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Four Freshman

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  • The Sky As Well As Space The Sky As Well As Space Quick View

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    The Sky As Well As Space

    We last heard from the boys in Memory Map with the release of their 2011 debut LP
    "Holiday Band". We couldn't be more excited to see them return with the release of
    their sophomore album "The Sky As Well As Space."

    With "The Sky as Well as Space", Memory Map continue to esh out their uniquely
    guitar-driven blend of indie pop. Few bands straddle song-craft and technical prowess
    as eortlessly as Memory Map. Using three guitars (one which cheats its way into
    acting as a bass), a three-piece drum kit, and vocals from all four members, Memory
    Map organically fuse cascading guitar lines, complex rhythms, and layered vocal
    harmonies into shamelessly accessible guitar pop.

    In the three years since their debut, Memory Map have gained depth both in
    composition and production. The album simultaneously showcases the band at their
    most catchy ("Magnetic Center"), menacing ("Dark Freshman"), and emotional
    ("Order In the Waves", "Antelope Earth").

    Why the three-year gap between albums you ask? Well, the delay is largely due to the
    popularity of a certain cat. Band member Mike Bridavsky owns and takes care of the
    most famous cat on the planet, Lil BUB. And because Memory Map have been so
    exible in working around Lil BUB's schedule, the band is ofcially BUB approved.

    1. The Celebrated Summer
    2. Dark Freshman
    3. Words as Water
    4. Magnetic Center
    5. Freeze My Jump
    6. Antelope Glue
    7. Super Human Child
    8. Isolation Is Ours
    9. Order in The Waves
    10. Hunger Poem
    11. Bless This Boat
    12. Antelope Earth
    Memory Map
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  • The Sunshine of Your Youth The Sunshine of Your Youth Quick View

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    The Sunshine of Your Youth

    Philly-based band Cheerleader follow up 2014's On
    Your Side EP and their UK-only "Perfect Vision" 7"
    with their first full-length album, The Sunshine of Your
    Youth. NYLON called them "the love child of Passion
    Pit and St. Lucia." NME listed the band in their Top 10
    new bands of 2014, saying "[Cheerleader] recall New
    Order at their most addictive," while KCRW said
    Cheerleader's music is "giddy, triumphant world conquering
    optimism. This is straight up power pop."

    Songwriters Joe Haller and Chris Duran are joined
    by keyboardist and guitarist Josh Pannepacker,
    drummer Carl Bahner and bassist Paul Impellizeri to
    create their undeniably anthemic freshman effort,
    The Sunshine of Your Youth. The album is 10 tracks
    produced and mixed by Mark Needham (Imagine
    Dragons, Mona, Youngblood Hawke, Tokyo Police

    1. New Daze
    2. The Sunshine of Your Youth
    3. On Your Side
    4. Do What You Want
    5. Perfect Vision
    6. Haunted Love
    7. A Million Ways
    8. Dreamer
    9. The Quiet Life
    10. Little Bird
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