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  • Welcome To The Real World Welcome To The Real World Quick View

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    Welcome To The Real World

    Producer Frankie Knuckles uses many different dance conceptsto vary the attack on his second album Welcome To The Real World.The album
    including the singles Whadda U Want (From Me) and thenumber one dance hit Too Many Fish". Featuring vocals Adeva, Welcome ToThe Real World
    is a must have for any fan.
    1. Fanfare
    2. Welcome to the Real World
    3. Too Many Fish
    4. Love Can Change It
    5. Keep It Real
    6. You're Number One (in my Book)
    7. Passion & Pain
    8. What am I Missin'
    9. Whadda U Want (From Me)
    10. Tell Me Why
    11. Walkin'
    Frankie Knuckles
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  • El Rio El Rio Quick View

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    El Rio

    It's been one helluva ride to get here, from Nashville to El Paso and back again, but Frankie Ballard's new Warner Bros. Records/Warner Music Nashville album El Rio is finally being released. With growing anticipation, Ballard is especially excited to hear fans' reactions to some of the new music that no one has heard.

    Ballard has been playing new songs like "It All Started with a Beer" and "Cigarette" from his third LP live, but not every song has made it into the set. "Good as Gold," co-written by Mando Saenz and Justin Bogart, is a track he's especially proud of that fans haven't had a chance to listen to yet.

    "'Good as Gold' is the heart of this record," Ballard said. "Everybody asks, 'What's your favorite song?' I can't pick my favorite, but doggone it 'Good as Gold' is really close to the top. The spirit of this song, the courage in this song is what made me fall in love with it the first time I ever heard it. It's about telling a girl everything you need to tell her all in one moment and not holding anything back. The courage in that inspired me and I hope it inspires other people. It's one of the songs that I'm most excited to see what people think of it, on social media or at shows, or wherever I can talk to people about this album. I'm dying to get feedback. So go listen to the song if you haven't and tell me what you think."

    Love and lust play a huge role in El Rio, alternating between tender tracks like "Good as Gold" and "It All Started with a Beer" to more experiential songs like "Cigarette" and "LA Woman," another new song Ballard is excited to unveil.

    "This is one that I love to play for people because it's a rockin' song," Ballard said. "Every woman I think has a little bit of an LA side and I think every man has a side of him that wants an LA woman."

    1. El Camino
    2. Cigarette
    3. Waste Some Of Mine
    4. Little Bit Of Both
    5. L.A. Woman
    6. It All Started With A Beer
    7. Sweet Time
    8. Good As Gold
    9. Southern Side
    10. You'll Accomp'ny Me
    11. You Could've Loved Me
    Frankie Ballard
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  • Frankie Said Frankie Said Quick View

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    Frankie Said

    Deluxe Limited Edition 140 Gram Clear Vinyl!

    The Very Best of Frankie Goes To Hollywood!

    LP 1
    1. Two Tribes (introduced via the piano of Anne Didley)
    2. The Power Of Love
    3. Relax (the last seven inches)
    4. Two Tribes (we don't want to die)
    5. War!
    6. Welcome To The Pleasuredome (a remade world)
    7. Ferry Cross The Mersey (and here I'll Stay)
    8. Rage Hard
    9. Watching The Wildlife

    LP 2
    1. Born To Run (live on the Tube)
    2. Warriors of the Wasteland (attack) seven inch
    3. Kill The Pain
    4. Maximum Joy
    5. Two Tribes (annihilation) twelve inch
    6. Relax (New York) twelve inch
    7. The Power of Love ( listened to be lovers)

    Frankie Goes To Hollywood
    140 Gram Audiophile Virgin Vinyl LP - 2 LPs Sealed Buy Now
  • Frankie Miller's Double Take Frankie Miller's Double Take Quick View

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    Frankie Miller's Double Take

    Frankie Miller is a well beloved artist from the 70's British Rock/Folk scene. He has been paralyzed since a 1994 brain hemorrhage. Some of Frankie's well known friends have gotten together to record an album of his unreleased songs. Alongside Frankie's original vocal, this album features new recordings from Elton John, Rod Stewart, Kid Rock, Joe Walsh (The Eagles), Willie Nelson, Paul Carrack, Bonnie Tyler, Huey Lewis, and more.
    LP 1
    1. Blackmail

    2. Where Do The Guilty Go?
    3. Way Past Midnight

    4. True Love

    5. Kiss Her For Me

    6. Gold Shoes
    7. Sending Me Angelsv
    8. Jezebel Jones

    9. When It's Rockin'
    10. Beginner At The Blues

    LP 2
    1. To Be With You Again
    2. I Want To Spend My Life With You
    3. The Ghost

    4. It Gets Me Blue

    5. Out On The Water
    6. It's A Long Way Home

    7. I'm Missing You
    8. I Never Want To Lose You
    9. I Do

    Frankie Miller
    180 Gram Audiophile Virgin Vinyl LP - 2 LPs Sealed Buy Now
  • Maze Featuring Frankie Beverly Maze Featuring Frankie Beverly Quick View

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    Maze Featuring Frankie Beverly

    Maze featuring Frankie Beverly is the debut album by Bay Area-based R&B group Maze, originally released in 1977 on Capitol Records.
    1. Time Is on My Side
    2. Happy Feelin's
    3. Color Blind
    4. Lady of Magic
    5. While I'm Alone
    6. You
    7. Look at California
    Maze Featuring Frankie Beverly
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  • Frankie Welfare Boy Age Five Frankie Welfare Boy Age Five Quick View

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    Frankie Welfare Boy Age Five

    With Frankie Welfare Boy Age Five, Braid introduced itself to a national audience, one which it would continue to build over years of extensive touring and the release of two more full-lengths, nine 7s and numerous compilation appearances. FWBA5 is a meticulously crafted record that never once feels anything other than raw and organic. Featuring a more aggressive, hardcore-influenced sound than later Braid releases, the songs are never uniform and always challenging, continually changing tone, volume and structure within their short time spans. With 26 blistering tracks in just under 60 minutes, the members of Braid simultaneously encapsulated and redefined the Midwest scene from which they came. Deluxe 15-year anniversary 2xLP edition with detailed liner notes and lyrics. Re-mastered by John Golden (Nirvana, Melvins, Sonic Youth).
    1. Angel Falls
    2. Capricorn
    3. Minuet
    4. New Dollar Building
    5. Lining Lake Michigan
    6. Wax Wings
    7. Garner Hall Music Room
    8. Hugs From Boys
    9. Three Point Turn
    10. Eeyore and Easel
    11. Red Dye Company
    12. Summer Salt
    13. X Marks the Hope Box
    14. Brass Knuckle Sandwich
    15. Dolores
    16. Under the Influence of Tricycle Mechanics
    17. Featherweight
    18. Ornamental
    19. Kissy Windmill Print
    20. Jane Describes John
    21. Quarters
    22. Interstate 57
    23. Yawn London
    24. Vest of Interest
    25. Pipsqueak
    26. Zero Frisco
    180 Gram Audiophile Virgin Vinyl LP - 2 LPs Sealed Buy Now
  • Herein Wild Herein Wild Quick View

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    Herein Wild

    Former Dum Dum Girls member Frankie Rose releases the follow-up to her dream-pop-driven 2012 debut Interstellar. Titled Herein Wild, the artist's sophomore set drops via her new label home, Fat Possum.

    As a founding member, songwriter, instrumentalist and vocalist in Vivian Girls and drummer and occasional vocalist in Crystal Stilts, Frankie Rose has been an integral part of two of the most highly acclaimed and influential groups to come out of Brooklyn's still-vital music scene in the past several years. Her solo project not only reflects the aesthetic earmarks of both those groups, but it also reveals her as a fully-formed artist in her own right.

    Ms. Rose's music is haunted by the ghosts of 60s girl group, Brill Building, and 80s and 90s noise pop in equal measure. It's a spooky, lovely sound - Frankie's ethereal yet affectation-free voice swirling in a sea of church-like harmonies over a bed of tambourines, bells, and propulsive drumming. Recalling in spirit such groups as The Aislers Set and Black Tambourine, Frankie's music is both timeless and immediate, both deeply personal and completely universal.

    1. You For Me
    2. Sorrow
    3. Into Blue
    4. The Depths
    5. Cliffs As High
    6. Minor Times
    7. Question Reason
    8. Heaven
    9. Street Of Dreams
    10. Requiem
    Frankie Rose
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  • Beyond The Mix Beyond The Mix Quick View

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    Beyond The Mix

    Beyond The Mix is the debut album from Frankie Knuckles. Released on Virgin Records, the album features the tracks seminal work and The Whistle
    Song, which was the first of four number ones on the US dance chart. Knuckles played an important role in developing and popularizing house music in
    Chicago during the 1980s, when the genre was in its infancy. Due to his importance in the development of the genre, Knuckles was often known as The
    Godfather of House Music.
    1. Godfather
    2. Rain Falls
    3. The Whistle Song
    4. It's Hard Sometimes
    5. Sacrifice
    6. Party At My House
    7. Right Thing
    8. Workout
    9. Sold On Love
    10. Soon I Will Be Done
    Frankie Knuckles
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  • Full House Full House Quick View

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    Full House


    Full House is the fourth studio album by Frankie Miller, released in 1977. A little more funky than most of his albums but overall, this is another fine batch of songs.

    The Andy Fraser composition "Be Good to Yourself" was issued as a single, and reached No. 27 the UK singles chart, becoming Miller's first chart hit.

    It features a mix of Miller originals and covers, including a version of John Lennon's "Jealous Guy". Of the five originals here, one was co-written by the man who discovered Miller (Robin Trower) and one of the songs was later covered by Lou Ann Barton.

    1. Be Good To Yourself
    2. The Doodle Song
    3. Jealous Guy
    4. Searching
    5. Love Letters
    6. Take Good Care Of Yourself
    7. Down The Honkytonk
    8. This Love Of Mine
    9. Let The Candlelight Shine
    10. (Ill Never) Live In Vain
    Frankie Miller
    180 Gram Audiophile Vinyl LP - Sealed Buy Now
  • Welcome To The Pleasuredome Welcome To The Pleasuredome Quick View

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    Welcome To The Pleasuredome



    Frankie Say Relax
    Those three words in black letters on white oversized T-shirts persist as a main part of the imagery of the eighties. But even if you take away all the Malcolm McLaren-styled-marketing, Welcome To The Pleasuredome still stands out as one of the seminal records of the decade.

    Produced by Trevor Horn (Art of Noise, The Buggles and briefly YES), it should. The sometimes over-the-top songs are interspersed with snippets of a Ronald Reagan impersonator and bombastic orchestral compositions. Put their most famous song 'Relax' in the middle of this and the song that created so much controversy when it was first released becomes a model of restraint. The irresistibly pounding yet simple bass line makes it as much a floor-filler today as it was in 1984.
    The Orwellian 'Two Tribes', released at the height of the Cold War, still seems strangely poignant. 'The Power Of Love', the hyper-ballad that topped the British charts for a number of weeks, is still deliciously cheeky.

    The re-mastering of this album will make your head spin and is the first that does the Trevor Horn production justice. As this is the first re-issue of the album on vinyl in 25 years, it's a damn good thing Music On Vinyl is releasing it on 180 grams audiophile vinyl!

    1. Well...
    2. The World Is My Oyster
    3. Snatch Of Fury
    4. Welcome To The Pleasuredome
    5. Relax
    6. War
    7. Two Tribes
    8. Fury
    9. Born To Run
    10. San Jose
    11. Wish The Lads Were Here/The Ballad Of 32
    12. Krisco Kisses
    13. Black Night White Light
    14. The Only Star In Heaven
    15. The Power Of Love
    16. Bang
    Frankie Goes To Hollywood
    180 Gram Audiophile Virgin Vinyl LP - 2 LPs Sealed Buy Now
  • Man With The Golden Arm Soundtrack Man With The Golden Arm Soundtrack Quick View

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    Man With The Golden Arm Soundtrack


    Limited Edition Of 750 Copies On 180-Gram Gold Colored Vinyl

    One of the finest jazz soundtracks to come out of the '50s, "The Man With The Golden Arm" is taken from the Otto Preminger film of the same name. Preminger was always very jazz influenced, and on this film he took his chances with Elmer Bernstein. The 1955 movie is about a former heroin addict, Frankie Machine (Frank Sinatra). For this movie, Elmer Bernstein composed perhaps the most brilliant jazz score. The drum, Frankie's own instrument, provides the rhythmic basis of the score. In the film's opening it's beat is alternately steady and agitated, just like Frankie's life; meanwhile, the brass screams and whirls out of control, mirroring Frankie's desperation as he runs off in search of one "last" fix

    1. Clark Street: The Top / Homecoming / Antek's
    2. Zosh
    3. Frankie Machine
    4. The Fix
    5. Molly
    6. Breakup: Flight / Louie's / Burlesque
    7. Sunday Morning
    8. Desperation
    9. Audition
    10. The Cure: Withdraw / Cold / Morning
    11. Finale
    Elmer Bernstein
    180 Gram Audiophile Virgin Vinyl LP - Sealed Buy Now
  • Michael Jackson: The Remix Suite Michael Jackson: The Remix Suite Quick View

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    Michael Jackson: The Remix Suite

    Collaborative celebration of the music industrys top producers remixing the best of Michael Jackson and Jackson 5 classics! Featured producers include: Stargate, The Neptunes, Polow, Akon, Dallas Austin, Sturken & Rogers, Benny Blanco, Paul Oakenfold, Frankie Knuckles, David Morales, Mark Hoppus (of Blink 182) and more.
    1. Skywriter - Stargate Remix
    2. Never Can Say Goodbye - The Neptunes Remix
    3. I Wanna Be Where You Are - Dallas Austin Remix
    4. Dancing Machine - Polow Remix
    5. ABC - Salaam Remi Remix
    6. Forever Came Today - Frankie Knuckles Late Night Antics Remix
    7. Dancing Machine - Steve Aoki Remix
    8. Hum Along & Dance - David Morales Remix
    9. Ain't No Sunshine - Benny Blanco Remix
    10. Maria (You Were The Only One) Emile Haynie Remix
    11. Maybe Tomorrow - Sturken & Rogers Remix
    12. Ben - Akon (Konvict Remix)
    Michael Jackson
    Vinyl LP - 2 LPs Sealed Buy Now
  • Je Ne Sais Claust Je Ne Sais Claust Quick View

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    Je Ne Sais Claust

    Brooklyn, New York's Nuclear Santa Claust returns with their second LP on Don Giovanni Records, featuring ten tracks of blistering four-to-the-floor punk and occasional bursts of scuzzy power-pop infused garage. Mixed, mastered, and engineered by Jonathan Schenke (Parquet Courts, Frankie Rose, and PC Worship) at Seaside Lounge and Doctor Wu's Studio.
    1. Useless
    2. Boots In The Sand
    3. Castle Bravo
    4. Sayonara Baby
    5. Dark Days
    6. Five Dollar Tarot Card
    7. Violent Dreams
    8. Singularity
    9. Modern Problems
    10. Sent To Kill
    Nuclear Santa Claust
    Vinyl LP - Sealed Buy Now
  • Reality (Discontinued) Reality (Discontinued) Quick View

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    Reality (Discontinued)

    REALITY burst onto the Amsterdam funk scene in 1970, a dynamic percussive powerhouse of eight musicians hailing from the Caribbean. Galvanized by charismatic singer and frontman TONY SHERMAN, and driven by the core duo of GLENN GADDUM on keys and FRANKIE DOUGLAS on guitar. They released two records: Reality (1972) and Tony & Reality (1973), containing killer breaks, fuzzy guitars, and funky and deeply soulful tunes. This LP release contains the best tracks from both albums. Remastered and part of the Dutch Flowers series via Kindred Spirits.
    1. Acapulgo Gold
    2. Slipping Into Darkness
    3. The Swinger
    4. Mack One
    5. High Winds
    Vinyl LP - Sealed Buy Now
  • Monk's Dream Monk's Dream Quick View

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    Monk's Dream


    Monk's Dream is the Columbia Records debut release featuring the Thelonious Monk Quartet: Monk (piano), Charlie Rouse (tenor sax), John Ore (bass), and Frankie Dunlop (drums). Jazz scholars and enthusiasts alike also heralded this combo as the best Monk had been involved with for several years. Although he would perform and record supported by various other musicians, the tight -- almost telepathic -- dimensions that these four shared has rarely been equalled in any genre... Monk's Dream is recommended, with something for every degree of Monk enthusiast.

    - Lindsay Planer,

    1. Monk's Dream
    2. Body And Soul
    3. Bright Mississippi
    4. Five Spot Blues
    5. Bolivar Blues
    6. Just A Gigolo
    7. Bye-Ya
    8. Sweet And Lovely
    9. Monk's Dream (Original Version)*

    *Bonus Track

    Thelonious Monk
    180 Gram Audiophile Virgin Vinyl LP - Sealed Buy Now
  • The Fabulous Johnny Cash (Mono) The Fabulous Johnny Cash (Mono) Quick View

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    The Fabulous Johnny Cash (Mono)


    180 Gram Vinyl

    Mono Edition

    Johnny Cash's first album on Columbia is also regarded as his best from his late fifties period. After he was released from his Sun Records contract, Cash unleashed his best material for The Fabulous Johnny Cash (1958). Maintaining his stripped-down, bare bones Country Blues style the album is simply all killer, no filler Classic Cash. Great songs like Frankie's Man, Johnny, Don't Take Your Guns To Town and I Still Miss Someone proved to be staples in Cash's extensive body of work. Finally available on 180 gram vinyl!

    1. Run Softly, Blue River
    2. Frankie's Man, Johnny
    3. That's All Over
    4. The Troubadour
    5. One More Ride
    6. That's Enough
    7. I Still Miss Someone
    8. Don't Take Your Guns to Town
    9. I'd Rather Die Young
    10. Pickin' Time
    11. Shepherd of My Heart
    12. Suppertime
    Johnny Cash
    180 Gram Audiophile Virgin Vinyl LP Mono - Sealed Buy Now
  • Monomania Monomania Quick View

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    After a brief hiatus following the success of third album Halcyon Digest, during which time Bradford Cox and Lockett Pundt released their own albums as Atlas Sound and Lotus Plaza respectively, a new Deerhunter line-up (with additions of bassist Josh Mckay and guitarist Frankie Broyles) reconvened in January 2013 at Rare Book Studio in Brooklyn, New York. Produced by Nicholas Vernhes and Bradford Cox and recorded in the dead of night, Deerhunter's new longplayer Monomania will be released on 7th May. Monomania finds the group recalling its scrappy punk aesthetic; a perfect nocturnal garage rock album full of the layered and hazy vintage guitar sounds that define them.
    1. Neon Junkyard
    2. Leather Jacket II
    3. The Missing
    4. Pensacola
    5. Dream Captain
    6. Blue Agent
    7. T.H.M.
    8. Sleepwalking
    9. Back to the Middle
    10. Monomania
    11. Nitebike
    12. Punk (La Vie AntÉrieure)
    Vinyl LP - Sealed Buy Now
  • Complete Surrender Complete Surrender Quick View

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    Complete Surrender

    A giant musical leap forward from 2011's Paradise, 'Complete Surrender', produced by Colin Elliot (Richard Hawley), is an exquisite collection of soulful, sophisticated pop songs with influences ranging from Frankie Valli and Marvin Gaye to Katy Perry and Taylor Swift. From the opening track, the wonderful melancholia of "Tears of Joy" to the sweeping strings and galloping beat of "Complete Surrender" to the brassy and hook-laden "Suffering Me, Suffering You" this is the sound of a band coming into their own and creating an album brimming with confidence, skill and managing, throughout, to harness both the spirit of their influences and their constant desire to experiment.
    1. Tears of Joy
    2. Everything Is New
    3. Suffering You, Suffering Me
    4. Not Mine to Love
    5. The Pieces
    6. Number One
    7. The Queen's Nose
    8. Complete Surrender
    9. Paraguay and Panama
    10. Dependable People and Things That I'm Sure Of
    11. Wanderer Wandering
    Slow Club
    Vinyl LP - Sealed Buy Now
  • In Italy In Italy Quick View

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    In Italy

    Featuring standout renditions of Straight, No Chaser, Bemsha Swing, and Rhythm-A-Ning, In Italy captures pianist/composer Thelonious Monk
    flexing his trademark idiosyncratic chops on what would be his final recording for the Riverside label. Cut live in concert while on an extensive European
    tour, this set from 1961 serves as a final reminder of the legendary catalog Monk built while recording for Riverside and hinted at the genius yet to be
    recorded. Accompanied by tenor saxophonist Charlie Rouse, bassist John Ore, and drummer Frankie Dunlop, Monk shines here, turning in more of the
    style the set him apart from his peers as an individualistic player capable of consistently expressive, stylistic and sophisticated performances.
    1. Jackie-ing
    2. Epistrophy
    3. Body And Soul
    4. Straight, No Chaser
    5. Bemsha Swing
    6. San Francisco Holiday
    7. Crepuscule With Nellie
    8. Rhythm-A-Ning
    Thelonious Monk
    Vinyl LP - Sealed Buy Now
  • Hold That Tiger! Hold That Tiger! Quick View

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    Hold That Tiger!


    Introduced into the music business by Frankie Avalon at a time when record producers were looking to the South Philadelphia neighborhoods in search of teenage talents with good looks, Fabian Forte mainly began singing as a way to support his family, due to his father's illness. Backed by songwriters Doc Pomus and Mort Shuman, Fabian had soon released a series of hit singles on Chancellor Records, while his debut album Hold That Tiger! climbed to #5 on the US charts. Although never the greatest of singers (he would find greater success as an actor), during the late 50's Fabian was projected as something of a teen idol, helped by a string of hits and numerous appearances on American television.

    1. Tiger Rag
    2. Hold Me (In Your Arms)
    3. Ooh, What You Do!
    4. I Don't Know Why
    5. Please Don't Stop
    6. Lovesick
    7. Gonna Get You
    8. Love Me Love My Tiger
    9. Don't You Think It's Time?
    10. Just One More Time
    11. Cuddle Up A Little Closer
    12. Steady Date
    13. Turn Me Loose
    Vinyl LP - Sealed Buy Now
  • Tennessee Christmas Tennessee Christmas Quick View

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    Tennessee Christmas

    Multi-platinum recording artist Amy Grant will unveil her first all-new Christmas album in nearly twenty years, just in time for the holiday season. A collection of thirteen new recordings, including the title track, Tennessee Christmas, offers a blend of heartfelt originals and Grant's own spin on popular Yuletide classics, seamlessly weaving together the joy, love, laughter, and even grief this season brings.

    Recorded in her home studio in Nashville, Grant collaborated with producers Mac McAnally (Jimmy Buffett, Martina McBride), Marshall Altman (Marc Broussard, Frankie Ballard) and Ed Cash (Chris Tomlin, David Crowder*Band) to bring this project to life. Looking forward to the release, Grant shares some insight into her vision behind this project - "I've loved traveling the world with my guitar, but my favorite musical memories have happened right here at home around Christmastime with family and friends. I hope we've captured some of that magic to share with all of you this holiday season!"

    1. Tennessee Christmas
    2. To Be Together
    3. Christmas For You And Me
    4. Melancholy Christmas
    5. December
    6. White Christmas
    7. Joy To The World
    8. I've Got My Love To Keep Me Warm
    9. Baby, It's Cold Outside (feat. Vince Gill)
    10. Christmas Don't Be Late
    11. Still Can't Sleep
    12. Another Merry Christmas
    13. O Come, All Ye Faithful
    Amy Grant
    Vinyl LP - Sealed Buy Now
  • Closer To Closed (EP) Closer To Closed (EP) Quick View

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    Closer To Closed (EP)

    From 1993 to 1997, as Braid carved out its musical niche, the pages of the bands history were filled with endless lists of shows played, 7s recorded, and followers gained. Then, a year after the release of 1998s Frame and Canvas, a genre-defining album that continues to serve as an influence for countless musicians to this day, Braid disbanded at the height of its popularity.

    Since that time, fans have been treated to two posthumous compilations (Movie Music Vols. 1 & 2), a short reunion tour in 2004, and the 2010 vinyl reissues of the long out of-print Frankie Welfare Boy Age 5, The Age of Octeen and both Movie Music records.

    But, even while Braid kept its name on the tip of peoples tongues, the prospect of hearing brand new music from the band remained elusive, until now. It took only a few practices to write three new tracks and arrange a cover (of Jeff Hansons You Are the Reason), all of which the band then recorded with engineer J. Robbins (Jawbreaker, The Promise Ring, Jets to Brazil, Frame and Canvas).

    1. The Right Time

    2. Do Over
    3. You Are the Reason
    4. Universe or Worse
    180 Gram Audiophile Virgin Vinyl LP - Sealed Buy Now
  • Monk's Dream Monk's Dream Quick View

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    Monk's Dream


    Monk's Dream is the first album jazz musician Thelonious Monk released on Columbia Records. It was recorded in 4 days in autumn 1962 and issued a year later. The Thelonious Monk Quartet consisted of Monk (piano), Charlie Rouse (tenor sax), John Ore (bass), and Frankie Dunlop (drums). Jazz scholars and enthusiasts alike also heralded this combo as the best Monk had been involved with for several years. Although he would perform and record supported by various other musicians, the tight dimensions that these four shared has rarely been equaled in any genre.

    On tracks such as Five Spot Blues and Bolivar Blues, Rouse and Dunlop demonstrate their uncanny abilities by squeezing in well-placed instrumental fills, while never getting hit by the unpredictable rhythmic frisbees being tossed about by Monk. Augmenting the six quartet recordings are two solo sides: Just a Gigolo and Body and Soul. Most notable about Monk's solo work is how much he retained the same extreme level of intuition throughout the nearly two decades that separate these recordings from his initial renderings in the late '40s.

    1. Monk 's Dream
    2. Body And Soul
    3. Sweet Georgia Brown
    4. Five Spot Blues
    5. Bolivar Blues
    6. Just A Gigolo
    7. Bye-Ya
    8. Sweet And Lovely
    Thelonious Monk Quartet
    180 Gram Audiophile Virgin Vinyl LP - Sealed Buy Now
  • My Dream Duets My Dream Duets Quick View

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    My Dream Duets

    My Dream Duets gives superstar Barry Manilow the opportunity to fulfill his musical fantasy of singing with many of his heroes.

    These duets with some of music's all-time greatest performers is Barry's way of celebrating the legacy of these legendary artists when they were at the
    prime of their careers.

    Manilow's genius as an arranger shines through when he takes the original vocal performances of these iconic stars and recasts them in duet settings
    with newly recorded tracks.

    Hearing Barry Manilow's singing in harmony with voices that are instantly recognizable, affords the listener a chance to hear their signature songs in way
    that is instantly familiar yet decidedly new.

    Through his inspired choice of songs and the way he's interwoven his own vocals with those of his remarkable duet partners, Barry Manilow's My Dream
    Duets puts a spotlight on the dynamism of Judy Garland, the raw emotion of Whitney Houston, the sentimental croon of Andy Williams, the electrifying
    R&B of Frankie Lymon, the life affirming joy of John Denver, the show-biz pizzaz of Sammy Davis, Jr., the sultry soul of Dusty Springfield, the exuberance
    of Jimmy Durante, the warm hearted style of Mama Cass, the seductive whisper of Marilyn Monroe and the ambassadorial good will of Louis Armstrong.
    Barry Manilow's My Dream Duets is a testament to the fact that although the singers may be gone, their songs live on forever.

    1. The Songs Gotta Come From The Heart - Barry Manilow, Jimmy Durante
    2. Goody Goody - Barry Manilow, Frankie Lymon
    3. Dream A Little Dream Of Me - Barry Manilow, Mama Cass
    4. I Believe In You And Me - Barry Manilow, Whitney Houston
    5. Sunshine On My Shoulders - Barry Manilow, John Denver
    6. Zing! Went The Strings Of My Heart - Barry Manilow, Judy Garland
    7. Moon River - Barry Manilow, Andy Williams
    8. The Look Of Love - Barry Manilow, Dusty Springfield
    9. The Candyman - Barry Manilow, Sammy Davis, Jr.
    10. I Wanna Be Loved By You - Barry Manilow, Marilyn Monroe
    11. What A Wonderful World / What A Wonderful Life - Barry Manilow, Louis Armstrong
    Barry Manilow
    Vinyl LP - Sealed Buy Now
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