not sure to have found what he was looking for.

    Partir to Live was part of the official selection at Valdivia Film Festival and premiered
    internationally at ATP Festival in Camber Sands, England. It has screened
    at over a dozen more festivals since, including SXSW Film in Austin, Brussels
    Film Fest, and the Moscow International Film Festival.

    1. Rain Insects
    2. Eiditic Reduction
    3. Ex Cathedra
    4. Iglesia
    5. Einklammerung
    6. Moto
    7. Spectography
    8. EpochÉ
    9. Zeteteiko
    10. Induction
    11. Ataraxia
    Jozef Van Wissem
    Vinyl LP + DVD - 2 LPs Sealed Buy Now
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